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Chapter 06

The Gennin Exam


Before Tsunade could read any further than the chapter title, food popped right in front of them which shocked them by the unsuspected event. They all blinked in confusion until a note floated on top of Minato's head. Carefully taking the note off his head, he unfolded it and read for the rest to hear:

Hey everyone~! I thought you all might be a little hungry despite the emotional events that are going on so far in the book. Might as well eat especially for what's about to come in the next chapter! Which you weren't supposed to reveal, Tenshi! Oh, lighten up Setsu-chan~! You are supposed to be with two certain parents anyways! You know how much your mom is going to be worried sick out of her mind while your dad might go overboard and send out a search party especially with your mom pregnant. …you're getting off topic, Tenshi. Besides… you are not one to talk. Yeah, yeah, ANYWAY hope you all enjoy this somehow… peaceful chapter. Stop spoiling Tenshi! Bwahahaha!

~Tenshi and Setsu

"I don't like what Tenshi just wrote about the next chapter after we read this one," Kushina muttered while worrying her lip.

"Might as well eat. We can at least relax a bit for this chapter at least," Jiraiya said, trying to ease up the atmosphere in the room.

'But, for how long?' Minato frowned.

After finally eating their fill, Tsunade picked up the book once again and began to read:

Kurenai Yuhi was one of the best female ninjas in the village.

'So… it's about her,' Obito thought, and immediately sat up in full attention. He wanted… needed to know about this Kurenai who stole—I mean, became Anko's new friend.

She was recently made jonin and was quite proud of her accomplishment. She had known Hinata since the girl was young and she had escorted her to the academy. She hated Hiashi Hyuuga and the entire clan with a passion for what they had done to the girl.

"Join the club," Kushina and Obito muttered. They were definitely going to put their worst pranks toward the Hyuuga clan, even when they hadn't done anything yet. The thought of their most devious pranks made them grin with mischief much to their companions' discomfort. Although, the rest of Team Minato were secretly relieved to see Obito back to his normal self, or at least not showing any sign of the depression he had been showing a lot more than usual from the last chapter.

Not only did they treat her like scum for the first 12 years of her life

12 years…

Those words hit home for everyone, especially Obito. They were disgusted at the thought of the poor girl's mistreatment that had been going on for all of her life. Jiraiya swore under his breath which Tsunade barely paid attention to him because her own anger toward the Hyuugas. It took a while for everyone to calm down but still kept muttering curses toward the Hyuugas.

but they had the audacity to brand her with the Caged Bird Seal and kick her out onto the street because they thought that she was weak.

"I can't believe it! They really did kick her out of the compound!" Kushina growled in pure rage. It saddened and angered her for the kind girl to have the misfortune to be born in the coldest and ruthless family that didn't see kindness as anything but a weakness.

Minato smiled sadly at his love and just gave her comfort in his arms to calm her anger down.

'I don't know if I should feel lucky or cursed for still being able to stay with the other Uchihas,' Obito thought, holding back a tired sigh while trying to shut up the dark voice muttering in his head.

Kurenai had adopted the girl to give her a place to stay as well as to comfort her.

'Good,' Kushina, Tsunade, and Rin thought in approval.

However, Hinata was like a statue to her. She didn't say much of anything and continued to call her Kurenai-sama despite being told repeatedly to her Kurenai-nee-san. Kurenai had been told about Hinata's decline in the academy but couldn't get through to the girl.

Obito grimaced. As much as he admired Kurenai's efforts, there was no way that Hinata was going to put down her walls. The ex-Hyuuga needed someone close to her to really break down the walls she created, which happened to be Naruto. He was really the only one who could truly get through to her because of their close friendship and Hinata's own feelings toward Kushina's son.

She feared the Hyuugas had finally broken her spirit.

Kushina flinched upon how close that could have been true for the young girl had her son not gone after her.

Right now Kurenai was waiting for Hinata to get home. She had a mission and couldn't pick her up from school. It was getting late and she was beginning to worry when the front door opened. She saw Hinata walk in and immediately saw a difference. Hinata was holding her head high and there was a smile on her face.

"Good," Kushina smiled, feeling another reassurance that Hinata was going to be all right now.

"Hinata, where have you been?" Kurenai asked.

"Gomen Kurenai-nee-san but I was with Naruto-kun," She said with a smile.

Kurenai was shocked. Hinata was speaking again, called her nee-san, and admitted to being with Naruto.

Obito had to stop himself from snickering when he found himself imagining her expression. Then again, having to watch your adopted sister isolate herself then turning up with a smile must have given her a surprise.

"Oh really, well what happened between you two?" Kurenai asked with a slight smirk.

