This is my very first fan fic! Super excited about it and can't wait to hear the criticism from all you Megamind fans (good or bad, bring it on). I know this is sort of short but they won't all be this way. Can't promise how often I can update, but I will give it my all!

BTW! I do not own Megamind or any of its characters! =)


"I hate you," Roxanne screeched at the top of her lungs, "I really freaking hate you!" She threw her useless broken heels at Megamind's bulbous, blue head. He leaned easily out of the way of the hurtling footwear as he sat brooding in the hot sand. Megamind looked out over the endless sea before him, not really seeing it. "This has been the single worst day of my life, ever! And it's all thanks to your stupid little game!"

"There are worse things, Miss. Ritchi," Megamind said as he took up a fist full of the powdery sand.

"Oh, right dying, forgot." She said with a huff as she plopped down beside him.

Megamind let the sand filter through his fingers, "No, living completely alone, that in my opinion is worse." They were quiet for a long time before Megamind finally stood and said, "come on, we can't stay here. It's getting dark."