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I have to give warnings for this one; warnings for non-con, male/male sexual intercourse and torture. If you don't like that sort of thing, I suggest you go back. But if you like it, feel free to read. :)

The pairings for this one are Zagi/Yuri and Flynn/Yuri. Sorry, Yuri...

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You are the light that drives away my darkness

Chapter 1

And into the darkness I fell…

And into the darkness I fell…

Is there no way out of this hell that threatens to devour me?

It had been one year now that Brave Vesperia fought to save the world from the catastrophe known as the Adephagos. Despite having lost all the Blastia, the people were trying to get by with the help of the guilds and the empire. The skilled mages, with the much needed help of one Rita Mordio, were slowly but surely developing a new technology using the new source of power known as Mana.

The members of Brave Vesperia had split up after the battle was over. Raven had gone his way to help rebuilt the Union along with Harry after the Don's death had left it in utter confusion. Estelle had gone back to the castle, pouring her all into writing stories of her travels with Brave Vesperia and standing next to the emperor Ioder as his special advisor. As for Rita, she stayed in Halure, helping the mages in the mana research. Judith left the party to travel the world with Ba'ul, helping the people in need all over the world.

As for Yuri, Repede and Karol, they continued taking on various jobs for Brave Vesperia, going from body guarding to treasure hunting. With the lack of barriers to protect them from the monsters, many people were requesting the help of guild members for protection. Brave Vesperia was no exception.

The little group had just finished escorting a group of merchants to Halure when Yuri asked Karol if they could stop by Zaphias to take a break. Karol immediately agreed. He was eager to see Estelle after such a long time travelling and taking random jobs. Yuri also had a reason wanting to stop by Zaphias, though he wouldn't tell anyone.

He hadn't seen Flynn in ages and he missed the commandant. Despite all their bickering, he really liked his childhood friend. They had gone through many hardships on the journey to save the world and if anything, their friendship had grown ever deeper than before. Yuri knew that, and if he wasn't lying to himself, he would realize that his feelings for the blonde soldier ran deeper than that even. But he wasn't about to admit that to himself. Yuri knew he had no right to stand by his side. He wasn't worthy of Flynn. That is why the black haired man didn't want to admit his feelings. Because he knew that he would only get hurt in the end, when the right person would come in.

For the time being, he was just happy entering Flynn's office by the window to get him away from his duties and hear him yell after him in mock anger. He was just happy to see his genuine smile after he scolded Yuri.

It was with these thoughts in mind that he led the way to the capital, paying little attention to Karol's mindless babbling. They were about halfway between Halure and Deidon Hold when Yuri noticed that night was almost upon them. Yuri stopped suddenly and Karol almost bumped into him. "What's up, Yuri?" He asked questioningly. Yuri smiled gently at him while motioning to the darkening sky. "It will be dark soon. We'd better set camp here. I wouldn't want to be caught traveling in the dark."

Repede let out a bark in response and Karol agreed with him. They decided to stray from the highroad and established camp in the forest near there. As soon as they set camp, Karol dropped to the floor with a heavy sigh. "Man, I'm beat!" Yuri finished lighting up the fire before sitting down himself on a tree trunk. "Yeah, me too. We beat some nasty monsters out there."

Normally, those monsters would have been nothing, but they didn't have their bodhi Blastia anymore. Fighting monsters had become much more difficult for the group.

Repede went to settle next to Yuri and his owner petted him on the head. "At least we'll be able to rest once we arrive at Zaphias." Yuri commented and Karol nodded. "Yeah. Hey, it's been a while since we've seen Estelle and Flynn. I wonder how they're doing." The young man asked, seeming somewhat worried.

Yuri chuckled softly. "Well, I'm sure Estelle is running around the capital, healing all the people who are hurt. And Flynn must be doing nothing but paperwork due to his new rank. I wouldn't worry about them. But it would be nice to drop by and say "hello"."

Karol was about to respond something when Repede suddenly shot up and turned around, growling menacingly. This alarmed the two companions and they got swiftly to their feet.

Yuri pulled his sword out, waiting for the enemy to appear.

Something suddenly shot up from the bushes and Yuri lifted his weapon just in time to parry the blade that had been thrown at him.

"Who's there? Show yourself!" Yuri yelled at their unknown attacker. He heard the rustle of leaves and froze when he saw someone far too familiar emerging from his hiding spot.

