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As soon as the room service had left the room, and the door swung shut, Maura turned after placing her overnight bag on the oversized bed that occupied the room, she saw Jane moving at radical pace towards her, arms stretched out as she reached for Maura's face. No sooner had Maura blinked and figured out what was about to happen, Jane's lips were on hers and she found her arms wrapped around the taller Detective's body, pulling her closer.

Their kiss intensified before they pulled apart from each other, their cheeks flushed as they blinked, slightly awkward with each other as it had been more than a month since their last encounter and they'd avoided being alone together, even at the Police Department. It was probably the best decision they'd NOT planned together, because it allowed them to avoid anymore embarrassing situations together and with other people.

The last encounter they'd had, had happened the evening that Jane's pains had ceased after solving the case of the soldier she considered a hero of war. Maura had taken advantage of pressing down on Jane's scar tissue after having her take ten minutes with the combat training dummy Frost and Korsak had sent her, when she wedged Jane between the dummy and herself, pushing up the Detective's shirt to 'examine' the healing scar tissue surrounding the gunshot wound and from the surgery she'd had.

Of course, one thing led to another, and Jane had ended up underneath Maura on the sofa, naked. Maura had been paying particular attention to Jane's breasts as the key had turned in the lock to Jane's apartment, in had walked Angela Rizzoli, carrying two tins of paint and Jo Friday on her leash. As soon as Angela had looked up, she dropped both tins of paint and Jane had tilted her head back to look at where the noise had come from, seeing an upside-down version of her mother standing in the doorway with her mouth agape, as Maura was still teasing Jane's nipple.

That had been embarrassing. Naturally! After that embarrassing incident, the two had just avoided being in each other's company unless it was truly necessary which was easier said than done, especially for Jane who's mother was Angela Rizzoli. Jane had been ordered to give her mother a spare key to her apartment since she'd been hurt, it was for emergencies but Angela being her usual self always lets herself into the apartment anyway, whether it was to do some cleaning up for her only daughter or decorating the living room for her.

Jane looked to Maura and she smirked before eventually she decided on speaking up, "I've been wanting to do that for a while now." she told Maura and touched her cheek before she looked deep into the Medical Examiner's hazel eyes.

"I know, I could sense the radical increase in your heart rate, Jane. It was really quite terrifying, I though perhaps, I may have had to resuscitate you." Maura shot a quick smirk to Jane before she smiled gently with a raised brow.

"Really?" Jane just commented, in her usually low tone, not really looking for an answer or reply but half expecting one since it was Maura she was conversing with. Jane stood a few inches taller than the Medical Examiner and she enjoyed that, being able to look down and see hazel eyes glancing back up at her. It made her feel more protective over Maura.

Maura smiled to Jane before she causally turned around and she slipped out of her shoes, stumbling ever so slightly against the gigantic bed, tossing a gentle hint back in Jane's direction, it was a hint as to why they had decided to take the mini vacation together in the first place. She looked to Jane then, and she subconsciously began batting her eyelashes at the Detective before she licked her lips, "Jane, just kiss me…" she said, closing her eyes over and puckering up her lips.

Naturally, Jane obliged that favor and with the speed she charged at Maura with, she knocked them both down onto the mattress. Jane made her point known and quickly captured Maura's lips in a fiercely hot kiss as she moved above the Medical Examiner to pin her down like a butterfly, with her delicate, graceful neck on display for Jane to claim with kisses and trailing her tongue over her pulse.

As Maura looked up at Jane, she smiled. A smile that Jane had never saw Maura show before, until now, and she got both worried and excited with the prospect of what Maura was possibly about to suggest to her.

"What? What is it?" Jane questioned.

"I've brought my laptop, perhaps we could watch a movie?" Maura smiled to Jane, raising both her brows, and from what Jane had paid attention to, she knew that that meant Maura was feeling hopeful and for Jane to agree with her suggestion.

"A movie, Maura…really?" Jane questioned, raising a brow.

"Yes, you can choose…" she smiled and began to prop herself up, forcing Jane to sit back on her, straddling her hips. The Medical Examiner looked to her overnight bag and she frowned, "Jane, you'll have to let me up, you need to move. I mean, I could put my s…" Maura was interrupted by Jane's lips stealing a passionate kiss, trying to push Maura back down onto the bed, "Jane!" Maura giggled, "Let me up!"

"No…Talking Google…" Jane murmured, and she didn't immediately shift to allow Maura up from her pinned position but, eventually she did, after some kissing, some giggling and even some pleading, Jane let Maura up.

Maura smirked and she looked to Jane as she leaned and moved across the bed, grabbing at her overnight bag to get out the laptop and her hard drive. She looked around the bedside area for an outlet and smiled as she spied one to plug in the power supply. As Maura booted up the laptop, she glanced to Jane before she kneeled back, resting on her haunches before she crawled across the bed towards Jane, her eyes locked with the dark chocolate browns of the Detective's. Still looking at Jane, Maura spoke up then, "So, which movie…?" she asked and brought up the screen for the movie selection.

Jane reluctantly looked at the screen and the choice of movies Maura had on offer, she had expected most of them to be Discovery Channel documentary movies, but no. None of them were so she found when she read the list aloud, "Shawshank Redemption, Saving Private Ryan, Meet Me In St. Louis, Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part One, Black Swan, In Her Shoes, Bewi…wait, you have Black Swan?" Jane looked to Maura with a pained expression and raised brow.

"Yes, I've never watched it though, I thought it might be a little painful with my history with Ballet." Maura replied and nodded a little.

"Right…" Jane nodded a little and looked back to the screen, "Bewitched, The Gr…"

"Have you watched Black Swan?"

Jane felt her face flushing immediately as she recalled the evening she'd had before she and Maura had ever done anything together. She'd fantasized that Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman had been she and Maura, and they had been battling to be the best at solving the case; Science versus Evidence and Witness Reports. Jane couldn't lie that it hadn't been hot, it had been. Extremely hot. Especially since most of the time she'd imagined Maura dancing around in those tiny tutu's and Ballet tights, her curves hugged tight with the lycra of the leotard…

"Jane? Have you saw the movie before?"

Maura's voice interrupted reliving that fantasy and Jane looked to Maura then briefly as she just answered, "Yeah, yeah I've saw it."

"Well, is it good?"

"I…don't think you'd enjoy it, it's a bit…weird." Jane said, furrowing her brows a little.

"Oh, it's a psychological movie?" Maura tilted her head and smiled softly.

"Yeah…" Jane responded, her tone a little weaker, anxious at how this conversation would end.

"I'd like to see it."


"Yes, I think we should watch it." Maura nodded enthusiastically and moved her mouse over the title, ready to double click on the movie to play it and she looked up at Jane noticing her expression, "Jane, are you okay?"

"N-uhh…yeah. Play it, I'm going to get a shower." Jane said, looking towards the en suite bathroom and shuffling towards the end of the bed.

"But what about the movie?" Maura asked, looking to Jane with a hurt expression as Jane stood up.

Seeing Maura's expression, Jane sighed and flared her nostrils a little before she moved back onto the bed and moved beside Maura, "Lets watch the damn movie."

"What's wrong with the movie, Jane? Why are you so against watching it with me?"