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Chapter 07

Secrets Revealed



Everyone in the room were tense and on edge since the end of the chapter earlier. Kushina now knew why Tsuki-tenshi and Setsu decided for them to eat before as something like this would have made them sick to eat. Even now she felt a little sick upon feeling her nerves filled with anxiety and worry over her future son.

"Who's going to read next?" Tsunade asked, still holding the book in her hand.

Jiraiya and Kakashi, unnoticeably, slumped into their seats when everyone turned toward them.

"I've already read," Jiraiya objected.

"But only a part of it," Minato pointed out.

"Well, I, at least, did read something unlike this gaki (brat) over here," Jiraiya argued back.

"He's got a point there," Kushina said.

With an annoyed sigh, Kakashi took the book from Tsunade and began to read the new chapter.

"Chapter 5…"

Naruto was currently sneaking into the Hokage's office to try and find the forbidden scroll.

Everyone groaned.

"I can't believe he really fell for Mizuki's trap," Obito said.

According to Mizuki, if he were able to retrieve the scroll and avoid detection or capture, then he would have proven that he was a competent tracker and retriever. Mizuki had told him where to find the scroll and told him where to meet up if he completed the mission. It took all of Naruto's infiltration skills to not get caught.

Jiraiya, Minato and Tsunade looked impressed and amazed.

"I can't believe he's actually successful into sneaking inside the building without getting caught. Either the ANBU Black Ops are losing their touch, or this kid is really good in the art of stealth," Tsunade said.

"Probably from those pranks he used to do before becoming serious with his training," Minato said while glancing down at Kushina, who merely grinned "innocently" at him.

'She's definitely Naruto's mother,' Everyone, but Kushina, thought with a sweat drop.

All the while there was a nagging thought in the back of his head that told him that something was off.

"I wished he listened to his instincts," Kushina groaned.

'I can't worry about that.' He thought suppressing the feeling. In his mind, the only thing that mattered was completing this mission and being on a team with Shino and Hinata. They were his oldest friends and never once did anything wrong to him. All three of them had worked and trained together for the last six months and their teamwork was nearly perfect. All Naruto had to do was complete this mission and he would be able to keep their group together.

Everyone frowned, but they couldn't fault Naruto, especially Kushina. The way Naruto had lived as far as they read would made anyone want to stick with those closest to them. They all saw how strong the trio's friendship was, especially after the whole incident with Hinata only made their bond stronger. So they couldn't blame Naruto for doing what he was about to do.

Naruto found the scroll exactly where Mizuki said it would be. While this would have seemed strange to Naruto on any other day, his mind was far too focused on completing what he thought to be an important mission for him to consider the situation.

"He really needs to pay closer attention," Tsunade frowned.

"Like I said before Hime, he's desperate. What Mizuki pointed out was actually a possibility to happen. Despite their team-work, it's well known the Hyuugas and Aburames work best together in a tracking team with an Inuzuki among them," Jiraiya said.

"I know, but a shinobi should really pay close attention and not focus on one thing only," Tsunade sighed.

As he began to walk away, he heard footsteps coming toward the room.

Everyone tensed.

Thinking fast, Naruto placed the scroll on his back and quickly hid.

The door opened and the Hokage walked in.

Everyone groaned. They, especially the older ninjas, knew that Naruto was caught. Not even Naruto could hide his presence from the Hokage, especially Sarutobi.

"Naruto's so dead," Obito muttered.

Sarutobi had been in many battles in his life and this had given him a sixth sense of when someone was near. He concentrated but couldn't pin down who was around.

"Whoever is in here better come out now!" the old leader said.

He received an answer in the form of dozens of clones running out of the door and window.

"A diversion," Minato said, impressed.

"Yeah, now the old man won't know which is the real Naruto and gives the boy more time to escape. Not even the Hyuugas would know which one is the real one," Jiraiya nodded in agreement with his student.

"Sorry about this old man!" One Naruto yelled.

Sarutobi was confused. Why was Naruto sneaking around? Why had he run off like that? Shaking it off as inconsequential the old leader sat down to read his Icha Icha book

"Icha Icha book?" Jiraiya, Minato, Kakashi, and Obito blinked with a blank expression.

"It's probably a book that hasn't been published yet," Tsunade shrugged.

when he noticed that the room containing the forbidden scroll was slightly open. He rushed in to see the scroll missing.

"Oh now he notices!" Obito said in exasperation. "And the Hokage, especially the 'Professor', was supposed to be smart,"

"Obito!" Rin bonked the Uchiha's head, who groaned while clutching his painful head. "Don't be rude to our Hokage,"

Obito merely grumbled under his breath.

'Naruto what have you done?' the leader thought and he signaled Anbu to gather all available chunin and jonin.

