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Disclaimer: we do not own Hetalia. we are not going to say it in every chapter so this is all you get. we do however own the OCs.

To start things off, there are way more than just countries in this world. There are cites, capitals, states, provinces, etc. But you guys are only aware of the countries because if you look at a world map, they say in bold print COUNTRY. Never CALIFORNIA or HON KONG, always COUNTRY.

You guys get the point.

Anyways, to bring about world peace, the countries' bosses forced all the countries to attend a high school. This high school was World Academy. After some time, the countries (being the brats they are) decided to drag us capitals, states, provinces (etc.) into their suffering.

Long story short, World Academy is now opening its doors of it's the pains and sufferings of high school to us nobodies.


Two capitals, Abella or also known as Ella Mendez, Natale Letrah, (Mexico City and Rome respectively) were shuffled together into a group for their registration for the World Academy. After a round of quick introductions the actual work began.

"Ve~ this is so heavy." Natale whined under the weight of the schoolbooks. The Italian capital, a bit shorter that average, grit her teeth, struggling to lift the heavy load. she auburn curl, a lot similar to big brother Italy's and Romano's, bounced defiantly and her dark amber eyes were sealed tightly shut.

Miss Mexico glared over, annoyed. She looked a lot like Spain: long, brown, curly hair and green eyes. She was just a bit under average height. Without another word, "Here, dame los libros," she said, taking all of the books out of Rome's hand before she could complain again.

"No I've got it!" The Italian whined again. They both tussled a little bit. Ella didn't like being told what to do and Natale didn't like letting others do her work. But already they had become friends, so their relationship was in no danger.

Due to Natale's clumsiness, they tripped and fell. When they opened their eyes again, they saw that they were not in fact on the ground but...floating just a bit off the ground, even though they felt as though they were laying on something. They both were a bit confused until Ella gave the seemingly empty space an experimental poke.

A soft "Oww…" could be heard from underneath them. They both jumped up at lightning speed and started freaking out a little bit in their native languages.

"Roma nonno è tornato dalla morte!" Rome shrieked. Ella got freaked out enough to start cussing in Spanish a little bit.

"Why did you guys do that?" The same small voice asked from the ground. When they both turned back they saw a short girl with wavy blonde hair and grayish blue eyes.

"Eh, perdono, who are you? And how long have you been laying there?" the Italian asked confusedly.

"I've been here ever since you guys fell on me." The girl responded shyly. They both quickly apologized and Ella pulled the new girl to her feet. She must have done it a bit too hard as she stumbled.

"Sorry, most people think I'm to strong for my own good." Ella smiled apologetically. The Mexican and the Italian looked over the girl dubiously. She was just so… awkward. They instantly took to her.

"Uhh, hi. My name is Melinda O'Neil, also known as Ottawa." Melinda explained. The other capitals cocked their heads in confusion. "You know, the capital of Canada?"

"Where?" Natale asked with an expression on her face that showed she was thinking a bit too hard.

Ella rested a tan hand on the Italians head, "Don't hurt yourself mija. But yea, I think I remember where Canada is…" That seemed to appease the Canadian, as a look of joy crossed her face.

Natale couldn't constrain herself any longer. She launched herself in Melinda's direction and engulfed her in a hug. "CAN WE KEEP HER?" she shouted for all of the world to hear.

The third and tannest of them all came over and separated the two easily. "Oye, keep it down." Ella hissed. "Sure, that is if she wants to come."

"Oh, yeah, sure that would be nice…" she said in that permanently quiet voice of hers.

"Okay then, come on!" Rome grabbed Ottawa's arm and lead her away. Mexico City face-palmed and she informed them they were in fact going the wrong way.

Natale released Melinda's arm and snapped her fingers together. "I planned that," she educated.

Ella rolled her eyes and said, "Come on, lets go pick up our pets." This was the last part of registration, they just had to pick up their pets and head for the dorms, as the trio decided they were going to share one. Melinda almost fainted when she saw a miniature sheep jump into Natale's arms.

"BERNARD! I've missed you so much! Whose my favorite robo-sheep!" The Italian cooed to the fluffy sheep. It bleated in response. It was a real sheep but for some reason there was a collar of Christmas lights around it's neck and Natale called it a robo-sheep as she pulled it onto her head.

"Ahhh! I'm allergic to robo-sheep!" the Canadian cried as she cradled her pet beaver to her chest. Meanwhile Ella was watching the whole scene happen before her as she let her pet iguana, Monty, curl around her shoulders.

