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Misguided Rose

The woman stared up at the vengeful clouds. The gray slabs loathed the sunlight and struggled to slay the golden rays, while mocking the world below.

Her eyes narrowed in attempt to block out the rain that splattered across her face. The raindrops would slip through the cloud's fingers, idly spiraling downward in a dance to crash atop her face. The woman's eyes closed and her lips tinged upward almost into a smile. She loved the rain. It reminded her of herself. No control over where it went, or even how it got there. It was just pulled along.

The half smile faded back into an impassive expression as the rain hardened, slapping her back to reality.

The woman meandered along the sidewalk, her boots causing ripples within each puddle that didn't splash further up onto her exposed legs. Most people wouldn't dare to venture out in such rain, but those that were hurrying down the streets were wearing pants or carrying an umbrella unlike the woman. Her black shorts and hunter green tank under a navy blue trench coat allowed her to blend unnoticed.

Unnoticed. She preferred it to be that way. Sixteen months ago she would have rather pranced around in bright yellows drawing as much attention to herself as possible, but now it was different. It almost made her laugh. That was how it was with her these days.

Jade eyes flicked towards the people passing by. The woman's purple hair was plastered to her face making it difficult, but she studied those around her with such surreptitiousness that to them she was busy thinking of more important matters than the world around her.

A middle-aged woman was reprimanding her teenage daughter for walking out in the middle of their conversation. "Family doesn't just walk away! We listen to each other and care what the other person has to say! We don't just care about ourselves! This is a family!"

It doesn't huh? Skills that had been built from stone and honed to perfection had been prepared. The sorrow, anger, and confusion that should have ensued were replaced with a numbness before they could even reach the surface, leaving her in anticipation of something that would never come.

The rain continued its torrent of rage as her lolled backwards once again. Millions of tiny liquid drops seemed to slow as something flicked through memory's shadows. She nudged herself into the shadows to search for the disturbance as the rain was dismissed.

Smoke filled her nostrils from somewhere unseen. The meaningless clicking of a keyboard formed from the resonation of the rain. The sounds of a vid screen running unwatched echoed through the air taking her back. Someone was trying to muffle the sounds of their sobs.

Somewhere within the fog she could see a young red head desperately trying to fall between the cushions of the sofa as her tears streamed down her cheeks. Ed had noticed her eyes on her and began to type furiously at her computer in attempts to bring her mind away from the fallen.

The woman's memory shifted as a largely built man stepped out of the kitchen. She had been sitting next to the window staring out blankly at the endless expanse. He studied her before speaking "Even now your heartless, huh?"

She didn't even blink. The woman continued to stare out the window as the man continued on. "He's gone and all you can do is just sit there? You're not gonna cry? Are you really this cold?" Jet paused as if waiting for an answer, and when the man never received one his hands had grasped her shoulders shaking her. "Do you even hear me? Hell he can't even save your lazy ass anymore!"

She could remember staring at him for a moment, but she couldn't even begin to recognize the feelings that his words caused. Hell, she couldn't even remember what emotions felt like anymore.

Lightning lit up the sky as her cheek twinged. The man had slapped her across the face hoping to get a response, but all she could do was stare at him. She had stared at the man who at once she thought of as a father, and he had hit her.

There was a brief lapse of memory, but the next image to harass her was one of the young girl holding on to her arm. "Why not cry for Spike-person? Glad he's dead?"

The child had clutched her arm hoping for reassurance, but all the woman could do was scream at her. "I never said I was glad he's dead! You're putting words in my mouth! Why the hell do you always bother me! Go bother someone else for a change!" Ed had recoiled on to the couch, tears threatening to spill over once again. She had overreacted.

Jet hated her, and then Ed hated her. Hell even the damn dog hated her. When she had turned to walk away Ein leapt to her ankle sending a spark of pain along her nerves. Now the only feelings she could ever remember were that of physical agony.

She had never shed a tear for Spike Spiegal. She wasn't sure why, but somewhere within her she had a tiny feeling that he wasn't dead. Although she didn't care if he was alive. The woman didn't cry. She wouldn't cry. She couldn't cry.

The woman blinked, gazing around the flooded streets as people hurried by unaware of the monster amongst them. A monster. That's all she could be classified as. Her days as a bounty hunter ended abruptly along with her family and humanity so long ago. Now she had turned into a mercenary taking whatever jobs anyone was willing to give her, most of which were assassinating someone.

Her feet continued the motion they knew all too well. They carried her down the watery streets as her mind was elsewhere.

Once a few months back on a mission she decided to accept, the child of the man she had killed sat crying over her father's unmoving body. The tear stained eyes didn't move from her father but the quivering voice spoke more than words could ever explain. "You monster. How did it feel when you killed him? How did it feel?"

She never answered the girl but even now she knew the answer. She didn't. She didn't feel anything anymore. Bits and pieces here and there that managed to slip through the cracks in her walls that she had built, but nothing solid enough to force a reaction.

The woman she had once been had folded in on herself being covered by the emptiness. It made it easier that way. Her lips twinged upwards in a feral smile. She had commit mental suicide. There was little to nothing left of the woman she once was.

She forced her thoughts to return to the streets where water splashed against her boots. A hand reached up pulling her trench coat higher on her slender shoulders, relishing the warmth that it provided from the cold rain.

An item on display in a store window to her right caught her attention. Before she had a chance to look the item over, her eyes met gaze with two jade eyes. The woman stared at the reflection of herself in mirror behind the items. The navy blue coat that reached her ankles was an enormous contrast to her pale skin. The darkness of the coat seemed to fade her skin to an even lighter color than normal. Black hair was matted to her face in clumps. Her lean body had grown slightly more muscular than in the past, and her face was more severe. The features seemed lifeless. Her eyes were empty. She had once heard the eyes were a portal into one's soul. The two green orbs were hollow objects. They were soulless. She was soulless.

She was a misguided rose.

The woman couldn't remember where she had heard that term used before, but she guessed that it implied to her. The only time she allowed herself to bloom and trust, she had opened just in time for winter. She had been Shunned.

A sigh escaped her lips as she pivoted back to face the people passing her. It didn't matter to her what her eyes showed. She didn't care wether or not she had lost all emotions.

She liked what she had become.

In an uncaring corner of the world she stepped back into the rain, smiling faintly at the thought of what she had become. She was a soulless monster.

She was Faye Valentine.

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