Chapter 6

Harry ran his fingers through his showered fresh hair and adjusted his glasses as he made his way down the creaking staircase of Grimmauld Place. It had been a grueling day at the department but a nice long hot shower had helped tremendously. All he wanted to do now was have dinner and snuggle with Hermione. But she wasn't here and he was waiting impatiently for her to arrive. He couldn't help but smile when he thought of her. Harry hadn't seen her for a couple of months and it was slowly driving him mental. The short Hogsmeade visits had only tamed his desire to be with her. Hogwarts was off for the Christmas Holidays and Harry had two whole weeks to spend with her and he was going to make the most of it.

Things had changed drastically since the war. He and Ron were slowly adapting in their new roles and Ginny seemed to come around according to Hermione. He loved his job. Being an Auror was something he had always wanted to be and now he was able to do that. There was no dark wizard threatening his future. For the first time Harry Potter was free to live his own life, carefree and in love. He still couldn't grasp that he and Hermione were together. Sometimes Harry felt that it was all a dream; that he imagined that night before he faced his destiny. But each note from Hermione and every moment they shared since that fateful day only showed him how real all of this was. His life was finally normal.

His feet touched the last step bringing him into the darkened hallway. Kreacher was around here somewhere from the delicious smell coming from the kitchen. After the Battle, the house elf and Harry had somewhat started on a new leg. His stomach grumbled slightly but Harry ignored it. His eyes gazed longingly at the door hoping Hermione would walk through. She was about to arrive at any moment. Harry knew she was paying a visit to her parents first, which was understandable given the fact that she hadn't seen them. After bringing them back from Australia Hermione had sat them down and told them everything. To say they were a little not so pleased with him would be an understatement.

Harry had understood their anger. Their daughter had given up so much just so that she could help him and Harry was never going to forget that fact. It only made him love her more, if that was possible. Everything worked itself out in the end though and that was all that mattered. After debating with himself for a while Harry decided to grab a quick bite, courtesy of Kreacher and retreated to the den with a butterbeer. He would have like something stronger but the sweet beverage would hit the spot for now. He settled into the soft cushions, kicked his feet up, leaned his head on the length of the couch and closed his eyes after taking a long swig from the bottle.

The soft click of the front door alerted him of someone else's presence in the house. Every cell in his body came alert as the soft, familiar scent preceded the visitor. He kept his eyes close as a smile stretched across his lips. He didn't need to look and see who it was, his body already made the connection. He felt her pause at the entrance of the room before slowly moving closer. With each step she took, Harry's heartbeat increased simultaneously. His hands clenched at his side and for some reason Harry was delaying the moment of seeing her.

Nothing but his slightly rugged breathing filled the air. Harry tense muscles refused to loosen as he waited to see what she would do. His breath hitched momentarily as he felt her warm breath fanning the side of his neck. Harry titled his head, letting her have her fun. Her lips feather lightly brushed the length of his neck as she pressed a tender kiss just above his collar bone. Her scent enveloped him making Harry feel safe and warm. Her arms stole across his shoulders and came to rest on his chest with her hands intertwined as she rested her chin on his shoulders, bringing their cheeks pressed together..

"How long are you going to ignore me?" she whispered into his ear. Harry resisted the urge to shiver at her husky, hot voice. His hands on their own accord joined hers on his chest.

"I couldn't ignore you if I tried Hermione", he replied finally opening his eyes. Harry moved slightly, creating enough space so that he could look at her. Her chocolate brown eyes were shining mischievously and she was smiling coyly.

His pulsed raced at the sight. She looked absolutely gorgeous with her curls hanging loosely around her shoulder. Her nose and cheeks were red from the cold as were her hands. He rubbed slightly, creating a heating friction so as to warm her. He pulled her closer, leaving a breath distance between their lips. He watched her eyes darkened as they flickered to her lips and it took all his self control to not lean in and capture her plum lips. He wanted to kiss her so badly but he was making himself wait. She wasn't going anywhere.

"Do you have any idea how much I have missed you", he rasped against her lips. Harry felt her hands tightened beneath his grip as her eyes flashed with emotions. He could read every single one of them.

"If it's as much as I have missed you Harry", she replied softly with s smile, "then I do and I'm so happy to be home again".