Naruto was currently resting against a tree. He had gotten to the spot indicated by Mizuki with plenty of time to spare. His curiosity had gotten the better of him and he opened the scroll to see what made it so special.

"Naruto!" Kushina shouted in disappointment while everyone else sans Minato groaned.

Minato had to hide his amusement because he knew better than to have it shown in front of Kushina. After all, Naruto's curiosity all came from his girlfriend. Not to mention, he wasn't a masochist to tell her that.

"His curiosity is going to get him into trouble one day," Kakashi muttered with a sigh before continuing.

"Naruto!" yelled a voice, causing the young genin to look up.

"Iruka-niisan, Anko-neesan you two were sent to capture me?" he asked.

"Oh thank Kami-sama it's them! Now they'll be able to tell Naruto that he's been tricked and Mizuki-teme won't get that blasted scroll!" Kushina said in relief.

Minato, Jiraiya, and Tsunade on the other hand became uneasy. They just knew it wasn't over. There was still the possibility that Mizuki was hidden in the same area.

"No you idiot!" Anko yelled. "All available chunin and jonin are hunting your butt down and we happened to find you."

"Naruto what are you doing with the forbidden scroll." Iruka said testily.

Naruto wondered if he should tell them.

"He should, or else he'll be seen as a traitor to the village," Minato said grimly.

Everyone grimaced since they knew it would be more dangerous for Naruto be marked as one since so many hated the young pre-teen.

He didn't want to try and run because he already knew that that was a foregone conclusion. He decided that he had to have performed adequately, given so little time to prepare, so he told them what Mizuki had told him.

"Good," Kushina said with a relived sigh.

Anko and Iruka looked at each other, both having a bad feeling about the situation. That Mizuki knew where the forbidden scroll resided was troubling enough,

Jiraiya frowned in agreement. "How did Mizuki know where the forbidden scroll was located? It's supposed to be very well hidden, not to mention unknown to everyone except for the Hokage, to us Sennins, and the ANBU Black Ops,"

No one knew how to answer that because they just didn't know. Things weren't right and they wondered what was going on.

but why would he go through the trouble of using Naruto? Before either of the two could voice these concerns, all three suddenly had to avoid dozens of kunai and shuriken thrown at them.

Everyone tensed, especially Obito and Kushina.

"Well I must say that I am impressed Naruto. You were able to recover the scroll in record time. Now give it to me." Mizuki said as he came out from behind a tree.

Everyone cursed upon Mizuki's arrival.

"Damn that teme!" Obito growled.

"Mizuki, what is the meaning of this!" Iruka said.

"Iruka, you should have been able to guess by now. I had that brat steal the scroll for me. Now I'm going to take it, kill you, and give it to my master," Mizuki said with a smile on his face.

Everyone, especially Kushina, growled. Minato, while also upset as everyone else, did not miss hearing 'my master' from Mizuki.

'So someone else is playing behind the scenes,' Minato thought with narrowed eyes.

Anko suddenly began to laugh. "You think that you can kill us? You really are an idiot! This works for me just fine though. Now that you're a traitor I can do whatever I want to you." She said with a sadistic smile.

Obito shivered for a split second before mirroring Anko's grin. After all, he had been spending most of his life with Anko so it wasn't surprising that he mimicked some things after her. He didn't do it often, but when he does… well, people soon learn to make a run for it, especially if the two siblings (in all but blood) were scheming together.

Mizuki for his part seemed unafraid of Anko.

Hearing this, Obito narrowed his eyes suddenly feeling suspicious. Dread began to fill his heart and he began to worry over his sister.

He simply made a hand sign and Anko suddenly fell to the ground, screaming in pain as she clutched her neck.

"NO!" Obito shouted in panic.

Rin immediately grabbed Obito's hand as comfort, and Kakashi glanced at his team-mate with hidden concern.

'Was that a seal!?' Minato, Jiraiya, and Kushina frowned.



"Did you really think that I would come unprepared, Anko? My master is lord Orochimaru

"WHAT!?" Everyone shouted in shock, the loudest coming from the two Sennin inside the room.

"Orochimaru is Mizuki's master?! Wha-!?" Jiraiya was lost for words as his mind and his heart screamed in denial.

Minato didn't say anything, especially upon seeing how devastated his sensei looked. In a way, he wasn't entirely shocked as the others in the room (except possibly Obito, who didn't look entirely as shocked as the rest and looked more angry than anything) since he always felt something off whenever he met the Snake Sennin. He never mentioned this to his sensei in order to protect his father-figure's heart and hoped that his senses were just wrong, but it seemed that they were right. Not to mention, it all made sense. Orochimaru knew where the scroll was to tell Mizuki its exact location, and… it explained the villager's hatred toward Anko, who was Orochimaru's apprentice.

