Just a bit of a fluff and stuff piece before the action begins. Please enjoy! =)

A midnight chat and a goodnight's kiss

It was entirely the dream's fault. Megamind had fallen asleep rather quickly, but once he had been startled by the nightmare, rest came more grudgingly. He had dreamt that he had failed the damnable mission, and in doing so failed to get his little band of travelers home. His inventions were unsuccessful, and his actions meant to help only botched things further. On top of it all he had forgotten to wear pants. Oh the embarrassment as the faceless enemies chuckled at his humiliation. Strangely enough Metro Mahn was present, as well as his old shool mates. All of them guffawing with hollow voices and shadowed faces that seemed to loom at him. The dream was long gone but the mirthless sound was not. If it wasn't for the mocking chortles still ringing I his ears, he would be as contently asunder sleep's spell as the rest of the mansion's occupants, save one other.

Despite her pleas and begs to her overactive brain, Roxanne had yet to do anything besides simply skim the surface of slumber. Worry gnawed at the back of her mind as she counted sheep, to no avail. Finally with a weary sigh, she rolled out of bed and padded down the hall, into the warm glow of the low kitchen light. Her restlessness did not go unnoticed. Megamind saw the faint flicker of a passing shadow from under the door and heard the light slap of tired, bare feet on cold marble. He let his curiosity lead him to the beacon of light at the end of the long gloomy hall and down a small flight of stairs into a cozy kitchen area where he found Roxanne preparing to warm up some milk on the wood burning stove. She jumped slightly when she caught sight of him.

"Oh, you startled me," Roxanne said with bleary blue eyes, "did I wake you?"

Megamind shrugged, "just not that tired I guess, you too?"


"What are you making?"

"Hot chocolate, want some?"

Megamind nodded and took a seat at the small wooden table as he watched her pour more milk into a saucepan and stir it pensively as she waited for it to heat.

"Are you nervous," She asked suddenly, not looking up from her steady movement.

He smiled wistfully and spoke softly, "I, the great Megamind nervous? Preposterous. That's the most outlandish thing I've ever heard of. Me, nervous," he chuckled uneasily as if it would help his cause.

Roxanne gave a fatigued smile, "that much, hu? Would have never guessed."

Megamind didn't even really argue the fact as he watched her generously spoon in the homemade coco blend from an old reused coffee tin. He rested his head in his hands as his heavy eyes trailed up and down her chemise clad form appreciatively. Oh If only she didn't belong to another he thought morosely, and it occurred to him as she poured the hot chocolate into mugs, that she hadn't even mentioned the big lug since they came here. Perhaps he was the reason she lay awake tonight? Bile stung the base of his esophagus at the suggestion and he internally scolded his thought process for giving him the idea. He took a sip of the sinfully creamy beverage and deliberated on how to approach the topic.

"So, what are you going to do once you get home," he questioned.

She took a small sip and cupped her hands around the earth-colored mug, "I dunno, probably pick up where I left off if I can. And there'll be the annoying task of telling everyone where we've been for the past six months," Megamind couldn't help but grin at the use of we, as in she didn't want to be rid of him the instant they got back. "I wonder if the station has fired me by now," she added as an afterthought.

"If they did, there are plenty of other stations that would love to hire you on the spot, I bet," he nursed his drink some more, "speaking of news, I wonder what brick for brains has been doing whilst we've been gone."

"He's more than likely been bored to tears without you around, and they probably have that busty blonde covering him, oh what's her name," Roxanne tapped her lip in thought.

"You mean that Tracy chick, from all the menial fluff pieces?"

"Ya, that's the one. Wonder if a new villain has taken over in your place and is kidnapping her," she mused with a nonchalant smile.

Megamind smirked, "My dear, no criminal could ever take my place for I am the master of all villainy."

"Mk, whatever," she teased.

He ignored the comment and pressed on, "And what about you Miss Ritchie, would you fight for your spot as Metro Mahn's personal reporter?"

She thought a moment as she nibbled her lip, "No, I don't think I would. Don't get me wrong, the fame has done wonders for my reputation, but I'm kind of getting sick of him hitting on me and having to grin and bear it like I like it. On top of that I don't want to rely on him to make me a great reporter."

"I thought you liked Metro Douche," He pried further.

Roxanne finished her coco, "He's not really my type. Bulging muscles like that are kind of a turn off; besides that, one false move and a hug from him could turn you into a pancake. He's left more bruises on me from his rescues than any of your restrains have."

"My restraints left marks," he asked concern coloring his voice.

"One or twice when you used handcuffs, but it was more my fault for yanking at them."

"Hmm, remind me to use padded handcuffs next time."

"I remind you to wash that bag you insist on using during kidnappings, and it still smells like a gorilla's armpit, so I don't think that'll work," She tapped her empty glass with her fingers, "Are you really going to keep kidnapping me after all this is over?"

"I guess," he shrugged, "why?"

"Don't you think it's a little - redundant?"

He leaned back in his chair cockily, "Are you trying to turn me into a vigilante again, Miss Ritchie?"

She sighed, "No, but some sort of career change is in order. You may think you have no other choice, but you do. And I'm sorry if you haven't realized it yet, but you can't defeat a man without a weakness."

Megamind suddenly felt defensive at the word can't. It was like a glass ceiling blocking his path to conquest. He straightened his spine and furrowed his brow in annoyance, "Every man has a weakness, and he is no different. He's no god, and he will eventually fall."

Roxanne scowled at his harsh tone, "And at what cost? Your freedom? Your very life?"

He brushed it off, "I can escape prison any time I -,"

"That's not what I meant," she cut in, "This obsession with beating him has taken over your existence, Megamind, can't you see? This isn't grade school any more; you need to snap out of it. And what happens if you get badly hurt during one of your little schemes, or worse? What happens then? What would happen to Minion and the brain bots and all of your wonderful inventions? I wouldn't be able to stand it if-," she stopped, shaking her head and clasping her mug like it was a lifeline. And image of a blue mangled body surrounded by police tape flitted through her mind and a hand flew to her mouth. She calmed herself before she spoke again, "I'm worried about you, don't you understand?"

Megamind played with his nearly empty cup. He was abashed, but secretly very pleased that Roxanne cared that much for him. He thought for a long time about what she had said before letting go of a defeated sigh, "Alright I surrender," he waved an imaginary white flag, "I guess it's time to look into a career change after all. It couldn't hurt I guess, though I'll still have to flee from the law."

Roxanne flashed him a triumphant grin, "I know you'll think of something, besides you've got me on your side now."

"All ways good to know," he sleepily smiled back.

Roxanne tried to stifle an oncoming yawn, "Well my work here is done so I guess I should hit the sack."

"I concur," he said through a yawn of his own, "I feel like I could sleep for weeks right now."

Roxanne stood and took their now empty cups to the sink were she put them to the side to be washed in the morning. They both left the kitchen and walked back to their rooms in companionable silence until Megamind came to his door.

"Well Miss Ritchie, this is where I must leave you, goodnight."

Roxanne smiled and gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek, "Goodnight, Megamind. And thank you for considering what I said." And she sauntered all too quickly down the hallway and into her own room, leaving him to ponder her strange behavior as he crawled back into bed and finally found peaceful sleep.