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Reading the Future

Naruto's True Nindo

By xxHinaAngelxx

Knowing the future to what's to come had never been done or known in the Elemental Continent. For this was forbidden and dangerous for many. The balance would tip, and the wicked would undoubtedly use it for their benefits.

This was the rule: "Do not meddle with the future. In order to prevent chaos and darkness of destruction to destroy the world, we must never attempt to know the future."

This was a rule that all should follow.

Unfortunately, one did not care for she was the one in control and knew this would help bring peace to this world, along with her companion.

"Things are going according to plan. All we need to do is stop the time of this world while they're in that dimensional room I created for them," A mysterious young woman said.

"It's a good thing he gave his permission for them to know the future," A mysterious cloaked boy said.

"Yes, our mistress has been anxious for them to know and change that boy's future, along with his future lover and soulmate," The mysterious young woman nodded.

"Let's hope for the best," The mysterious cloaked boy said worriedly.

The mysterious woman giggled in melody like tone. "I'm sure it will! Even with his parents by his side, he'll still gain that sword and Taijutsu style that man will soon give him," She said with a smile.

"But...how will you know his father will even survive Kyuubi's future attack? I'm pretty sure that's something our mistress cannot prevent, along with his mother's death," The cloaked boy said.

The mysterious woman smirked. "This is the Yondaime we are talking about. He can do the impossible. He has shown that over the years in Konoha. He is Naruto's father for a reason. Not to mention our mistress will most likely have us prevent his mother's death,"

"Then I guess we'll set up the jutsu into motion," The mysterious cloaked boy sighed.

The young woman nodded. "Yes. Let's get this over with,"

A bright pure light engulfed the two people as they began the jutsu to change the future for the better.


Chapter One

Naruto Uzumaki?


It was a peaceful day in Konoha, the Village Hidden in the Leafs. Many shinobis and kuniouchis were out and about in the battlefield of the Third Great Shinobi War in the Elemental Continent, or out doing missions to show their village's strength. The war had been going on for quite some time. As the war continued and months turned into years, more and more heartaches kept crushing more families and lovers.

This war was something that one specific shinobi wanted to end. The hatred and blood being shed was something that one man wanted to stop. He was a man who wanted peace around the world. Even in the battlefield as he killed his enemies, he still felt pity and sadness for those whose blood was on his hands. He was a kind man, but would do everything in his power to help and protect those whom he held dear to his heart.

This man was better known as Minato Namikaze, the last survivor of the Namikaze clan.

Right at the moment, he was in his rare off day and was running a bit late to meet the most beautiful woman in all of the Elemental Continent.

'Not to mention the scariest when she's truly upset,' Minato thought with a sweatdrop, as he began to quicken his pace to the Ichiraku Ramen stand.

Once he reached the small restaurant stand, he carefully went inside to meet a slightly upset red head beauty.

"Minato-kun! Do you know how late you were for our date?" Kushina asked with a twitched eye, as she crossed her arms underneath her perfectly shaped breasts.

Minato scratched the back of his neck with a nervous laugh. "S-sorry, Kushina-chan. I had to tell Kakashi, Obito, and Rin that they didn't have any missions or training today. It took longer than I thought," Minato explained with a nervous grin.

Kushina sighed, but gave her love a soft smile. "Fine, I'll let it slide this time. You're lucky I like you too much to really kill you," Kushina teased.

Minato smiled warmly. "I'm luckier to get a date with the most beautiful woman in all the Elemental Continent," Minato said sincerely.

Kushin blushed heavily like she used to when she grew her crush toward the blond, who had rescued her from being kidnapped many years ago.

Minato felt pride and warmth upon seeing his girlfriend's beautiful blush. He felt pretty stupid how oblivious he was of the Uzumaki Princess's crush toward him when they were children, when he thought she was sick or had a fever.

Taking the red head beauty's soft hand, Minato led Kushina toward the stools to eat their delicious ramen and begin their date. But just as they were about to sit down, an unknown pure white light surrounded them and vanished from sight.


"Aaah! I'm so bored~!" A cute and handsome wild, spiked black haired boy moaned. His orange goggles were worn around his head to his eyes. Behind the bright orange lenses were two shining black eyes that showed youth and mischief even with his bored expression. He was known to be the Uchiha outcast, who easily shows his emotions and was not as stuck up as the rest of the Uchihas. He was better known as Obito Uchiha.

"We heard you the first time, Obito," A brunette beauty sighed. She was the only kuniouchi and medic nin in her squad. Her chocolate brown hair swayed with the gentle breeze as the sun brought out a honey color hue. Her hazel eyes showed exhaustion as she lay on the grass field with her Uchiha companion, who was covered in sweat from training. Her name was none other than Rin.

