Title: Opacity (The demon, the angel, the god)
Rating: G
Warnings: Mild angst, frustration, slashy non-slash
Coupling: Crowley-crushing
Disclaimer: Not mine. Gneil and Pterry's.
Notes: I've been trying to overcome my writer's block, and thought rehashing my view of the Crowley/Aziraphale couple would help me get back into the swing of things. ^-^; Short, lots of Tomo-stretching-her-vocabulary. XD

~Tomo Trillions


Love. Indescribable. Implausable. To an extent, impious.

Every person knows that angels love all.

And every person will say that demons love none.

Yet see the demon Crawly, curled in the gutter for all his iniquity, invisible to the world behind his wall of wings and power. See him curse at his own temerity, watch him cry for the emotion he cannot feel, the emotion that burns his mind like a brand of fire, the emotion he will try for years to forget, yet will never be able to ignore. It has taken him over. It will consume him. It will ruin him, for as a demon, he will never be able to forgive himself or his angel for the feelings sown within his soul. He will blame all, in his frustration, and eventually he will be destroyed, a lingering death at the unknowing hands of his angel.

See the angel Aziraphale, who is troubled, unable to placate his conscience. He sips his tea and wonders what tomorrow will bring, if his friend his safe, if he himself has sinned in pushing aside love when it was freely given by a friend. He wonders if it wouldn't be better to lie and save the un-heart of one lone demon, if that would be the perfect sacrifice of a martyr or the move of a falling angel towards the inferno below. He wonders if falling would be kinder, if love is what lead Lucifer to his fall so many years ago - he would not be far from the truth, were that his guess.

They have met My expectations in a manner that I find both appropriate and rather saddening. For if any of My creations could dare to question my inscrutable will, it would have been those two. They had potential.

I suppose I am disappointed. And I am, just a bit.

Love is not black. It had no color. It has every color. Maybe when the demon Crawly realizes this, he will tell his counterpart, and they might understand.


It's ineffable, don't you agree?

Well, of course.

That's what I do best.