"It's so fucking freezing." Shizuo thought as he stuffed his glove covered hands into his pocket, he hated winter, truly despised the damn season. Mostly because of waking up with a sore throat from the dry air and shivering un-controllably while he walked home.

He was suddenly jerked out of his thoughts when he tripped over something, making him fall face down in a pile of snow. He jumped to his feet at the feeling of a few snowflakes working their way into his hair and in his shirt; he looked down ready to throw whatever had tripped him so hard it flew out of Tokyo. He brushed the snow off of the object to see it was a person…but…a very familiar person.

"….Flea?" Ruby eyes opened up to stare at the confused blonde; Izaya flashed a smile with blue lips and opened his mouth to try to say something. Shizuo listened closely, but the flea was too weak he couldn't form words.

"Should I take him to Shinra's, or maybe I just need to warm him up…wait why do I care I want the damn flea to die!" Shizuo kicked some more snow on the informant's body and laughed the rest of the way home.

Once the bleach blonde had gotten home he made himself a nice hot cup of hot chocolate and started flipping through the TV channels until one show caught his attention.

"There will be a very large snowstorm hitting the Ikebukuro area around ten thirty tonight. Citizens are advised to stay indoors and off the roads as to not get caught in this storm; if you are outside during the storm there is a very high chance of hypothermia so again citizens are warned to stay indoors. The storm should go from ten thirty tonight and should lighten up in the morning." Shizuo set down the hot mug and sighed at the weather forecast.

"….Hm…I wonder if the flea had gotten out of the snow…yea he probably did, and why do I care anyway? He's a bastard if he didn't get out of the storm then good riddance!" Shizuo took another sip of his hot chocolate and looked out his window; all he saw was a huge sheet of white.

"At least I get the day off because of the storm." Shizuo thought trying to change the subject about Izaya most likely freezing to death in the snow because of him. Another hour went buy and snow continued to cover Ikebukuro in fatal white blanket.

"The flea is fine he definitely got out of the snow by now, he's not dead the damn flea is fine. Stop thinking about him he's absolutely fine." Shizuo kept thinking to himself, even thought he was wrapped in a blanket and his apartment was nice and warm he was still shaking…was he…scared for the brunet?



"Dammit!" He screamed into the empty apartment, he grabbed his jacket, gloves, and scarf and quickly put them on. The bodyguard kicked the snow out of the way as he trudged threw the high snow, trying to find where he had left the flea. He shoved his sunglasses in his pocket since they kept getting covered in snowflakes.

He stopped when he felt something other than snow under his feet; he fell to his knees and started digging in the snow until his fingers started to feel numb. He was just about to give up when he saw some of Izaya's fuzzy jacket; he pulled his hood up to keep the snow from going into his jacket and continued to dig. He sighed in relief when he had finally dug up Izaya's frozen body; he took off his jacket and wrapped it around the seemingly lifeless body.

"Izaya….Izaya can you hear me?" Shizuo sad loudly into the informants ear; Izaya slowly opened his eyes and starred at the blonde threw snowflake dotted eyelashes.

"Blink if you can hear me." Shizuo sighed in relief when he saw Izaya blink at him; he hoisted him up bridal style in his arms and started running threw the snow. The snow was coming down so hard that Shizuo could hardly see past his own nose. He stopped when he saw the lit up sign to his apartment building; he gasped in the warm air and carried the brunet threw the empty lobby and into the elevator.

"S-s-shizu-chan." Shizuo clutched the informant tighter, trying to give him some of his body heat. He reached in his pocket and quickly opened the door to his warm apartment; the blonde carried the smaller male to the bathroom and placed him in the tub.

"Ok first you need to get out of those clothes, I was planning on brining you to Shinra's to see if you had hypothermia but I couldn't see a damn thing. We're just lucky I found my apartment building or we would both be dead." Shizuo unzipped the two jackets that were now sticking to the informant's iced skin and discarded them on the bathroom floor. Izaya could still barely open his eyes as his shirt was ripped off of him; but he was able to pry open his eyes when he felt his pants ripped off.

"D-Don't y-you d-d-dare." Izaya said grabbing Shizuo's hand which was heading for his boxers.

"It's not like I haven't seen it a million times when we were in gym class eight years ago."

"F-fuck y-you." Izaya said as his underwear was quickly pulled off and also discarded somewhere in the bathroom. Shizuo pulled the brunet to his feet and turned on the shower; he moved the temperature to as hot as it would go. Izaya hissed as the hot water burned his icy skin.

