This is my first K-PAX fic, and it is based on the movie, meaning that if I get any of the facts from the book wrong, sorry. However, if I get any of the facts from the movie wrong, too, then please feel free to yell at me.

Disclaimer: K-PAX and all related characters does not belong to me.


He would just sit there, and not move a muscle. Not a gesture, not a smile. Silent.

That was Robert Porter, once a man full of disillusioned life as I knew him. Smart, gentle and kind, with a great love for fruits. He always had a mysterious glint in his eyes, wiser beyond his years.

But he was no longer the alien 'prot' from the planet K-PAX. Now, he was just a broken man. Even the other patients could see that he was gone.

His comrades would wheel him in front of the window, everyday, hoping he would find his own bluebird of happiness. But the bluebird never came. Only grey city pigeons would grace him with a visit, and the sunlight would play on his face when the breeze caught the trees.

I miss prot.

I remember the sessions we had, and his wild claims that had their own logic to it that it almost made sense. The descriptions of his Utopia-like planet, the places he had been to... travelling on a beam of light. But I also remember the hypnosis sessions with him, where Robert's life shone through - his past. I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, wondering... what would he have been like...

I know, I shouldn't get too attached to patients. But he was special... different. At times I believed he really was prot.

We still haven't found Bess. It is as if she had vanished from the face of the earth. But somehow, I have a feeling she is alright.

Snapping myself out of my musings, I look back towards Robert sitting by the window. His lifeless eyes search every corner of the garden, looking for that little piece of himself, somewhere...

A flash of blue.

Robert's eyes widen slightly, as a bluebird flutters onto the window sill in front of him. It tweets quietly, while hopping around from side to side.

And ever so slightly, his lips curl up into a smile.