The wait on this has been unreal, I know. I have no excuse for myself. But, for those of you still reading (or who even remember the plot) please enjoy! Mostly fluff and porn in this one!

Fred smiled as he stood at the mirror in his master's room, looking over one shoulder at the marks on his back.

Snape watched from the doorway. "Don't look so pleased with yourself, it's indecent."

Fred shrugged and then continued scrubbing the little bar of soap between two hands and washing his face. He still had some sticky tear tracks on his cheeks that were now more irritating than anything else. He'd woken up feeling better than he could ever remember.

With one hand resting casually on the towel rack Snape eyed him up and down with concentration. The sun was coming up and they both knew that Harry wasn't a late riser. Fred had almost forgotten about the other boy, but now that he thought about it, Harry must be crawling with anxiety.

"Remember what I said before." Snape said as he looked at him carefully in the mirror. "This is something that I give to you, when and how I choose it. I won't allow it any other way."

Fred nodded. "I remember."


"Are you off to talk with Harry?"

"Yes. And furthermore you might have to spend a few nights alone. I'm sorry."

Fred wiped his face with a towel before hanging it back over the side of the sink. He turned around and pecked his master on the corner of his lips.

"Don't be sorry. I'm set up for a week, at least." The smile he gave his master was big and bright enough to earn him a rare chuckle.

"You say that now."

The two stood pressed together in comfortable silence. Fred laid his cheek against his master's chest, and Snape ran his fingers lazily up and down Fred's spine.

"I'm sorry, again," Fred whispered.

"It's over and forgiven now. Why don't you go down and work on your garden."

"Yes, master."

Harry hadn't slept much. He'd stayed awake most of the night staring at the ceiling overtop of his bed, thinking, just as his master had asked, about what exactly it was he wanted. Thinking about what he wanted was not something Harry was used to doing. In fact, it was something that he'd learned to stop doing all together. Living with Lucius had taught him that he had two courses of action in life. The first – to think and do and want whatever he wanted, which would eventually result in a painful death, if he were lucky. Or, the second option – to do only what he was told, think only what was necessary, and want absolutely nothing at all in order to survive one more day. Not surprisingly, Harry chose the second option every time.

However, since being bought by Snape, Harry had slowly come to learn that the first option was something once again on the table for him. Although he didn't doubt for a second that obedience was now and would always be required of him as a slave, there was a whispering in the back of his mind remembering what it was like to not just want something, but to go after it until he got it. The fact that the thing he wanted was to be fucked senseless by his once hated potions master and a deatheater was beyond the point. Someday he would have to come to terms with the mentality of his old life and his new, but for now he was content to ignore what the old Harry would think.

This revelation was exactly why Harry was sitting naked and leaning back on his elbows atop his fully made bed. Eventually Snape would come speak to him and if this wasn't answer enough as to what Harry wanted, he really didn't know what else he could do.

And when Snape finally did knock once, and then enter, Harry wasn't even a little bit nervous or embarrassed. In fact he was happy enough to burst at the hungry look his Master gave him.

"I'm starting to see why Fred couldn't resist himself."

Harry grinned and crawled to the end of the bed in the most seductive way he knew. "I don't want to talk about Fred, Master."

Snape raised his eyebrow. "Is that so? I've yet to hear you mention many things you want. Does this mean you've thought about what I asked?"

Harry nodded. "I want you, and I'm tired of being a good boy who waits patiently."

If Snape was the type of man to smile like a fool he would, but instead he just came close to Harry, wrapped his hand around the back of his neck, and claimed his new slave's mouth hungrily and without apology, especially when Harry moaned sweetly and grasped at his collar.

"Please, master. Please fuck me, I want it. I want you to."

Snape caressed the long soft length of Harry's arms down to the firming muscles in his back, all the while trying to be gentle with the fragile feeling bones still showing through his skin.

Snape sucked on Harry's bottom lip until the boy left scratches along the back of his neck where his hands were grasping him and shaking with pent up need.

"I'm glad to know what you want, Harry, but no. You're not ready." Harry groaned and shook his head. "I am! Please, master!"

Snape leaned down for another heated kiss before laying Harry back against the sheets. Snape stepped away and went to the wardrobe where in Fred's drawer he kept a stash of lube.

