Is Alison Really Dead?

No one seems to ask this question, is Alison really dead or is this all just a game?

Yes the police say that they found her body buried and they thought they had their murder, Ian Thomas who they think committed suicide but did this really happen? Did any of this really happen?

This person who claims to be A and that he or she knows everything that Spencer, Aria, Hannah and Emily do and in one way or another A toys with their lives over and over.

The girls feel like every way they turn they get hurt, they feel like they have no one to turn to but each other? But as time goes past will they ever find out what really happened the night of their sleep over?

Only time can tell what everyone will find out. And if it's up to A the girls will never have an easy life.

Hello! This is my first shot at a Pretty Little Liars story! I have watched every episode of the show and read every book and its my favorite by far! This story is going to have short chapters, thoughts from each of the girls and other people and we will find out in the end if Alison is really dead or is it just a lie? Please review and tell me what you think!