"It's been a while, Yuri. Missed me?" Zagi's demented face was smiling cruelly at him. Yuri couldn't hide his surprise, seeing this man standing before him. The man that they had buried alive in Tarquaron a year ago. "Zagi? Persistent, aren't you? How did you survive that fall?" Yuri asked the assassin. The latter's grin only grew larger. "It doesn't matter. What does matter is that I'm here to kill you, Yuri! You won't be getting away alive this time!" He yelled while rushing towards Yuri. The young man lifted his weapon and protected himself from the blow. The strength of the attack almost had him stepping backwards. That's when Yuri realised they were in trouble. Zagi was still as strong as he was the last time they had clashed; only this time he didn't have that strange Blastia anymore. His twisted arm was no more, now replaced by what seemed to be a mechanical arm. But Yuri wasn't as strong as he was a year ago. He had his bodhi Blastia to thank for his strength, which wasn't Zagi's case.

It wasn't looking too good.

Karol suddenly appeared in Yuri's field of vision, coming onto Zagi from the side. The assassin wasn't fooled, however. Using his second blade, he deflected Karol's attack and kicked him away. Yuri tried to take advantage of the distraction and strike Zagi, but he was too late. Zagi brought his second blade towards the young man and he barely avoided to be gravely wounded. The blade only scratched his arm, making him bleed lightly.

Yuri made a few steps backwards, clenching his bleeding arm. Zagi lifted his bloodied weapon towards his face and licked the blood away. "Hum, yes... I'll make you bleed and beg for mercy..." The assassin whispered darkly and Yuri couldn't help the shiver of fear that ran through him. He had never been afraid of Zagi before, but then again, Yuri had never been at a disadvantage against him. But now, he clearly was in trouble. He had to think of something...

Just as he was thinking of what to do, Repede took that time to rush towards the assassin and his fangs sank into Zagi's arm. The latter screamed in frustration and the fist of his free hand landed on the dog, who released his fangs enough for the assassin to slip away.

"I should have known you friends would get in the way again. I have no choice but to use this, then..." Zagi said while taking out a rounded object that Yuri had never seen before. Zagi threw it towards them and when it hit the ground, the sphere opened and a gas seeped out from the openings. "Wh-what's that?" Karol yelled and stepped backwards to get away from the object. He didn't see the tree root and as his ankles collided with it, the young man tripped and fell backwards.

Yuri swore and as he rushed to Karol, he saw Zagi activate a second device, different from the other. The device projected a golden transparent wall around the three companions. He didn't have time to wonder what it was. He reached Karol and pulled him to his feet quickly. Before Karol could place a world, the swordsman pushed him roughly away from the direction the gas was leaking from. "Run, quickly! We can't win this!" He yelled to his friend. It was then that he inhaled the gas for the first time. Yuri choked and covered his mouth and nose with his hand. He didn't know what the gas was for, but it couldn't be good. He started getting dizzy, but he still forced himself to move towards Zagi. He had to stop him now before it was too late. He ran towards Zagi, who was standing outside the golden wall with a huge smile plastered on his face. Yuri slashed forward at Zagi, but the latter didn't move a muscle. A loud sound was heard as Yuri's sword clashed against the golden wall. The swordsman swore as he finally realized that the wall was in fact a barrier. But how did Zagi put his hands on such things?

The assassin burst out laughing, much to Yuri's anger. "See for yourselves the new technology being currently researched by the mages. I just stole some of their prototypes. This is a barrier made by pure mana and the gas ball is made to suppress enemies by making them lose consciousness. I'll just wait here until you are all defenseless."

You coward! Yuri wanted to yell to the assassin, but he couldn't risk inhaling the gas. Suddenly, something caught Zagi's attention and he turned his head to the side only to see Repede dash towards him once more.

This time, Repede latched at Zagi's hand and bit him, making him drop the device that was generating the barrier. Before the assassin could do anything, Repede broke the device with a swift slash from his dagger. The barrier faded into nothingness.

But it was too late for Yuri. He had already inhaled too much of the gas and his vision was getting blurry. He frantically searched for any sign of Karol and sighed in relief seeing the boy seemed to be okay. Just as he felt his consciousness falter, knowing that at least Karol and Repede could get away safely, he smiled to his dog. « Thanks, Repede. Nice... work..."

