Ok...so this stoy has been written muc like Arkham Angel. I know exactlyy what will happen all the way through, as a result hopefully it will be a little better writen an moredirect to the point than the last lol. I do realise that lost my speed a little at points in the last story and I can onlly apologise to you all. I a thrilled that those of you who have stuck arond did so and I am sure that yu will enjoy this final part of the story.

I would have written the whole thng as one story but I sometimes get put off by lots and lots of chapters so I decided to split i into three segments each with (hopefully) a good enough ending that if somebody wished not to read on they wouldn't feel cheated. Only you can tell me whether both endings were fit for a single story although also used as cliffhangers for a continuation of each.

As I have said before I just want to entertain you and can only hope that you have and do enjoy being inside my head lol.

Although I dont do requests as such I was asked a very good question at the very end of Arkham Angel and as a result my answer kind of formed this part of the story. As time went on it it all began to make perfect sense.

Therefore this part of the story is kind of for Veretai. Hope you're still reading. xx

Shattered Glass

Aftermath of Catastrophe

Drawing her first conscious breath the young woman felt a dull ache in the back of her skull throb with every heartbeat. Opening her eyes she attempted to focus on her surroundings. This place was new to her. Even in the dark she knew that she had never been here before and was becoming increasingly worried. Glancing around herself she could just make out the silhouettes of overbearing trees all around her. Even in the darkness the scent of their damp bark filled her nostrils and throat.

The more responsive her senses became the more she began to realise that she was unable to move. Feeling her lungs tighten with panic she tried to wriggle from her restraints, hoping that her muscles were simply stiff from her sleep. Unable to free herself she felt the tight burning of rope around her wrists and realised her discomfort was intentional.

Twisting her torso the woman attempted to pull her legs from beneath her to re-establish feeling in her feet but to no avail. Feeling a tight pressure on her chest she looked down. The darkness made it difficult to see but her restricted breathing made it obvious that her hands were not the only part of her to be restrained.

Hearing her clothes brush against the hard canvas strapped across her chest she looked closer and saw the dim red glow of a small digital timer beneath the material. Trying to slow her heart and lungs the woman became increasingly aware of the sheer multitude of small, bricklike packages attached to her body.

"No," she breathed shaking her head repeatedly. "No no no no no."

Straining her eyes to make out the numbers the woman felt tears swell in her baby-blues. This had to be a joke. He would never do this to her…would he? After all they had been through together he wouldn't leave her like this. This was wrong, very wrong.

Feeling her throat close up with fear she prayed that this was just a test…a test of her loyalty perhaps? As her body started to relax a little in her restraints she felt her voice escape from her chest giving her true state of mind away. Perhaps he was watching her. It would make sense if he was. He did like to play with his prey. Maybe this was a game Perhaps killing the girl had pushed him over the edge? After all he had been teetering on it for some time now. It would explain a lot.

Sighing heavily she hung her head and waited for him to come back for her. He would come back for her. Of that she was sure.

As she waited in the darkness she listened to the night. Somewhere in the distance there was traffic steadily rolling through Gotham, but closer she could hear the soft hoot of an owl somewhere in the trees. Listening to the repetitive call she hoped that somewhere the bird had a mate and that eventually he would get a reply. As of yet his plight seemed to be fruitless and he fell silent. In his absence the woman imagined that perhaps he had found a mouse or vole to stalk and was silently making his way through the trees hot on its tail.

As her imagination painted pictures of the silent hunt her ears became aware of another, much closer sound. Had the night not been so perfectly still the noise would have more than likely gone unnoticed however luck was on the restrained woman's side. Turning to look in the direction of the soft padding she strained to see a dark shape approaching her.

As she tried to ascertain the nature of the shape she began to feel slightly overwhelmed by some kind of ecstasy. Her mind began to feel somewhat drunk as the sounds around her melted into one soft, humming lullaby. Suddenly feeling a slow wave of warmth wash over her skin and throughout her core she felt her lips stretch into and lazy smile. As her breathing slowed and her muscles relaxed her head filled with the sweetest smell. Struggling to keep her eyes open she took deep breaths of the intoxicating perfume and revelled in the pure joy she felt as the figure approached her almost silently.

Feeling her head begin to fall backwards she lowered her eyes to the grass beneath her shins hoping that her heavy cranium would follow. Blinking hard her bright blue eyes noted the slender, bare feet standing slightly before her. As she forced her eyes to find the face belonging to the feet she felt her gaze following the dark pattern running from the toes of the left foot and winding its way around the shin and continuing up past the hem of a skirt. A woman.

As the standing woman bent to look her in the eye she spoke with a soft, provocative tone, "Well well, what a pretty little flower I have found in the park tonight."

"Huh?" her reply was slow and quiet.

"Does this sweet little seedling have a name?"

The restrained woman tried to focus on her companions face but all she could make out in the dark was a continuation of the pattern running up over the woman's right eyebrow from under her hair. She was beautiful.

Jagged lips stretched into an honest smile, "Harley."