"Kakashi, keep reading," Tsunade barked while looking equally upset and shocked as her team-mate, she still wanted answers and the truth. Although, she couldn't help but glance at her team-mate with concern and worry since she knew better than anyone, besides Minato, this was harder for Jiraiya to accept if Orochimaru was truly a traitor to the Hidden Leaf Village.

and when I told him that you may become a problem, he taught me how to activate your curse seal." Mizuki said smiling at Anko's pain.

Obito growled and outwardly scowled, but inside… his heart ached over Anko-chan's pain. He began to wonder if it was Orochimaru-no-baka's fault that made Anko-chan forget about him. The mere thought brought more rage and he had to hold onto Rin's hand tighter in order to push the dark chakra sealed within him from breaking through. If he was hurting his crush (which he dearly hoped he wasn't), she didn't say anything about it. She merely took the list next to him and handed it to Kakashi, who immediately knew what she was asking. Without a word, he took the brushed ink pen and wrote Orochimaru's name below Mizuki's.

Minato, Kushina and Jiraiya on the other hand felt themselves tense and narrowed their eyes in suspicion upon hearing "curse seal" even though Jiraiya still couldn't believe his best friend was a traitor. Tsunade took Jiraiya's hand to comfort her friend and herself over their friend's probable betrayal.

Naruto had seen enough. He was confused about what was going on earlier, but now everything had become clear. Mizuki had used him to do his dirty work and steal the scroll. Everything he had said was a lie, and now he was working for the man that had caused his nee-san so much heartache and pain.

Obito immediately tensed and his expression darkened even further. It took most of his mental strength to push the dark being at bay. 'What has that bastard done to my Nee-chan!' Obito wondered darkly, yet worriedly. He could only hope he may be able to prevent it from happening.

"Why do you bother? She doesn't even remembers you,"

'Shut up!' Obito mentally pushed the being back roughly much to its irritation.

Anko had told Naruto about Orochimaru and their past a few months back.

At this, just about everyone leaned over to know how their most powerful ally would later become their enemy.

This had surprised Naruto as his nee-san always avoided the topic of her past.

Obito mentally nodded, and couldn't help but feel upset over how much Anko was trusting Naruto before mentally slapping himself over it. He shouldn't allow himself be jealous over their sibling relationship. Obito couldn't allow himself be so selfish since he knew Naruto needed Anko more than anything, and it wasn't either of their faults. Anko wasn't at fault over her forgotten memories and of the bond they shared.

Without himself noticing, a tear slid down through his goggles to his cheek. Rin and Kakashi never said anything about the tear or the shine of his eyes that indicated more tears would soon come out. Even Kakashi could not bring himself to tell Obito this. Not only that, but it felt so wrong seeing him almost breaking before their eyes. Both team-mates knew that they and Minato-sensei needed to be alone to talk to Obito after this chapter.

She had sat him down and truly opened up to him. She told him how Orochimaru trained her, how he was like a father to her,

At this, Obito flinched upon those truthful words. Just a couple weeks before Anko's sudden… change ("More like lost any memories of you… Gihihihi!"), Anko had told him how happy she was to be Orochimaru's apprentice and how she finally found someone she could trust to become her "parent". Even though Obito was weary of Orochimaru, the Uchiha was happy for his sister. Now, to hear that Orochimaru was a traitor… Obito paled and looked a little sick at the thought of the pain his sister would go through over her "father's" betrayal.

how he used her and threw her away like trash, and about the curse seal on her neck.

Rage coursed through most of the occupants in the dimensional room. What Orochimaru had done disgusted them, most especially to Obito, who never wanted Anko to experience any sort of betrayal from anyone. Jiraiya could only place his head to his hand with a grim and resigned expression much to Tsunade's worry. She wrapped around her exhausted friend in a soft embrace as she tried to soothe his pain since she knew whenever he was like this was when he was most vulnerable state and wouldn't think to do anything perverted.

Minato looked at his sensei with concern. The only thing that relieved him was Tsunade's comfort to his father-figure. Even so, he could not help, but feel worry over this "curse" seal that's being mentioned. He did remember Kushina mentioning this type of seal that has been completely forbidden (not to mention ILLEGAL) seal the Uzumaki prohibited anyone to use. If this was the same seal… how did Orochimaru get his hands on it?

"This is bad," Kushina muttered to Minato, who was also thinking the possibility that the… the f—ckin' bastard somehow stole a seal from her destroyed village.

Naruto could see the pain and betrayal in her eyes

Obito flinched again and was close to throwing up in his rage… in his aching heart that cried for his sister's pain… The pain he too felt countless of times from his own family he once trusted and loved until that day…

Rin continued to hold his hand, which was probably the only thing that kept him together and kept… it… at bay.

and became angry. He told her that he would one day remove the seal on her neck, and that if he ever met Orochimaru or anyone who worked for him that he would beat them himself for her.