As he said these words, Yuri lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

"Yuri!" Karol yelled and ran to his friend. Meanwhile, Repede lashed again at Zagi and bit his leg this time. "Goddamn mutt!" Zagi yelled and shook Repede off with a strike of his blade. The dog let out a whimper as he was thrown into the air and his body crumbled against a tree. A piece of Zagi's pants stayed trapped inside Repede's mouth.

Karol saw Repede being knocked out and knew he was now their only chance of survival. He stood up from his place besides Yuri and lifted his weapon in front of him, defying Zagi.

Zagi took slow steps towards him, smiling devilishly.

"Bring it on, you piece of crap!" Karol yelled and dashed towards Zagi, intending on landing a fatal blow on him.

Zagi had anticipated the blow. He lifted his right hand and Karol saw a moment too late what he was holding. A second barrier device. Zagi activated it right when Karol was upon him. When his axe it the barrier, the force of the impact had Karol's weapon thrown back against him, hitting him dead on the head. Karol fell on the ground, stunned by the strength of the impact.

When he came to and his eyes searched for Zagi, his heart skipped a beat. Zagi had lifted the still unconscious Yuri halfway up by his arm and he was holding a blade to the swordsman's throat.

"Yuri! Let him go, you coward!" Karol said desperately. He was about to run towards them when Zagi's voice stopped him. "Don't move or I'll slit his throat and let you watch his blood drip on the floor." That warning was enough to make Karol freeze in place. He tried to think of a way to get Yuri safely back with him, but he was coming short on ideas.

He heard a menacing growl besides him and looked down to see Repede back on his feet, growling at Zagi. The assassin chuckled like a madman. "Well, I'll be taking my leave. I have a few bones to pick with your leader here. Don't worry, though. I'll send his corpse back to you once I've finished." Horror rose into Karol as he watched Zagi throw another device on the ground. This time, when it collided with the ground, black smoke seeped out of it and clouded their vision. Karol was forced to close his eyes and covered his nose and mouth. Several seconds after, he opened his eyes only to see that Zagi and Yuri were nowhere to be found anymore. They were gone. Panic overwhelmed the young man. "Yuri! Yuri!" He screamed, knowing he wouldn't get any answer. Zagi had kidnapped him. And he had no clue where he was. He fell on the ground, feeling miserable.

It was his entire fault. If Yuri hadn't protected him, inhaling the gas, he might still be with them. Karol felt guilty. And now, he didn't know what to do or where to begin searching for Yuri.

What was he supposed to do?

A sharp tug on his sleeve had him look at his right. Repede was biting his sleeve, pulling him towards him. "Repede! I'm sorry, it's all my fault. I'm sorry."

The warrior dog growled in annoyance and pulled on his sleeve with more strength. He pulled Karol until he had no choice but to sit up. "Ow, Repede, stop it! What's the matter?" At his words, the dog released his sleeve and ran towards the west, only to come back to Karol and bark insistently. Karol was confused. "Are you trying to tell me... you know where Yuri is?" Repede barked cheerfully and Karol felt hope burst into him. It was only for a second, though. His expression darkened. "But even if we know, we're not strong enough to take Zagi on right now... We need help..." He whispered hopelessly. Repede whined, seemingly at a loss too.

Suddenly, Repede barked again, making Karol jump slightly. "Repede?" Yuri's dog mimicked his earlier action, only this time he was showing Zaphia's direction. "Zaphias? What could..."

Suddenly, Karol's eyes lighted up with understanding. "Flynn! Flynn could help us get back Yuri! Let's go, Repede!" He exclaimed and they rushed in the direction of the capital.

Yuri awoke slowly at the feeling of fingers grabbing his chin none too gently, shaking his head roughly. "Hmm..." Yuri moaned in pain as he felt his heart pound into his head. He didn't want to open his eyes for he knew his headache would only worsen. But an insistent jerk of his chin had him open his eyes in annoyance. But once he recognized the face hovering above him, his annoyance melted away to be replaced by a dreadful feeling.

Zagi was smiling cruelly at him from above, his hand still clutching his chin.

The memories all came back to him. Heading to Zaphias with Karol and Repede, being ambushed by the crazed man... And even though Yuri didn't know where he was, one thing was clear in his mind; he had been kidnapped. And when all of his senses came back to him, that fact was made even clearer to him. His back was resting against a cold stone wall. He couldn't move his arms and he lifted his eyes only to see his wrists securely tied to a lamp holder above his head with a piece of clothing.

