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Chapter 2: Let the Music Move You

Sakura was furious. How dare that Madara? He had touched her like she was some slut and the way he talked to her was no better. Not to mention that he acted this way after treating her like she wasn't even there in the advanced dance class she took with his cousin Itachi. You shouldn't flirt with a woman you treated like dirt in the past. Sakura pondered to herself.

She hadn't realized that she was practically running for her life until she collided with two more Uchiha. Oh joy, I get to deal with more men. Sakura thought sarcastically even as she immediately sprang away from the man she collided with on reflex. Her ear-buds fell out of her ears, and as soon as the music was gone she was ready to just call it a day and run like hell.

"Tobi, man, you really shouldn't run when we're indoors. The poor girl's going to have a bruise when she leaves, thanks to you." Another man stated as he tried to help Sakura steady herself. Of course Sakura wasn't having any of that.

"Thank you but I'm fine." Sakura dodged around him to put some distance between her and the two men. She instantly recognized one of the men to be Shisui Uchiha. He was Itachi's best friend and they were almost always together. Like Madara, Shisui had appeared more than once to pick Itachi up from dance lessons. Unlike Madara, Shisui recognized her instantly.

Shisui pouted at her. "Must you be so cold Sakura-chan? We've known each other for quite some time. Surely you're more comfortable around me by now." As if to prove his point he hugged her. Without music to guide her through it in addition to all the time she had already spent with men today, she just couldn't take it.

Sakura flipped out. "LET ME GO! LET ME GO! LET ME GO!" She shouted at the top of her lungs. She didn't want them to, but nevertheless tears streamed down her face despite knowing that Shisui meant no harm. After what Madara had done it was hard enough just being close to a man. It's no surprise being hugged by one made her freak out.

When he got over his initial shock, Shisui instantly complied with her wishes. He was about to apologize profusely, but it was too late. Itachi had arrived.

A blind man could see Itachi was pissed. Everyone in the room could feel his killing intent. If Shisui still hadn't realized it through sight, the fist that connected with his gut would have told him all he needed to know. Itachi was still in love with her.

Itachi saw her, the dancing angel who haunted him to this day. He also saw his cousin and best friend holding her against her will while tears streamed down her face. His emotions ripped through him at such a terrifying velocity he shook from it. The emotions he bottled up and placed in the darkest corner of his heart took to freedom like a bird takes to the sky after a broken wing has healed.

He'd always known something bad had happened to her. Something that made her reject nearly all of human kind had acted as an invisible weight on her shoulders. That weight was only lifted when the music plays.

He remembered how, through the friendship of Ino Yamanaka and the kindness of their dance teacher Tsunade, Sakura's fear of women eased to the point where she was able to trust most women after getting to know them. Itachi had always wanted to be the man she could place her trust in but after the years of lessons she just disappeared. His cousin and brother were always pestering him to get a girlfriend and forget her but he just couldn't.

Seeing her here again made him realize that she was the one woman he could never forget. As soon as he saw the tears he was ready to rip apart the cause even if it was his best friend and blood relative. He was ready to attack Shisui when his little brother, Sasuke, appeared and joined Tobi in trying to stop him. Sasuke held him back while Tobi was crying how only "bad boys" fight. Shisui was still doubled over from the initial blow.

"What the hell are you doing Aniki?" Sasuke yelled. Itachi froze realizing that Sakura was probably scared out of mind. He broke out of Sasuke's grasp and spun around trying to find her but to no avail. The only remaining proof that she had ever been there was her broken iPod.

Shisui finally regained his breath. "Sorry Itachi. I really didn't mean to scare her."

"It's not me you should apologize to." Itachi deadpanned as he picked up the broken iPod and walked away. If this is Cinderella's glass slipper, I wonder who the prince is.

A few hours and a pint of ice cream later Sakura was mourning the loss of her iPod. When she saw it was broken she felt it best to just leave it and get the hell out of there. She couldn't take being so close to so many men which is why she taught them one at a time. Seeing Itachi again brought back memories she would have rather kept buried.


A ten year old Sakura was very excited as she made her way home from school with her older stepbrother Itsuki. Her thirteen year old stepsibling had promised to play a special game with her when they got home since their parents weren't home and he was worried she might get lonely.

They arrived home and although Itsuki had a strange look in his eyes when they went to put her stuff away she didn't think much of it. Although he used to hate her, their relationship had gotten much better in the past year. She was ecstatic that he was being so nice to her so why on earth would she question it?