Harry smiled from ear to ear and spread his legs open wide when Snape returned.


Snape dropped the lube on the bed beside Harry and ran his hands from Harry's chest and down in one long luxurious stroke that had Harry arching off the bed. He stopped at Harry's hips and wrapped his hands around his slave. Harry's erection was hard and sitting long across his stomach, begging to be touched.

Snape stood back finally after taking his look and removed his shirt, but left the trousers on if for no other reason than to reign in his own desires to take Harry on his word and just pound him into the mattress.

Finally, he dropped to his knees at the end of the bed. Harry looked down his body at him in shock before groaning when Snape pulled him by the legs to the edge of the bed, set his thighs over his shoulders and leaned over his slave's straining erection to take it in his mouth. Harry screamed.

Giving head was something Snape enjoyed. It was also something he enjoyed receiving, but unlike many other slave owners, he never really saw the point in considering the act below him. Before he had slaves it made his few partners happier and more satisfied than few other things did, and now that he had slaves he couldn't help but become addicted to the looks on their faces when he did this.

Sensing that Harry didn't have much longer to last he came off his cock and said - "Don't come until I tell you, can you do that?"

Harry sucked in a ragged breath and nodded. "Yes, master."

Snape reached for the lube and poured some onto his fingers, all the while trying to ignore the desperate increase in Harry's breathing. To distract Harry again he began swirling his tongue along the tip of his cock and down in long swipes until he could take the boy's balls in his mouth. When Harry was once again deep in his own head and overcome with sensation, Snape took the cock in his mouth and at the same moment slipped one slick finger into his body. Harry froze and clutched at the sheets.

"You doing okay?"

Harry was shaking when he nodded.

Using one finger to slowly fuck in and out of Harry's body, Snape mimicked the motions of his mouth. Finally he ghosted over the bump inside him and the boy keened. Using an additional finger he quickly slipped inside again and pressed up hard. If Fred were anywhere still in the house he surely heard the noise Harry made.

"Master, will you kiss me? Please."

Snape leaned forward with Harry's legs still around his neck and granted his request - long and deep and messy while he continued to stroke him with his fingers.

"How do you like your fucking?" He asked with a growl.

Harry nodded. "Thank you."

"Come to my bed tonight and I'll give you more."

Harry whined and wiggled on the bed so uncontrollably that Snape worried he would be in pain soon if he didn't let the boy come.
"Whenever you're ready, Harry." He said before bending back over his slave's erection.

Harry only needed to be told once.

Harry wandered out to the garden with a slight limp in his step and a stupid grin. With one hand over his eyes Fred watched him approach, and stuffing the immediate burst of jealousy, he smiled back. When Harry was close he stopped, as if unsure of how much proximity was allowed.

"You can come closer, Harry."

He nodded, thankfully, and dropped to his knees beside his Fred. He pulled on a pair of gardening gloves and picked up a trowel. Fred, sensing a need for it, leaned over and bumped Harry in the shoulder.

"You know, he doesn't want us to act any differently with each other. We're allowed to be friends. We just aren't allowed to be sexual. There's a big difference.

Harry nodded. "I know. It's just weird."


They dug for a long time, until Fred's wrist started to ache. When he looked up, Harry was staring off into the forest.

"How far do Snape's borders go?" he asked.

Fred shrugged. "A ways, I guess. But you should always stay close. It's hard to know when you've gone too far, and if you do you'll set off the slave alarms."

Harry shuddered and went back to his gardening.

"That happened once at Lucius's," he said, "to Lavender."

Fred frowned. "She tried to run away?"
"No, I don't think she thought she could actually escape. She just, well, it was the first year and I think she just broke down inside and was trying to find space, to breath. But after that, he didn't let us out of the house again anyway."

Fred laid a hand on his friends back and rubbed in soothing circles. "I'm really sorry, Harry."

They slipped out of the melancholy attitude and continued gardening for a long time, each absorbed in digging and getting the sweet smelling soil between their fingers. Eventually they put their things away in a carrying case they use and sat back on their hand to look up at the sky.



"Don't you want to ask about George?"

"What - what do you mean?"

Harry's gaze is intense. "He's your brother. I don't remember a lot from before, but I remember that he was your best friend."

Fred nodded. "Yeah, he was a lot more than my best friend."

"Then why don't you ever ask about him?"