His heart expanded at her words, spreading warmth everywhere. "I'm happy to have you home love".

Their lips finally met. Testing, teasing and coaxing each others' as the found their own rhythm. Harry's grip on her tangled hands increased as the longing and the passion that had filled him until his body ached with need poured into the kiss. Her lips were pliant under his administration as Hermione returned his kiss with the same need. Merlin he had missed her so much. With just the touch of their lips and just a look everything that they felt flowed freely between the two. They didn't need words. They never had needed words.

"Does that tell you how much I missed you?" he teased gruffly, his greens sparkling as they met her equally shining browns ones.

"You may have to do that again just to make sure", Hermione responded and who was he to protest. Any chance he got to kiss those delicious lips he took and so Harry captured her lips once again in a slow, tongue twirling kiss.

When they finally parted, both were breathing heavily and had wide grins across their faces. Hermione pulled away enough so that she could walk around the old couch. Harry arms never let go and he tugged her closer when she was standing in front of him so that Hermione was now seated across his thighs. He sighed in pure contentment when Hermione tucked her head beneath his chin and tangled their fingers intimately. This was what he missed most of all, holding her in his arms and just having her with him. Harry pulled her closer and kissed her forehead lovingly.

"How are your parents?" Harry asked as she lightly traced his knuckles as if she never saw them before. "You dad still hates me?"

"My dad doesn't hate you Harry", she said and he could feel her smile against his neck. "He was just being an overprotective dad but he's ok with us now. They're both doing great. They were hoping to go on a cruise after the holidays".

"That's sounds brilliant", Harry added. He slowly began running his hand up and down her arm, loving the way the smooth skin glided beneath his fingertips. "And you? How have you been?"

"I'm doing better now that I'm with you", she murmured looking up at him. Harry couldn't resist the urge to taste her one more time. It was like he couldn't get enough of her. Hermione seem to taste even better each time his lips touched hers. They were awfully comfortable right now but Harry wanted them to get a move on. He had a surprise for her and he really hoped she liked it. It was cold outside but that was the beauty of magic and heating charms. She was already dressed in jeans and a jumper.

Harry reluctantly shifted so that they could stand up. His hand immediately sought hers out as she adjusted her clothing an met his eyes with a perfectly arched eyebrow. He could practically see her mind working as he ushered her back into her coat and himself as he lifted a small bag off the floor. Harry tugged at her hands, silently asking her to follow him, which she always did.

"Where are we going?" she finally asked as they stepped outside. The blistering cold hit him straight in the face, causing him to shiver and pull Hermione closer. Harry wrapped his arms securely around her waist as the stood on the porch. Their heated bodies pressed together warded off the chill.

"Trust me ok", he whispered placing a kiss between her brows. Harry tucked his head in her neck and closed his eyes preparing himself for the sensation that was about to follow. When they touched ground again, Harry could feel Hermione shivering against him. The night was dark except for the small fire burning brightly in front of the already set up tent.

"Maybe we should just stay here Harry", Hermione said wistfully. His heart ached from the pain he heard in her voice. "Grow old", she added with a shrug and he wanted more than anything to give her everything she desired.

Now he could. Hermione stepped out of his arms but he held onto her as he looked around, taking in her surrounding. The trees were the same just as the flowing river. Nothing had changed from the last time they were here, other than the fact they weren't on the run and they were here as a couple. Hermione slowly brought her eyes back to his understanding shining in them.

"The last time we were here", he began, touching her curls, "it wasn't the best of time but it was the first time things had seemed a bit relaxed you know. You wanted to stay here and grow old Hermione because it was peaceful and you felt safe. We couldn't do that then but we can now".

"Harry we can't live here", she interrupted softly as her hands curled around the lapels of his jacket, "as much as I love the idea'.

"I know that Hermione", Harry said chuckling, "but it was the first time you reference something of just us having a future, even if we didn't know it". His breaths were coming out in puffs and the cold was starting to bite into his bones. He took her hands and lead her pass the fire and into the warm tent. "We can't stay here forever I know that but we can start out future here and grow old together".

Her lips twitched at his words and he knew she remembered that moment. His nerves started to take precedent at the pit of his stomach. They were in a really good place in their relationship right now and she was still finishing her last year as he just started his job and Harry didn't want to push things but he wanted to be with her. Harry palmed her shoulders and kissed her gently before continuing.