"Quit your whining, dope," A handsome silver haired boy said monotonously. His eyes drooped in a bored fashion with a slight hardened edge to it. His black mask covered half of his handsome face. He was well known because of his famous father, the White Fang. He was the last of his clan because of his father's suicidal act. He was well known as Kakashi Hatake.

"Teme!" Obito shouted in annoyance.

Just when he was about to assault the White Fang's son, an unexpected pure white light engulfed the three pre-teens. Their eyes widened then closed as they felt themselves being taken away to the unknown.


A long spiked white haired man along with his dirty blond haired woman team-mate stopped. They both felt an unusual disturbance. The blond's soft brown eyes looked toward her white haired companion, only to see his serious expression that he had been wearing since the war began.

"Jiraiya," The blond looked at him worriedly.

The white haired man, Jiraiya, grimaced. "I know," He said.

Just as the others, they were suddenly engulfed with the same white pure light which surprised the two future-to-be Sennin. They soon vanished to a different dimension with Jiraiya's student, Uzumaki Princess, and Team Minato.

Everything is up to them now. For it will be their choices that will change the future for either the better...or the worse.



"What the hell?"

"That hurt?"

"Are you alright, Kushina-chan? Ow...!"

"Y-yeah, and would you get off me Obito!"

"Ah! S-sorry!"

"Jiraiya! I swear to Kami if you move one more inch with your filthy hands...!"

"S-s-sorry Hime!"

After some time untangling themselves, they all looked around wearily with tense muscles.

"It seems like it worked after all,"

"Yup! See, told you it will~,"

"I never said it wouldn't!"

They all turned around to meet two unidentified people nearby. One was a small young boy wearing a black cloak with his hood up, not showing his true appearance. The other was a beautiful woman, but what shocked and surprised them were the four white wings on her back. She had long lavender hair that stopped at her mid-back, which was set into two layers. There was one thin braid to the side of her left cheek down to her collar bone. Her eyes were brightened silver with misted sky-blue around the iris. Her skin was pale with a soft golden hue, which made it peach skin with a slight tan to it. She instead wore a white baggy cloak, which hid her hour-glass figure. Her feet slightly floated above the floor with a brightened and mystical staff in her right hand.

"Hello~!" The lavender haired woman waved with a carefree smile.

"Who are you?" Obito asked with suspicion edged in his voice.

"Should have seen that coming," The cloaked boy teasingly said to his companion, although with a slight worry vocal in his voice.

"Aw~! Don't be so negative! Come on, you're supposed to be the optimistic one," The young woman pouted.

"Not when it comes to your crazy ideas!" The cloaked boy grumbled with his arms crossed.

"Whatever. Just drop the hood down. They won't hurt you. They're not like those other stupid prejudice humans...Setsu-chan," The young woman said warmly.

Her young companion sighed and grumbled, "Fine" and took down his hood with the others watching curiously. Once the hood was down, they watched in shock as a pair of kitsune ears sprouted out where the boy's ears should be. His hair was identical to Minato's, but raven-blue with red streaks. His skin was pale with a tint of creamy tan to it. He had wide innocent red fox-slit eyes. On each side of his cheeks were three whiskered birthmarks. Behind him, he now revealed three raven-blue fox-tails with red tips on each tail.

He looked at them with worried yet cold eyes.

The first had been Minato, who looked at him warmly. "May I ask, why we are here?" Minato asked, fully knowing the boy was weary and worried for their reactions.

The others caught on and stayed quiet. Jiraiya looked at the young kit with a raised eye-brow. He almost looked like a younger Minato, but more weary, shy, guarded and insecure.

'And most likely cold and untrusting toward humans,' Jiraiya thought, knowing behind the untrusting wall around the kit toward humans. For humans always seemed to fear the unknown and those different from their own kind.

The young woman smiled at the blond Jounin when she noticed her companion and brother relax upon the man's gaze. "You are here because we, along with our Mistress, wish to change the future that's about to come in the later years not far from your own. We're here to give you a chance to change the future for our favorite hero who will finally bring peace in your world," The young woman explained, as she brought out a huge book.

Everyone's eyes widened in shock or disbelief.

"It is your choice to believe us or not," The young kit, Setsu, said.

The young woman walked toward Minato and gave him the large book. Minato looked down at the book and read the title, Naruto's True Nindo.

"Let's go, Setsu-chan. Our work here is done," The young woman said, holding onto the demon's smaller hand.

Setsu nodded. "Alright...Tsuki-tenshi," Setsu said.