Fred swallowed back a lump in his throat. "I know enough from what Severus has told me to know that there's nothing you could tell me that I'd want to hear." He paused to wipe a hand over his eyes. "When the day comes that I get him back, I'll let him tell me everything himself. When I can be the kind of person with the power to protect him."

Harry was crying a little so Fred hugged him with one arm. "Do you suppose he thinks about me?"

Harry chocked back a laugh. "I don't think he does anything but think of you."

"Well, that's good at least."

Snape had spent the majority of his day at the ministry avoiding Lucius like the plague. And he even went so far as to have his assistant send away all distractions and appointments, just so that he could assure himself a quiet office where he could think about the insanity that was going on in his personal life, with the council, and of course with the wizarding world as a whole. Things were coming to a head and he wasn't sure he was fully prepared to meet the changes.

And as for Fred and Harry, in the quiet of his warm office he couldn't help but think about them, as he'd tried so hard not to do. Through the veil of anger and jealousy that had been clouding his judgment the past days he'd been so unable to even imagine the two alone together in the same room that he had been dangerously close to moving them into two separate slave bedroom. But now as he is settled in from the surprisingly cathartic experience of Fred's voluntary punishment and Harry's new unabashed eagerness, Snape had found himself much more assured in his boy's affection than he had been the previous day. And as he thought now of his slaves together, the images began to stir him with more arousal than jealousy.

Snape finally made his way home later than expected after Draco insisted to be seen in his office after hours to discuss Hermione's growing impatience that they bring Harry into their research. The conversation was more frustrating than anything, but eventually Snape conceded and agreed to speak with Harry within the week and see if he might remember anything.

When he went upstairs it was already dark and he could feel the sleep behind his eyes. Fred was sitting in the slave's bedroom with the door open, reading.

"Hey, master."

Snape stood against the doorframe to watch him and smile. "Did things go well with Harry this afternoon? Any hard feelings I should know about?"

Fred smiled, put down his book, and shook his head. "Not at all. He's getting more resilient, and I think he trusts you now. Speaking of which, he's waiting for you in your bedroom. He was rather excited."

Snape smirked and sighed. "Well, I hope I prove worth the anticipation - and his trust for that matter."

"You are worthy," Fred says as he came to stand before Snape where he could grasp his hand. "You don't have anything to prove."

"You're an idealistic optimist."

"Yeah, that's probably true." His smile had faded and his expression grew serious. "Harry asked me today if I wanted to know about George."

"And what did you say?"

"I told him I knew enough."

Snape petted him along the back of the neck and leaned down to kiss him firmly. When Fred came out of the kiss he looked a bit more grounded.

"I haven't hid anything for you," he said. "I've been honest about George."

"I believe you. I just don't believe that Lucius let's you see the worst. And when I think about what Harry must know..."

Snape held him close and breathed in the scent of his hair. "I'm working hard to get him back to you. I am."

Fred nodded into the crook of his master's neck.

"I don't want to leave you alone tonight."

"It's okay. Harry needs you."

"Harry got what he wanted earlier. He'll be happy to sleep with us tonight."

Fred looked up at him with a frown. "Isn't it a little early?"

"No. I want to try something. Come with me?"

When they'd walked together into the bedroom, Harry, who had been waiting naked on the bed, jolted up.

Fred grinned mischievously and looked to Snape for direction, but he said nothing as he went into his wardrobe to undress and hang up his heavy outer coat and shoes. When he was in nothing but his trousers and shirt, he came back out to find the two boys staring at each other and breathing hard. Maybe this would be a good idea after all.

Snape stood behind Fred and let him lean his weight back against him and then titled his head down to whisper into his slave's ear - giving him directions and encouragements that made him pant. When he'd finished Fred turned and smiled at him.

"Am I allowed to tell you that I'm proud of you?" he whispered.

"Just this once."
Fred turned back around and looked at Harry who had stopped hiding his nudity but was still far from relaxed. While Fred removed his tunic, Snape began to talk.

"I was just explaining to Fred one of the other reasons I got so angry about what you two did yesterday."

Harry cringed.

"Although I won't tolerate things going on behind my back, I would have to be made of ice to have not wanted to see what my two beautiful boys would look like together."

Harry's eyebrows knit together. "Master?"

