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Summary: "Aren't you scared of being alone?" "More than you know." Some people have the best luck... and some have the worst.

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A New Hope


I remember having a friend as a child, a very kind person, really. He looked like a smaller version of an angel, with blue eyes that shone like the sea and brown hair that rivaled the earth. But that was ages ago, back when I was five, right before he moved and we never got to speak again. And now, I think I'm looking at his exact replica.

I don't remember the boy's name. But it sounded like mine a little, but it was different, too. Anyways.

This is my first day at a brand new school, right in the smack middle of the year, of my Senior year. Woo. hoo.

So naturally I'm nervous. I already know where everything is, mostly because I was invited here by the principal during Spring Break - it is the second week of March right now, meaning everyone is fresh from Spring Break - to take a tour. He's kind enough.

But I know I won't have anyone be nice to me. I'm the new kid of the town, of the school, on his last year. So everyone's probably wondering Why did he even bother changing schools?

My father is an Officer in the Military, and therefore, we move around a lot. I've been everywhere in North America. My mother died a long time ago though.

Anyways, I'm keeping out of the way, glasses pushed up to try and hide my face more. I had to get them for some reason, yet I have 20-20 vision. But I don't say a word, I just do as I'm told. I push through the crowd, earning some protests and some other crude remarks as I pass, books in hand as I step through the doorway of my class. It's not that I'm early, not at all. It's just that a lot of people are taking their bittersweet time. I take the seat pointed to me by the advanced Biology teacher, not saying a word, just nodding my thanks as I sit on the stool and push my glasses higher on my nose a little, taking my book from my small pile of belongings and opening it to a certain page, keeping to myself as I read.

Dimly I hear the late bell ring.

I can hear the teacher sigh.

"Sora Hikari, how many times will I have to tell you to come in on time?" He sighs. I lift my eyes up to see a brunette with an eyebrow pierced and his lips curved into a mischievous grin, cerulean eyes laughing.

"Ah, but then that would make it boring, now wouldn't it, sir?" He asks, and he walks into class, taking the seat beside me.

His entire composure just about screams bad. My mom would have had a fit.

Thinking about my mother usually gets me in a depressed mood, so I return to my reading, not bothered by the presence beside me. The man at the front desk stands, gesturing to an overhead he's had on the whiteboard for a while. I look at it, closing the cover of the book without bother of putting a bookmark, taking out a well worn spiral notebook and a pen, and I start to jot them down.

I wonder how she's doing. I ask myself as I write down everything about DNA from the overhead. I hope she's happy where she is, without dad and I.

"Can someone tell me how many chromosomes a human has in one cell?" I hear one or two hands lift up, and I choose to ignore the question as I start to aimlessly doodle on my notebook. It's work we've reviewed already in my old school.

"Care to give it a try, Mr. Strife?" He asks. I look up at him, pencil hovering an inch from the lined paper.

"Fourty-six." I tell him gently, returning to my doodle. He makes a sound of approval.

"Can you explain what a cell is, and what a DNA is for?" He asks me. I sigh gently.

"A cell is a micro-organism which is the base of the mollecular structure of a living organism." I look up from my paper, hating the fact that I can never appear 'less than perfect' in front of people. "Dioxyribonucleic Acid is a code shaped as a double-helix that holds four nucleic acids; Adenine, Thyamine, Cytosine and Guanine." (A.N.: Ahah, I said the exact same thing to my science teacher. Was embarassed as hell when he said it was the best answer he'd gotten all day)I look back down to my doodles, scratching them out.

"Well put." He says, pacing the front of the room. "Now who can tell me..."

I slowly pack up as the bell sounds. The class quickly empties, and I notice that the boy sitting next to me is still there, looking at me. Waiting.

I look around myself, noticing that no one but he and I are left. I point my thumb at me, and, smirking, he nods. With my eyebrows creased I ask:

"Can I help you... uhh... Sora, was it?" I ask, picking up my binder. He shrugs, leaning a little forward and giving me a look of scruntiny.

