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Something was cold and damp. Hermione's mind struggled to regain consciousness, fighting, clawing; dragging it's way past the fog to the surface.

C'mon, c'mon… She pled, her thoughts lazy, heavy with the weight of sleep. Her eyelids felt as though invisible weights held them shut, held them tight and heavy, stuck against the high curve of her cheeks. Cold. Why was it so cold? She felt chills run up and down her body, tiny goose bumps lining her sun kissed skin. She tried in vain to open her eyes but they felt weak, as if the invisible weight was just too strong for her to pry them open.

"Ah… I believe Miss Granger is finally coming to," said a cold, slithering voice. Hermione's mind struggled to recognize the speaker but the fog surrounding her brain was simply too thick. She tried to open her mouth to speak but it was at that moment she realized something was very, very wrong. There was something in her mouth. A gag? A cloth? She couldn't tell. Finally, with a little motivational panic, her mind snapped awake, her eyes attempting to shoot open but she suddenly realized that the invisible weight on her eyes wasn't so invisible after all. She was blind folded. She heard murmurs all around her, a little laughter but mostly the low rustling of long cloaks and hushed whispers of many men.

Where am I? Hermione thought, struggling to remember anything at all. The last she was aware she was with Harry and Ron, searching for Horcruxes… She tried to move, to huddle away from the cold until she realized her arms were bound high above her. She was lying on the ground, she figured, but her arms felt painfully stretched and her wrists, her wrists stung fiercely. Finally gaining a little more ability over motor function, she attempted to move her arms and heard the distinct rattling of chains.

Chains? Chains? Oh God, what happened to me?

With a horrified gasp, Hermione's brain fitted the last piece of the puzzle. She was cold because she had no clothes on. She was laying on a cold, damp stone floor, a gag in her mouth, a blindfold on and arms bound in chains above her head, leaving the rest of her exposed. Hermione suddenly thrashed, panic stricken, fear and embarrassment suddenly giving her mind a flourish of energy. A silent scream escaped her lips and wet tears slid down her blushing cheeks.

"Oh, tut tut now, my dear girl," the voice said again. "I hear you're a star pupil at Hogwarts, is this true?"

Hermione lay dead still, painfully aware of her exposed body, exposed breasts and hardened nipples. She pulled her legs in tight, covering as much as she possibly could.

That voice… that voice…Who is that?

Hermione couldn't speak and so resorted to silence, quietly and meekly struggling against her bonds. She knew there was no use; no doubt they had confiscated her wand. Hermione shivered uncontrollably on the damp tiles, more silent tears of frustration soaking the bond over her eyes. She whimpered quietly, all too painfully aware of the bruising on her wrists.

"Now Miss Granger, I've also heard you're being a very, very bad girl. Helping a one Harry Potter, are we?" The voice hissed and she suddenly knew who it was. Her heart dropped painfully into her stomach. Voldemort. Voldemort had her hostage somewhere and the rustling noises… Dear Lord! There must be Death Eaters around to watch the show. There was laughter surrounding her, a mixture of hisses and jeers as she whimpered, trying to pull into herself. Her face burnt fiercely with resentment and humiliation. What happened? Where was she? How did she even get there?

"Well Miss Granger, you'll find I'm not unlike Dumbledore. I am also fair, am I right?" The cackling grew around the room until it resonated like a bell ringing infinitely in a tower. "Now, if you, Miss Granger had disobeyed the rules of the school, you would be punished, yes?" She could only whimper her reply, only beginning to think of the horrors she was in store for.

"And if you are good, you get a reward, yes?" More laughter.

Wake up, wake up! Oh God, please wake up! She thought desperately, pulling on the chains until she felt a small trickle of blood slide down her wrist.

"Well, then. I hope you would agree that you have been breaking a lot of my rules. But my faithful servants, ah yes, my loyal ones, they have done good by me and deserve a reward!" The voice hissed and was met by an assortment of applause and eager noises. Hermione's stomach churned, it churned so violently she worried she may just choke on her own vomit. Would probably be better than what's about to come… she thought, panicked.

"Usually, Miss Granger…" the voice began, now right next to her ear, close enough that his breath sent pieces of her hair floating around her face, "Usually I would let them all have you, usually I would let each and every one of them have there turn with you, ravage you until you broke." More tears saturated her blindfold, broken, muffled sobs escaping her gag. "But, you are a very special girl, are you not? And I have a very special servant who deserves this more than the rest…" Hermione lay, naked, afraid and now horribly anxious. Who would it be? Who was going to have their way with her? She struggled one last time with all her might, more blood trickled down from her wrists but she didn't care. She thrashed around, not caring what anyone saw of her anymore, her life was more important than her dignity.

"Severus!" Voldemort called, and Hermione froze. Her thrashing ceased for the moment. A new muffled whimper left her. She was still, so very still, she could hear, feel her heartbeat in her throat, in her stomach, everywhere. Snape? Professor Snape? She tried to swallow but couldn't.

"My Lord?" A cool, collected and sultry voice asked.