"I bought a house in Godric's Hallow", Harry voiced quietly waiting for her reaction. He almost laugh as Hermione opened her mouth before closing it again as she tried to formulate her thoughts. "I know it's a big step and I wanted to re-pair my parent's one but there too much dark magic there", he added pleading with his eyes. "I just needed something that was mine and where I was born you know. I thought that maybe you could live there with me. I know it's a big step and you don't have to say yes but I just thought that you would like the idea". He knew he was rambling and he refused to look at her He would respect her decision but he didn't want to see the rejection in here eyes.

Harry felt a warm pressure against his cheek as Hermione's dainty hand palmed his cheek. Their eyes met and Harry could feel himself getting lost in their chocolate depths. She was smiling and her eyes were shining with unshed tears. Had he pushed too much? He had wanted it to be a surprise, her Christmas gift but he didn't allow himself to think of the negative attributes to his request. But all Hermione did was slide her fingers into his hair before capturing his lips passionately, letting her feelings fuel the kiss. Harry hands stole across her hips to the hollow of her back, pressing her into his body.

"I love you Harry Potter, don't you ever doubt that", Hermione whispered roughly over the loud beating of his heart. His throat constricted as he waited for her next words, "and I would be honored to move in with you".

"I love you Hermione", Harry exclaimed happily as he picked her and twirled her around. Her shrieks of fear and happiness at his actions filled the air. Everything was finally falling in place for him. "Thank you Hermione". Harry said as he sat her back on her feet. Her hands rested against his shoulders as they began to sway so the soft melody.

"For what?" she asked quizzically. Things had been good natured all night but for the first time Harry's mood took a serious turn. He didn't know where to begin.

"For everything you have done for me over the years". Harry took a deep breath as he gently took her arm, pressing a tender kiss to the skin just below her elbow. The exact spot Bellatrix had marked her with that foul word. Hermione shivered under his touch, as if the same thoughts were running through her mind. He had felt so helpless that night at her screams. "For everything Hermione. I would have never survived and be standing here with you if it wasn't for you. Majority of what happened to me was because of luck and because of you. Thank you for that and for willingly sharing your life with me and for loving me".

Hermione cupped the hard line of his jaw, holding him prisoner with her gaze as much as her hands. "Thank you for loving me Harry".

She then slid her hands inside his jacket and around his waist, hugging him to her as her body molded her curves into his lean form. Harry sighed into her hair and closed his eyes as his hands secured her in his arms. His fingers drew gentle circles against her hand as they moved to the music filling the tent. It was just like that night so many months ago. Now however, it was about two person in love relishing in the moment of just being together. Tonight Harry was going to finish the dance how he wanted to that faithful night.

"You know now is the perfect time to give me another haircut", Harry murmured mischievously in her ear. Hermione response was a chuckle as her body vibrated against his. His desire that he had held at bay from the moment she walked into Grimmauld Place reared its head. He was still a hot blooded bloke and she was a beautiful woman not to mention his girlfriend so it was only natural.

They had snog on many, many occasions but never had they taken it all the way. Harry was burning for her but he would never rush her into something that precious. They had talked about it and he was willing to wait for her. Hermione was worth the wait but it was slowly driving him mental. Every time he touched her, he ached to do more. He knew, she knew what she did to him. The evidence of his reaction was pressed against her thighs. It could have been his imagination but Harry thought he felt her lips nibbling against the rapidly beating pulse at the base of his neck as she pressed her hips into his.

"Hermione", he whispered roughly. She had to know he was holding onto his control by a very thin thread. He felt her stiffened momentarily before her fingers moved along his back and up his chest, pushing his coat off his shoulders. He didn't really care where it fell as their eyes locked. Emotions; passion, lust, love and desire blazed from her brown depths igniting his own. Her hands trailed across his stomach and his muscles clenched under her palm.

"Make love to me Harry". Her words laden with desire shattered his control completely. With trembling hands Harry reached for her, burying his hand in her brown hair. The soft curls felt like silk between his fingers as his lips found her in a bruising kiss. Every emotions from the moment Hermione met in the courtyard that night exploded between them as Harry kissed her with everything in him. Hermione's hands palmed his nape, pulling him deeper into the kiss.