"Hold on." He reaches and I flinch back instinctively, making him grin, but instead he removes my glasses. I raise an eyebrow. "You don't need glasses." He remarks.

"No... but I have to wear them for some reason." I say, taking them back, confusion leaking over, but no questions come to mind.

"Don't wear them." He says, grabbing his binder. He's easily half an inch taller than me. "They make you look funny."

"Are you going to make fun of me? Because if so, then I'll just go." I say once I get through the door of the class. There aren't many people around.

"Sorry." He shrugs. "I guess I can be a bit of an ass." He follows me, making me sigh as I stop by my locker. I open the door and place my stuff inside. "What brings you to Dusk City so late in the year?" He asks.

"My father got transferred." I say simply, closing the door again, holding a new binder, one for a High Litterature course.

"Oh, and one more thing..." He says as he leans against the lockers. I look over my shoulder at him, already on my way. I'd left my glasses in my locker. "I never caught your first name."

"Roxas." I say, turning back around and walking away from the freaky teenager who looks like the bad, but doesn't really have the attitude for it.

Could be just an image. I think to myself, going up the staircase to the second floor. Then again, he looks capable of killing a bird with his hands. There I go again, judging people. No wonder I never have any friends.

I sigh to myself as I reach the next class right as the bell rings, stepping inside. The woman sitting at the desk reading a novel see's me, and she smiles.

"You must be Roxas." She says with a kind smile. "There's really only one place left, and I hate to put a kid such as you with such a clean record there, but..."

"Let me guess." I say softly; I don't speak loudly to adults, really. "Sora sits there."

"How'd you know?" She asks as she gets up to write the day's plan on the blackboard. I sit down on the chair, sighing.

"Lucky guess." I think this will be one hell of a long day.

"Well, this is fairly boring now, isn't it?" I squeak, not really intending on making such a... girly sound but unable to help myself as I'm caught off-guard. All the books and papers I'd been holding drop from my hands and onto the floor, scattering.

"Gods, could you be any more frightening?" I snap a little irritably. I hate getting scared with a fiery passion. Sora simply shrugs, leaning against the lockers as I crouch on my toes to retrieve my papers. "You know, you could offer to help."

"It's more fun watching other people do it," he chuckles, and I frown to myself. "And besides, you seem like if you enjoy picking up things from the ground."

Behind me, someone snickers as they pass by. I stiffen, turning my eyes up to glare at him.

"What the fuck happened to the 'not an ass' you told me about earlier?" I demand harshly, stuffing a piece of paper littered with doodles into my binder quite roughly.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," he says casually, looking in front of him. I narrow my eyes, getting up and stuffing my things into the locker, slamming the door shut.

"Well, when you decide to stop being a jackass, come find me. I can't stand people who can't act how they want in public just because they're afraid of ruining their image." I see him flinch slightly as I glare at him, shouldering my backpack and turning around on my heels. I can hear him shrug off the lockers and follow me, but I hold back my tongue and ignore him.

I turn towards the little park by the school once I'm outside, finding a bench with a lot of shade and sitting down. I don't look at him as I put my bag beside me and unzip it, taking out a pencil, some paper, and my lunch. I bite down on my sandwich, drawing random things on the paper as I do so; I see him fidget out of the corner of my eyes.

"If you don't have anything worthwhile to say," I start, and he flinches again. "Then you can fuck off, Sora."

Instead of doing that, though, he sighs and sits on the bench beside me. I continue to ignore him.

"Look," he says, and I raise an eyebrow, not looking at him. "It's just that if I don't act that way in front of people, they..."

His voice fades into silence as I look at my doodles, most of them pretty insignificant, but one of them stands out a little. It's pretty dark and crude, but the shapes are familiar to me. And in the front...

"But I can see you really can't stand me, so I'll just go back to school, okay?" Sora gets up, and my hand snaps up and grabs his wrist. A startled yelp escapes his lips, and I turn my eyes to the school. A red car that was not there moments before is now parked in the front, and a man steps out.

