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Summary: Ikuto Tsukiyomi is a rather wealthy businessman who traveled to a different part of Japan as a part of his job. When he did so, he finds Amu Hinamori a girl with strawberry pink hair and fox ears? What happens when he takes her home and makes her his "pet", but also finds out something very shocking later on? Rated M for a reason.

Note to the Readers: I had the urge to make another story. I wanted to try and write from past tense because I get confused when doing so this will be like my guinea pig experiment. Don't expect it to be that good, even though I usually hate it but the readers love it ._. anyways!

Pink. The color of love. Pink is the color that represents friendship, femininity, warmth, cotton candy, and soft, warm memories. I learned why I came to adore that color more and more years ago. I remember when I first met her, in an unfamiliar part of Japan that I was required to travel to. My career required us to meet in a different part of Japan; we looked for people to survey about what would be the perfect solution to finding their soulmates, and how they could meet them.

This currently still is the company I work for: however, I am the founder of this company. The company that creates a perfect soulmate for the community of this world. Not only do we ship in Japan, but also to different parts of the world. But first, it all started when I needed a new place to discuss with the other members of this company. And a certain girl with the aura pink, had just the right ignition in my brain for a new Hitoaino number. The different numbers signify the serial number given; each number stands for all the personality traits combined to create the perfect number for the person. Hitoaino is the general word for both genders of people with human-like qualities. The function just like the normal human would, and more. They excel with things beyond the normal functions of a human.

While I was traveling and surveying people around Hiroshima, a part of Japan that I was unfamiliar with, I found a very interesting kitsune. But not only was she a fox, she was also a human. This girl, I found out, was named Amu Hinamori. She was wandering the streets of Hiroshima, receiving odd looks. The reason being not only because she had strawberry pink hair, but also because she had fox ears and a fox tail. The main reason I stopped was not only because of the rare color of hair and fox ears and tail, but also because she was only wearing a sheer white blanket to cover her body. How could that be possible? I was puzzled too at the time.

The story was long and was very complex. This is how it went.

Thus the Story Continues: (Past PoV Ikuto):

I was walking down the streets of Hiroshima and gathering a variety of opinions from the people. Often times I would travel all around the world just to get a better idea of what the people look for in a lover. I bet you're wondering: you must be a player. No at the time I was a little bit mischievous, but I was not a player. I never fell in love with anyone until I met her.

"Um Excuse Me. Do you think you could spare some change for me? I don't have any money, and I didn't know that you needed money to get things." The girl said in a hushed voice while her face was bright red. I perused her figure carefully, she was gorgeous. I smiled brightly and extended my hand to her. "If you need a place to stay, you can stay with me." with that, she smiled brightly and nodded her head then said thank you.

With that, I led her through the streets of Hiroshima and went shopping for clothes for her. I then gathered all of my research and then returned to the hotel I was currently staying at during the time. I then made a hole in the back so her tail could be free from the back side. I did this to most of her clothes but some of them I just had her stick her tail in and hide it. Most of the time, I would have her wear jackets and wear the hood, so people wouldn't question why I have a girl that's half fox half human.

For the most part it was quite an odd relationship and she was very tempting for me. I was tempting to go over there and rip her clothes off and have my ways with her. But I knew I couldn't do that. At the point she was at, she was far too innocent to be doing those sorts of things. I later found out that she was abandoned at birth but was in a deep sleep for nearly her whole life. Since her mother had left her after finding out that she became pregnant with a man that was 60% fox and 40% human, she abandoned Amu. Amu was asleep for nearly her whole life, and only awakened after both the woman and the man died; both who had part in the birth of their daughter.

Strange, I know. But it was reality. Odd things happen everyday. You can't stop them, and you can't help but be intrigued in them. Yes I was very intrigued with her. I later learned that she was only a year younger than I; she was only twenty at the time. That meant no alcohol for her. Though she was probably too innocent for that too. That meant that at time, I was twenty one. In my opinion, this means you have reached full adulthood to it's fullest. Meaning not only can you have sex, but you can drink alcohol, smoke, and all the other things of life. Although I didn't smoke, or drink that often. The one thing that shocked me beyond belief: Amu had sharp teeth. I observed this very closely when one evening, we were eating dinner and her fang like teeth structures pierced into her grilled cheese sandwich. I quivered at the thought that those would be sharp enough to kill someone; stabbing it through someone's flesh and bones.

Amu looked at me with confusion visible within her face, but I just waved my hand back and forth as if to say: 'it's nothing'. We talked very often and the more I talked to her, the more freely we would discuss things.

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