"Come on Shizu-chan, it's not a fair fight if I don't have my switchblade." Izaya said as Shizuo held him off the floor and against the wall by the collar of his shirt. Shizuo just growled and slammed the informant against the wall again, making a whole.

"Hn…you know Shizu-chan if you kill me now you'll have to keep my dead body here until the snowstorm clears up, and when you drag my lifeless body out of the building don't you think people will call the cops?" Izaya said in a mocking tone. He gasped when he was suddenly slung over Shizuo's shoulder and carried into the living room.

"You're going to throw me out in the snow again Shizu-chan? How mean." Izaya was thrown onto the couch face down. He tried to get up but was forced down by the larger male.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Izaya gasped as his hands were bound together, he was suddenly flipped over onto his back and had his feet and legs tied together.

"Now one more thing to make you shut the fuck up." Shizuo said ripping a piece of duck tape with his teeth

"You better n…" Izaya was cut off by his mouth being tapped shut, his eyes widened when he was suddenly dragged towards the front door.

"Stay there…not like you have a choice." Shizuo said standing back and starring at the tied up brunet.

"Bastard's getting smarter." Izaya thought as he tried to wriggle out of his bounds; unfortunately Shizuo had tied them so tight they were literally rubbing into his skin. They both flinched when all the lights in the apartment suddenly turned off. Shizuo cursed under his breath and went over to the light switch.

"Damn weather knocked the power out…ugh it's going to be freezing in here." Izaya watched Shizuo leave the room and then come back with a few large blankets; he waited for Shizuo to come over and wrap him up in a blanket so he wouldn't freeze to death. But the blonde was still pretty pissed off so he wrapped himself in the blankets and sat on the couch, probably planning to take a cat nap.

"You can go freeze to death flea." Shizuo said answering Izaya's angry glare. Izaya sat there watching Shizuo fall asleep all curled up and warm under all his blankets; the temperature dropped rapidly making Izaya start shivering. He lay back onto the floor and tried to pull his hands from behind his back, behind his legs, and to the front of his body. Since the brunet was very flexible he was able to accomplish this; he ripped the duck tape off with the tips of his fingers and started biting threw the bounds on his hands. When that didn't work he tried untying the ropes that bound his legs together so he could run and get his switchblade.

"After I get out of this I'm stripping Shizu-chan and tying him up like that." Izaya thought evilly as he tried to get un-bound.

"Dammit Shizu-chan I'm freezing!" Izaya said now completely frustrated at the ropes.

"Guess what flea?" Shizuo mumbled from under the blankets.


"….I don't give a fuck." After trying to break free for another ten minutes Izaya just ended up slamming his hands against the door.

"What do you think you're doing flea?" Izaya looked up to see Shizuo standing next to him.

"W-what does it l-look like; I'm f-fucking freezing and all t-tied up." Izaya said angrily, he gasped when he was suddenly picked up bridal style in Shizuo's arms.

"I'm way too tired to deal with this right now." Shizuo said as he lay back down on the couch with Izaya on top of him. He wrapped the blankets around them both and snaked his arms around Izaya's waist.

"Just shut up and go to sleep." For once Izaya actually obeyed, he nuzzled his head under Shizuo's chin and fell asleep to the sound of Shizuo's lightly snoring.

Author's Note: I know some people might think its OOC at the end but it's really not since Izaya was all tied up. I thought this was a cute way to end this fanfic so I hope you all liked it! The next fanfic I'm doing is most likely going to be a Matt X Mello fanfic for Death Note. But don't you guys worry I'm still going to right Shizaya and Izuo fanfics' because they're such a perfect couple!

P.S- Sorry if I didn't catch any other spelling and grammar mistakes in this last chapter, I re-read it a couple times to find them and I think I caught them all!