"No!" I say hurriedly, and he stares at me in confusion. I look back to the man, and he disappears into the school. "No, why don't we go do something?"

He raises his eyebrows in disbelief, before roaring with laughter. I frown, letting go of his wrist and stuffing the papers and my pencil into my bag. My half-eaten lunch goes into the trashcan beside me.

"I never thought you would say such a thing - you strike me as such a goody-two-shoes." He chuckles, wiping tears from his eyes. He puts his hands on the backrest on either side of me, leaning towards me. "What's up, Roxy?~"

"Don't call me that," I say, frowning and putting my hands on his chest. I push him back, standing and shouldering my bag. "And stay out of my personal space."

"So cold," he pouts, flinching before giving me a shit-eating grin. "But really, why?"

I see another man step out of the car, carrying two excessively large gym bags and going after his buddy.

"Maybe if you show me you're not a jerk," I say, coming up with a quick lie. "I'll put up with your asshole attitude at school."

He smiles, following after me as I go in the opposite direction of the school. "So exactly what do you have in mind we do?" He asks, pausing beside me as I wait for the walk signal. "Unless you want us to get caught foxing."

"I don't know," I answer, looking at him. His lip piercing glints in the sunlight as he smiles wider.

"Somewhere secluded, I bet would be best," he says with a grin, tongue darting out to lick his lips. The small glint of a steel ball on his tongue flashes in my vision for a moment as he does so, before he retracts it. He notices me staring, and raises an eyebrow. "See something you like?" He asks. I huff, stalking down the road as the walk signal flashes.

He follows behind me, and I swear I can feel his grin. He's got a fucking tongue piercing... I wonder if he did it behind his parent's back...

"How many of those do you have, really?" I ask him, turning towards the town center, where there are many places to hide from the Disciplinary Comittee while skipping. "Those piercings, I mean."

"Seven," he chuckles, making my eyes go wide. "Two on each ear, one on my left eyebrow, one on my lip, one on my tongue."

"Here, I think this place is safe enough..." I say, walking towards the cinema. He mock gasps, making me pause and look at him skeptically.

"Roxy, I just met you and you're already taking me out on a date? For shame," he tsk's, making me stare at him in bewilderment.

"You moron!" I snap, glaring at him. "I just don't want... to get caught!" I say, faltering a moment.

"Sure, sure. You're paying." He grins, and I turn around before I decide to slap the boy. I instead walk up to the ticket booth, taking my wallet out of my back pocket and flipping it open.

"Two tickets, please." I ask stoically, and the woman looks up from the book she's reading. She silently hands me the tickets and I give her the money - twenty bucks, bloody vultures - before turning to Sora. I shove him his. "Here you go, asshole." I mutter.

"Why, thank you, Roxy!" He says, acting as if I've just given him a thousand dollars.

"Stop calling me that!" I snap, fuming. He laughs.

"You look cute when you're angry." I feel my cheeks heat up at that comment... such an embarassing statement, but he says it so casually.

"Fuck you," I mutter, stalking off without him. He keeps pace, his laugh following me.

To your grave I spoke,
Holding a red red rose.
Gust of freezing cold air
Whispers to me
That you are gone...

"What do you want?" I ask, trying to ignore him. Sora grins, his music blasting from the earbud hanging loosely, resting on his chest. The other one is securely in place in his left ear. I sigh.

"You know," he starts, looking to the sky and leaning back against the park bench we're on. I find myself unable to return to my book, so I snap it shut and stuff it back in my bag. I look at him. "There are a lot of people at school that are interested in you."

"That's impossible," I scoff, frowning. "I just transferred this morning."

"Not only girls, though. Some guys are curious, too." I choke on my breath as he says that.

"What? But I'm not-"

"One of the reasons I'm being so persistantly around you," he grins at his words. "Is because I overheard a few guys talking about stalking you... and if that didn't work, they'd resort to other things. They're scared of me."

You shouldn't, I think, looking to the sky as well. He looks at me. Everyone around me gets hurt.