All in all, it wasn't looking too good for Yuri, but he managed to keep his calm. Panicking in his situation wouldn't do him any good. Instead, he looked angrily at Zagi. "What's the meaning of this, Zagi? Where are we?" He asked coldly, shaking his head to get Zagi's fingers off him.

Zagi made a step backwards, spreading his arms widely. "Welcome to my hideout, Yuri. Don't you recognize the place? You and I once battled here not too long ago." He said cheerfully like his clash with Yuri was the best thing that could have happened in his life. But Yuri dismissed the thought and looked at the room where he was kept captive. His eyes made out the design of the room despite the darkness and he finally recognized the place.

Tarquaron. The flying city had fallen after the destruction of the Adephagos, but its remains had stayed on the ground where Aspio had been before. Zagi had been hiding here all this time?

Zagi began pacing slowly in front of his captive, playing with one of his blades at the same time. "As for your other question, you're here to entertain me. It should have been obvious." The assassin said with a devilish glint in his eyes. His comment left Yuri confused. "I thought you lived to kill me. What do you hope to obtain by kidnapping me? I hope you're not thinking of asking for a ransom, are you?" The swordsman mocked the assassin, trying to gain some time. While he was talking, he began trying to loosen the tie around his wrists, but found it too securely tight. But with some time, he might be able to...

He was startled when the blade Zagi had been holding flew towards his head to finish his course in the wall beside his face. His lifted his eyes to Zagi's face only to notice the smirk was gone, replaced by a disappointed expression. "Oh, don't get me wrong. I do plan to kill you later. But not yet. You disappointed me back there, Yuri. I thought you would have put up more of a fight. And after I had gone to the trouble of recovering for a whole year to fight you again."

Yuri smirked at his captor. "Sorry about that. I wasn't really in the mood to be fighting a crazed, psychopathic assassin. I hope you won't hold it against me." Yuri was trying to piss him off, to make him lose his control. It could give him the occasion he needed to escape. So he waited for the anger to take over Zagi's features.

He was surprised when he saw Zagi's smile return. The latter squatted in front of him to be eye level with him. This time, he grabbed a fistful of Yuri's hair, keeping his head lifted towards his. "Brag all you like, Yuri. It won't change what I'm about to do to you. I'll take my time with you, to make up for your poor excuse of a fight. And you can be sure no one will come for you here." Yuri stayed silent this time, unsure of what Zagi had in mind. Zagi leaned towards Yuri and whispered in his ear before nibbling his earlobe. "First, let's see if you can pleasure me." And to demonstrate his words, he grabbed Yuri's hips and grinded his pelvis into Yuri.

This time, Yuri had to bite down on his lip to keep himself from jerking away in fear. Zagi's intentions couldn't be more obvious now. But Yuri wouldn't lie down and take it without a fight. He lifted one of his legs and kicked Zagi square in the stomach. The assassin made a few steps backwards under the strength of the impact. Yuri glared at him. "So that's it, huh? You kidnapped me for this? For a quick fuck in a dark room? Bring it on then. I'll fight you with all I have. I'll never yield to you for as long as I live." His words dripped with conviction and Zagi smirked in response. He made a step forward and Yuri lifted his leg to kick him again. But Zagi had anticipated his move this time. He caught his ankle in one hand, preventing him from striking him. Before Yuri could try anything else, Zagi had kneeled between his thighs, spreading them wider. Zagi grabbed the hair at the base of Yuri's head and tilted his face towards him. "Someone's got a foul mouth. We'll see if you can put it to a better use." And before Yuri could say anything, he felt the assassin's lips roughly cover his own.

Yuri wanted to scream and push himself away from this man, He wanted so badly to be away from this disgusting touch, but he wouldn't show any sign of fear to Zagi. He had to, or he feared he would shatter and lose his sanity.

When he felt a tongue demanding entrance into his mouth, Yuri stubbornly kept his mouth shut. Zagi growled with annoyance against his lips. His hand moved from his hair to his jaw, forcing his mouth open and he pushed his tongue between Yuri's lips.