However when they got to her room, she wished that she had wondered why he was looking so impatient, so crazed. He pounced the moment her backpack was off. He tore at her clothing and slapped her when she tried to push him away. He laughed when she started to scream and he started talking in a voice she knew all too well. The voice was full of sickening sarcasm, absolute loathing, and total disgust.

"What's wrong little girl? Don't you want to play with me? It's a really fun game." Sakura was horrified. She didn't know what he was trying to do, but she did know one thing. Itsuki had never cared, not once. He was just waiting. He waited for her to let her guard down and she did.

Sakura continued to scream when the door was slammed open. There in the doorway stood her mother. A mother that had heard her baby screaming her voice away was not to be trifled with. When Sayuri Haruno saw her stepson on top of her nearly naked daughter, every protective instinct in her body took hold.

"GET OFF OF MY DAUGHTER YOU SICK LITTLE BASTARD!" Sayuri smacked the boy aside with an adrenaline filled hand. Sakura and Sayuri couldn't care less if he lost consciousness due to the blow or from hitting his head on the wall next to the bed. Though the brat never saw the inside of the Haruno house again, Sakura found more than a little difficult to place her trust in anyone. Shortly after the official divorce, Sakura stumbled upon her aunt Tsunade asking Sayuri about why she stayed with an abusive man. Sakura had thought they were talking about Itsuki until her former stepfather's name was mentioned. That was when Sakura lost her faith in men both young and old.

-End flashback-

Not long after that awful encounter, Sakura was enrolled in her aunt Tsunade's ballroom dance class. It was to try to get her over the trauma and it did help at the very least. She quickly fell in love with moving to the music and letting her pain and frustration out in the process. After the ballroom dance there was everything else that could be considered classical dance. After that came the contemporary stuff and then getting her teaching degree came next.

After so much dancing she was finally able to tolerate a man's presence once certain conditions were met. First there had to be a great deal of mental preparation. The next thing that came was turning on music that would guide her through all emotional turmoil. Finally she would get a feel for the man's character. Since Sakura had quickly gained a reputation as one of the best and typically only high class families would even want to hire her, most of the men she taught were gentlemen, womanizers, arrogant, or indifferent.

Sakura shook her head back and forth trying to rid it of all thoughts of men. What she needed now was a good bit of exercise. She'd tire herself out then come back and relax the rest of the day. Since she was just going for a jog in the local park Sakura decided to pull out her comfort clothes. A pair of navy blue sweats and a green tee that matched her eyes made up her exercise ensemble. She also made sure to grab her watch and her water bottle. She looked at her cell phone but decided she didn't want to be disturbed by its ringing so she left it behind.

Before long Sakura made it to the lovely park that was her favorite place to jog. The trees were to her right while the small lake was to her left. In the current autumn weather their leaves were just so beautiful. The warm, earthy colors were absolutely stunning on the large leaves that decorated each and every tree. The lake was shimmering in the sunlight. Her green eyes sparkled as they took in the beauty of the park. It was perfect for jogging.

The unpainted artwork was pumping her full of energy so she decided to pick up the pace a bit. She wasn't quite running, but after about 20 minutes she was already halfway around the basin of the lake. During the next few minutes of her run her sensitive ears picked up on a beautiful song. The closer she got to the source of the melody the more she loved it. Though she knew that the voice was undoubtedly male and said male would most likely unnerve her Sakura couldn't resist the rhythm the guitar strummed out or the lyrics sung in a deep, rough yet unarguably pleasant voice. She couldn't fight the desire to see the man who owned such an incredible voice.

Before long Sakura realized the reason she couldn't resist the melody. It was one of her favorite songs. "Can't Bring Us Down" by Austin Renfroe had a melody you just had to dance to and the man singing this had a voice that could melt ice. She looked the man over. If he hadn't been singing a favorite of hers, she never would have dared to approach a man like him. He had short, wild brown hair that went in every direction possible. He was tanned, heavily muscled and his face had a strong jaw line, straight nose, and these red triangular tattoos. All in all he looked absolutely feral. When Sakura took a step back she ended up stepping on a twig. His eyes which were closed in concentration suddenly flew open and she noticed how the irises and pupils were merely black slits contrasting greatly against the whites of his eyes.

His playing stopped. Sakura began to tremble a bit due to feeling like a rabbit in front of a hungry wolf as he just stared at her. If she were calm she would have noticed the innocent curiosity of his stare and even the worry that appeared in his eyes as he watched her have a small panic attack. Needless to say she simply wasn't that composed.

"I'm s-sorry for interrupting your p-practice, I really just w-wanted to hear some music and your playing was so soothing." To her immense surprise he started strumming again while never taking his eyes off her. Though she was still uneasy she let the music give her courage. Instantly her trembling subsided and understanding entered his gaze.

