I am Hannah Marin one of Alison Dilorentese friends, well was a friend I guess. I was the one Ali always picked on for being fat and never doing my hair or makeup, but once Ali disapered at the end of 7th grade I changed that, I lost weight, I do my hair and I do my make up and wear nothing but the best clothes.

My friend Spencer, Emily, Aria and I still wonder if Alison is really dead, we are all getting these text messeges and notes for a annonimous person only known as A which all of us have learned to hate and dread because she knows all of our dirty secrets, secrets we dont want anyone to know.

Ever since Ali suposidly died everyone in Rosewood has looked at us because A has gotten us into so much trouble, trying to pin ali's murder on us, even though we dont think shes dead because the only on out side of the 4 of us that knew all of our dirty secrets was Ali, so how would A know them if she wasnt really Ali.

But when we have went the police they have called us crazy and never believed a thing we have told them and now look at us like we are crazy.

I shake my head and focus on the road ahead of me, I am driving my car to school right now, to think this is our junior year of high school, things is so hectic for us right now, especially me with swimming practice every day after school. I am soon pulling into the student parking lot at Rosewood Day high school and I park in my normal spot beside Spencer's car and grab my backpack and duffle bag and get out of my car.

' Time for another wonderful day at school.'

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