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I briskly threw my shirt above my shoulders and onto the ground. My muscular, and rather well-toned chest was revealed. It was shown off rather nicely, and Amu could tell very well. I brought my lips up to hers and pecked them gently. I continuously kissed the small pinkette that was beneath my arms. I somehow managed to firmly hold onto her. I studied her facial expressions closely, of course, when I was done kissing her. Or at least for the time being. I brought my lips against her neck and trailed down to her collarbone, she let out a slightly shrill moan. Much to my satisfaction, my smirk grew wider.

I watched her face grow brighter by the seconds that passed us by. I loved it when she blushed, with her rosy cheeks bright red. "I-Ikuto a-ah!" she moaned out while arching her back. I quickly took off her shirt and looked at her bare stomach and her breasts that were concealed by her bra. I carefully unclasped the bra from the back and removed it, finally revealing to me her ample breasts. I'm guessing they're a size C or something.

I was stunned by her body which seemed as if it were glowing; radiating her beauty. I leaned down right next to her ear and whispered "You look gorgeous Amu"; words that seem to actually make a difference. I've seemed to learn something over a long period of time. This meaning throughout high school, elementary school, middle school, college, and etc. The main thing I learned was that 'Girls may not admit that they're beautiful, and deny it when they get complimented. However, if a boy tells them they're hideous, or ugly: it haunts them for a very long time'. Hence, I knew I had to be sensitive, of course: I wasn't lying when I gave her a compliment. She truly was, and still is, the most beautiful young woman I've ever met.

I leaned down closer to her body and brought my tongue up to her nipples. There, in all that glory, I played with it in my mouth. I had no reluctance as I fondled with her other breast in my other hand, while still playing with one of the nipples in my mouth. Amu arched her back and let out a long moan once again, her face growing more red by the seconds that passed. I found myself becoming more triumphant whenever she made sounds of pleasure. I then switched my position, and focused mainly on the right breast. However, I still groped the other breast, moving it in a spherical motion.

Amu seemed to be running out of breath, due to the fact that she was moaning so much at the time. I flicked my tongue across the nipple then made a circle pattern in sucking on her breasts. I finally retreated and returned back to her adorable face. I brought my lips up to hers and claimed the sweet prize I was yearning for. I got just what I wanted, and if not, more. Despite the fact that the two of us were running low on our ability to breathe occasionally, we still continued our make-out session. At first, we were just bringing our lips up together and repeatedly pecking. But as time progressed, my lips eventually dominated hers and they were able to seek an entrance.

My tongue was successfully able to thrust inside of her mouth and explore every crevice. Her kisses were as sweet as chocolate. Chocolate is my favorite- for ice cream, candy, and everything. I adored chocolate, and as of today: I still do. Together, we can be like strawberries and midnight colored chocolate. Like my midnight blue colored hair. In her mouth, I still heard; oddly enough, I also felt, her moaning. I retreated once again and began descending down to the nape of her neck. I tenderly kissed, then sucked on her neck leaving small, proprietary hickeys.

I then gave her kisses all the way down to her stomach and stared at her skirt. I quickly removed the skirt, due to the fact that I couldn't hold in my excitement. Her underwear was drenched, good signs. This told me that she was being turned on, and getting aroused from this all. Otherwise, it would have been pointless for me to be doing all these things to her. I felt the wet, cotton surface of her panties and I gently fingered her through her underwear. Even that caused her unable to suppress herself from moaning! Whenever she moaned, I felt myself getting more and more hard by the seconds.

Finally, I was unable to tease her anymore considering even I, myself, was getting impatient. I, with a simple movement, removed her underwear revealing her wet, bald vaginal lips. I brought a finger up to its entrance and merely stroked it, still finding myself teasing her. I don't know why, but I loved to tease her. It's so amusing. Leisurely, I entered my index finger inside of her pussy. At first, I stroke it very gently with a slow and steady pace. But as time progressed, I found my pace getting more brisk. As that happened, I commenced with adding more fingers for more enjoyment for her. It wasn't long until she came on my fingers and I was showing her all that came out, and licking the juices that squirted out. My head went down to lick her womanhood. I found it astonishing that I tasted a small amount of strawberries within her vaginal juices. This made me want to taste even more with a yearning lust.

As I licked every crevice, her moans started to get louder and she started squirming and arching her back with delight. "Ikuto~" she yelled out in bliss, much to my satisfaction. At first, my tongue was thrusting at a slow, steady pace. As this happened, I scavenged and found every crevice of her vagina. But as her moans got louder, I gave her what she was desiring, for me to go faster. Since I did this, she came much quicker than I expected she would. I rested my head on her chest, I remember her heart beating as fast as a cheetah running.

I looked at her with a sincere look; that in which is really rare, and it was very serious. "Amu, are you ready for this? If you want me to stop it's fine." I said with a small tinge of disappointment visible within my voice. She shook her head and merely said "Iieyo, Daijoubu. I'm ready. I trust you Ikuto." she said with a look of admiration in her voice. "I love you Amu." I said with a velvety voice. "I love you too Ikuto." She responded. "This is going to hurt a lot during the beginning, but I promise I'll be gentle." I said while starting to remove my pants and boxers.

As soon as I took all my clothes off, her eyes wandered toward my huge, erect dick. "Sugoi, so big" she murmured while staring. I positioned my cock in front of her small, tight entrance. I gave her a look that confirmed whether or not she was ready. She knew I was, and she nodded. With no rush whatsoever, I leisurely thrust my cock in her tight pussy. Her eyes winced and a tear fell from her face. "Are you okay, my love?" I said while stroking her face with adoration. She nodded and told me to continue. I did as she said. There's no point in stopping now, considering we've gotten this far.

I took extra precautions, making sure to give her the most infinitesimal amount of pain as I could. From what I could see, she was grasping onto the bed as if for dear life. I cautiously and tenderly held onto her petite body from underneath me, at the same time still slowly thrusting inside of her tight opening. My concern vanished as her eyes calmed down, and stopped wincing and she released a moan. I knew at that point that I didn't have to worry, or at least much. This caused me to start to quicken my pace by the seconds that passed by.

"I-Ikuto!" she stammered, due to the amount of moving that was happening. By this point, I was almost being too animalistic, going at an unbelievably fast pace. I checked her face for signs of pain, and there were none so I persisted. There were many traces of pleasure, still to my never ending satisfaction. My heart was possibly going faster than her heart was going not that long ago, or if not faster. "Amu!" I groaned out feeling myself coming close to my climax. "Ikuto! I'm going to cum!" she screamed out in response. "I think I am too!" I screamed, and I was proven correct as we both came right after I said that. I decided that this was our finishing point of sex. We've had enough for one day. It was probably too much for her, and I shouldn't have gone so fast.

I rested my head on her chest, hearing her heartbeat- seeing our synchronization of breathing. I also think our heart rate was along the same wavelength. "Aishiteru Amu." I said with heavy breathing. "I love you too Ikuto." She responded while we then fell asleep in each others arms.

It was at this point, that I knew that I would be sure to make her mine forever. I loved her more than anyone could know, and the future foretold what would happen.

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