Hello my friends. I'm going to be deleting my account and pulling all of my stories, but NOT to publish. I've been writing about things that are really inappropriate and I've been feeling very guilty about it. You know how much I struggled with that last chapter and I believe that was God telling me to stop doing what I'm doing. I "used to be" a Christian which is a terrible thing to say. I've been away from God for a very long time now. My morals have completely gone to the wayside. I've read so much fanfiction - most of it completely depraved - that I'm sensitized and find nothing off limits which is completely wrong. At least for me. I've had this weird, unexplainable addiction to Twilight since it came out. I don't really even understand it, but I have to let this go. I want God to be the most important thing to me right now.

I'm going to keep my stories up for a week so feel free to make copies. There are programs out there that will let you easily do it. Just google it.

If you don't know God, please find Him. I've asked for His forgiveness and the guilt I've been carrying has been lifted and I now know for certain that I'm going to heaven. I want you to be there too. ;)