"I'm not sure my father is going to let me out without explanation..." Barbara stated bluntly at Sparrows side in the garage. "I-" She was cut off with a paper being held out in front of her. "What's this?" She asked while taking the paper from Sparrows hand.

"A permission slip to attend the weekend youth group your father got a call about from your friends mother." Sparrow threw over her shoulder as she continued on with tuning up her bike.

Barbara looked over the paper. It seemed official enough, even had a fake logo. "And he actually went for it."

"She can be very convincing." Sparrow smirked over her shoulder.

"I see" Barbara chuckled.

A loud explosion sounded from off further in the cave, a loud commotion that nearly caused their heads to break with the speed they were drawn. The tools in Sparrows hands clattered to the floor, the paper flying from Barbaras to flutter soundlessly when they ran from the room.


On this one Sparrow could not discipline Barbara about loosing face when walking into the scene, she did too. Walking in to see Kori throwing her fists and starbolts against a somewhat crumbling barrier created by miss M and Robin, Kaldur and KF holding back a raging clone of Superman was not something one would expect. Indeed this was the scene.

"What the hell happened?"

"You brought in a crazed psychotic!" Conner growled out, fighting against his friends hold. "She's too unstable to work on a team!"

"Zalworg Tobeckplizing Zorgmorker!" Kori shouted back, trailing it with many more insults in her native tongue, many of which widened Sparrows eyes behind her lenses, some even bringing a slight tint to her cheekbones..

"Conner, I need you to leave.." Sparrow said somewhat calmly. Inside she was anxious to avoid the storm that was on the verge of taking out the whole cave, dragging any hope of a team along with it.

"Not until we settle this!" He made another surge for Star, causing the boys holding him to grunt with exertion to hold him back.

"Conner please!" Megan called from across the way.

Sparrow slipped in front of Conner, whispering darkly as she reached into her belt, pulling out the metal container. "Listen, you have two options here Conner. You either walk out of here and go clear your head or," She showed him the canister. "I give you another taste of kryptonite and I let the rookie over there drag you out by your feet. Your choice." If there was one thing she knew about Conner, it was more than his temper, it was playing on his pride that could easily become his weakness. He would never outlive the embarrassment of being dragged out by the newest member of their team, (especially with KF around) and so would never allow it to happen.

Conner pulled his arms away from his teammates with a grunt, glaring at Sparrow before turning to storm from the room. Sparrow released a sigh, looking to her teammates, nodding for them to follow him, make sure he didn't try to bring the ceiling down on them with a misplaced punch of anger. Once she was certain there was some distance between the two feuding aliens she turned back to Kori, still trapped behind a weakened shield of M'ganns.

"You and I need to talk." Kori scoffed. "If you're going to be on this team, you have to learn to control your anger." Sparrow warned.

"I don't need you or your team."

"Really? Is that how you ended up here? Cause you didn't need our help?" Sparrow could easily see Star grinding her teeth, even as M'gann begrudgingly release her. "We need to work on your anger."

"Then get rid of the meathead!" She growled. M'gans eyes narrowed, lips curling in a snarl at the insult. Sparrow placed a soothing hand on the martians shoulder.

"We both know that's not the real problem.."

"You know nothing." Koriand'r shot back with a dark chuckle.

"I know what happened to you. I know about Komand'r. I know everything. And I want to help." Kori spun on her , body tense and gaze intense, surprised and angered and just the slightest bit worried and hurting. "M'gann?" Sparrowed asked softly.

"R-right.." She answered softly, giving a wary look between the two girls. She turned, slowly leaving the room, leaving the two alone.

"How do you..."

"I haven't told you everything about myself.." Sparrow cut her off. "You see, I'm not really from this world either. I'm human but.. I come from a parallel universe." Sparrow brushed off with a gesture of her hand.

"Parallel universe..?"

"A self-contained separate reality coexisting with one's own." A chuckled nearly passed her lips at Star face. "But I am from the, well future of one of those universes. A future, where you are my teacher, where you save our world time and time again.."


"Maybe, but it's not." Sparrow chuckled. "How else would I know everything? Your landing? You language?" Star fumbled over words, atempting to come up with something. "And I know your anger, I know its cause..What they did to you."

"You don't know anything!" She growled out, eyes gleaning and a slight glow appearing around her fists.

"I do. I know better than you think, and I understand it far more than I would like. Being used, violated and turned into something else. Feeling betrayed by those you once loved, people you thought sought to protect you. I know those emotions far too well. That's why I want to help. Like you helped me."

"I helped...?"

"It would seem trauma is like a magnet, sucking us in under common understanding. You helped me come to terms with my own anger, now I'm here to return the favor." Sparrow held out her hand in offering to Starfire. After many long moments of appraising her hand, Kori took it slowly. "Good! But maybe we should move to a more private area than the training area?" She suggested. "Waht happened between you two anyway?" She questioned as she led the way out of the training area.

"He dare lay his hand on me." Kori bristled. "He received what he deserved for it!" Her eyes began to glow, making it clear she'd delivered a star bolt to the clone.

"Ouch.." Sparrow winced. "Should have warned him about that.." She trailed off before wagging her finger at the taller female. "Though that's certainly something else we'll have to work on."