Well, here's the epilogue to Heterochromia. Enjoy!


Saying Goodbye

Aaron's POV

"Hey, Sebby…" I said to my friend. He was at the train station in Station Square, preparing to leave the city. Sam, Rebecca, and Michele were already onboard the train, but I held Sebby back so I could talk to him in private. "I'm sorry for everything I said at the diner. You were right. I was being selfish."

"Hey… don't worry about it, bud," Sebby responded. "I know you were upset now. Sonic told me about the fantasy."

I chuckled at this.

"Hey… come with us. We can go back to the university… you can finally graduate."

"Sebby… I want to… but… the truth is… I belong here, with Sonic and the others. I owe a lot to them… and I just can't imagine being apart from them."

Sebby smiled at what I had said.

"I understand. Too bad you'll never graduate from college."

"Yeah… about that… I took all of my finals early, as a kind of 'thank you' from the professors for frequently staying behind to clean the biology lab."

Sebby laughed at the statement.

"I figured as much. Oh… here." As he said this, he pulled something from his pocket, and handed it to me. It was my sunglasses. I pushed Sebby's hand away, and with it, the shades.

"I don't need them anymore," I told him. "What reason do I have for hiding such a beautiful treasure?"

Sebby's smile at that moment was something I would never forget. Right about then, the conductor announced that the train was about to leave soon, so Sebby got up and boarded the train. Before he left, he took one last look at me.

"See ya later," he said before the train pulled out of the station, with him and the others on board. I stood there, watching it leave the city. Amy walked up next to me shortly afterward.

"Are you sure, Aaron?"

"Yeah. I'd be better off here than back home. My dad and I don't exactly see eye to eye." Amy only smiled at me, and I smiled back. I know I made the right choice.

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