"Severus, I believe this one belongs to you," Voldemort sang, his voice full of intended malice.

"Thank you, My Lord…" Snape began with a little hesitation. "You are most gracious." Hermione felt rather than saw him bow, the hem of his robes snaking over the tip of her exposed torso.

Hermione shivered relentlessly, upset by the knowledge that it wasn't only due to the cold. Get a grip! She reprimanded herself but suddenly flashes of past memories and fantasies came flooding back to her. Countless nights awake in her four-poster bed, hand placed gently between her thighs, stroking… harder, harder. "Professor! She screamed silently her back arched. Images of Severus Snape above her, pinning her shoulders, face twisted in concentrated pleasure, length buried deep inside her….

With a gasp her mind was brought back to the present. Back to where she was, and who she was with. Her flesh was now warm and pick, she was sure.

"Go on Severus, enjoy your treat," Voldemort hissed a little impatiently at Snape's hesitation. Hermione's heart hammered in her chest, every beat thudding in her ears. She didn't dare move as she felt the hem of her Professor's robes gently scrape the skin a long her legs. She whimpered quietly, her cheeks a furious red as she tried to hide her arousal from the Death Eaters. Holding her breath in anticipation, Hermione's head pounded as he neared her, one knee down beside her, two…

Snape's hair dragged down across her beasts as he bent over her, his hands coming to rest above her head on the cold, damp floor. She felt his hands move to the back of her hair and shivers broke out along her moonlit skin.

"Why the hesitation, Severus?" Voldemort demanded, seemingly irritated by his follower's patience.

"She is indeed special, My Lord." Hermione shivered as his breath tickled her sensitive neck. "I would like to savor this, if I may?" He said silkily, but being so close to him, Hermione could hear the lie in his voice.

"Of course, Severus. As you wish, it is… after all, your reward." Hermione swore she heard, the faintest, sigh of relief. "However," Voldemort continued, "do try to hurry it up Severus, the others deserve some…entertainment as well."

At that her Professor suddenly grabbed the back of her hair to which she squealed, wave upon wave of desire coursing through her. He leaned his head in close to her neck where he breathed gently against her throat.

"Forgive me, Miss Granger," he whispered to her, his breath tickling her ear lobe. Her body twitched, more fantasies popping into her mind, making her brain foggy with lust. His nimble fingers undid her blind fold and she stared, straight into coal black eyes. She knew her own had darkened and understood the look of bewilderment on her Professor's face. Her want was exposing her. She heard laughing around her as the Death Eaters supposed he was making her watch to humiliate and terrorize her further. She couldn't tear her eyes away from his, still unable to speak from the gag. He leaned in close to her, grabbing each one of her legs and spreading them roughly. Wet. She was so wet, and couldn't control it. How embarrassing, she cringed. She was spread wide for him, her vulva flexing in anticipation, the cool dungeon air touching her clit making it sensitive. Suddenly, without warning, he thrust his finger into her roughly. Hermione moaned, the sound muffled by her gag. The Death Eaters' view was blocked by her curled leg and so believed Snape to be much more aggressive then was true. In reality he was attempting to prepare her, but suddenly realized, with again more puzzlement, that she was already very, very wet. Hermione's eyes connected with his once again and suddenly she felt a niggling sensation in her mind.

Oh no… Oh no no, she thought. She knew what he would see when he entered her mind. And sure enough, her Professor was bombarded with images of her fantasies, of her pleasures and longing. She felt him retreat quickly but their eyes stayed locked in a kind of trance. His fingers were rammed in her once again and this time she couldn't hold back her scream of pleasure. Having her legs spread so wide for him, laying on the ground at his mercy… for him to do with her as he will. It was just too much.

Miss Granger! She heard in her mind. For heavens sake! You need to be a little more convincing! His voice was harsh but she understood, he was in a terrible position. And so she began to thrash around on the floor, screaming viciously as if getting away from her Professor was the only thing in her panic stricken mind. Laughter. That's all she heard around her as Snape crawled on top of her, pinning her to the ground, attempting to keep her legs apart.

Yes, yes. Good Miss Granger. Was all he said but she heard his relief in the thought. He grunted as she aimed a good kick to his stomach, to which he quickly recovered, letting his weight pin her against the cold floor. Hermione moaned once again as his weight touched her most intimate parts. But she could tell he was not erect. His smell was intoxicating, a mix of herbs and wood. A very clean, wilderness smell. And suddenly she had an idea. She opened the connection between their minds further and filled it once more with images of her touching herself, screaming his name, her pleasure written all over her face. She felt him grow hard between her legs which only made the images in her mind stronger, more vibrant, more clear.

"Professor, please!" She gasped in her memory, her fingers reaching the deepest part of her sex.