"I-it wasn't l-like that Nee-san!" Hinata stuttered as she began to blush.

Everyone, especially Kushina, couldn't hold back their amused expressions. They were all glad to see the ex-Hyuuga Heiress back to her old shy and sweet self.

Kurenai just laughed. It seems that whatever happened between them had solved Hinata's problem and brought her from the brink of despair.

"I'm just kidding Hinata. Well why don't you go get washed up and rest, I'll start dinner." She said.

"Nee-san do you think that you could teach me to cook?" Hinata asked shyly.

Obito blinked in confusion. "Why would she like to learn how to cook?" He wondered aloud with a blank expression.

Kushina couldn't help but giggle with a big grin. "Obito… if there's one way to win a man's heart, it's through his stomach," She answered with a sly toned voice.

Tsunade and Rin nodded in agreement, while the boys looked at them with blank expressions.

"Eh…?" Kakashi and Obito frowned in confusion.

"You'll learn when you're both older, boys," Jiraiya said with a chuckle as he, as well as his student since he knew what Kushina was talking about. "Besides, isn't it the other way around with you two," He pointed toward Minato and Kushina.

Minato and Kushina blushed then glared at the amused Toad Sennin since they both knew exactly what he meant by that comment. This in turn made Tsunade bite her lower lip to stop herself from giggling upon the memory she too had witnessed.

"Just continue reading," Kushina grumbled with a huff, her blush still brightly flushed.

'Some things never change.' Kurenai thought. "Of course you can help Hinata. Are you planning to cook for someone special?" she said with a smirk.

"Yes," Practically everyone answered this since they all knew who the special someone would be for Hinata.

"Nee-san!" Hinata yelled as her blush intensified.

Kurenai just laughed.

She wasn't the only one. Everyone else in the room was laughing in amusement at Hinata's expression.

After finally calming down, Tsunade continued on with an amused smile.

The next week came and Hinata was back to her old self, with a few changes. She would still blush around Naruto but her fainting had all but ceased.

"Aww~! That's too bad. I was actually finding that entertaining," Obito pouted with a mock disappointed tone.

Rolling her eyes, Rin smacked the back of the Uchiha's head, but it was more gently than it usually was. This was something that Obito quickly took noticed but didn't dare to comment. Instead, he secretly looked at her with a curious, yet hopeful, gaze. He wondered what that could mean… He didn't dare hope what his heart desired.

"Why did you have to hit me?" Obito pouted even further toward his crush/love.

"You shouldn't find Hinata's fainting as entertainment," Rin scolded with Kushina nodded in full seriousness.

"All right, all right already. I get it," Obito grumbled.

She now wore an indigo blue bandana over the seal on her forehead that Naruto had given her. She had also shed the large bulky beige coat she used to wear and began wearing a smaller indigo coat that was easier to move in and matched her head band, as well as black pants that ended just under her knees. Naruto had brought Shino up to speed on Hinata's behavior and Shino had simply said that he thought no less of her and was still her friend.

This made everyone smile; not really feeling surprised by this. Nevertheless, they were happy to have Hinata's worries and fears finally put to rest by her friends.

Naruto discovered that Kurenai and Anko were actually the best of friends and all four of them began to train over the weekends.

Obito's smile immediately melted away from his face upon this sentence. He couldn't stop the unbearable pain of loneliness and loss of his nee-chan (older sister); the sister who knew him and became his other half upon his neglected life besides his sensei and teammates. He was now more than sure that she'd somehow long forgotten about him and of their bond. He didn't even want to think about the second option. The thought of it sent shivers down his spine at the dreadful possible event.

They discovered that Hinata was built for the serpent taijutsu style because of her lithe form and flexibility. Hinata was overjoyed. Not only was she around teachers who cared for her, but she was able to spend time with Naruto as well. Shino would actually join them when he could and the three became closer, not only as friends but also as a team.

"Do you believe Sarutobi-sensei will have them as a team once they graduate as Gennin?" Tsunade wondered aloud to Jiraiya and Minato, who both hold a close relationship toward the Third Hokage.

"Hopefully, because it wouldn't be right to separate these three into different teams or leaving one behind," Jiraiya said with a thoughtful expression.

"These three already trust each other and are cooperating like a good functional team. There are rarely any other academy students that go together and work as a team, even among friends. The only children who do are the Nara, Yamanaka and Akemichi clans since they're known for working well together," Minato said.

This is the way that the academy progressed for the next six months until it was finally time for the graduation exam.

Kushina and Obito cheered loudly over this while everyone leaned in anticipation. They all were excited to hear how Naruto, Hinata and Shino will do upon the exam. Not only were they excited, but Kushina and Minato were also curious how their other friends' children will do.

