Someday I Will Understand

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Chapter 1: Duet Partners.

Point of View Quinn

I was at Glee Club, Mr. Schue was assigning our weekly homework. Duets. He always assigned duets. Typical. Of course, there was this hat wih the papers, they had our names on it. Artie had to take the papers out with the names. Artie. Maybe I should do the duet with him. I don't want to sing with Finn, he just broke up with me because he is in love with Rachel.

Sam. I don't want to do it with him, it would be so awkward. We haven't talk too much since I cheated on him with Finn, who I cheated with Puck, when I was pregnant.

Puck. He's just a stupid boy.

Everyone thinks I'm a bitch because I cheated on all my boyfriends, except Puck, but the truth is I never wanted to cheat them. My life was so perfect at the beginning. I was head Cheerio, the most popular girl in school, and Finn was my boyfriend. I really wanted to be with him, I didn't mean to hurt him, but then Puck… I was drunk and he seduced me. He's a master seducing, and it has been proved that when you're drunk you see people 10% sexier, and no one can deny it, Puck IS sexy. Then I fall in love with him, I was going to raise my baby with him, he proved me he really loved me, but he was so stupid and weak with girls, and what he did to me with Santana? We were babysitting those three little monsters, I sang Papa Don't Preach Me, it felt so good, because I wanted to be with him. But he was sexting with her. They weren't having sex, just texting sexy messages, but if he did that to me while babysitting these kids, he would do that while taking care of Beth.

Then Sam came, he was the opposite of Puck. Innocent, clueless, cute, and I'm sure he would never cheat on me. But then Finn was interested in me again, and he seduced me, in a different way than Puck, but he did it. I felt really attracted, just like I felt with Puck when I was with Finn, and I cheated again, in Valentine's Day. After cheating, Sam dedicated his Bieber songs to me, and I decided to stay with him, not Finn. But at that time, Sam changed his mind because of Santana. Screw you, Santana!

Then I decided to stay with Finn. He would be the perfect Prom King, and I really wanted to win Prom Queen, but I didn't.

And now I'm here, alone again, not paying attention to what Mr Schuester is saying, only listening to my thoughts.

- Quinn, Quinn! ― Kurt snapped his finger in front of my face and I reacted.

Then, Artie took a paper and said:

- Quinn goes with… Puck!

Crap. I wanted to sing this damn duet with Kurt, Artie, Tina or someone that wasn't romantically involved with me or someone romantically involved with the ones I have being. That means: no Finn, Sam, Puck, Rachel or Santana.

After everyone got a duet partner, Mr Schue said:

- Guys, you have to sing with your partner about something both of you have in common. A song you can relate to.

Great. Now this got personal, and I had to do it with him. Maybe I should decline like Artie and Brittany did the day I sang Lucky with Sam and won that dinner at Breadstix. But Sam payed, and he was happy about it. His eyes sparkled when I told him "A gentleman always pays the first date". He was so in love with me and I'm sure he's still.

Puck wouldn't do that. He does most of the time the "dine and dash" thing. I hate that. I always said I have to use the bathroom, and paid. I heard that Artie did this too, but Puck discovered it and got mad. What an egg-head. Later, he apologized to Artie and now he doesn't "dine and dash". At least not with Lauren, she changed him, because he loves her more than he ever loved me. Just as Finn never loved me the way he loves Rachel.

I realized everyone has gone and I'm alone, like sleeping but at the same time awake. So much on my head right now.

Then I saw Puck walking to were I am. What the hell is he doing?

- Hey Quinn.

- What is it, Puckerman?

- Nothing. I was juts wondering when are we going to practice.

- Practice for what?

- Our duet.

- Since when do you care for practicing for duets?

- I don't know, but I wanted to do a duet with you since the Papa Don't Preach Me thing.

- Liar.

- What the fuck? Why are you saying that?

- You were sexting while I was singing.

- I was playing the guitar while you were singing. I was using both of my hands, I'm not an octopus.

- Right…

- How about tomorrow after school in the auditorium? Is it ok with you?

- I guess.

After I said that, I walked off the room.

