A/N: This is an AU Fanfic Oneshot/Drabble simply an idea I had while I lay awake one night. Enjoy!

"I Always Loved You"

Pack! Harry commanded his trunk for the final time, he simply couldn't believe it. Seven years of schooling at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and it was all over today. Today was graduation day from Hogwarts and Harry had to face the future now.

He still couldn't believe it, silent shining tears shone in his eyes as he prepared to leave the one place he had known for so many years as his home. Levitating his trunk down the front steps of the castle, Harry carried Hedwig's cage in his other hand as he made his way towards the Hogwarts Express for the last trip back to King's Cross.

"Hey Mate, How are you? Can you believe all our years in Hogwarts are finally over?" The unmistakable voice rang out and Harry turned to see the beaming face of one ginger haired Ronald Weasley as he walked in and plopped himself down in the compartment.

"I'm okay" Harry stated smiling wistfully up at Ron's face then turning back to glance at the window dismissing Ron with that simple look and words. Letting his emotional battle continue in silence, Harry wanted to soak the rocking gentleness of the train in as he said goodbye to the last piece of his childhood. Ron left the compartment to go and talk to Hermione and left Harry to his thoughts.

He had survived Voldemort and yet he had lost so much, in the end he had lost Sirius, his parents and so many others in the heinous game of life. Tears fell slowly from his face and anguished sobs soon followed. And yet he couldn't have been more wrong...

"Potter...What the HELL?" sneered Draco Malfoy as he sauntered into the compartment looking down his nose at Harry. "Aw, Poor baby Potty is crying" Draco mocked again as Harry continued to shake and sob. He kept the sneering mask on his face until Blaise and Pansy left to go back to their compartment sniggering all the way there, leaving Malfoy to handle the crying teen.

"Wha...What do you want Malfoy? I've dealt with you the last seven years, can't you leave me in peace?" Harry asked looking up with defiance in his eyes and his chin thrust out. Draco pulled out his handkerchief and handed it to Harry silently.

"Now Potter it's time for truth, I've worn this mask for too long." Draco crossed to Harry and put an arm on his shoulder and rubbed a light circle into it causing Harry's head to turn and lean in ever so closely to Draco's. Draco's lips brushed roughly against Harry's, insistently urging him on as the kiss gained in romance and sexual heat before breaking with both boys gasping.

"Pott...Harry, That day in Malkin's shop, you refused me and it hurt me to my core... But through all the fighting and bickering we did over the years it was a way to show you the truth."

"What is the truth Draco?" Harry asked, his voice barely a whisper

"Simple enough that anyone even a Gryff like you could figure out, I love you Harry James Potter, I love you now and I Always Loved You."