The exam would cover ninjutsu, a written portion and a taijutsu spar.

The written test was given first and Naruto, Hinata, and Shino all scored high.

Kushina couldn't help but grin in relief and pride for Naruto and his friends. Everyone else was also relieved over this. They were all more worried over Naruto, but having two brilliant friends and a big sister figure probably helped the Uzumaki with his academics. Not to mention Naruto's own determination to pass the Gennin exam giving him a lot of drive to study.

When it came time for the taijutsu spar, Shino was the first to go and his opponent was Ino.

"This is going to be quick battle," Obito said bluntly.

Everyone else couldn't help but nod. Fangirls were well known for not being all that great in battle field.

'Inouichi is going to be really disappointed by his daughter's behavior over the Uchiha,' Minato thought.

Needless to say that it was a quick fight as Ino didn't want to touch the "creepy bug guy".

Everyone in the room shook their heads in disappointment.

Hinata went up against Kiba and to everyone's surprise, except for her friends, was able to defeat the boy with a swift kick to the stomach that launched him from the ring.

Everyone cheered, Kushina and Obito being the loudest while Kakashi smirked. They all could see the training was paying off and the Hyuugas were going to regret letting the kind ex-Hyuuga go.

Shikamaru fought Sakura and promptly gave up; saying that fighting a girl was too troublesome.

Kushina and Minato sweat dropped. There was definitely no doubt that this Shikamaru was Shikaku's son.

Chouji fought some no name student and defeated him.

Everyone in the room weren't surprised. The Clan Heirs were well known for topping the other students, especially the civilians, in the Academy.

Then it came down to Naruto and Sasuke.

This brought everyone to sit up straight in attention. This was the moment Kushina was especially been looking forward to. After all the training her son had been going through, she just knew her son would win against the Uchiha.

"Heh, you can't run away now dobe." Sasuke said. This was what he had been waiting for, a chance to prove himself against a worthy opponent.

Minato rolled his eyes. 'He really is Fugaku's son,' He thought with a deadpanned expression.

'Worthy, but still beneath me.' Sasuke thought.

Naruto didn't reply. He was sick and tired of Sasuke's mouth and felt the need to shut him up.

"Yeah, go kick his ass, Naruto!" Obito cheered then winced when he felt Tsunade slap the back of his head.

"Watch your language, gaki," Tsunade said with a scolding tone.

'Looks like it's time to show Sasuke what I can really do.' He thought.

Everyone tensed as they got ready for the battle with Obito holding the popcorn (where he'd gotten that, no one knew) close to hear the epic sparring match while cheering for his sensei's girlfriend's son.

As they got into position, Sasuke was the first to attack.

Kushina tensed, even though she has full confidence over her son winning against Sasuke, it didn't make her concern over her son's well being go away.

He came from the left and tried to punch Naruto in the face. Naruto simply moved his head out of the way.

Kushina couldn't help letting out a sigh of relief.

Upon hearing this, Minato smiled softly at his love and whispered in her ear, "He'll be fine,"

It was a simple statement, but it meant more to Kushina and she could feel herself relax even more.

"Yeah! Go Naruto!" Obito openly cheered then gave himself some of the popcorn from the bowl on his lap. In a way, he felt bad for cheering for Kushina's son over his youngest cousin.

Kakashi rolled his eyes over his team-mate's excitement.

Sasuke had been anticipating this and tried to sweep kick Naruto's feet out. Naruto once again simply dodged. Sasuke was becoming increasingly annoyed.

Minato couldn't help but smirk at this. He felt proud of Kushina's son. He knew Naruto had gotten the spar in control and would surely win the match by how frustrated the Uchiha was becoming. This will lead to mistakes much like Fugaku had done when Minato sparred with him when the Uchiha heir wouldn't leave him alone.

'Now he does everything he can to avoid me,' Minato thought in amusement with a hidden, sly grin.

Naruto dodged every attack he threw at him with little to no difficulty.

"Fight back dope." He said.

Naruto simply stared at him. "Oh is it my turn? I can't believe that that's all you got." He said as he charged Sasuke looking to punch him.

Kushina, Obito, Rin, and Kakashi couldn't help but snort at this.

"The gaki has definitely trained hard with Mitarashi-san and Yuhei-san," Minato said with smile.

"Not surprising. Not to mention he was also getting help from Hinata and Shino by sparring and training with them also helped make him stronger," Jiraiya commented with Tsunade nodding in agreement.

Sasuke put his guard up only for Naruto to change from one style of taijutsu to completely different style in a second to kick him in the stomach.

Minato's eyes widened upon hearing this, not from shock but from familiarity.

Everyone else was confused, for the moment they forgotten about the Dragon style taijutsu Naruto received from the cloaked man.

