141 words of pure over-analysis on my part. Set in the lovely scene where Freddie watches Bel get in the lift with 'her banker' as Freddie puts it. Title taken from Muse's Undisclosed Desires.

He walks over to the balcony, just curious to see if she's still there.

Evidently, his belief about bankers turned out to be correct. Her banker must've only just got there, as Freddie gets there in time to see him and Bel getting into the lift. The smarmy git has his hand on her hip, threatening to drop lower; all possessive and expectant.

Even when he turns around he looks like a sour-faced arse. Freddie's opinion is definitely not influenced by who he's standing next to.

Her eyes meet his as soon as she turns around. She smiles, all sweetness and light. Like butter wouldn't melt. That's probably what her banker thinks of her too. Freddie knows her better than that.

The lift doors close, and Freddie thinks it was easier when he could think about her as only a friend.