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John stood made his way down the aisle, every step he took went with the beat of the wedding music. A week ago he had been in this exact same position only to be shot and almost killed, only to watch as Sherlock was almost forced to marry another, and only to kill a man. None of that mattered now.

Sherlock was comforting the first few days of John's long recovery from killing Jim Moriarty. The guilt he felt was horrible and caused nothing but night terrors and a sick stomach. The prince was there to comfort him. They lay in bed together for 4 days and only got up to use the toilet. Mrs. Hudson often came in to force food down their throats which hardly ever worked and while John was grateful Sherlock was annoyed. Three days before the wedding Sherlock knew that he and his love couldn't stay in bed forever. He also knew that the physical comfort of cuddling and kissing wasn't enough to help John.

Sherlock came closer in to view with every step John took. The blond couldn't help but smile at the tall lanky figure waiting impatiently for him. John recalled Three days ago when the dark haired man finally decided to talk about the incident.

The shorter boy was reluctant to talk about it, but the prince was stern and insistent. Surprisingly, talking did help. John told Sherlock about all the horrible things Jim and his stepsiblings had done and about the incident in question. Sherlock listened patiently holding the other boy's hand as a gesture of comfort. He was actually more infuriated at John's step family than ever before from the things John told him, and he had a strong urge to kill Sally and Andy, only, Sherlock was sure that would only make things worse.

So, yes, talking about the guilt of killing Jim and just John's whole life in general took a heavy weight off the blond's chest. Sherlock even assured John that the killing was for the best and that John had done the right thing. Then curiosity got to the prince and he asked about how John had been miraculously healed. John was hesitant at first feeling as though the dark haired boy would think him crazy but as he had already spilled his guts why not some more. It wasn't logical to Sherlock but it was the only explanation and so the prince believed every word.

And now here they were, standing side by side in matching black tuxedos, staring into each other's eyes, and hardly paying attention to the ceremony. John got lost in the prince's beautiful sparkling eyes and all thoughts and feelings of Jim disappeared. The only thing either of them could think about was each other and how it would feel to be closer. Sherlock wondered what it would be like to take John, to be inside him, and to own him. John wondered what sort of sounds Sherlock would make in bed. The prince never was one for being incoherent and the blond wondered if he could make his new husband incoherent enough to make noises only John would be allowed to hear.

Before they knew it, they were kissing and everyone was clapping excitedly. Sherlock and John ran down the aisle covering themselves from the confetti being thrown. They entered in to a limo and drove away leaving the cheerful people behind.

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Mrs. Holmes was quite proud and sat in her balcony watching the people run out cheering for her son and son-in-law. She sat there smiling before finally speaking to a tall man behind her.

"You'll keep an eye on them?" The queen asked looking over her shoulder at the tall figure standing behind her.

"Yes, my queen," Mycroft answered and then disappeared instantly. The queen smiled knowing Sherlock and John would be safe but then she sighed heavily in realization. She had to talk to Sherlock about becoming King but she supposed that best be left for another day.

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Sherlock and John skipped the wedding reception knowing the queen would be angry but neither cared. Ever since they had lay eyes on each other there was attraction but they never went any further beyond kissing. Neither one could wait to get their hands on the other. That's all they could think about during the wedding and that's all they could think now.

"Have you ever done this before?" John asked as they entered Sherlock's room and locked the door.

"Of course John," Sherlock assured his love embracing him. The shorter boy went stiff. "I skip important parties all the time," the prince finished. John relaxed.

"No," The blond said with a friendly shove and a smile and then immediately became serious. "I mean, well, you know," He motioned to the bed.

"Oh!" Sherlock exclaimed almost doing a facepalm. "No, but I've done research."

"Research?" John was almost too afraid to ask.

"Yes," The prince responded. "Don't worry it will all be okay." He leaned down and kissed the shorter boy's neck. "I know what I'm doing." John began to forget the research thing because of the distracting warm lips against his neck trailing their way along his jaw and to his own lips. The lingering thought of what kind of research was worrying though. John wondered if Sherlock had asked someone or simply looked online.

Soon, all logical thoughts were lost as John's body began to heat up against another warm body. They rubbed against each other kissing and feeling one another's body and then clothes became a problem. Sherlock practically tore off John's jacket and shirt and threw them over his shoulder and on to the floor, and then he pulled off his own. They reconnected their lips. John couldn't get enough. He plunged his tongue in to Sherlock's mouth and explored. The dark haired boy allowed it with enjoyment and pulled his lover closer, their bare chests pressed against each other.

Not too long after they made their way to the bed; each panting and lustfully wanting more and never taking their lips away. Nothing need be said at this point only felt. Sherlock pulled off his trousers and underwear and did away with John's as well. They were both naked.

The prince pulled away from John's desperate lips and stood on his knees straddling his lover. He took in this new image and burned it in to his hard drive. There before him lay the most beautiful creature he ever lay eyes on. John lay below him, eyes needy and body wanting. The blond looked up at the amazing boy above him. Sherlock's pale skin was as white as snow and it looked so soft.

"Sherlock?" John inquired lustfully.

"Yes John?" Sherlock responded.

"I want you inside me," the blond practically begged.

"As you wish," Sherlock vowed leaning down to kiss his lover. He then leaned over to the bedside table and opened the drawer pulling out a tube of lube. Sherlock sat back up and spread a ton on, possibly more than needed, over his cock. He didn't want to hurt John to bad which is why he used so much.

The prince leaned down and kissed the blond deeply and then positioned himself between John's legs. They got comfortable and Sherlock did most of the body arranging. He then positioned his cock at John's entrance. Neither knew what this would be like but neither cared because all they knew is that they wanted this.

Sherlock pushed slowly inside of his lover, inching his way in. It was so warm and tight and more stimulating than the dark haired boy had initially thought. It took all his power not to drive hard in to the warm tunnel his cock was slowly inching in to. John grimaced and moaned in pain. Sherlock managed to get his cock all the way in.

"Are you okay?" He asked the shorter boy staring up at him with a pained look.

"Yeah," He said shifting a little. "Yeah, I'm fine." Sherlock nodded and pulled out half way and then push back in slowly. John still had a pained look and moaned in pain but didn't ask his lover to stop. The prince pulled out again a little faster and then pushed in a little faster. The smaller boy sighed and moaned loudly. Sherlock kept at a constant pace and then began to go faster and faster unable to control himself in the pleasurable warm that is John's arse. They both began to pant and moan and then eventually yell, John being the first.

"Right there!" John yelled. "Harder!" It hurt but it felt so good and Sherlock was hitting just the right spot. Sherlock went in harder and faster and without any help John came and let out a loud yell as Sherlock did the same. The prince flopped down on top of the other boy. Both were sweaty and tired. After a few minutes he pulled out and lay beside John taking him in his arms.

"Sherlock?" John asked with his face against his lover's chest and his eyes closed ready for sleep to come.

"Yes my love," The prince replied

"Ouch," The blond said with a smile and then they both drifted off to sleep.

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