'What the heck was that? I was sure that he was attacking with the crane style and then he suddenly switched to the lotus?' Sasuke wondered.

That was when Jiraiya and Tsunade's eyes widened upon remembering the description of the Dragon style taijutsu the cloaked man had explained to Naruto 2 chapters ago. Kushina and Team Minato were still left clueless, although they did get the suspicious feeling they heard of this from somewhere.

He didn't have time to contemplate this as Naruto was on him once again. The fight became one sided as Sasuke couldn't keep up with Naruto. Every time he tried to guess Naruto's next move, Naruto would change styles and catch him off guard. It was like fighting three or four different styles at once.

'That's exactly how the Dragon Style works. Although Naruto hasn't fully mastered the style yet, he's definitely getting the style right,' Minato thought proudly.

Naruto ended the fight by changing from a serpent style punch to an iron first style kick that caught Sasuke in the chest and launched him out of the ring.

"The winner is Naruto." Iruka said with pride.

Everyone in the room cheered in celebration. They all felt proud and happy for Naruto's win over the Uchiha, most especially Kushina, who couldn't wipe out the grin out of her face.

Everyone was dumbfounded, including Hinata and Shino.

"Eh? Why is that? I would have thought Hinata and Shino wouldn't feel surprised over Naruto's win?" Obito asked in confusion.

"I don't think that's it, Obito. It was probably the Dragon Style Naruto used in the spar that surprised them. He probably never used the style in front of them," Minato answered.

That's when it hit Kushina and Team Minato. The Dragon style taijutsu! That's why the change of taijutsu styles Naruto had done in the spar sounded familiar. They all sweat dropped and couldn't help but feel really stupid. The four decided not to say anything to save themselves from their embarrassment, most especially from Kakashi.

Naruto had never used the dragon style in front of them before and it was amazing. The way he switched between styles so easily was astonishing.

"It sounds amazing," Obito mutters with Rin, who sat next to him and heard, nodded in agreement.

"Naruto-kun what was that?" Hinata asked.

"Yes I would like to know as well." Shino said.

"Well it's a style that I have been working on for the last year it's called the true dragon style and was given to me." Naruto said slightly embarrassed.

"Why haven't you used it before Naruto?" Iruka asked as Sasuke finally rose to his feet.

Naruto shrugged. "I didn't want to use it against a comrade if I had a choice and it is a long way from being finished. I can only incorporate three to four styles at once. The true dragon style has dozens of different styles. Some of which I've never seen before." Naruto said.

"That's about right," Minato silently muttered to himself.

"What Naruto decided was the correct course," Tsunade said, impressed.

Jiraiya nodded in agreement. "That style of taijutsu is powerful that should only be used toward the enemy rather than your friends and comrades. Not only that, but also gives Naruto an edge whenever he decides to use it unexpectedly in battle," He said.

Kushina positively beamed upon hearing the praise toward her son.

"Well whatever it was doesn't matter as you have passed the taijutsu portion of the exam. Alright everyone let's go inside for the ninjutsu portion." Iruka said.

"FINALLY! I already had to take it the first time, and as much as I like to hear Naruto, Hinata, and Shino pass… I hate hearing about that dreadful test! I had enough just doing it once," Obito scowled at the thought of tests, especially the Gennin Exam. It wasn't entirely bad, but the words "Gennin Exam" would lead to the horrible memory with those old Uchiha councilors, his uncle and head of the Uchiha clan, and his bastard of a father. The only good thing was also gone forever on that day as well…

As everyone began to reenter the academy Naruto was stopped by Sasuke.

Upon hearing this, everyone groaned in annoyance. They all knew where this was going.

"What do you want?" Naruto asked exasperated.

"Give me the scroll for the style, I want to learn it." Sasuke demanded.

"Are you serious?!" Obito shouted in exasperation toward his cousin. He was getting more and more disappointed toward his youngest cousin, who was nothing like Itachi. Then again, Itachi was still just a young kid so he still held innocence of that of a child.

"Does he really believe Naruto-chan will just hand over the scroll when that scroll is only meant for him? How power hungry does this brat get?" Kushina inquired in shock.

"Must have gotten it from his father," Minato sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Sasuke kind of reminds me of Kakashi-kun," Rin said with a thoughtful expression.

Kakashi and even Obito looked at Rin with shocked, gaping expressions as if they couldn't believe to what she just said.

Rin blushed upon seeing their expressions. "What?! It's kind of true," She said defensively.