"Don't be such a baby; I'm going to get some warm clothes for you to wear." Shizuo closed the bathroom door and went into his bedroom to find something for the flea to wear. He grabbed a pair of his boxers, sweat pants, t-shirt, and went back to the bathroom. He swung open the door and placed the clothes on the bathroom counter.

"D-Don't I g-get any p-privacy?" Izaya asked angrily

"It's my bathroom so no."

"Pervert." Shizuo reached over and put a hand on Izaya's arm which was still pretty cold. He turned off the shower and handed the brunet a towel; he gasped and quickly caught Izaya from falling face forward on the hard floor. The bodyguard knew Izaya was extremely weak from the cold because Izaya had never lost his balance in his entire life. Izaya quickly put on the towel around his waist and pushed the blonde away with shaking hands.

"I-I don't n-need your h-help." Izaya said as he started to slowly put on the clothes. Shizuo lingered there for a while, seeing if Izaya would lose his balance. That came to an end when the brunet slammed the door in his face.

"Want me to make you something to eat flea?" Shizuo asked as he leaned against the bathroom door.

"S-soup and t-tea would be g-good, but if y-you have f-fatty tuna I w-would like that t-to." Shizuo heard through the door.

"Soup and tea it is then." Shizuo went into the kitchen and started making the soup and tea he had promised the brunet.

"I-I would h-have burned all of y-your bartender's uniform's I-if you ripped my o-ne of a kind j-jacket." Shizuo looked back to see Izaya holding up his now sopping wet fuzzy trimmed jacket.

"Damn flea, go put that in the tub I don't want water all over my apartment." Shizuo could see Izaya was still shaking as he walked back to the bathroom. He set the bowl of soup and cup of tea on the table and started cleaning the pot he had used.

"T-thanks S-Shizu-chan." Izaya mumbled as he started eating his food.

"So exactly how did you get stuck in the snow?" Shizuo asked as he put the now clean pot away and sat down next to the brunet.

"Well its kind o-of a blur b-but I was pushed in the s-snow several t-times and then I had snow shoved I-in my c-clothes. I was s-so cold I kind of j-just blacked out."

"Tch your lucky I came back for you or you would have been dead, considering how short and skinny you are you don't have a lot of body heat to give off so you probably would have been dead if I left you out there for another hour or so."

"Oh yea? W-why did you come b-back anyway, I-I though y-you wanted me to d-die?" Shizuo was quiet for a while, trying to come up with a reason.

"I want you to die but if anyone is going to kill you it's going to be me."

"…t-then why don't y-you kill me right n-now?" They stared at each other for god knows how long, each trying to think of something to say.

"Look just be grateful that I didn't kill you and am letting you stay with me until the storm lightens up. If you say one more word I swear I will throw you butt naked in the snow, and this time I'll chain you to a building so you fucking freeze to death. I saved your life, gave you clothes and I made you something to eat I'm not a heartless bastard like you so you're in no position to talk. This also doesn't change anything, I still hate your guts and the minute this storm clears up I'm chasing you out of here." Izaya pushed the food and drink that wasn't even half finished across the table and glared at the blonde.

"Oh so now you're going to have a fucking tantrum like a five year old? Just go in the living room and watch TV or something, I don't want to see your damn face." Shizuo grabbed the cup and plate and put them in the sink a little too hard; he cursed loudly as they broke into pieces. He looked back expecting to see Izaya make that damn smile; but to his delight the flea had actually obeyed and was now watching the weather channel.

Shizuo went back to cleaning up the broken glass and left the informant to sulk; after he had calmed down a little he went into his room and changed into a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt. The bodyguard went into the living room and sat on the other side of the couch, as far away from the brunet as possible.

"I don't have any extra rooms so you're just going to have to sleep on the couch." Shizuo starred at the brunet for a while, awaiting an answer but got nothing. Izaya had his eyes locked on the TV and his arms crossed tightly across his chest.

"So now you're going to ignore me; you twenty three and you're acting like a five year old. How about saying thank you to me for actually letting you stay here?" Shizuo hissed at the brunet; the blonde flinched when Izaya shot him a dirty look. The bodyguard stood up angrily and grabbed the informant by the collar of his shirt.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Shizuo said his forehead pressed against Izaya's; they stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity starting daggers at each other. With his knuckles against Izaya's exposed flesh he could still feel the smaller male was ice cold.