Her tongue reached out, tracing his lips before slipping into his mouth and danced with his. Hermione pulled him closer, teasing his arousal as her hips pressed seductively along his. He moaned deep within his throat as she sucked sexily on his tongue causing his to buck against her stomach. Harry's hand blazed a path over her shoulders as they slipped between her coat and under her shirt. Her skin felt hot to the touch and the fire burning within him ignited the inferno of need. Need for the woman in his arms.

His lips played over her pliant ones as he slipped her out of her coat, letting it drop carelessly with his. His lips moved along the line of her jaw, nibbling the soft flesh before finding the sensitive spot behind her ear. Hermione groans echoed in his mind. Her fingers clutched at his shirt as her fingers grazed the sensitive muscles of his stomach. He needed her touch. Harry moved his lips down the slender expanse of her neck, sucking and licking the her skin all the way to her collar bone before finding the valley of her breast. Hermione gasped fired his blood.

He shrugged out of his shirt and hissed in pleasure as Hermione placed her palm on each of his shoulder before sliding it down his bare chest to his waist band and up again. Their gazes clashed violently. Her eyes were almost black with desire and her breathing was heavy. Harry tenderly traced her lips and leaned in, kissing her lovingly, letting her know it was going to be ok.

"Are you sure love?" he asked raggedly, praying she wouldn't stop now. He wasn't sure he would be able to but he would. Hermione acted akin, tip toeing until they were eye to eye and her body pressed deliciously along his.

"This is one thing I have always been sure about Harry", she replied easing his fears. Harry nodded bringing their lips together again as he removed the remaining of her clothing with great care. With each item removed Harry paid homage to every patch of skin that became exposed. He worshiped her body with his hands and his mouth, letting her know without a doubt how much he loved her. Words were not always needed between them and Harry was glad this was one of the occasions where his touch was enough to relay the message.

With every kiss, every touch and every moan Harry and Hermione slowly began the journey to fulfillment. It wasn't long before Harry gently guided her to the bed and lowered her gradually onto it. His eyes seemed to drink her in as she lay their before him in pure perfection. He was going to hurt her, something he didn't want to do but couldn't avoid. Harry slowly lowered his body onto hers, gasping as they came skin to skin. His hips were cradled between her thighs; bring the core of their body together. He could feel how wet she was.

His lips found her breasts, sucking the perfect mound into the hot cavern of his mouth. Hermione bucked beneath his fingers clutching her lips and he pressed his hips into hers, teasingly her with his hard need. Hermione's fingers tangled themselves in his air, tugging gently, letting him know she needed more. Harry glided his lips up her hot skin, trailing a path of fire from her breast, up her neck until he met her lips. She returned his kiss just as hungrily as Harry slide his hand across her toned stomach, relishing the feel of her muscles tightening beneath his touch until their fingers were joined.

He held her hands on either side of her against the pillow as he leaned up. The eyes locked, conversing without words as the love they felt filled every fiber of their beings. He silently asked her if she was ready, if she really wanted this and with just a look Harry had all the answers he needed. Every moment they shared flashed before his eyes as they stayed connected with his when he entered her body inch by glorious inch. She was so tight, it felt incredible. Hermione closed her eyes when he met the barrier stopping his progress. Her fingers tightened inside in as he pushed further breaking the thin barrier. Harry leaned forwards and wiped her tear that slipped down the side of her eyes with his lips.

"I'm sorry Hermione", he whispered moving slowly in and out of her body. Her walls relaxed with each movement until he could move freely. He hated hurting her but when she hiked her legs and wrapped them around his waist Harry steadily increased his tempo of loving her, gradually bringing them to the closer and closer to the edge. Her ragged breathing filled his ear and Hermione writhed beneath his body. Moving in sync with him as her fingers clutched at his fingers, tightening their grip as he entered and withdrew from her body.

He could feel them racing to the precipice of complete fulfillment and he moved faster bringing her with him. It wasn't long before Hermione's walls clenched around him as she climaxed, shuddering violently beneath him. The vibrations were too much. Harry wandlessly murmured the charm and with one last thrust Harry joined her, spilling his seeds endlessly within walls. He felt as if he was flying, high above the ground with Hermione and lost in the clouds before coming back to earth. He collapsed against her sweat slick body breathing heavily.