"Ok… Kakashi might be a yakudo (jerk), but he's nothing like Sasuke. That guy is completely power hungry and doesn't care much about anyone unlike Kakashi. Kakashi-teme lives by the rule book, but he does care about his comrades at least, especially Minato-sensei. Sasuke, on the other hand, won't respect his own sensei like Kakashi or care about his team-mates," Obito said with conviction that surprised not only Rin, but also Kakashi. In fact, Kakashi was staring at his team-mate in shock; yet, he looked at the Uchiha with a grateful expression in his black eyes.

Minato stared his Gennin students with a proud smile. He could see the more time they all spend reading these books the closer they grew as comrades.

Jiraiya couldn't help but chuckle upon seeing his student's expression. In a way, he was glad to hear Kushina's son doesn't have a close friendship with the Uchiha. He was being reminded too much of Orochimaru, and he's gotten a feeling that history would repeat themselves if Naruto gained a friendship with Sasuke. Even though it would be a good rival-friendship relationship… he's gotten a feeling it was something Naruto didn't need anymore. Now, the boy needs more support and care than ever especially if he wanted to protect those precious to him.

"I will answer that in this order. No, No, No, and Heck No!" Naruto said as he walked past the fuming Uchiha.

Everyone in the room couldn't help but laugh in amusement on how Naruto answered back toward the arrogant Uchiha.

"Don't turn your back on me! You may be good at taijutsu but I am still better than you." Sasuke said.

Minato rolled his eyes, again, in annoyance. "Where have I heard that before?" He said sarcastically, much to Kushina's and Jiraiya's amusement since it's been awhile since Minato expressed annoyance or his infamous sarcasm. Tsunade and Team Minato, on the other hand, couldn't help but look at the Namikaze with surprised expressions. They had never seen Minato express annoyance or sarcasm before. Heck, they didn't believe he even knew what sarcasm was. Sure, in battle he held a fierce expression that scared many enemies and even allies alike, but outside of that… Minato was always kind with warm smiles so it was a bit of shock to see this other side of Minato's.

"So what if you are?" Naruto asked, not bothering to turn around.

Jiraiya was noticing more and more the similarities between Kushina's son and his own student. The book never gave a description of Naruto's appearance, but so far he was noticing that while he had Kushina's personality… he noticed Naruto was acting a lot like Minato especially now that Naruto was becoming calmer thanks to his friends, Anko, and Iruka. This sentence alone gave it away. For that was the same exact answer and action Minato gave toward Fugaku when he tried to put him down after a spar.

He snuck a glance toward his student and his student's girlfriend with a thoughtful expression.

"You are the one keeping score. I don't care if you're better than me or if I'm better than you. It means nothing to me." Naruto said. "You are the one who feels the need to compare our skills and the one who keeps challenging me because you want to know if you're the best. I personally couldn't care less. The world doesn't resolve around you Sasuke. I don't know how long you have been waiting to fight me and I don't care. I can guarantee you that fighting and beating you are not on my top list of things to do. Get over yourself." Naruto said as he continued to walk to class.

Jiraiya and Kushina's jaws dropped down to the floor after the speech.

"What's wrong, Jiraiya-san, Kushina-chan?" Rin asked, with everyone else looking at the two curiously.

"N-Naruto-kun said almost the exact same speech Minato-kun had given to Fugaku-teme years ago when we were Gennin!" Kushina answered with shocked eyes.

Everyone blinked then widened their eyes in shock, especially Minato since he'd forgotten all about that.

"Really?" Obito asked in surprise.

Jiraiya and Kushina nodded, since they and Minato's two other deceased Gennin team-mates (whom Minato can't talk about without becoming an emotional wreck) were the only ones who witnessed the incident.

'I'm really starting to believe Naruto may be Minato's son,' Jiraiya thought.

'I will prove myself superior to you Naruto. Just wait.' Sasuke thought as he went to class as well.

Minato and Obito rolled their eyes at this with dead-panned expressions. 'Why am I not surprised…' Minato and Obito thought in annoyance.

When everyone had reentered the class, Iruka began the ninjutsu portion of the class.

"Okay you all must perform a henge, substitution, and a bunshin to pass." He said, looking at Naruto worriedly. Naruto, despite his vast improvement, couldn't make one decent clone.

Everyone frowned at this.

"That's going to be a problem," Tsunade muttered.

Jiraiya shook his head in agreement. "The academy really has lowered their standards. I'm beginning to believe that the council, more specifically the civilian councilors, are the ones who changed all of that for their children to make it in the regiment. Naruto shouldn't fail the test just because of his vast amount of chakra from not only the Kyuubi, but also being an Uzumaki, who were known of their massive chakra reserves," He said with a frown.

Kushina sighed, for it was true. She knew how difficult it was going to be for her son in chakra control. Even to this day she didn't have complete control of her chakra, but she most likely had the most control with her chakra thanks to chained chakra restraining the Kyuubi in her seal.