Covering their eyes, the two left as Tsuki-tenshi's staff glowed and her four wings wrapped around herself and Setsu. Once the light died they all opened their eyes and noticed the two mysterious people were gone. The place was now surrounded in a nice and warm living room with comfortable couches and a fireplace nearby.

Minato, Kushina, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Kakashi, Obito, and Rin looked at one another.

"What are we going to do?" Rin asked, breaking the silence.

Jiraiya narrowed his eyes. "It's obvious. She's giving us a choice whether we read the future in our world and change it for the better, or give a 'no' and take us back home," Jiraiya said.

"I say we read it!" Obito shouted with a grin.

Rin nodded in agreement with a smile of her own.

"How do we even know they're trustworthy?" Kakashi asked with narrowed eyes.

"They're trustworthy enough, Kakashi. They're not lying," Minato said firmly.

Kushina and Tsunade looked at each other then sighed.

"Then we agree. Who's going to read first?" Tsunade asked.

"I will," Kushina said.

Minato gave his girlfriend the book as he along with his team, sensei, and Tsunade all sat down on a couch or floor comfortably.

Kushina cleared her throat and read, Naruto's True Nindo

It is said that one little, seemingly irreverent event can have enormous consequences. Naruto Uzumaki

"Uzumaki?" Kakashi raised an eye-brow. "I thought you were the last Uzumaki, Kushina-san,"

"I am," Kushina said somberly, yet also confused.

Obito whacked Kakashi on the head. "You didn't need to point that out, teme," Obito said.

Kakashi glared at the Uchiha, but didn't comment back.

"Do you think he can be your child, Kushina-chan? Those two earlier did say this book is about the future," Rin said, looking curiously at Kushina.

"That's possible, but why would the boy have my last name. I would have thought he would have his father's?" Kushina wondered with a confused expression.

Everyone else shook their heads, not knowing how to answer that.

'I wonder who the father is?' Minato wondered worriedly.

Jiraiya, who immediately noticed his student's worried expression, brought his hand on the blond's shoulder and squeezed reasuringly. The blond Jounin gave his sensei a small smile of thanks.

was about to learn this lesson, and he had no idea what effects this would have on his future.

Kushina looked worried about this, but kept reading as she wanted to know more about her future son as she was definitely sure he was.

Young Naruto had just failed the genin exam for the second time.

Kakashi snorted. "He's a dope like Obito," Kakashi said.

Kushina and Obito glared at the last Hatake darkly.

"What was that?" They both shouted with a growl.

Kakashi sweat dropped, but returned the glare.

"Now calm down you three. Kakashi, you shouldn't speak that way about the boy and stop disrespecting Obito. Kushina, Obito, that's enough!" Tsunade said, giving them her own glare, which settled them down and ceased their glares.

He had tried hard but still couldn't pull it off.

Kushina, Jiraiya, and Obito could sympathize with the young Uzumaki as they too had trouble passing the Academy themselves.

He saw the sad look in Iruka-sensei's eyes when he had to tell Naruto that he had failed, but he could not and would not make an exception for the eleven year old.

Naruto was now sitting on the head of the fourth Hokage

Jiraiya raised an eye-brow. "Fourth Hokage? Looks like sensei finally found his successor to be the next Hokage," Jiraiya mused.

Tsunade nodded. "I hope it's not me," Tsunade said.

Minato perked up and wondered who the future Hokage could be.

'I hope it's me,' Minato thought desperately.

looking over the village. He was very sad but tried to look at the bright side.

Kushina softly smiled, but then frowned.

'Where am I?' Kushina wondered worriedly. For she knew she would never leave her son this depressed, and try to cheer him up.

'At least I won't have to be with ninja older than I am.' He thought. However, he knew that if he failed one more time then he wouldn't even be paired with ninja his own age. He would be the only student to ever fail three consecutive times.

Kakashi snorted, but quieted down when Rin whacked him on the head and frowned in disapproval toward her crush.

Obito snickered at his rival's expense.

Most had dropped out of the academy after failing the second time, but Naruto refused to give up.

"He really is your son Kushina," Tsunade said with a soft smile toward Kushina.

Kushina beamed at her as she felt pride toward her son.

He stood up and yelled to the village, even if no one could hear him, "I will not give up, and I will never surrender. I am Naruto Uzumaki and I will be the Hokage someday!" he yelled.

This made Kushina smile, and, for some reason, Minato felt pride and happiness toward the boy.

"This boy sure is something," Jiraiya smirked.

"He reminds me of you when you were younger," Tsunade said with a smile.

"Yeah! Go Naruto!" Obito and Rin grinned.

Kakashi rolled his eyes toward his childish team-mates.