"Come on guys, we can't be late for dinner." she reminded them. They dropped their stuff off at the dorm and made their way to the dining hall. The people sat by continent so there were five long tables in the hall: Asia, North America, South America, Europe, and Africa and Australia shared the same table. They all said their goodbyes and headed off to their respective tables, Ella and Melinda going to the North American table.

"Hey, Que tal?" Ella said casually as she sat down. She stayed there until she saw someone she recognized at this table. She strode over and poked him in the head.

"Hola, America its been a while hasn't it?" she said briskly.

"No, my name is Canada," he said shaking Ella's hand. "It's nice to meet you…"


Canada looked confused.

"Mexico city" Ella explained

After the introductions were over she went back to sit by Melinda and the real America.

"Hey, Mexi!" he screamed even though she was sitting right next to him. "Long time, no see!"

"Hello Alfred," 'Mexi' said while America flicked that ridiculous lock of hair he calls Nantucket. She flinched a little bit at the contact. "Don't shout when I'm so close to you! I'm not deaf you know." The rest of dinner continued in a similar manner.

Rome was talking to the Italy brothers and sitting right next to who she assumed was Germany. Ottawa, Mexico City, and Rome were taking the chance to look all around the hall at people they didn't know. Being capitals they didn't leave their countries much, so they never really met any of the other countries.

"Big brother, who's that?" Melinda asked, pointing to a stage at the end of the hall. On the stage was a blond man with ridiculously thick eyebrows. He was speaking into a microphone, trying to act cool as a blond french man tried placing his hand onto the speaker's butt.

Melinda's big brother, Mathew Williams, looked at the scene. "That's the school president," he stated softly.

"Alright students!" the Brit yelled. "Now time for the school ru- GET YOUR HAND AWAY FROM THERE, YOU BLOODY FROG!"

The french man grinned. "Mon cher, your all too modest." At this he leaned into him and whispered "And besides, I know you like it."

"No I do not!"

At this, Alfred jumped onto the Northern American table and pointed at the stage. "Ahahahahahaha! I, the hero, will entertain the world much better!" Being the person he is, America ran up to the stage and stole the microphone. "Alright! This is Alfred F. Jones here! Ready to make your day awesome!"

"Awesome?" Someone from the European table demanded. There was a bang as a tall albino man with silver hair and red eyes slammed his hands onto the table and stood. "Excuse me? I, Gilbert Beilschmidt, will supply the awesomeness here!" And thus, the German ran up to the stage and started to wrestle the American for the microphone.

"Will you wankers stop it!" the school president demanded. When the two didn't stop, he sighed and called out, "Hey Ludwig! Will you stop them please?"

"Nah," the German sitting next to Italy replied, knowing better than to get caught up in that mess.

A tall, gray haired man picked the two brawling countries up by their collars. He grinned and dropped them off the stage. As silently as he came, he left.

The president sighed. "Alright, I guess that ends the presentation." The hall was filled with the muttering of countries and capitals gathering their stuff and leaving. As if just realizing something the Brit turned towards the french man. "And Francis."


"Get your Godforsaken hand off my Goddamn butt!"

"You just now realize that?"


Each of the capitals had someone catch their eyes by the end of dinner, and they were only too happy to

tell each other about it when they returned to the dorms.

"Ve~ I don't remember Germany being quite that cute." Rome gushed.

"Who was that super muscular pale boy over at Asia's table? The really tall one that dealt with America and that crazy German?" Ella said while trying to remember if she had ever seen him before.

"And that one with the huge eyebrows?" Melinda said.

"Oh, that's England." Ella supplied.

Suddenly Rome took the Canadian city by the shoulders and shook her violently. "STAY AWAY FROM HIS COOKING IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!" The mortified Italian pulled away mumbling something about poisonous, petrified couch stuffing.

"Okay, I'll remember. Its just… those eyebrows~"

The other two capitals shared a thought: We've lost her.

"How about…" Ella had a devious look on her face. "By the end of the year prom, we will have these boys as our dates. Think the two of you can handle it?"

"That sounds… kind of abusive…" Melinda stated before Natale came and, with a single sweep of her arm, knocked the Canadian over.

"Is that a CHALLENGE?"

Ella loved manipulating people. "If you want it to be pasta-girl. Think your up for it?" Ella knew she'd won.

"I can handle anything you can dish out!"

"Alright then. We start tomorrow. Now, buenas noches."


During this entire exchange Malinda had not said a single word, but secretly she was excited: would she really get to talk to England?

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