Yuri didn't think twice about biting the offending tongue. A sense of satisfaction burst into him as he tasted a bitter taste on his own tongue. Zagi pulled away quickly and his fist collided strongly with Yuri's jaw. The pain exploded into Yuri's mouth as his face flew to the side. Damn, that hurt. But the swordsman would rather take the pain rather than the feel of Zagi on him. So he decided to taunt him more. He spit the blood in his mouth on the ground and turned his face towards Zagi, smirking at him. "Oh, is that all you got? How disappointing."

Much to Yuri's dismay, it wasn't anger that flared in the assassin's eyes, but something else that Yuri couldn't describe. Zagi pulled a knife from his pocket and lifted Yuri's chin with the tip of the blade. "A little fierce and wild, aren't you? I like it just like that. The more you struggle, the more you excite me." He whispered against his captive's face. Yuri showed no sign of being affected by Zagi's words. So what are you waiting for? He'll rape you no matter what you do! Just stop struggling and it'll be over sooner! Yuri's internal voice yelled in his mind, but he refused to listen to it. He couldn't do that. He wouldn't be able to take it.

He suddenly felt a pair of lips on his neck, kissing his skin tenderly and deceitfully before teeth sank painfully in his neck, drawing blood. He felt a sharp tug at his shirt and before he knew it, Zagi had torn it open with his knife and threw it to the side. "Hum, you taste good..." Zagi whispered against his skin as he licked the blood that seeped from the wound. He felt Zagi's lips wander lower over his torso, leaving more bloodied marks. Yuri's nails sank into the palm of his hands as he tried to stay still. He closed his eyes and turned his head away, trying to block out the situation that was happening.

His eyes shot open and he jerked slightly when a hand slipped inside his pants and closed around him. Get away from him! Don't let him touch you! His mind screamed to him and Yuri wanted so much to do it. He wanted to throw up. It disgusted him that Zagi was touching him in a place no one had before. But what disgusted him even more was that he liked it. He knew it was a normal reaction, but he couldn't stop feeling ashamed of himself. Pleasure was coursing through his veins at each stroke of the assassin's hand and he had to bite his lip until it bled to suppress his moans. Zagi stopped biting at his torso and went up to lick the blood away. "You like that, don't you? Let me hear you moan like a whore. I want to see you writhe and beg for more." Yuri smirked at him with a confidence he wasn't sure he had anymore. "You fucking pervert. Like I'd do that! Not in a million years!" And he spat right on Zagi's face. The latter wiped it away, not seeming offended in the least. "We'll see about that." He answered and Yuri felt his pants and underwear being tugged down his legs. He forced himself not to close his eyes and looked Zagi in the eye in defiance. He fought against the feeling of shame and vulnerability that washed over him for being bare in front of his enemy.

Zagi lowered his head and the next thing Yuri knew, wet warmth closed around him. Yuri turned his head quickly and bit his arm to muffle the moan that escaped his throat. He tried to move his leg to do something, anything, but Zagi held his thighs in a bruising hold. Yuri closed his eyes, refusing to see what Zagi was doing to him. Feeling it was already enough. How could you like what he's doing to you? Maybe you really are a whore... He made a sound of protest, muffled against his arm. The pleasure was mounting too fast as Zagi's mouth was working on him. He felt disgusted and ashamed as his hips bucked once to have more of that feeling. He couldn't fight it. He could almost feel Zagi smile around him.

Suddenly, his eyes snapped open as his pleasure reached its peak. His back arched and he muffled a scream as he spent himself inside Zagi's mouth. Yuri felt his cheeks flare up in shame and refused to look at Zagi, knowing he would see his victorious smile. He heard a belt being opened and his heart sank at the realization of what was to come next. There really was no escaping it. This man was going to rape him. He felt hands on his thighs again, spreading his legs further apart and something hard rubbed against his entrance. One of Zagi's hands grabbed his chin and turned his face towards him. "Now, if you behave I might take you more gently. The choice is yours to make." Do it! You won't escape it, anyway. Yuri knew it would be the best course of action. He threw a look of pure hatred to Zagi. "Never. I'll never give myself willingly to the likes of you." Zagi smiled cruelly. "As you wish."