"Oh really?" said a voice behind Naruto. Naruto turned around and saw a man completely wrapped in a black cloak that hid every feature about him.

"What's with mysterious people wearing cloaks?" Obito grumbled.

Rin rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Who are you!" yelled Naruto fearfully, afraid that this man would hurt him.

"He better not," Kushina narrowed her eyes.

"So you want to be Hokage do you?" asked the man, completely ignoring the question.

"What's it to you?" yelled Naruto. He was sick and tired of others putting down his dream.

Jiraiya and Obito agreed with a nod.

Minato also agreed with Kushina's son as he thought about both of Uchiha's and Hyuuga's heirs, who always said he will never become Hokage.

"I just want to know why you would want to be the Hokage. Few have that as their dream and I find it intriguing that one so young would have a dream so big." The man said.

"Well if you must know." Naruto said while puffing out his chest and trying to look confident. "I want to be hokage so that everyone in this village will stop treating me like I'm a nobody and finally give me respect."

"I don't think that is the right answer," Minato said with a frown.

Jiraiya nodded his head in agreement.

"But why would Naruto-chan want to gain some attention though? I mean...I'm there...right?" Kushina asked, worriedly.

Everyone too look down at the book with worried eyes. They too are wondering where Kushina was.

The man simply looked at Naruto for a while, saying nothing. "That's stupid." He said.


Everyone, sans Kushina, sweat dropped.

"It seems he will gain Kushina's temper," Jiraiya said, with a nervous chuckle.

"And what do you mean by that?" Kushina said sweetly, with a heated aura around her.

Jiraiya began to sweat nervously. "Nothing at all, Kushina-chan," Jiraiya said quickly, feeling Kushina's boiling killing intent.

"Good!" Kushina smiled and went back to reading.

"Now, now I never said that you wouldn't be the Hokage, I simply meant that your reason for being the Hokage was stupid." The man said.

"He's right. Being the Hokage is much more than getting the village's attention. Their job is to protect the village they love more than just the power they possess or in Naruto's case, to gain their attention," Minato said.

"Huh?" the confused Naruto said.

"Why do you care what others think about you? Don't you have anyone who already acknowledges you?" the man asked.

Naruto thought about it and the faces of Iruka, the third Hokage, and the people at the ramen stand came to mind.

Kushina frowned worriedly. "Why am I not mentioned?" Kushina asked, as she bit her bottom lip.

Everyone shook their heads with worried expressions also wondering the exact same thing.

Minato comforted Kushina (and himself) by wrapping his arm around her slender waist. He was worried over the woman he had come to love since her confession.

'Please...please don't let anything bad happen to Kushina-hime,' Minato prayed.

"Yeah, I guess I do have some people who acknowledge me." He said.

"Then that should be enough. I have seen you around the village and see the pranks and very loud personality. You do all that to gain some form of recognition don't you?" the man asked sadly.

Everyone was shocked by this. The boy was almost like a mixture of Minato, Kushina, Obito, and Jiraiya in some ways that worried them.

"But why? Why would he need attention? Sure, some of his personalities are mine, but...why would he use them to gain attention? Aren't I enough to give him what he needs?" Kushina asked, as tears slowly ran down her face while Minato tried to comfort her.

Obito frowned. He knew the signs in Naruto's personality. Everything was pointing out of him being an outcast of the village since these traits were almost like his own. For he did do the same thing in the Uchiha Residents when he was younger.

'But why?' Obito wondered.

Naruto was shocked that this man knew so much about him.

"Stalker much," Obito snorted.

Most of the villagers didn't know and didn't care to know anything about him.

Jiraiya frowned even further. He was having a very bad feeling about all of this. He wasn't even sure if he, or anyone else in the room, would like to know of the villager's indifference toward Kushina's son.

"Yeah, well at least when I do those things then they acknowledge me." He said.

"That's not going to work," Obito said bitterly, as he thought about his own family that hated him because of his different views.

Kakashi and Rin looked questionably at the outcast Uchiha.

'What's wrong with Obito?' Rin thought, concerned.

The man looked at Naruto, and even though Naruto couldn't see his face he could tell that this man had a sad look on his face.

"Pretty observant of him," Tsunade muttered.

"Naruto, you shouldn't do things like that to gain their recognition or acknowledgement. It's meaningless." He said.

'He's right about that,' Obito thought sadly, yet filled with bitterness and anger.


Everyone was silent...


"WHAT DOES HE MEAN BY BEING LOOKED AT LIKE SOME DEMON?" Kushin shouted angrily, her face flushed as the color of her red hair. "WHAT HAS KONOHA BECOME TREATING MY SON LIKE THIS?"

"I can't believe this! Why would the villagers act like this? He's nothing but a boy!" Tsunade growled angrily.