"Hopefully Anko-chan taught Naruto-kun how to do it properly, or maybe teach him a different type of jutsu," Obito said, which had Minato, Kakashi, Jiraiya, and Tsunade thinking before the Slug Princess decided to continue.

Shino and Hinata looked at Naruto in fear.

"Naruto-kun can you even make a clone?" she asked.

"Nope." Naruto said with a smile on his face.

"He's doomed," Team Minato said in unison with dead-panned expressions much to the adults' amusement.

"Then why are you so confident?" Shino asked.

"That is a secret." Naruto said, enjoying the confused looks on his friends' faces.

Obito face palmed. "Great, now Naruto is copying that cloaked guy," Obito groaned dramatically.

'That must be why that man keeps saying it. It's kind of fun.' Naruto thought.

"Shino." Iruka called.

Shino nodded to his friends and went to take the exam.

"Shino has this in the bag," Obito said confidently.

"We already knew this," Kakashi said in a monotone voice while rolling his eyes.

Obito glared at his rival-friend, who completely ignored him.

He came back shortly with his ninja head band around his head.

"Good job Shino." Naruto said as Hinata nodded.

"Make sure that you do the same." He said in return. They had known Shino long enough to know that that meant "thanks".

Minato smiled at this. Seems the Shino took after his father when it comes to communicating with others. He was glad to see how close the three were. The Aburame were known to communicate with little words, but once you get to know them then you'll be able to know what they're truly saying and feeling. Besides, he was close friends with him especially after that certain ANBU mission with him and Chouza Akemichi.

Hinata went next.

Kushina and Obito immediately sat up in attention. Both already have soft spot for the new Yuhi.

And came back shortly with her ninja head band around her neck.

Kushina and Obito cheered with everyone else smiling upon Hinata's success.

Naruto wondered at the odd placement.

"Hey Hinata-chan, why are you wearing your head band around your neck?" he asked.

Hinata blushed. The reason was because she wanted to keep the indigo head band Naruto had given her around her forehead, but she couldn't say that of course.

The girls in the room giggled at this.

"Awe, Hinata-chan is sooo cute~! She's definitely perfect for my Naruto-chan!" Kushina cooed with a large grin.

Minato couldn't help but smile in amusement at his giggling girlfriend.

Obito and Kakashi snorted, but then winced once they felt Rin hit the back of their heads much to the two sennins' amusement.

"Um I just want to try something different." She said

Naruto brushed it off as a weird girl thing

The girls now face palmed.

"Remind me to teach Naruto-chan everything about girls," Kushina said.

Minato chuckled. "I'll be sure to remind you of that, my Kushi-hime," He said lovingly, which prompted Kushina's usual blush to bloom upon her cheeks.

and waited for his turn to come.

When it was Naruto's turn he began his descent, but not before Hinata grabbed his hand.

This made Kushina lean over in anticipation.

He turned to her and saw a blush spreading her entire face.

"Do your best Naruto-kun." She said meekly as Shino nodded his head in agreement.

"I will Hinata-chan besides I can't be the leader of our team unless I become a ninja." He said with a smile as he walked off.

"I really do hope sensei keeps them as a team. It would ruin the hard work they all put in their training," Tsunade interrupted herself.

Jiraiya and Minato nodded in agreement. They, as well everyone else in the room, knew that the three would be devastated if they were separated into different teams.

Hinata watched him go with a warm feeling in her chest. He wanted to pass so that they could be on a team together. He also wanted to pass so that he could eventually become Hokage, but it seemed that he cared about them as a whole before he cared about himself.

At this, Jiraiya, once again, couldn't help but glance at his student with a thoughtful expression.

This was another reason why Hinata liked her blonde hero.

He almost missed it, but he immediately caught the last part of the sentence. It took every control of his body not to show a reaction, but he couldn't hide his eyes widening. Thankfully, no one seemed to have noticed. 'Blonde hero?! There's only one blonde in Konoha I know for certain Kushina would allow herself to marry! So that means… I can't believe it… actually, it all makes sense. Naruto is a perfect mixture of Kushina and Minato, which he now showed over the conversation between the Uchiha and Naruto much like Minato and Fugaku. Heh, looks like Minato doesn't have anything to worry about. Now I know for certain Naruto is Minato's son!' Jiraiya smirked.

'He is so selfless.' She thought with a small smile.

Kushina beamed with pride and happiness. Just hearing more about her son brought her joy, especially upon the thoughts of her future daughter-in-law.

Naruto stood in front of Iruka and another teacher.

"Alright Naruto, I want you to use a henge, a substitution, and a clone to pass the ninjutsu portion." Iruka said.