Always, always asking questions
My life is overrated but I
Never, never expected that I
Underestimated my love for you

"And though you don't swing that way," he says, making me look at him. He holds my gaze. "They'd find a way... those three are a nasty trio."

"You sound like if you know them," I reply, breaking his gaze first. I look anywhere but at him, not wanting to hold that intense cerulean gaze anymore.

"I've done things I'm not proud of, yes." He says, frowning. The sky begins to change to a glorious pink hue as I watch it, marking the sunset. "Come on, Roxy, I think it's safe we leave."

I look at him as he stands up, offering his hand to help me up. I take it, not really there as he pulls me up. He laughs, a small and gentle laugh, not like the crude ones I've gotten used to all day. I blink at him, before taking back my hand and realizing that, by not paying attention, I was leaning on him slightly.

"Sorry," I say, beginning to walk towards the sidewalk. "I wasn't paying attention."

"You'd better rid yourself of that bad habit, Roxy~" He sings, coming into pace beside me.

To your grave I spoke
Holding a red red rose
Gust of freezing cold air
Whispering to me, you're gone.

"And why is that?" I ask, looking at him with an eyebrow raised.

"Because someone might do this to you," he chuckles.

Pushing me right into the large fountain to my left. I let out a yelp as the icy cold water meets my back, instinctively grabbing his arm and dragging him in with me as I try to find some leverage. He hadn't been expecting that as he falls with me, a curse falling from his lips.

"Fucking ass..." I growl, the breath knocked out of me. He groans, shifting and driving the air out of my lungs once more.

"That didn't go as well as I'd planned," he mutters, lifting his head up. He's lying on top of me, his arm still tightly held by my hand as I try to get my breath back. He looks at me, and I glare at him. "It's a nice position for you, though."

Heat finds my cheeks as my heart pumps fresh blood into them, and I let go of his arm, pushing on his shoulders to get him off. He chuckles.

"Now, that's not how it works, Roxy." He grins, finger running along my neck. My eyes narrow at him as my face combusts further.

"Get off!" I snap, pushing harder. He chuckles.

"I'm only teasing," he grins, pushing himself off me. He holds a hand to help me up, but I help myself up instead, glaring at him and trying to force down the blush.

Fucking ass.

"Did you enjoy that, by any chance?" He teases, leaning towards me as I try to wring the water from my shirt a little. New blood is pumped into my face as it gets redder.

"Fuck no!" I snap shakily, shaking the water from my hair.

"So then, why are you blushing?" He asks, grinning. I frown.

"Because that was embarassing!" I snap. That's what it was... don't get any idea's.

Always, always out of reach from my
Over-frustrated, shameful hands
And I never, never expected that I
Would ever, no never take for granted our prescious time.

"And now you got me all wet!" I finish, glaring at him. "Gods help you if you got my stuff wet..."

"How could you?" He gasps, grinning behind his hands. "Shout such a private thing, that is."

"You..." I grind my teeth, glaring at him. He laughs. "Mother fucker."

"You love me anyways, Roxy!" He laughs, putting his arm around my shoulders. I glare at him. It seems I'll be doing a lot of that with him around.

"I just want to go home," I mutter, shouldering my bag and shrugging his arm off. "Okay?"

"Hey, it was your idea to skip school in the first place, Roxy." He holds his hands up, before following after me.

"Stop calling me that!"

It's all his fault, I think to myself, mumbling incoherent words as I walk down the staircase. The insistant ringing of the goddamn doorbell continues as I make my way over. Because of his little 'trick,' I got a fucking cold.

I open the white double door, not looking out the window before doing so. My face falls as I see who it is, and I desperately try to close the door again.

"Fuck off!" I snap, my voice coming out odd because of my damn sticks his foot in the minute space between the door and the frame, stopping it from closing. "Don't you live something like five minutes from school? What the hell are you doing here, fifteen minutes away from your own goddamn house?"

"I had it in my heart to backtrack, so I could walk with you to school." He says, sounding genuinely hurt. "Wait... are you sick?"