"Poor Naruto," Rin said somberly, but also felt anger toward her village.

Kakashi glared down on the floor as he found himself thinking on how most of the villagers treated his father.

Minato, Jiraiya, and Obito were awfully subdued as they looked on in horror upon this treatment, but most of all - angry.

'Why would the village act like this? He couldn't be...? No...there's no way,' Jiraiya thought, as he felt nervous upon the huge possibility.

After calming down for about half an hour, Kushina continued with slight anger in her voice.

he yelled infuriated at the man for telling him that what he was doing was meaningless.

"Naruto, the only people whose opinion should matter to you are those who actually care for you and care about you. I have seen the villagers. They don't care about you

This seemed to upset everyone in the room even more.

and thus you shouldn't try to gain their approval or respect. You already have the approval of a few people who actually care for you. They should be the ones that motivate your goal and dreams. Tell me, do you even know what being Hokage entails?" the man said.

'I don't think he does,' Minato thought with a thoughtful expression. 'I'm pretty sure that if he does...he wouldn't given that same answer if he's truly Kushina-chan's son,'

Naruto had to stop and think. All he really knew was that the Hokage was the best ninja in the village and that the position was one of great respect.

"Hmm...well, he's at least gotten the basics of it right," Minato muttered.

Obito blinked. "Do you mean there is more to being Hokage than just that?" He asked.

Minato nodded. "Yes, and I'm pretty sure it's going to explain in a bit," He said.

"No, not really." Naruto said.

"You should find out. You may see that it really isn't the job you want. But if it is then you will be striving for it for the right reasons." The man said.

"I've gotten the feeling he'll still strive to be Hokage," Jiraiya smirked.

Tsunade couldn't help but agree.

The man turned to leave, but suddenly turned to the boy. "You say that you will never give up and never surrender, and these are admirable traits for a ninja, however is that your true nindo because if it is then you will want to change it." The man said.

Everyone blinked in confusion.

'Changing his nindo? Wait...isn't the title...' Minato's eyes later widened.

"Hmm? Is something wrong, Minato?" Jiraiya asked.

Minato gulped and shook his head. "No...everything is fine, sensei," He said.

"Huh" Naruto said.

"Never giving up and never surrendering are good traits but is that all you want to be known for?" the man asked.

"I don't think so," Kushina frowned.

Naruto looked at the village, deep in thought. What the man said made sense. Why did he care what people who didn't give a crap about him thought of him?

"You shouldn't," Rin muttered.

Kakashi and Obito nodded in agreement.

Why should he care about their recognition when he had people who already recognized him and accepted him?

"That's right gaki," Jiraiya grinned.

"I don't see why he should care about the villagers. From what we read so far, they aren't even worth it," Tsunade grumbled.

Obito remained silent, while everyone else gave each other a glance. He knew perfectly well the reason why.

He silently sighed and hoped Naruto didn't end up on the same path as he for much longer.

He didn't like being known as an idiot or a fool yet he had believed that even bad recognition was better than none.

Obito winced sympathetically, which nobody noticed except Rin. She was beginning to get worried over this.

He had a lot to think about. He turned to the man.

"I think that I will see the old man now. Maybe I can find out more about what it truly means to be the Hokage." The boy said.

Jiraiya narrowed his eyes. 'Old man...? That's the nickname I used on sensei! Why would...?' He thought, who was starting to feel dread upon the upcoming future for this boy and...

"By the way what's your name?"

Everyone blinked.

"That's right...the man never did introduce himself," Tsunade said.

"I am glad that what I said got through to you. Be the best you can be and don't worry about what anyone but the people who care about you says. If they are proud of you and you are proud of yourself then that's all that matters. If the villagers change their attitude and decide to acknowledge you then that's fine, but if they don't then that's their choice." The man said.

"Not if I can say about it," Kushina muttered.

"Don't worry, Hime. There is a reason why we are reading this book. We first have to find out the reason for the village's hatred," Minato said soothingly, lightly squeezing her arm.

"Sensei's right, Kushina-chan," Rin reassured.

Kushina smiled and said, "Thank you" before continuing.

"Oh and about my name." he said.

Everyone leaned in curiously.

"Yeah?" Naruto said.

"That is a secret!" the man said as he suddenly disappeared.

Everyone face-faulted.

"What the f - !" Obito shouted.

"Obito!" Tsunade smacked the Uchiha before he could finish cursing.

Naruto was left dumbfounded

Obito grumbled in agreement.

for a moment before he shook it off. He had a lot to think about and he wanted to talk to the old man.

"Why would he want to talk to Hiru-jiisan?" Minato wondered.