Lifting Yuri's hips, he pushed himself forcefully inside him in one fast trust. Yuri screamed in pain as the assassin tore at his insides. His muscles clenched around him, trying to push him out. It hurt so much he could barely take it. He wanted him out now. Yuri grabbed the cloth around his wrists, trying to push himself up and away from Zagi. Seeing this, the latter grabbed his hips and kept him there as he rammed into his unwilling body. Yuri screamed once more in agony. Was it supposed to hurt this much? He felt Zagi's member rub his insides raw. He couldn't take this... Zagi was panting near his face and groaning in pleasure. "Hum, your body is so tight... it feels so good." Yuri wanted to throw up as bile rose in his throat. "Fuck you, you bastard!" He managed to say in a pained voice. Enough, I can't take this! Make him stop! But Zagi wouldn't stop. His trusting picked up a faster pace as blood lubricated Yuri's passage, making penetration easier. Yuri's body shook with the strength of Zagi's trusts as he impaled him repeatedly on his member. He closed his eyes, trying to block the sensations of being violated by his enemy.

Suddenly, his mind made up the image of someone and he froze, mortified. In his mind came the image of Flynn, smiling gently at him. His friend, as well as the one he secretly held strong feelings for. He saw his smile fade only to be replaced by an expression of disdain and disgust. This hurt Yuri so much he wanted to cry. He wasn't worthy of him now. Here he was, being fucked by another man against a cold wall. A man that was taking everything good from him, everything he could have offered Flynn. Dirtying him. Breaking him. Zagi let out a long moan and spilled himself inside of Yuri, who only whined in protest. After a few seconds, Zagi slipped out of Yuri, leaving the swordsman with a hollow feeling and a shameful expression. Yuri grimaced when he felt blood and semen seep out of him and along his thighs. Zagi turned his face towards him and stole his lips in a possessive kiss. Yuri didn't have the strength to fight it this time. He could taste himself on Zagi's tongue and wanted to throw up. When the assassin pulled back, he smiled devilishly as Yuri turned his face away. "Thank you, Yuri. Your body was quite delectable. I think I'll keep you alive for a little longer. You have your uses." He then burst out laughing, seeing the desperation on Yuri's face. Just kill me already! He wanted to yell this to the assassin, but he knew that it was what he wanted. He wouldn't give him the satisfaction.

Zagi was still laughing like a madman as he left the room, leaving Yuri naked and shivering against the wall.

Karol and Repede arrived at the capital soon after noon. They didn't waste time and made a straight path to the castle. The soldiers let them in with a curious glance. They first went to Flynn's room, but seeing he wasn't there, they went and asked a soldier. The man told them he was currently in the council room. Karol thanked him and they made their way to the council room. When they arrived in front of the room, Karol and Repede were stopped by Sodia, who was guarding the entrance. When she saw them, she motioned them to stop. "Stop right there. You can't go in there as you please."

Karol threw her a pleading look. "But we need to see Flynn! It's really important! Please!" Karol exclaimed with desperation. Sodia stood unwavering in front of the doors. "I understand as much, but I still can't let you through. The commandant is in the middle of an important meeting. He can't be disturbed. I can tell him you've come to see him once they are finished."

Karol's expression became pleading. "But –"

"What's going on here, Sodia?" A familiar voice sounded from behind Sodia as the doors to the council room opened and Flynn slipped out of the room.

"Flynn!" Karol exclaimed, running to the commandant. Flynn looked at him with surprise. "You're Yuri's friend. Karol... was it? And Repede is here too?"

Sodia turned to Flynn and bowed respectfully. "Sir, I was about to tell them to wait until the meeting was over. They want to talk with you."

Confusion painted Flynn's face, but before he could say anything, Karol grabbed his arm. "It's about Yuri! He's in trouble and we need your help!"

As soon as Yuri's name was mentioned, Flynn's face became plagued with worry. "Yuri? Tell me what happened."

Karol nodded and began to tell of what happened. "We were on our way to Zaphia when we were ambushed by Zagi. He's an assassin that's been constantly following Yuri around during our journey. We thought we had killed him in Tarquaron when we defeated the Adephagos a year ago, but he survived! He attacked us yesterday. Yuri, he... he put himself in danger to save me from getting harmed. Zagi managed to get away with him!"

Flynn's heart began to beat faster in his chest. He knew something like this would happen someday. Yuri was too selfless for his own good. It was his biggest quality, but also his biggest weakness. Flynn closed his eyes in unrest. He just hoped it wasn't too late to save Yuri. The thought of losing him was too horrible. He forced his train of thoughts to a stop. He wouldn't achieve anything by worrying over this. He had to have faith in Yuri. He had to be alive...

