I warned you not to drink the water.

I had been wanting for a while to tell a Half-life fanfic. I was hoping to do a multi-chapter story of epicness featuring Gordon Freeman and Adrian Shephard putting aside their differences and teaming up to save the world. But I suffered extreme writer's block, but out of all of it. I did manage to come up with this little parody. (Plus there already exists a few fanfics like that out there that feature Gordon and Adrian teaming up and becoming friends.) Enjoy!

This takes place at the beginning of Half-Life 2.

Unlike the games, Gordon does talk in this parody but at least not much, he mostly thinks his comments and we can at least hear his thoughts can't we?

Gordon Freeman stood on the train not knowing exactly how he got there, all he knew was that it had something to do with that creepy G-Man. Gordon wondered if he was even a human. After the train came to a stop he wondered exactly what he was going to do, but first thing he wanted was a drink. He was already thirsty from fighting aliens and soldiers from back at Black Mesa, and stasis had already made his thirst worse.

He noticed a bottle of water sitting nearby on a bench. He then heard a voice near him.

"Don't drink the water. They put something in it, to make you forget." A man said sitting down at another bench.

"Screw that." Gordon thought. "I'm thirsty as hell!"

Ignoring the man's warning. Gordon downed the whole bottle. "Ahhh! Much better." he thought.

Within seconds, Gordon started seeing some colours. "Whoa..." he said out loud "This is some great shit!"

He looked to the left, to notice that the walls were melting. "Eeeeeeeeeeee..." he went.

The next day, Gordon woke up to find he was in a garbage dump wearing nothing but his underwear.

"Oh man..." he said to himself. "This is just like the time I had those shrooms, back at black Mesa, all I can say I'm lucky Dr Kleiner didn't get me fired when I threw up all over his suit."