Snape grunted before her, stifling a moan as he became even harder, throbbing against her core. She watched as his face, so close to hers, twisted into one of pain, as if he was holding back so much. With a quick twist of his wand, she suddenly felt him exposed, his warm, hard length suddenly pressing urgently against her. She gasped, eyes wide but remembered to play her part. She screamed, she screamed and wiggled, and squirmed but Snape had moved upwards, ignoring her legs. Her eyes flashed towards his and she suddenly knew what was expected of her. No Problem, she thought a little too eagerly. She noticed the room was still filled with silent laughter but it was more silent know, more intense as the Death Eaters enjoyed the show. Enjoyed her supposed agony. Her professor slipped her gag off but before she could get a word in, he had pressed his tip against her lips. He made a show of pushing himself inside her mouth and she made a show of coughing and sputtering. Snape moaned quietly, as she licked his length, sucking him as hard as she dared while still attempting to show the viewers her disgust and agony.

"I apologize, Miss Granger…" He spoke in her mind but all she did was conjure up a fantasy she had stored long ago of sucking her Professor off in class. He shuddered above her and forced himself deeper into the back of her throat.

"Ah…ah…." he panted quietly, never one to show strong emotion in front of others as she sucked and pulled at his length, circling her tongue around his tip, forcing her tongue gently into the slit at the top. He grabbed the back of her hair and made a show of forcing her to take him all in. He growled deeply and Hermione shivered relentlessly at the feel of him, her juices flowing freely onto the floor.

Oh my God… he tastes exquisite… she thought rolling her eyes back into her head. At this he suddenly grabbed the back of her head violently, forcing her to stop. Her eyes snapped back to his and she saw how black they were, how dangerous they looked. He was panting and sweating, his face twisted in a painful grimace as he tried not to spill himself in her mouth. She felt him throbbing in her mouth, just one more lick…

"No!" he hissed at her through clenched teeth and pulled her hair tightly, which only served to turn her on more. Laughter erupted around them.

"What's wrong, Snape, did the little Mudblood bite you?" Sneered a voice form behind.

"No," Snape spat, his face still contorted. "She just need to be controlled," he said silkily. "They're like animals, they need to be trained," he said, his voice filled with disdained. There were laughing agreements around the room. He slipped his length from her puffed, pink lips and secured her gag back in place. Conjuring up what she could, she let slip a couple tears past the corner of her eyes, her gaze landing back on Snape's face. He stared at her, his eyes filled to the brim with lust. His lips twitched at the corners as he leaned away from her, scooping up her thighs and stretching them upward as far as they would go. He placed himself between them, exposing her as much as he could and pushed in. Hermione's back arched furiously, her walls clenching around him as he continued in and in and in…

Oh god! He's so big! It's not going to fit! She thought frantically wiggling her hips away form him. He pinned her down hard and continued until finally, he reached his end. Her walls continuously clenched and unclenched around him as she screamed and whimpered, half to keep up appearances, half to release some of the tension building up deep inside her.

He thrust deep, again and again, each time a wave of pleasure circling them both, from his thoughts, she knew he thought she was tight, so tight it was causing his head to reel.

Get ready Miss Granger, he grunted in her mind as she was suddenly flipped over on her stomach. She cried out her displeasure but he was there once again forcing her up on her knees so that her face leaned towards the ground but her backside was raised high up in the air. He pushed into her from behind and she screamed. She screamed even though it was muffled because she couldn't take it. The angle was so deep and he was already so large. Pain and pleasure mixed inside her and she whimpered and whined on the ground looking pitiful as her Professor, tall and forceful, pushed his way deep inside with an amount of strength that was almost pain. She closed her eyes and listened to his panting, his grunting breaths as she felt him throb uncontrollably inside her, deep in places she didn't even know existed.

Professor, professor, oh god, please, please PLEASE! She begged in her mind, over and over. Tears slipped down her face as the intense pleasure built up unbearably, but she knew he was holding back just enough so that neither of them came. The room was very silent now as they felt the energy in the room; watched as Snape neared his finish. Finally, after what felt like pleasurable agony, her Professor grabbed her hips forcefully, lifting her butt cheeks high in the air as he drove home, his engorged tip hitting her cervix over and over and over…

And suddenly everything mixed together, his length and thickness sliding against her clamped walls again and again, his balls slapping her clit with every deep thrust and his tip, oh god his tip hit that sweet spot, hit it over and over. Hermione screamed, screamed as loud as she could with the gag still in her mouth. Snape's hands dug deep into her fleshy hips as he buried himself one last time, as far as he could bear, into her core. He let out a long, deep throated growl as he released himself inside her that only made Hermione's tummy quiver even more. Both of them, connected in the deepest part of her, throbbed immensely.

Snape slipped out of her gently, his length now wet and limp. He stood, with as much disdain as he could muster and threw the blindfold down onto her quivering body. Hermione collapsed onto the ground, her body shaking uncontrollably.

Without a word a door creaked open and she heard footsteps retreating, no one spoke a word to her and soon enough, the door was closed with a light 'click'. She was alone, cold, sweating and still unclothed. A tear slipped down her cheek as she curled into herself, her arms still suspended above her head.

Well, at least one of her life long fantasies had come true. As for what was coming next, Hermione could only imagine…

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