Fred looked to him for direction and he nodded. "Fred, I want to watch you kiss him. Show me what I missed."

Fred grinned and sauntered to the bed. Harry looked, open mouthed at Fred naked and crawling up over him. He glanced at Snape with a touch of panic in his eyes.

"You can't do anything wrong when you have my permission, Harry. Relax."

Harry turned back to a smiling Fred who took the opportunity to lean down and press a chaste kiss to his friend's lips. Harry followed the kiss as Fred broke away and then licked his lips. Snape could feel his erection blossoming so he sat back in his wingback to watch. Fred had positioned himself between Harry's spread legs but kept his hips decidedly removed from contact. He ran a hand over Harry's chest with concentration and swooped down for another kiss. This time deeper and with more enthusiasm. Harry froze for a minute before relaxing into the attention and returning the kiss with fervor.

Through the sound of pleasure and the wet smack of lip to lip and tongue, Snape leaned back and put one hand over his cock to adjust the pressure building up there.

Fred moved off Harry's mouth and latched onto his neck. Harry gasped and looked over at Snape with a wide open mouth and hazy eyes and Snape couldn't help but focus in on where they were working to keep their cocks from touching. So much so that Fred was keeping his hips lifted uncomfortably away. So, he stood and Harry watched him intently as he walked over. With one hand Snape ran his fingers over Fred's hips and back and lingered with his palm caressing one cheek. Fred hummed his approval and continued lavishing attention on Harry. Without thinking twice, Snape pushed down. Fred looked over his shoulder at him with a smile before letting his hips fall onto Harry's. Harry gasped and pressed himself into the welcome heat of another body. Fred was still sucking a dark hickey into Harry's shoulder so he leaned down and kissed Harry's open lips.

"You doing okay?" he asked.

Harry nodded. "Yes, master. Thank you."

"Fred," he said, but Fred didn't still the movement of his hips or the sucking to answer except with a hum.

"Today Harry learned the joys of having his cock sucked. Do you think you'd like to show him what a great talent you are?"

Fred moaned low and thrust his hips into Harry's and pushed back into Snape's groping hand. Fred placed one last kiss on Harry's lips before moving down and swallowing his friend's cock so deep his nose pressed into his stomach. Harry's eyes flew open and he gasped. "Master, please!"

Snape caught his face in his hand and held him firmly. "What do you need?"

He shook his head. "I don't know."

Snape pulled off his shirt and threw it aside, and then, just because of the intense gaze Harry had directed below his waist, he unbuttoned his trousers as well and kicked them aside. Harry groaned long and low and fisted his hands in the sheets. Snape kneeled next to him on the bed and bent over to kiss him.
"Good surprise?"

"Yes, thank you, master."

"You two are so beautiful together and I'm selfish enough to want you all to myself."

Harry smiled and gasped at something Fred was doing.

"Can I come?"

Snape nodded and watched his face explode with pleasure under him.

"That's it," he hummed while running his fingers over his lips. "Good boy."

Harry fell asleep almost immediately and Fred and Snape lay on either side of him, smiling at each other.

"Thank you, master."

"It's better like this, isn't it?"

"Yes. It's better. But, will I still -"

"Have me to yourself sometimes? Of course. But you understand, don't you, that Harry can't know anything about our new arrangement. I doubt he'd understand after everything he's been through."

Fred nodded. "I know."

Snape leaned over and kissed him.

"You taste like him."

Fred smiled brilliantly and licked his lips. "I know. Isn't it delicious?"

After Fred and Snape had taken a shower - together but without the energy to do more than occasionally pet and kiss and smile, they went back to bed with Snape in the middle and his boys on either side.

Snape lay awake for long time listening to Fred's breath even out and turn into soft snores.

Harry rolled closer to him. "You know what, master?"

Snape looked down at him. "What's that?"

"Kissing you is better."

Snape smirks. "You're a good boy to say so. But I know that Fred is young and fit and -"

"Don't think I'm ungrateful, master. It's just, better, because it's you. Kissing Fred is fun, but kissing you is - something more."

Snape gazed at him darkly.

"Fred would say the same if you asked him," Harry concluded.

"How do you know?"

"Fred and I really like each other, master. But he loves you."

Snape smiled and kissed Harry on the head before gathering him up to sleep.