Everyone leaned in anxiously and in anticipation.

Naruto concentrated and henged into the fourth Hokage. Iruka and the teacher beside him were sure that the fourth was reborn when they saw the intense blue eyes that the former leader was known for.

At this, EVERYONE turned toward Minato, who looked back with confused, clueless, yet held the same intense blue eyes the book described.

"What?" Minato asked in confusion.

'Could it be that the Fourth Hokage is…'

When Naruto released the henge the teachers were shaking slightly

"That was amazing Naruto. I really thought I was looking at the fourth." Iruka said.

Jiraiya narrowed his eyes at this, and quickly filed this information for later. Somehow, that information seemed too important to ignore especially upon remembering in the earliest chapters when his sensei thought to have seen the Yondaime in Naruto.

Nas ruto blushed slightly under the praise. "Well the fourth is my hero and I want to surpass him eventually." He said.

Naruto then did a substitution with the teachers sitting beside him.

Naruto took a deep breath and went through the signs for a clone. Suddenly ten Narutos were standing beside him.

Everyone cheered, or smirked, upon the Uzumaki's success. Even though they had faith in the boy, they still felt relieved upon the success of the one jutsu that kept holding Naruto back from becoming a ninja.

"Amazing Naruto I can't believe that you mastered the clone jutsu!" Iruka exclaimed.

"I didn't." Naruto said laughing at their confused expressions.

"Yeah, I didn't think so," Jiraiya said with a chuckle.

"Huh?" Team Minato wondered with confused frowns.

"You'll see," Minato smiled.

"I have always had too much chakra and not enough control to use the regular clone jutsu so I used a shadow clone." He said.

"Oooooh," They finally got it.

The teachers had to pick their jaws off of the floor. Here was a genin who could use shadow clones and use it without showing any sign of chakra exhaustion that was said to accompany the jutsu.

"Who taught that to you Naruto?" Iruka asked.

"My nee-san." Naruto said simply. Anko wanted to make sure that her little brother passed the exam this time and taught him the jutsu.

Obito stilled and tried to mask his jealousy (again) over Naruto's close sibling relationship with his Anko-nee-chan. 'She's not your sister anymore, get grip Obito!' He told himself, but even with that he couldn't cut the bond, even when Anko doesn't remember, that he shared with his longtime friend. He just… didn't know what to do. More than anything he wanted to get close to Anko again even when she doesn't remember him, but… it was far too painful. For now, he was… content (he WAS!) to watch over his nee-chan at a distance (then why does his heart feel like it's tearing itself apart…?).

She knew that the reason that it was forbidden was that the user could die of chakra exhaustion if they created too many clones at once, but she also knew that this would never be an issue for Naruto as his chakra reservoir were huge and only growing larger.

"It's a good thing Naruto had Anko to help him out with that problem," Minato said to his beaming girlfriend, who nodded in agreement.

"Well you pass Naruto!" Iruka said with pride on his face as he handed Naruto his head band.

Everyone smiled, grinned, or smirked for Naruto achieving a step toward his main goal.

A huge smile encompassed Naruto's face as he took the head band and placed it on his forehead.

"Thanks Nii-san." He said as he went back to his friends.

'You're one step closer Naruto.' Iruka thought.

'I'm one step closer.' Naruto thought as he sat down with his friends and thanked them when they congratulated him.

As the day ended and the children were beginning to leave Naruto, Shino, and Hinata were standing together outside the classroom.

"Let's go and celebrate! Ramen for everyone!" Naruto yelled.

"Yeah! Ramen~!" Kushina yelled much like her son much to Minato's ears' dismay, but didn't dare express it for fear what his beautiful, yet dangerous, girlfriend would do to him.

Obito and Jiraiya had to cover their mouths to stop themselves from snickering at Minato's predicament.

"I'm sorry Naruto but I can't accompany you. I must go home and begin training with my insects with my father." Shino said as he began to walk off.

"Gomen Naruto-kun, but Kurenai-nee-san wants me home as well for cooking lessons." She said with a blush, not wanting him to know why she was taking cooking lessons.

Kushina grinned at this and had to stop herself from squealing over her cute future daughter-in-law.

"Oh, okay then I will see you guess later." Naruto said a bit downtrodden.

Now Kushina was frowning along with everyone else in the room. Her heart ached for her future son. She knew how it felt never having a parent(s) waiting for you just after accomplishing something you've been working so hard on. Just like before Kushina wondered what had happened to her that made her leave her precious son alone. Never once had her thoughts wondered about Naruto's father…

Minato felt pang of sympathy for Naruto. He knew that his friends were the reason why the pain of the loss of parents was numbed and easily ignored, but when they weren't around…

As Naruto began to walk to the ramen stand he noticed that many of the villagers were looking at him differently. They seemed to be reevaluating their opinions of him, though a vast majority of them still looked at him with scorn.