"Merlin I love you Hermione", he rasped after getting his breathing under control and kissing her. Hermione returned his kiss, running her fingers through his matted hair as a result of their activities.

"I love you too", Hermione replied, warming his heart. He would never get used to her saying those words. Harry raised himself on his arms at the side of her bodies, giving him a perfect view of her.

"I'm sorry I hurt you", he said solemnly kissing her chin before meeting her eyes. Hermione smiled at his words as she cupped his jaw. Harry closed his eyes and leaned into her touch.

"I couldn't be avoided Harry", Hermione placated him. "I'm glad it was you".

"Me too", he murmured before shifting his body so that he was lying beside her. Harry wasted no time in pulling her into his arms, spooning their bodies together. He pressed a tender kiss to her shoulders after doing the cleansing charm and pulled the blanket over the cool bodies. Their new life was truly beginning from tonight. The had become one on the physical sense, only cementing the fact that they were one in every other sense. They were perfect for each other in every sense and every level. It wasn't just about being together. Harry wasn't Harry without Hermione and Hermione wasn't Hermione without Harry. Harry smiled to himself as he sniggled deeper into her neck, inhaling her familiar scent. This was going to be the best Christmas ever.

Hermione watched her husband make his way through the bustling crowds towards her. He hadn't seen her yet which gave her the perfect opportunity to observe him. Even after five years, her heart still raced at the sight of him. His hair was still as untidy as ever but his body was more filled out, carrying a set of broader shoulders from being an Auror. His greens eyes seemed to sparkle even more these days behind his round rimmed glasses. She smiled as she watched him bumped into little girl and her mum and Harry being Harry knelt down to make sure she was ok. Their live together had been nothing but blissful. They had their fights, which couple didn't but they pulled through.

Hermione was now working for the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures where she continued her work with S.P.E.W. and other underprivileged non-humans after she graduated top of her class from Hogwarts as Harry moved up in ranks in the Auror Department. They moved into their house at Godric's Hallow soon after Hermione graduated and led a perfect happily life in love just like their friends who had found their respective happy endings. Luna and Neville, Ginny and Dean, Ron and his one time partner Abigail.

A wide boyish grinned stole across his lips as Harry finally reached where she was standing. Her heart skipped a beat at the warm intensity burning behind his greens orbs as he just stood there staring at her. The love and adoration she saw every time their gazes locked never seized to amaze her. Even after all this time, they still had it: the understanding, the passion, the desire and the love. Harry extended an arm and she silently placed her slender palm in his lager, rougher ones that thrilled her to the core and let him slowly pull her towards him.

Harry dipped his head and captured her lips, softly, teasingly and full of her love. The gentle way he kissed her and made love to her, especially now only made her fall deeper in love with him. With each day that went by, Harry proved to be everything she had ever wanted and he gave her everything she dreamed of because she was with him.

"How are we doing today?" he asked softly, his eyes shining with emotions as he placed a palm on her lower back and the other on her protruding, very round belly. The heat of his palm seeped through her thin robes, as if touching their baby daughter within her. She remembered the joy that had spread across his face the moment she had told him she was pregnant. Harry had looked like a child in Honeydukes and afterwards their love making had been nothing short of amazing.

"We're doing brilliantly Harry", she murmured stealing another kiss from his tempting lips. "But we are hungry".

"Come then", Harry teased running his hands down her arms as he interlaced their fingers before bringing them to his lips and kissed them tenderly. It was the little things he did that made her feel so loved. "I wouldn't dream of denying my girls anything".

Harry protectively guided Hermione through the crowd. His love for her and their unborn child filled his entire being. He was very lucky to be alive and sharing it with such an amazing, brilliant woman named Hermione; his best fiends, his better other half, his lover, his wife and now the mother of his child. She has given him everything he had ever wanted; love and now a family of his own. Life for him had really begun that night for him when his best friend became so much more and it all started with a confession of love in one of the darkest times of his live. But it was like Dumbledore said; happiness could be found in the darkest of places if one only remembers to turn on the light. Hermione was his light in his every darkest as he was hers and they would continue to be for the rest of their lives. Hermione Granger was Harry Potter's something worth living for.

That's it for this one guys and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I have loved writing about these two amazing characters. Thank you for reading as well as all your kinds words, it truly meant a lot.