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Jane swiftly slapped Maura's ass and sent the Medical Examiner reeling forwards. She wildly bucked her hips against Maura's getting great satisfaction from the sounds of their hips slapping against one another. With her hands on my Maura's side, with each thrust Jane could feel the Doctor's ample breasts jerking forwards and back every time the two connected, almost fused together in the act.

It took a while for Jane to find a steady yet hard rhythm that Maura seemed to enjoy and that got herself off at the same time. By the time this rhythm had set in and was pleasurable for the both of them, Maura found she could lean up on her hands now, she straightened out her arms and glanced back over her shoulder at Jane who was kneeling up on one knee with her leg jutted out at a 90 degree angle as she rocked her hips into Maura.

While Jane held Maura's hips in place with each thrust, Maura tried to back up against Jane and take more of her into her core until she cried out from the extreme filled up sensation. Jane pulled out as she heard Maura's cry of both pain and pleasure, and she swiftly rocked back into the Doctor, making sure to push right inside her. Jane quickly glanced back to the camera and smirked before she continued with Maura, looking over her back.

It didn't take long until Maura had collapsed once again after coming, her ass up in the air and Jane flopped onto her. From how Jane had fucked her, it was a surprise that Maura was still conscious, and those noises she'd made. Jane had wished at that point on when with Maura that she had a dick. Jane pulled out of Maura and she lay beside the Medical Examiner then, wrapping her arm around her minute waist and pushing her buttocks down then.

It took another few moments before Maura made any movements, Jane was actually worried about her as he hasn't moved for a while. She looked to Jane and smiled tiredly, "That was really something, Jane. I haven't done anything like that in a while."

"I thought you'd never done it before?"

"Not with a phallic object, with a man, yes." Maura replied.

"Oh, well, go right ahead and make me jealous, why don't ya?" Jane sighed harshly.

And with that, Maura began reliving the night she had this raw sex with someone who wasn't Jane. Naturally, Jane was jealous and she had to shut Maura up so she pulled her close and quickly kissed her. Hard. It certainly did the trick, Maura stopped rambling about how she was almost passing out with the passion and pleasure of that night. Jane couldn't stand to hear about James, or Jim, or whatever his name had been, she just wanted to hear Maura, moaning her name.

That would be fucking sexy. Again.

That was it, Jane was moving in again on Maura.

However, Maura had other ideas. She quickly blocked Jane and smirked a little, "I don't think so." she looked into Jane's eyes; dark with desire, Maura's mirrored hers and she was about to let Jane know that. She raised a brow and softly bit lip.

"What, Maura. Really?"

"As much as I'd like to go again...I believe you didn't orgasm yet. So, I'm repaying my debt to you." Maura replied.

"OH, are you going to put this things on?" Jane questioned, running her fingers over the strap on dildo, feeling Maura's wetness over it. She smiled and looked up at Maura then, raising her own brow as she awaited the Medical Examiner's response.

"Perhaps later, but, I have a beter idea for you." Maura smirked.

"Uh oh, I know that face..." Jane commented before she continued, "You do?"

"I do." Maura nodded, "You need to remove the phallus though, I'm not so certain hotel staff will concur the idea of you walking around in a bathrobe with an artificial erection hidden underneath."

"REALLY, Maura?" Jane exclaimed, it was in her 'that was so unnecessary' tone.

"Yes. Really." Maura smiled as she pulled herself up and over to the chair where her robe currently resided before she glanced back to Jane, "Come on, quickly Jane! Get your robe on, and the phallus off!"

"What's the rush?"

"The opening hours are almost up..."


Author's Note: This fic is now finished, however, I am writing a separate sequel to it, it will be called: Menage A Trois.