"No fucking duh!" I growl. "Who's fault is that?"

"Look, I'm sorry about that," he says, making me falter in the pushing of the door. "I was honestly just teasing."

He pushes the door open a little bit, bringing me back to reality. I push hard on it.

"I don't fucking care! I'm still pissed off at you!" I say, clamping my eyes shut. Go away, just go away. You'll get hurt, like all the others.

He removes his foot, which makes the door slam shut. My teeth rattle as my back is jarred by the impact, since I was pushing at it with my back.

"Alright," he says gently, making me open my eyes. Why does he sound so hurt? "I'll see you around, Roxas."

I hear him begin to walk away. My thoughts go from About fucking time! to I'm being a jerk to him... pushing him away when I don't even know if he'll get hurt.

"Wait, Sora!" I call, opening the door. He's already almost across the street, but he pauses and looks behind him. That's right... I don't even know anything about him. Maybe he won't get hurt, like how mom did... and like Axel...

"What is it?" He calls back, piercings glinting in the sunlight.

"It's not that I forgive you," I start, walking out to stand on the sidewalk. He continues to look at me, and I put my hands into the pockets of my hoodie, a nervous gesture. "But I... ah, fuck."

"I get it," he says, smiling. It looks happy. "You're not mad."

"Not really, no..." A bad feeling creeps up my spine, and I instinctively look to the left along the road, where two cars are coming almost full-speed. One of them crosses the intersection as my smile fades, while its light is red, and hits the other car head on. What...? Just like in my dream...

"Fuck! Sora!" I shout, turning and just running. He didn't hear the crash, probably because of his ipod music - I noticed he'd put it full blast after trying to change the song by accident - and the car is skidding in his direction. I come up to him as he spots the car, his eyes widening just as I grab him by the waist and tackle him, sending us flying in the direction of the grass. We hit the grass just as the car skids by us mere inches from my legs, glass shards flying. Instinctively, I cover him as much as I can with my own body, feeling some glass fall on me, but he's spared from the big pieces.

It's just like before...

"Roxas?" Sora asks, shaking his head to clear it. "You're fucking insane! Don't you know that you could've gotten hit?"

"Don't you know that you could've died?" I snap back. He'll get hurt if he sticks by me. Like mom and Axel... he'll die.

"Are you okay?" He asks me. I quickly get up off of him, putting some space between us as I get up.

"No!" I shout, my eyes closing. I'll always be alone. "Stay... stay away."

I run back across the street, ignoring the car as the driver get's out of it perfectly unharmed, running back inside and slamming the door shut. I lean my back against it, the glass on my back having falled as I ran, before my knees give out and I fall to the ground.

To your grave I spoke
Holding a red red rose
Gust of freezing cold air
Whispers to me: You're gone.

"Roxas!" I hear from behind the door, and I realize then that I'm crying; tears are falling, and without wanting to I hiccup, my eyes closing as I hide my head between my knees.

"Please, just go away!" I plead, shaking. Why was it me...?

"At least tell me why!" He demands.

"You'll get hurt!" I cry out, hands clutching my legs tightly. Like everyone else...

"Roxas!" He shouts, hand thumping on the door once. I don't relpy.

Spent a lifetime of holding on
Just to let go
I guess I'll spend another lifetime
Searching for a new hope...

I think I fell asleep, because I wake up to choking on my breath, a small habit of mine when I wake up. My eyes feel heavy from the tears and my face feels red. Something cold is pressed against my forehead, too. I sit up with a groan, putting my hand to the washcloth over my forehead.

"I hope you won't mind..." I look to my left, and Sora smiles gently at me. "I heard something fall over, so I got worried. When I opened the door, you had fallen asleep."

I remain silent, looking to the washcloth as I hold it to my hand. The couch suddenly feels to comfortable to me in the silence.

"People get hurt when they're around me," I say gently, almost silently. He looks at me. "I don't want others..." I don't want another death on my conscience.

I cry out in pain as he hits me on the shoulder, looking at him.