"Hiru-jiisan?" Tsunade liften an amused eye-brow.

"He meant sensei," Jiraiya answered. "How do you know it's him that Naruto is talking about?"

"He was mentioned earlier from the list of people who cared for the boy," Minato explained.

What Naruto didn't know was that that single conversation with the mysterious man would have a large effect on the future.

The third Hokage was relaxing from a long day of paperwork when Naruto walked in with a contemplative look on his face.

Jiraiya and Minato narrowed their eyes suspiciously upon that last sentence. Something was wrong with it. It was read as if Hiruzen was still the Hokage at the moment.

"Hello Naruto, is something bothering you?" the kind leader asked.

'Leader?' Jiraiya thought, starting to get worried.

'Isn't the Fourth Hokage the leader of Konoha at the moment?' Minato thought as his eyes narrowed even further.

"Hey old man." Naruto said while still looking as if in deep concentration.

Team Minato and Tsunade snorted at the familiar nickname.

"Is there something bothering you?" Sarutobi asked.

"Old man, what does it mean to be Hokage?" asked the eleven year old.

"Bet that surprised him," Jiraiya chuckled.

Sarutobi was stunned. In all the time he had known Naruto the child had never asked that question. "What makes you ask that Naruto?" he asked.

"I failed the genin exam for the second time today." He said.

"You aren't giving up are you?" asked the third with an expression that seemed to be equally sad as it was alarmed.

"Remind me to give something nice to him when we get back," Kushina said, happy to see Sarutobi caring for her son.

Minato chuckled and nodded.

"No, but after I failed I went to be alone and then this man came behind me and started talking to me." Naruto said.

"Who was it?" asked the curios leader.

"Something we'd all like to know," Obito muttered.

Kakashi rolled his eyes upon his team-mate's child-like behavior.

"I don't know, but the point is he brought to my attention that I don't really know what it means to be the Hokage. He said that I should find out if it really something I want to do." Naruto stated. "When I told him that I wanted to be Hokage because it would give me respect and acknowledgement he said that that wasn't a good reason to want to be Hokage."

Sarutobi looked at Naruto and saw he really wanted a truthful answer. "He was right Naruto." He said.

Naruto was surprised. He had told the old man that that was his dream for a long time and yet he had never criticized it.

"Of course not. Old man Sarutobi-sensei was never one to be cruel to the people he cares about," Jiraiya said.

"Not to mention that he would probably discourage the boy and lifelong dream," Tsunade added.

"I never said anything before because I didn't want to destroy your only dream. Are you sure you want to know what it means to be the Hokage?" Sarutobi asked very seriously. "What I say may influence your decision."

'I don't think it will,' Minato thought. From what he gathered about the boy was that he was one who never cared about anything other than being with those he cared about. He knew that with the boy having few friends that cared for him it would make Naruto more protective them. These were traits of the Hokage. Not only that, but it seemed that the boy still cared and loved the village even after all that was done to him.

"I want to know Hokage-sama." Naruto said looking at him with the same intensity and determination that he would soon be known for. "I want to know if the dream I am chasing is really what I want."

"Fine, take a seat." Sarutobi said.

After Naruto was seated Sarutobi closed his eyes and seemed to concentrate.

"I bet he is. Being a Hokage is an important job and Naruto needs to know all of the important details of being Hokage," Jiraiya said and Minato nodded in agreement.

"To be Hokage is not a job for the faint of heart or those who are not completely dedicated to the job. Everything that transpires in the village is somehow affected by you. Every business, merchant, food vendor, and civilian falls under your jurisdiction. Most of the time you will be doing paper work (At this Jiraiya, Minato and Tsunade winced then shivered upon those horrid words much to everyone else's amusement.) that relates to these sorts of things. Every decision you make does not just affect you, it affects everyone in this village." The old man said as he rose from his chair.

"Wow," Obito and Rin blinked.

"That's a huge responsibility," Kakashi said with his eyes widening.

Kushina nodded, also surprised. She never learned the full details about becoming the Hokage. She never knew how heavy the burden was for each death from every war the Hokage was holding. Not only in the battlefield or missions, but also from inside the village.

"And you want to have that job?" Obito looked at his sensei with wide shocked and awe eyes.

Minato nodded with familiar looking grin.

"Minato has always been a nut case," Tsunade said, rolling her eyes.

"Hey!" Minato pouted, while everyone else laughed.