Obito weakly smiled and his eyes shined in appreciation. As much as it hurts, he did feel relieved that Naruto had been there for Anko when he couldn't… not anymore. Hopefully, when they get back maybe… he will gain the strength to approach her again and be-friend her again, no matter how much it hurts.

Everyone else either smirked or smile, especially Team Minato when they noticed Obito slowly relaxed.

She had laughed at that and told him that he had a long way to go.

Naruto rushed toward Mizuki, intent on beating the crap out of him only for Mizuki to dodge and jump into a tree.

Now the room was tense upon the upcoming battle the will soon commence. They could only hope that the three shinobis come out of this safely.

"You know something Naruto, your "nee-san" and "nii-san" knew why the villagers hate you." He said with a smirk.

Everyone, especially Kushina, paled when they realized what the traitor was going to do.

"Oh, no…" Kushina buried herself against Minato's chest, who wrapped his arm around her to comfort her while frowning in concern.

"That fuckin' bastard!" Obito shouted with a scowl which mirrored Kakashi's own. Thankfully, neither noticed the… mirrored expression.

Neither Rin nor Tsunade scolded Obito's vulgar language as they were both busy glaring at the book Kakashi was holding. It was good thing Tsunade didn't hold the book anymore, or else it would have been too ripped to read. Unfortunately, Jiraiya became victim to Tsunade's strong grip. The only reason he could withstand it (NO MATTER HOW PAINFUL THIS WAS FOR HIM! TT^TT) was because he was used to her strength from the numerous times being the receiving end of it.

'Doesn't make it any less painful' Jiraiya mentally cried.

"Shut up!" Anko yelled through the pain of the seal.

"It's forbidden, Mizuki!" Iruka yelled.

"You remember the lesson on the Kyuubi right Naruto?" Mizuki said ignoring the two ninja.

The silence in the room was suffocating especially they all knew that no matter how much Iruka and Anko would try to prevent Mizuki from telling the truth… they will both fail. Kushina was especially worried how Naruto would react about his Jinchuuriki status.

"Yeah it was killed by the fourth. What of it?" Naruto asked suspiciously. He wasn't about to let his guard down, just in case Mizuki was lying again.

'I wish he was,' Just about everyone thought this.

"That's what all of you were told but the truth is that the fourth sealed the beast inside a young baby. That baby was you! You are the nine-tailed fox!" Mizuki said with a sick smile on his face.

"That—! Is he not a shinobi?! There's a difference being the jailor and the monster inside the cellar! That's basically saying that the scroll sealing a kunai is the kunai itself! Is that man stupid?!" Kushina screeched in rage.

Minato shook his head in disbelief. "I have a feeling what Mizuki had said is what most of the village believes as well," he said grimly.

Most in the room looked at his in disbelief while Jiraiya and Kushina weren't as surprised even though the last Uzumaki still fumed over the villagers' stupidity.

"Naruto is not going to take it well," Obito grimaced.

This stopped Naruto cold. He turned to the two people that were like siblings to him and saw fear come into their eyes.

Obito face-palmed. "They both just gave it away," he groaned.

While he was prepared to disregard what Mizuki said as a lie, he saw in their faces that he was speaking the truth.

"Only the part that the Yondaime sealed inside Naruto, not him being the Kyuubi," Rin sighed, her heart aching for the future Uzumaki.

For some reason, an unknown painful (and heart-aching…?) guilt pang inside Minato. Confused, Minato shakily shook it off, but something inside him told him that he was going to be feeling that ten-fold later on.

Mizuki took advantage of Naruto's stunned position and threw a large shuriken at him.

"NO!" Everyone had to fight every instinct not to reach out a kunai or summoning their chakra when they couldn't do anything about it to stop Mizuki and protect the younger Uzumaki.

Naruto made no move to dodge as he was occupied with his own thoughts.

Kushina groaned in misery. "Nooo…! Move it, Naruto!"

'The kyuubi is sealed inside of me? That's why they all hate me. They see me as the demon that caused so much death and destruction years ago. Am I a demon?' Naruto thought.

"Oh, Naru-kun…" Kushina could feel more tears fall from her purple eyes. Her heart ached for her future son and couldn't help but feel it was her fault for her son's pain and loneliness. It must be! She was the jailor of the Kyuubi at the moment. There was no way the Kyuubi could be out unless she had somehow had the demon on the loose. The thought (and possibly the truth) she had been responsible of her son… her dear, precious son so much pain in the future brought a lot of anguish and guilt building inside her heart.

All this time, Naruto thought that the villagers may not have had a good reason for hating him. He disregarded their hate as foolish when they had nothing to hate him for. However, all of that had been shattered when Mizuki had revealed the secret. He suddenly understood why he was hated and it hurt him to know that he held within him the beast that had caused so much destruction and pain. He was so enraptured in his own thoughts that he completely ignored the shuriken as it neared him.


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