"You told me n-not to talk or else you w-would throw me out; I d-didn't want to die in the snow you dumbass p-protozoan." Izaya spat out; Shizuo dropped the male back on the couch and starred at him angrily.

"You really thought I would throw you out into a snow storm; you're the dumbass!" Shizuo barked; Izaya hoisted himself to his feet to face the angry blonde.

"Well that w-would be the perfect way to k-kill me; a slow painful d-death is exactly what you wanted me to h-have." Izaya snapped back

"Why do you keep bringing that up, you want to die so bad? Fine!" Shizuo hoisted the brunet over his shoulder and quickly started running down the stairs of the building, not bothering to wait for the elevator.

"W-What the fuck are you d-doing?" Izaya gasped when he was suddenly flung out the door and had landed in a deep pile of snow.

"I hope you die you damn flea, and if you even try to come back in this building I'll rip you apart with my bear hands!" Shizuo screamed at the brunet who was shivering uncontrollably and was trying to crawl his way out of the snow. Shizuo walked up the stairs now elated at the thought of Izaya freezing in the snow.

"Damn flea deserves it." He thought as he wrapped himself up in a blanket and snuggled into the couch with another cup of hot chocolate. He was just about as relaxed as possible when he remembered the mess that was left in the bathroom. The blonde sighed and moved his way into the bathroom; he starred into the room shocked to see Izaya had taken the liberty of cleaning up himself. He had folded his wet clothes and placed them on the edge of the sink to dry; he had also slung his jacket over the edge of the bath tub to dry. Shizuo felt a lump in his throat at the sight of the flea's clothes, was that…guilt? The flea was bad but…he didn't deserve to die.

Shizuo got back into his winter clothes, ran down the stairs and out the building's front door; determined to find the flea again. He walked around in the thigh deep snow, looking for a hint of Izaya's raven hair. Part of him told him to keep looking but seeing how bad the weather was and how long Izaya had been in it…

"He's dead…because of me." Shizuo thought as he walked home; he thought about Izaya's frozen, lifeless body being found day's later when the snow had melted.

"Why do I feel guilty? I got what I wanted; the flea is dead…why aren't I happy?" Shizuo threw his jacket, gloves, and scarf on the floor as he walked back to his couch. He felt that guilt linger inside of him, biting at his nerves. His eyes widened when he saw wet footprints on his floor, way too small to be his own. He stood up and followed them to his bedroom, he swung open the door and gasped when he saw the clothes he had given Izaya thrown on the floor. He looked up to see Izaya wrapped in every blanket he had and still shaking violently on his bed.

"…Izaya?" Shizuo sat on the edge of the bed and put a hand on the brunet's forehead….he was freezing! Izaya turned to face him with blue lips and tear filled eyes.

"P-please d-don't t-throw m-me o-out." Izaya begged; Shizuo kicked off his shoes and started un-wrapping the informant from his blanket cocoon. He flinched when Izaya held his switchblade to his throat when he got his arm free. Shizuo ripped the knife out of Izaya's hand, knowing he was too weak to be able to grip it tightly.

"Relax flea, I think you have hypothermia so you need to warm up fast. I have more body heat then you so if you're close to me you'll warm up faster. The storm is suppose to be over in the morning so I'll get you some cold medicine then; considering how long you've been out in the cold you're probably going to be really sick." Izaya opened his mouth to say something but again nothing came out. Shizuo pulled the smaller body into a bear hug and rewrapped them into a warm blanket cocoon.

"Try to go to sleep." Shizuo said rubbing Izaya's back soothingly, trying to calm the shaking informant down. After a while of being snuggled up against each other Shizuo finally felt Izaya's stop shaking. He was just about to fall asleep when he felt Izaya cover his mouth with his hands and cough violently into them.

"Told you." Shizuo whispered after Izaya had finished his coughing fit.

"Thanks Shizu-chan." Izaya mumbled into Shizuo's chest before drifting off to sleep in the blonde's arms. Shizuo smiled and closed his eyes.

"You're welcome flea."

Author's Note: I worked so hard on this and I thought it was so adorable (if I do say so myself). I really hoped you guys liked it and I think I might make another chapter to this where Shizuo is taking care of Izaya while he is sick but I'm not sure. It depends if people like this one so just please review and sorry this is so long! But I hope it was worth the read!