"Then there is the military. You are in command of every ninja in this village. They all must obey you and they will all follow your orders. You will be sending them on missions and you will need to know what team specializes in what area as well as what team is better prepared for the mission. You need to know the strengths and weaknesses of every team as you will control how teams are made. This is very important Naruto because all of their lives rest on your shoulders. If you mess up and send the wrong team in the wrong situation then good men and women will die because of your foul-up. You may have to order some ninja on missions that you know are more like suicides missions if it is necessary. You will eventually mess up and the deaths of your comrades will be on your hands, and even then you must persevere and not let the loss of life keep you from leading the village." The old man said.

Obito felt like he was going to faint after hearing the entire speech. He still couldn't believe that his sensei would want this heavy job in the future.

'Well,' He thought. 'Sensei had always loved Konoha and would do anything to protect our home. I know for a fact that he would give up his life to save them all, especially now with the war going on,'

"That's...a lot of pressure," Kushina muttered, with widened eyes.

"Yes it is," Jiraiya and Tsunade nodded and were paling at the thought of having that job. No free time what-so-ever!

Minato merely smiled. He knew it was an important job with a lot of responsibility, but he didn't care. He loved his home and like Kushina's son, he would do anything to protect them.

Naruto looked at the Hokage

Jiraiya narrowed his eyes. 'Again...! Why is this book keep reading as if Sarutobi-sensei is still the Hokage at that time period when they should have the Yondaime having that title? Shouldn't it say "ex-Hokage"? What's going on?' He thought nervously.

and he saw pain in his eyes and knew that the old man had seen and made his share of mistakes and was still paying for them today.

Everyone bowed their heads at the sentence. They all knew the cause of this was because of the Third Shinobi War back home. War was an unpredictable thing and caused so much death and hatred that Jiraiya knew far too well.

"Come here Naruto." Sarutobi said as he went to the window. When Naruto had joined him he asked "what do you see?"

Obito raised a brow. "Why is he asking Naruto that?" He asked.

"You'll see," Minato said with a chuckle.

Naruto looked out the window as he saw the everyday life in the village. Families were walking around, shops and stores were open, and friends conversing.

"It sounds much more peaceful than back home," Kushina smiled.

Everyone nodded and smiled. Hopefully the war would end soon in their time.

"I see the village old man." He said not quite grasping what he expected him to see.

Minato chuckled and smiled with fondness sparkled in his blue eyes.

"That's right Naruto and when you are Hokage every man, women, and child is your responsibility. Their lives depend on the decisions that you make. As Hokage you bear the burden of carrying and protecting every person in this village even if it means giving up your life.

A sudden cold feeling of dread swept through Jiraiya and Kushina. They shivered and couldn't help but feel a slight bit of fear squeezing their hearts. This didn't bode well for them.

Their very well may come a time when you must make the ultimate sacrifice to protect the village. You are the guiding light for the village and everyone will look to you for guidance and leadership. To view everyone under you as precious, to place their lives on your shoulders, to protect them with your life, that is what it means to be Hokage." Sarutobi said.

Team Minato looked at their sensei in awe. To think that this was what Minato wanted and knew what's at stake made them look at their sensei in a whole new light.

Tsunade sighed. Many times she wondered how her grandfather and grand-uncle could do the job. She knew that the main reason was their love for Konoha. It was a job her long departed brother and boyfriend had wanted.

'And hopefully...Dan would break this stupid curse,' Tsunade thought, as she held her grandfather's necklace with a tightened fist.

Naruto looked at him with awe. He never knew that being the Hokage was such a responsibility. After hearing what the old man said he felt ashamed of how he always yelled that he would be the Hokage when he didn't have any idea what it entailed.

Minato smiled softly. He knew the boy wasn't at fault for he was still young. He could see that Naruto held the "Will of Fire" and heart to become the future Hokage once he gets at the right age.

The man was right, to be the Hokage for the simple reasons of wanting respect and acknowledgement was selfish and was a disgrace to the Hokage who had come and died for this village.

"Then that is what I will do." Naruto said.

"What do you mean Naruto?" asked the third.

"I will be Hokage, but for the right reasons. Another thing the man told me was that I shouldn't strive to gain the acceptance of those who hate me for no reason. As long as I am acknowleged by those who truly know and care about me then that is all I need." Naruto said with conviction in his voice.

"Good! I am so proud of you Naru-chan~!" Kushina smiled proudly.

"Ano...you do know that you're talking to a book right?" Jiraiya asked catously.

Kushina blushed in embarrassment. Not wanting to humiliate herself further, much to Minato's amusement and adoration, she quickly went back to reading.

"That is very good advice Naruto. If those fools don't accept you and don't make the effort to understand you then you shouldn't worry about the acceptance or their acknowledgement." Sarutobi said.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, I will be Hokage to protect this village. I may not be accepted but I will protect those that are precious to me with my life." Naruto said.