P.O.V Puck

I am looking forward to this duet. I really want to work with Quinn. I have to win her back. I'm not interested in Lauren anymore. It was just an obsession, and my thing with Santana was only lust. I never got over Quinn, I always loved her even if I act like a stupid.

I have hurt her a lot. Got her pregnant, then I promised I was going to be an excellent daddy and I screw everything. I got her and lost her so quickly. I remember how much I hated Finn for being his boyfriend. He didn't deserve her. I didn't deserve her, either. This time it's going to be different. For her. For my Baby Mama.

Today is my first duet rehears with Quinn. I can't stop thinking about it. Thinking about her.

School ended for today and I can't be more excited. I went quickly to the auditorium. Quinn was late. Typical. I waited for a long time. Don't know how much exactly. I suck at math.

Then she entered to the auditorium walking slowly.

- Sorry, I'm late.

- It's ok. Do you have anything in mind for what we should sing?

- No, not really.

- We are supposed to sing about something we have in common.

- The only thing we have in common is that we're both humans.

- Are you saying that we should sing Human by The Killers?

- That would be silly. Besides, I don't like that song. This whole thing is silly. I don't even know what I'm doing here.

- We're looking for something we have in common to sing a duet.

- Like what?

- Well, we're both hot and…

- I am not going to sing something like Hot as Ice by Britney Spears.

- That song rocks.

- Whatever. We don't have other thing in common and I'm not going to sing about me being hot.

- But, Quinn, we DO have something else in common.

- I'm listening.

- Beth.

- Beth? You've never cared about her and you do know?

- Don't say that. I wanted to have her with you. I really loved you.

- But you screw it up, and also, you were and idiot to me.

- Sorry.

- You can't say sorry now, and you can't use Beth as a thing we have in common. I gave her more than a year ago.

- There are so many things I regret.

- Do you really regret not having a baby? That's a very big responsibility and you weren't prepared for that.

- I regret it. I could have been a great dad and husband.

- Your words don't mean anything now, Puck. Beth is gone. She's not your daughter. She isn't mine, either. Her mother is Shelby Corcoran.

- But WE are her biological parents.

- I am her mother but not her mom. You are his father, not his dad.

- Quinn! I know what we can sing!

- Aha…

- Someday I Will Understand by Britney Spears.

- Do you have some kind of obsession with Britney songs now?

- No freaking way, but that song is good and it fits the situation.

- I don't know, Puck. It was hard to make the decision to give her away… It's difficult.

- I understand…

- No, you don't. You have no idea how much pain I had the last two years.

- Sorry again, Quinn. You're awesome. One day, everything will be different. You'll be a successful and happy woman.

- You don't know that.

- Actually I do. You deserve the best.

- Oh, yeah? Well, I think you're such a big bipolar!

- You're right, but…

- You now tell me I deserve the best when a few weeks ago you helped Lauren to do that Lucy Caboosey stuff. It hurted.

- Gosh, Quinn! I can't believe how much pain I have caused to your life. I'm really really really really really sorry. I honestly mean it.

- It's ok. I am a bitch to a lot of people.

- That's not true.

- Fuck, Puck! You know that's true!

- Hey! That rhymed!

- Man, you're an egg-head.

- You told me that when we were "baking" and tossed all the food!

- Whatever, gotta go.

- Now?

- Yes, Fuckerman.

- Fuckerman? I like it.

- That's weird…

- Hey, practice tomorrow here at this hour again? We only selected the song…

- We'll see. Now I seriously gotta go.

- Bye…

P.O.V Quinn

Puck's in love with me. Again. I can see it in his eyes. I know he's trying to win me back. Don't know what to do. I'm not sure about my feelings for him. I'm confused. I used to be in love with him, but time fell away and I got in love with Sam. Maybe I should try to win him back, but he's with Mercedes now and I don't want to make him cheat on her. That would be unfair with Mercedes.

Gotta go to Geography now…

Puck spent the whole hour staring at me with a foolish face. What the heck made him change his feelings for Lauren? They broke up like a week ago and now he wants me again.

