Hello, curious readers. I have decided to take a short break from Wind of Time, and take a shot at doing an OC fic. Also, for this one, I will not be adding a new chapter every day, so this way the stories popularity will remain steady. Oh, and one more thing, I do not own Sonic the Hedgehog, and I do not own any of the characters except for Aaron, his family, roommate, friends, and girlfriend. Any background character that shows up is mine as well. Now that the annoying disclaimer is out of the way, let's start with the Fanfic of the century!

Chapter 1

The Disappearance

The cafeteria was completely packed, as usual. The students of Evergreen University were walking around, collecting their meals and heading for seats at large tables littered all over the room. At one such table sat a blonde haired boy of about 18 years of age, wearing grey shorts, sandals, and a plain yellow t-shirt. He wore sunglasses, hiding his eyes from everyone present. This boy was insecure about his eyes. Only his roommate, a brown-eyed, black-haired boy in similar clothing sitting next to him, knew the secret of his eyes; the colors were mismatched. One eye was a deep violet, the other was grey. He hated the effect it had, so he hid it his entire life. His name was Aaron Shyhart. Sebastian, his roommate, nudged him lightly.

"Here she comes," he whispered to him. Michele, a beautiful girl with flowing brown hair, vivid blue eyes, a lovely diamond necklace circling her throat, and a healthy physique, was walking in their direction. Aaron sat there, hiding the small box in his pocket.

"I-I don't think I can do this, Sebby…" he stuttered.

"Come on, you love her, don't you?" Sebastian taunted.


"Then just go for it."

He pushed Aaron out of his seat, sending him nearly crashing into the girl. He helped her regain her balance.

"Hey, Aaron," she greeted cheerfully.

"Hello, Michele." Aaron held the box tightly in his pocket. "I wanted to ask. Would you….. Would you….."

"Would I what?" she asked attentively.

"Would you… like me to give you some tutoring for that biology test coming up tomorrow?" he hastily asked, to nervous to ask what he really wanted to ask her.

"Oh, no. I have plenty of notes, and besides, biology is one of my better subjects." she answered to the fake question.

"Okay then."

"Well, see you later, Aaron."

"See ya."

He sat back down at his table and hung his head over his meal. Sebastian stared at him disapprovingly. "What was that?" he yelled at him. "Is it really so hard to propose to the girl you love?"

"Sebby, you have to consider this, she has such beautiful eyes, and-" Aaron started, but his roommate interrupted him.

"What difference does your eye color make? NONE!" he screamed. "Your simply to nervous to tell someone that you love them."

"I know, Sebby, but how would she…"

"Aaron, we've been over this a million times; your eye color means nothing. I actually like seeing those rare pigments mingle with each other. Any girl would find it beautiful."

Aaron had heard him say this a hundred times, but it never sank in. It was all meaningless words to him. No one could enjoy seeing those conflicting colors on his face.

"Eat up." Sebastian said.

After the meal was complete, they headed back to their dorm at the far end of campus. Aaron stopped in his tracks and looked at the sunset in front of him. "I'll meet you at the dorm, okay."

"Alright then." With that, Sebastian continued walking towards the dorm he shared with Aaron. The latter stood there watching the sun dip below the horizon. He always loved watching the sunset. The various colors melding together to form a beautiful painting in the expansive sky. He envied the sun. It always had the colors that worked well with one another, the ones that gave meaning and purpose to the end of each day. Why did he have to be so different? Why couldn't he have normal coloration? Why should he be cursed with his mismatched eyes? While lost in his thoughts, he saw something glow in the grass in front of him. He bent down and picked up a small purple gem, brilliant cut and giving off a dim glow. He pocketed it and headed back to his dorm.

Once he was there, he took off his shades, revealing his mismatched eyes, changed into his pajamas, placed the ring on his desk, placed the gem on his bedside table, and went to sleep. Sebastian changed as well, and looked at his sleeping roommate with an air of concern. He ignored the gemstone on Aaron's table and got into his own bed. He drifted to sleep immediately.

The next mourning Sebastian woke up fairly early. He looked over to the other side of the room to see Aaron's bed empty. He also noticed that the gem was missing as well.

"He must have already went down for breakfast." he figured. But when he reached the cafeteria, his roommate was nowhere to be found. No one had seen him since yesterday. As Sebastian went through his classes, he failed to locate Aaron. By the end of the day, he was completely losing it over worry. He looked through Aaron's bed and found his pajamas placed in sleeping positions under the comforter. Someone had kidnapped him. Sebastian then did what anyone else in his position would have done; he called the police.

That is the first chapter for you. You'll find out what happened to Aaron in the next one. Also, when I said that Sebastian was the only one who knew about Aaron's eye color, I meant at the College. His family would obviously know.