Jiraiya's eyes slightly widened at the familiar phrase. His eyes subtlety looked toward his student. 'Minato had said almost the same thing. Could he be...?' He thought with a thoughtful expression.

Sarutobi looked at the determined look in Naruto's face and swore that he saw an image of the fourth behind him.

Jiraiya, Minato, and Tsunade sat up in attention. Their eyes widened the line and wondered what that could mean. The only one of the three seemed to be close to the truth was Jiraiya, but wasn't quite sure. There was no description of the boy's appearance so he wasn't sure if he's right.

"Are you sure Naruto it will be a lot of hard work." Sarutobi warned.

"I am sure, I will defend and protect everyone that is precious to me because that is my nindo, my ninja way." Naruto said.

'Just as the title has implied,' Minato thought.

"Even after all the villagers treated the boy...he's still willing to protect the village," Tsunade said in disbelief.

"I'm surprised he didn't end up hating the village," Kakashi muttered.

Obito flinched at that. He knew that Naruto could never hate Konoha since it was still his home. 'Not to mention...he still had people who cared for him,' He thought as he depressingly thought of his lonely days before being Gennin with his sensei and team-mates.

"Well if you need anything then you can tell me." Sarutobi said kindly.

"Thanks old man, I need to do some thinking now." Naruto said as he left.

Naruto walked down the streets completely ignoring the looks from the villagers.

Kushina growled at this and muttered angrily about how badly the villagers were treating her son.

Whereas before he simply pretended to ignore the looks while silently pondering their meaning, he now recognized them but simply didn't care what they meant. If this people didn't want to even give him a chance then he wouldn't concern himself with their opinions. He returned to the Hokage Mountain and sat in deep contemplation for a while. He knew that to become Hokage then there were some things that he would have to change about himself.

Jiraiya mentally nodded. 'Good. He best list off the things he needs to know and change in order to reach his goal,' He thought.

He first of all had to become a shinobi, and a competent one at that. No one would follow an idiot into battle. He also needed to control his temper.

Everyon, but Kushina, snorted at that.

"Good luck with that," Obito muttered silently, out of Kushina's range.

Kushina pouted at the silent amusement everyone was having. 'I don't have that much of a temper,' Kushina grumbled.

No one would want an impulsive leader ruled by his emotion either.

Minato sighed. He knew exactly what Naruto was talking about. It was the most difficult thing to be Hokage. It's not necessary bad, but too much of his emotions could get many killed.

His skills sucked. He couldn't do a simple clone,

Jiraiya frowned. "Kushina...didn't you have that similar problem?" He asked toward the red head Uzumaki.

"Yes, but that is only because I have no control over my some-what large chakra reserves," Kushina said with a nod.

"Then...Naruto will have that same problem," Minato said. "But Kushina-hime should have given him the training to control his chakra, wouldn't she? So why is that a problem?"

Everyone was silent. They had no way of answering those questions and were beginning to get worried.

his taijutsu was shaky at best, and his ninjutsu was non-existent.

"Ok, I could see where you are going at Minato. Kushina would have trained him at the most best skills of taijutsu and some simple ninjutsu," Tsunade said with a grimace.

'Man, I have a lot to work on if I want to be a ninja then Hokage.' Naruto thought.

"Oh well, if it was easy then anyone could do it." Naruto said to himself as he headed home. Starting tomorrow he was a whole new shinobi.

Kushina smiled with pride for her future son.

"I'm sure he'll do fine," Tsunade said with a soft smile.

Kushina nodded in agreement.

'I sure hope so,' Obito thought.

Unbeknownst to Naruto, the man from earlier was watching him and heard what he said.

"I think it's official...Naruto has a stalker!" Obito shouted hysterically much to Minato's amusement.

Rin hit the back of the Uchiha's head to stop him from doing anything crazy.

"Hey! That hurt Rin-chan~!" Obito whined with a pout.

Kakashi and Rin rolled their eyes which annoyed their team-mate as the adults chuckled.

"So he took my advice, Naruto Uzumaki, I have a feeling that things are going to be very interesting from now on." He said with a smile as he vanished into the night.

"And that's the end of the chapter," Kushina said with a sigh.

Everyone grew quiet for a while, till Jiraiya finally broke the silence.

"Well...that's not what I expected," Jiraiya said.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Yes, but there are some facts and background we haven't been given in this book that I really want to know," Minato said with a frown.

"There was a lot that the book hasn't mentioned," Kakashi nodded.

Tsunade sighed. "Well, I'm pretty sure the book will mention them pretty soon," She said.

"Who's going to read next?" Obito asked as he slightly bounced from his seat.

"I will," Minato said and Kushina gave him the book.


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