"And after I told him so many times to not be so reckless! Do you know where that Zagi character took him?"

Before Karol could say anything, Repede walked past him and stopped before Flynn, barking insistently. Flynn dropped to his level. "What's the matter, Repede?" Repede barked again and this time, Flynn noticed something was stuck in his mouth. "What's this?" He asked and took it to see it was a piece of clothing. "Is that the assassin's...?" Repede barked again and Flynn took it as a yes.

Flynn felt the grip on his heart loosen its hold as hope of finding Yuri wasn't all lost. The commandant patted Repede's head. "Good job, Repede. With this, we'll be able to track them down." Karol looked questioningly at Flynn. "Does that mean...?" He trailed off and Flynn nodded. "Yes. I'll be accompanying you. Wait for me at the castle's entrance. I have to get a few things ready and then we'll be on our way. We don't have a moment to lose."

"Okay!" Karol said before running towards the entrance with Repede at his trail.

"Commandant!" Sodia protested and Flynn turned to her, his face bearing a serious expression. "Sodia, I need you to replace me while I'm gone. I'm counting on you." He said before turning away towards his private chambers.

"But Sir! You can't be serious! You can't possibly be running after that criminal!" This time, Flynn stopped dead in his tracks and turned to his second in command. Someone who didn't know him like Sodia did wouldn't have seen the subtle clenching of his jaw or the spark of anger in his ocean blue eyes. "I thought I already told you, Sodia. It is not one of your duties to discuss my personal affairs." His tone wasn't harsh, but Sodia knew he was annoyed. He had little patience with her since she told him of that accident. Not that she blamed him...

She bowed respectfully to Flynn. "My apologies, Sir. I'll take care of things in your absence."

"Thank you." Flynn said in response, resuming his walk to his room.

Sodia's heart clenched painfully. She knew it would come to this. Whenever Yuri was mentioned, her commandant abandoned all duties to give his attention to him only. She knew what it was about and her heart was bursting with jealousy. Yuri was special for Flynn. She could see it as plain as day. The way the commandant always reserved his most gentle and caring smiles only for Yuri; the way he was always scolding him; the way his eyes followed him until he was out of his sight... Sodia realized all that and that was why she tried to kill Yuri one year ago. And driven by her guilt, she had told Flynn of what she had done a couple of months later. He hadn't fired her, but it could have been better if he did. Instead, she had witnessed for the first time the intensity of his anger. She had tried to kill his most important person, after all. And so, Sodia had come to realize something.

She never did have a chance from the very beginning. Flynn's heart had always belonged to Yuri.

Yuri didn't know how many hours or days he had been locked in that dark room. He had lost all sense of time. He hadn't slept since Zagi had waked him up and raped him. He was tired and wanted to fall asleep, but he was afraid of what would happen to him if he did. He would be even more vulnerable once asleep and he didn't want that. Zagi wouldn't think twice about raping him again while he would be asleep. Yuri shuddered as the memories of what had happened refused to leave his mind. He couldn't stop feeling the assassin's hands on him, burning his skin like fire. He couldn't stop hearing his moans and screams resonate to his ears.

For the first time in his life, Yuri felt fear so deep it was making him sick. He had managed to keep his facade up while Zagi had been violating him. But now, he wasn't sure how he would react when he would come back. He feared he would want to go for another round. Just the thought was enough to make him puke. Yuri could still feel the semen and the blood drying on his thighs and it disgusted him.

He didn't want to be here when Zagi would return. He had to get away.

Yuri tugged on his wrists, trying to get his arms free, but found them too securely tied. But he had to find a way!

He lifted his eyes to the wall above him, trying to find something he could use. He noticed a sharp stone in the wall just above his wrists. Maybe he could use this, but it was a little too high to be used to break the bound...

The sound of steps had him freeze in terror. Zagi was coming back. Yuri forced himself to remain calm. He had gone through it before, he could do it again.

