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Chapter 1. New Beginnings?

"Uncle Ray is going to be a dad?" Molly raised an eyebrow as her mother nodded.


"I didn't think he likes kids." Molly picked up a piece of toast as she spoke. Ruby chuckled as Alex tried to feed her youngest daughter. She would be a year old in a few weeks time and neither of her parents could believe where the last year had gone.

"He likes you." Gene announced as he walked into the kitchen/

"I'm not a kid."

"Oh pardon me!" Gene laughed as Molly sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Hi." Alex smiled as Gene kissed her hair before piching the toast off her plate.

"You alright Rubes?"


"I'll take that as a yes." Gene smiled at the baby who clapped her hands. "You wanting a lift Molls?"


"C'mon then. See you at work Bolls?"

"Ok." Alex smiled as she struggled to get Ruby out of her high chair. It seemed the 11 month old was as stubborn as her father. Gene nodded before kissing her cheek and ushering Molly out of the house.


"I look like crap." Mia sighed as she brushed her long black hair out of her face.

"Don't talk soft." Ray smiled as he checked his wallet. "Look, I might be late tonight. The Guv wants us to go after those armed robbers. You know the ones that turned over the bank a fortnight ago? Reckons he 'as an informer that reckons they are going to try something tonight."

"Be careful." Mia turned to face him as he nodded. Ray was still getting used to having someone care about him the way Mia did. He knew that after her fling with Sam and the way she had tried it on with Gene when Alex was in her coma no one had expected them to last. He had no idea what she saw in him but he had never been happier.

"I will luv." He walked back to where she was sat on the sofa. "You know I aint gonna do anything daft."

"You better not."

"You want to go to the Railway Arms after?"

"Yeah ok." Mia smiled before turning him around and almost pushing him out of the door.


The CID Squad Room was almost silent when Annie flicked on the lights. The overhead lighting buzzed into life as she yawned. Sam smiled sympathetically as he walked towards the kitchen. Danny was teething and neither had got much sleep the night before.

"This gang." Annie walked across to the white board where Shaz had carefully put all the evidence they had on display.

"What about them?"

"Two building societies and a bank." She stared at a type written page of A4.


"All in the Fenchurch Area. All in the late afternoon, just before closing."

"We know." Chris announced as he walked in behind her.

"But there's a pattern." Annie turned to face Shaz and the men in the room. Ray was hanging up his jacket as Gene walked in.

"You found something?" Gene stared at the DS.

"If I was a bank robber, I'd change the days and times I went on the rob after a while." She folded her arms as her brown curls bobbed around her face. Sam closed his eyes.

"Three blags." Gene nodded.


"All at half 4." Gene sighed.


"Time they changed I reckon." Gene watched as both Ray and Annie nodded. Chris looked towards Shaz who was staring at the same piece of paper that Annie had been.

"Er Guv?"

"What Chris?"

"Where's the boss?"

"Bolly." Gene sighed. "She'll be in later. Had to drop Ruby at the childminder before she went to talk to that Claire Lloyd, you know the bank manager." He felt a familiar stab of fear in his stomach as the words left his mouth.

"Guv." Ray looked at him.

"The bank we think they are targeting tonight?" Chris looked up as Annie and Shaz glanced at each other.

"Yeah." Gene nodded. "And we reckon they are due to change their pattern? Attack at different times of the day."

"Gene." Sam walked towards him. "Alex will be alright. It's only just gone 9. The bank will be just opening. Nothing is going to happen, these idiots like an audience. They aint going to go in there when it's empty." He tried to reassure his friend.

"Yeah, Sammy." Gene nodded once. "Yeah, your right." He walked into his office and closed the door as he heard Annie, Ray and the others debate what little they knew about the bank robbers that had become known as the Night Owl gang. He was beginning to worry about Alex. He knew how well his wife could attract trouble. They were days away from the trial of Arthur Layton. It had been over a year since the man had shot dead Viv's nephew in the prison riots and he knew Alex was being called as a witness. It would be the second time she had faced the psychopath in court. He closed his eyes and tried to shove the sickening feeling something was wrong to the back of his mind. He swore under his breath as he heard Phyllis shouting in the outer office. In seconds he was in the doorway of his office.

"Bleedin' 'ell woman!" He yelled as the desk sargeant turned to stare him down. He had known the woman for years and both knew she wasn't even remotely scared of him.

"Don't you dare shoot the messenger!"

"Phyl." Annie frowned as Shaz stepped towards her.

"It's that bank. Those bloody Night Owls."

"What is?" Shaz asked.

"Just had a 999 call from a boy that works at the bank on Woodrow Lane. By the High Street?"

"Yeah." Shaz sensed what she was going to hear.

"There's a robbery in progress."

"Bloody Hell." Gene marched past his team as they all scrambled. "Get Armed Response down there. Bloody, sodding Hell's Bells!" He slammed the door almost off it's hinges as Sam and the others followed. Chris grabbed Ray's arm as they followed the others.

"That's the bank we are watching tonight. That's the bank where Alex is." Chris suddenly realised why Gene had been almost spitting feathers as he left.

"I know, Chris. I know." Ray stepped back to allow the younger man to leave the room. He could only pray that the 999 was a false alarm. He had no idea what was going to face them but something Mia had said that morning rolled around his brain. He had a feeling it was going to be a long day.


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