"You fucking moron." He snaps lowly, taking me aback. He hasn't really been harsh to me. "I don't give a flying fuck in space about that. I'm worried about you, though. You know why it happens, and I won't leave until you tell me why."

"Then get used to it," I say, clipping the words. "I don't want to fucking tell anyone my deepest secret. You'd call me a fucking insane kid who needed help."

"I'm not leaving you alone until I get it out of you, then," he growls. "No matter what I have to resort to." He glares at me, and I'm taken aback by the resolve in his eyes.

Gods, is he... my cheeks flame as he keeps staring at me like that. Fuck no...

To your grave I spoke
Holding a red red rose
Gust of freezing cold air
Whispering to me you're gone.

"You had a reason why you didn't want to go back to school yesterday," he continues. "There was a shootout there yesterday. And today, you wanted me to leave rather badly. You know something, and I want to know what it is." He growls these last words lowly, leaning towards me like a cat prowling after a mouse. I instictively lean back a bit, my back hitting the backrest. "No matter what it takes."

Spent a lifetime of holding on
Just to let go
I guess I'll spend another lifetime
Searching for a new hope...
A new hope...

He continues to stare at me in that predetorial way, inching closer. I snap my eyes shut, turning my head away.

"I... I can't tell you!" I say desperately, more than anything wishing he'd back off. I can feel my heart beating erratically. "The last person I told thought I was a freak! I begged my father to relocate after I did!"

He pauses, breathing gently. I can feel his breath ghosting over my skin, raising goosebumps.

"You're the only person who's been persistant to be my friend in a long time..." I say gently, opening my eyes and looking to the beige pillow. After Axel... "And I can't afford to have your pain rest on my conscience like theirs! There's only so much more I can take... I'm scared to trust fate now... so please," I breathe, shaking. "Just leave..."

A new hope...

"I can't do that," he mutters, and I snap my head to look at him, which brings me literally three inches from his face. Our noses almost touch.

"I can't afford to watch another person die, Sora!" I shout, tears threatening my eyes. "They died and it was slow, and all I could do was watch!"

"So fucking what?" He snaps back. "They died; okay! That doesn't mean that there won't be one person who won't die on you!"

"They all have!" I cry out, my tears spilling over. His eyes flicker.

"I still have to try!" He growls, his hands having found my wrists in my confision and gripping them tightly. "I have to!"

"What does it matter?" I ask desperately. "I'm used to being alone - I've been alone all along! So I don't give a fuck anymore! I'll die alone; I've accepted that!"

"I'm not accepting it!"

A new hope...

I hiccup as my tears pour - another annoying habit of mine - and cause me to jerk in his grip.

"I don't want you to get hurt, Sora. I don't know how, but you're important! I don't want you to get hurt!"

"If I was destined to have died on you, I would've died smothered by that car!" He snaps, shocking me into silence. "But no! You saved me from it! If that doesn't mean that I can survive, then I have no fucking idea what is!"

"I can't risk it, Sora." I whisper, closing my eyes. My entire body shakes.

"I can," he growls.

And he kisses me.

A new hope...~

My next hiccup dies out as he does that, his lip piercing digging into my lower lip as he puts a lot of force behind it. My eyes snap open, but his are snapped shut, and his hands on my wrists stop me from retaliating.

But I find myself unable to retaliate. Instead, I find my eyes closing and return his kiss shyly, hesitantly. He softens the kiss in return.

How can I be enjoying this? I'm not gay!

Fuck this.

He'd let go of my wrists as he did that, and I throw my arms around his neck, leaning into his touch and deepening the kiss. He smirks - typically Sora - and pulls back an inch.

"I thought you weren't gay," he says, grinning. I look at him.

"Shut the fuck up; I don't understand this as much as you do." I growl, making him chuckle. My cheeks feel very warm right now. "Just kiss me again."

This makes him laugh, but he complies.

"The reason why people are always in pain around me..." Roxas starts gently, hands wringing the hem of his shirt, which is crumpled a bit now. "It's because I was..."

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