This brought a growl from not only Kushina but also everyone else in the room.

As Naruto entered the ramen stand, he was greeted by Ayame and Teuchi. They were two of the first people to treat him kindly and he was their best customer.

Kushina smiled and nodded in agreement. "I'm glad Teuchi-jiji and his daughter never shunned Naruto-chan like the rest of the village," She said.

"How did you do Naruto?" Ayame said with an eager expression.

"I passed with flying colors!" Naruto said with a smile.

"That's great Naruto so what will you have?" Teuchi asked.

"Whatever he orders is on me." Said a voice, causing the group to look at the new figure.

"What do you want, Mizuki!" Narto said angrily.

Everyone tensed upon hearing the familiar, hateful name that everyone despised and had hoped to never hear it again. Unfortunately, it seemed their hopes were immediately crushed.

Mizuki held his hands up in defense.

"Easy, Naruto I'm not here to fight. I am sorry for what I did to you and wanted to make it up to you." He said sincerely.

"Sincerely my ass," Obito muttered quietly so Rin or Tsunade couldn't hear him. Fortunately, they were both too upset at the mention of Mizuki to pay attention to him.

Naruto looked at him but could find nothing in his demeanor or his attitude to refute his claim.

"Fine I guess." Naruto said a bit suspiciously as he ordered his ramen.

Kushina and Obito groaned in disagreement for having Mizuki joining Naruto.

Minato himself didn't like where this was going either.

"Naruto, you like Hinata and Shino right?" Mizuki asked.

Everyone narrowed their eyes with suspicion.

"Where is that baka (idiot) going with this?" Obito inquired.

"He's definitely up to something," Minato frowned.

Naruto stopped eating and looked at him.

"Yeah they're my best friends, why?" He asked.

"It just seems to me that you would want to be on their team, though that isn't likely to happen." Mizuki said.

Jiraiya and Obito both swore under their breath as they and everyone else in the room began to understand where the insidious traitor was going with this.

"He's going to use that against Naruto now!" Jiraiya groaned in dismay.

Kushina bit her bottom lip with furrowed brows in worry. Minato held her closer to him as his eyes shone with worry and dread.

"This is not good," Tsunade grimaced.

"What! Why?!" Naruto asked. He didn't want to be separated from his friends.

"Their techniques make them better for a tracking team wouldn't you agree." Mizuki said.

"Unfortunately, he's right. Both of Shino's and Hinata's clans were known to be the best trackers in the village and are usually teamed up together with the Inuzuka," Minato said with a sigh.

Naruto thought about it. With Shino's bugs and Hinata's byakugan they did seem more based around a tracking team.

"So you see they will probably be put on the same team as someone else who has tracking and recovery abilities." Mizuki said. "And you aren't known for that."

"Actually, with Naruto's Kage no Bunshins (Shadow Clones) he can be a tracker as well as a protector for Shino and Hinata when they are in trouble," Minato said with a thoughtful expression.

"What do you mean sensei?" Rin asked.

"Kage Bunshins weren't only known for being solid clones, but also to give the information they gather whenever they are destroyed back to the original. The downside is the amount of chakra needed to be used as whenever a Kage Bunshin is made, the user will immediately feel a large amount of chakra depleted from them and have them exhausted. Too many clones, the user could die from it," Minato explained.

"With Naruto, that won't be the case," Jiraiya continued. "Not only is he an Uzumaki, but also the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi,"

"So, nobody will know that Naruto could also be tracker?" Obito asked.

"Maybe, but no one has ever done it since not even ANBU Black Ops would use more than five Kage Bunshins," Minato shrugged with an unsure expression.

"Let's hope they do so that Naruto could definitely stay with Hinata and Shino," Kushina said with a hopeful expression.

"What do I have to do?" Naruto asked.

"Wait! You mean Naruto actually asked Mizuki for help?!" Obito shouted in shock.

"He's desperate," Jiraiya shook his head with a sigh.

"You need to prove that you are a good tracker or good at stealth and recovery." Mizuki said.

"How do I do that?" Naruto asked desperately.

'Oh no, why do I have a bad feeling about this,' Minato thought in dismay.

Mizuki smiled. 'Hook line and sinker.'

Everyone tensed.

"Tell me Naruto, what do you know about the Forbidden Scroll?" Mizuki said with the same smile.

"THE FORBIDDEN SCROLL?!" Jiraiya, Minato, and Tsunade shouted in horror as they realized the bastard's plan.