Just a short little piece I had the inspiration for.

Disclaimer: Nothing's mine but the plot.


Onesided Cho/Marietta

Marietta truly was upset when Cedric Diggory died, though perhaps for the wrong reasons. Because it was bad enough when it was Cedric, she thinks. Bad enough when Cho would waltz into their dormitory at three in the morning with that radiant smile making her even more beautiful than she already was. Bad enough when Marietta would have to listen to her sing the boy's praises at all hours of the day when all she really wanted to do was rip his stupid head off.

But now she had to hold her- had to console her every night before she cried herself to sleep. Now she had to tell Cho that it was alright to move on to Harry- alright to kiss him in the Room of Requirements after they'd all left to their dormitories. Now she had to tell Cho that of course Harry wasn't dating that insufferable Hermione Granger- of course the only one he truly cared for was Cho.

And it wasn't enough that Cho's beautiful smile disappeared forever- no, now Cho had to try and move on by snogging as many boys as she could fit in the day, and Marietta had to tell her she was right in doing so.

And really, she thinks, it's not fair at all that she has to hide her own heartbreak because Cho refuses to accept hers. Really, she thinks, it's not fair that Harry is the one Cho seeks out when she's in the mood for a good snog, and Marietta when she's regretting it. She thinks she could maybe handle it if it were the other way around.

Potter's probably a shite snogger, anyway.

But when Cho comes back from Hogsmeade with tears running down her porcelain face, her eyes flashing with betrayal because Potter abandoned her for that stupid know-it-all Hermione Granger, Marietta's had enough.

It's for Cho's own good, she thinks as she makes her way to Professor Umbridge's office. Cho doesn't need more heartbreak in her life.

The next morning she wakes up with the word 'SNEAK' tattooed across her face in ghastly, red pimples, and she can't make it go away. Funny, that. Escape one curse to gain another.

When Potter storms by her in one of his stupid, self-righteous mood swings, she meets Cho's gaze for a second and watches, her heart breaking in her chest, as those dark, almond-shaped eyes harden and her beloved brushes coldly past her, trying to catch up to the boy Marietta could never be.

A few weeks later they've finally made up, and now Cho is crying in Marietta's arms again because Potter's gone and done something he shouldn't have again, and Marietta cooes that he doesn't mean it over and over into her ear again.

She thinks maybe Granger should have hexed the word 'STUPID' onto her face instead.