School is over for this day, Puck wants to "practice" with me today. Should I go? I'm scared to fall again for him and get a broken heart. I did "eenie meenie mini mou" to to decide if I should go.

I finally decided to go…

I walked to the auditorium, and like the last time, Puck was waiting for me. He walked to my side.

- Sorry for being late again, Puck.

- Don't worry. I'm kinda used to it. – He chuckled and so do I.

- So, are we going to practice?

- Of course. Let's do this!

- Where's Brad? We need someone to play the piano.

- I downloaded the karaoke version to my iPod and I brought speakers.

- Wow. I'm surprised, Puckerman.

- Glad you are.

He smiled at me and I smiled back. Suddenly, he turned on the speakers and the music started to play.

Quinn: Nothing seems to be the way

That it used to

Everything seems shallow

God give me truth

In me

And tell me somebody's watching

Over me

And that is all I'm praying is that

Someday I will understand

In God's whole plan

And what he's done to me

Oh but maybe

Someday I will breathe

And I'll finally see

I'll see it all in my baby

Puck: Don't you run so fast my dear

Why don't you stop?

Just stop and listen to your tears

They're all you've got

It's in you

You see somebody is watching

Over you

And that is all I'm praying is that

Someday you will understand

In God's whole plan

And what he does to you

Oh but maybe

Someday you will breathe

And you'll finally see

You'll see it all in your baby

You'll see it all in your baby

Both: No moment

Will be more true

Than the moment

I look at you

It's in you

You see somebody is watching

Over you

And that is all I'm praying is that

Someday you will understand

In God's whole plan

And what he does to you

Oh but maybe

Someday you will breathe

And you'll finally see

You'll see it all in your baby

You'll see it all in your baby

You'll see it all in your baby

You'll see it all in your baby

When the song ended, tears were rolling down my cheek. Puck looked at me like he wanted to tell me something, but I'm sure he didn't know what to say, so he just told me:

- Are you all right, Quinn?

- Yes… I mean no… I don't know…

- Quinn I…

Before Puck could say something else, I ran out of the auditorium crying. I didn't know where to go. I ended up in the school library, still crying, where Kurt was doing I don't know what. He walked to where I was.

- Is anything wrong, Quinn?

- No.

- I'm sure there's something bothering you, because you're crying. Is it because of Finn?

- No.

- So, what is it?

- Kurt, I really appreciate what you're trying to do, but…

- Come on, Quinn! We haven't talked a lot this year, but we used to be friends when…

- When I was pregnant, I know.

- At least let me cheer you up! We could go shopping and have some coffee.

- That is so cute from you, Kurt, but…

- Please tell me what's going up.

- Only if you promess me that you aren't going to tell anybody.

- Promess!

- Ok, so, here's the thing… You know that I got paired with Puck on the Glee assignment.

- Oh my Gosh, are you in love with him again?

- No! I mean, I don't know…

- Oh my God, you are in love with Puck again!

- Shut up, Kurt! The point is that the thing we find out that we have in common is…

- That you love each other?

- KURT! …Beth

- Beth?

- Yeah…We sang together Someday I will Understand and I started to cry with no reason.

- You DO have a reason to cry.

- It's just that… I have never visited Beth before, and now I remember the only day that I saw her, and I knew that I already loved her. I remember when Puck said me that he really loved me when we were saying goodbye to her when she was born. I have made a lot of mistakes. Why did I had to get pregnant? But me getting pregnant had to happen, because if it wasn't for that, Beth wouldn't be alive. Anyway, she's in a better place now with Ms Corcoran. And now I got all confused because of Puck. I'm sure he's trying to win me back, but I don't know if I want to do this to myself again. He's so stupid!

- But you are dying to run to his arms…

- I don't really know. I'm confused about my feelings for him. It's very weird. He practically forgot about my existence after I had Beth, and now, more than a year later, he wants me again. The same thing happened with Finn, but he didn't really loved me.

- Quinn I think you should…

- Whatever, we'll keep talking about that later because I'm interested in your shopping proposal!

- Let's go!

- Hey, Kurt. Thanks. You are an excellent person and an excellent friend.

- It was nothing Quinn, now let's get my car to go shopping!

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