"If you want to hear music, I'm happy to oblige. I have to warn you though. My playing hasn't been that great recently. Anyway I should introduce myself. I'm Kiba. What's your name?" He asked giving a lopsided grin.

"I'm Sakura." She replied shyly. Kiba found it quite adorable and he soon found his grin had widened. "I didn't hear any mistakes in your playing. Your voice is fantastic as well. Why do you say your playing isn't what you want it to be?"

Kiba felt his smile slide off his face. "As long as you have a sense of rhythm learning chords and notes isn't that hard. If you know your voice you can find the right song for yourself as well. Memorization isn't what makes a song great. No matter how much talent you have, if there isn't any passion behind the music you can't truly make it great. You know what I mean?" He answered as he ruffled his hair. He wondered if he sounded strange.

As Sakura thought about what he was saying and realized that making music was a lot like dancing. If the singer didn't have the passion to sing it would be the same as a dancer not having any passion in their movement. Their partners or in this case, the audience would then become detached towards the music or the movements. Even if the dancer is clumsy, a good partner knows when they are trying their best and responds to it. It was a very similar relationship for the musician and the audience if what Kiba said was anything to go by.

Sakura smiled at him and when she realized that she had smiled in a guy's presence without the aid of music it turned into a full blown grin. "I think I know exactly what you mean Kiba-san. If there isn't any passion then it's nearly impossible to make others passionate about music. Perhaps what you need is a responsive audience. If you see the audience getting into it, I'll bet that you'll find your own passion returning." Sakura's courage quickly faded as Kiba openly stared at her. She was looked down to try to avoid it, missing the admiration in it. What is it with this guy and staring at me? Sakura mulled in a slight panic.

Kiba was repeatedly shocked by this woman. She may as well have written the very first song in his eyes. Not only did she listen to his problems but she understood and even offered a solution. Yet whenever he felt himself getting closer to her he felt her pull away emotionally.

He'd seen something like this before. His mother had been abused by his father for many years before she finally drew the line. Unfortunately she put a stop to it only after finding out that he had nearly killed his older sister Hana. His mother got over it but his sister never did. She looked at Kiba the same way Sakura had when he first saw her. It felt like they were just waiting for him to snap and attack them. Looking at Sakura, he began to realize how truly terrified she was. Yet for some reason or another she wasn't running from him. As he'd grown up, his sister had been so scared of him that she moved out but here was this random woman going out of her way to help him when she seemed to be terrified of just being near him.

He felt the admiration in gaze intensify and almost automatically his fingers began strumming a song called "The Rescue." She immediately relaxed and to his greatest surprise yet started to dance a bit before catching and stopping herself with the most appealing blush he'd ever seen.

"You don't have to stop. Weren't you the one who said I needed a responsive audience? Let me tell you now there is no better response to music than dancing. If you're feeling the passion in my playing then just let the music move you." Kiba was practically pleading with her. He wanted so badly for her to really respond to his music. At first she looked like she wanted to run, but she hesitated when he began to sing. He wondered if she could tell he was singing for her and her alone. Then her eyes shut tight contemplating something and before he could so much as blink, they opened with a blazing determination he'd never seen before. He could barely breathe when all of a sudden she took off like a rocket. Kiba could no longer tell if she was moving to his music or if he was playing to her movements. When he paused so did she. When she moved he played.

They were doing two different things yet they knew that their love and passion for the music was the same. Kiba had never felt so close to anyone before. A crowd began to gather believing that they were putting on a show but neither noticed let alone cared. All that existed was the music and each other. Sakura was without a doubt the most glorious creature he'd ever seen.

The song ended too soon. Before he could say another word to Sakura everyone around them started clapping, breaking the trance. Kiba blinked in confusion wondering when these people had arrived. He turned to Sakura only to see a flash of her red face before she fled. He was about to run after her when he realized someone in the audience was giving him a death glare before they took off after Sakura.

Shisui had happened upon Sakura in the middle of her dance and was immediately enchanted. He had just been planning to give her a new iPod and apologize. He had never expected her to completely seize his attention and hold it the way she did. He now knew why Itachi couldn't forget her. Still he was fairly sure it wouldn't affect him nearly as much. Oh how wrong he could be. He stayed till the end of the song only to find himself glaring at the singer for reasons he could not understand. Before he felt himself get any crazier he ran after Sakura still intent on giving her the new iPod. He went after her without knowing that he would be chasing her much more in the days to come.