Zagi entered the room, smiling sadistically at him. "Have you missed me, Yuri?" He mocked his prisoner. Yuri forced a smile on his face. "Oh, I was just dying to see you again. It was boring, being here all by my lonesome." Zagi went to Yuri and squatted in front of him. "Well well, I see you're still as stubborn as ever. It seems like that "lesson" yesterday wasn't enough. I think a second round is in order. Seeing you like this, I can't help but be excited." He reached a hand towards Yuri's face and the young man pushed his head against the wall and away from his tormentor. "One time wasn't enough? Am I such a good fuck?" Yuri said sarcastically, trying to hide the fear completely behind his facade. He knew there would be no escaping it this time again and he was already resigning his fate to what was coming. Zagi grabbed the back of his head and went to whisper against his lips. "Oh, you have no idea. Do you know what gets me off the most, Yuri? It's to dominate and tame fierce creatures such as you. It's to hear them moan and plead, to break their spirits as well as their bodies. And I have all the time in the world to do that to you."

Zagi suddenly turned Yuri around and the latter grimaced when his arms twisted at an uncomfortable angle. He felt Zagi press against his backside. Yuri forced himself to turn his head towards Zagi to look at him. "You know, I never thought you were this crazy when I first met you. I thought you were only a bloodthirsty psychopath. When I think back on it, it wasn't all that bad."

Zagi leaned over him and rested his chin on Yuri's shoulder. "I like it when you talk like that, Yuri. It makes me feel I wasn't wrong in choosing you as my enemy. We'll see just how long you'll be able to maintain that though act." He whispered against his ear as his hand trailed the curve of his back to his buttocks. Yuri jerked away when he felt fingers probe at his abused entrance. A strong hand caught his hip and pulled him back in place. "You're not going anywhere, Yuri. I'm not finished with you."

Suddenly, Yuri felt fingers brutally enter him and he cowered in pain. It burned him more than the last time and he struggled to get free of Zagi's grasp, but the assassin had a firm grip on him. Yuri had to bite down screams of pain as Zagi pushed his fingers in and out of him not too gently. After what felt like an eternity, Zagi pulled his fingers out, only to see them coated in blood. He wiped them in the valley of Yuri's cheeks. He leaned over his captive again and took delight in hearing his ragged breathing as he bit on his neck, leaving a fresh bloody mark. "It seems I did a real number on you last time. Did you get off on that? On feeling my cock rip you open? I bet you did. Just like I know you're dying to feel me up inside you again."

Yuri laughed weakly. "Dream on. You disgust me. Just feeling your shrivelled little dick poking at me is enough to make me sick." He spat in hatred. He could feel Zagi smile against his neck and felt movement behind him. His ears picked the sound of clothes being removed and he tried to still the beating of his heart. "You really have a dirty mouth. I like it just like that." And as he bit down into Yuri's neck, he tilted his hips and entered him in one rough movement.

This time, Yuri did cry out. It was a scream of pure agony. It burned inside him. It burned so much that the pain was unbearable as Zagi pounded mercilessly into him. He felt his entire body shake like a leaf and he tried to get away, but Zagi still had a strong-vice grip on his hips, leaving bluish marks on them.

More than the agony, there was the shame. The shame of finding pleasure lacing with the pain as Zagi's member brushed a spot deep inside of him that aroused his need. Zagi felt it as Yuri's shaking only worsened and as he tried to stifle his moans of protest. One of his hands left his hips and grabbed a fistful of hair, tilting Yuri's hair backwards and forcing him to arch his back. "That's it, Yuri. Moan like the whore you are." He whispered and snapped his hips upwards savagely. The new angle made him hit Yuri's prostate dead on. The latter couldn't stop the cry of surprise from getting past his lips. "No, stop..." He protested, ashamed of his own reactions to this violation. He felt dirty, abused. He could still feel blood running down his thighs along with another disgusting fluid. But he couldn't stop the pleasure that was running through his veins as Zagi mercilessly pounded into him, still holding his hair in a strong grip. He couldn't take it; the pressure was too much… too much pain, too much pleasure. He was riding it, drowning in it. He couldn't hold it in against Zagi's brutal pace.

The assassin leaned again to whisper in his ear, breaking the dam on Yuri's pleasure. "Come for me, my Yuri…" A last brutal trust against his prostate had Yuri cry out in pleasure as he unwillingly reached the peak of his pleasure.

But Zagi wasn't finished. He continued ramming inside Yuri's body, over stimulating him as his senses were still ablaze. It hurt like hell and Yuri cried in pain. After what felt like a lifetime, he finally felt the assassin spend himself into his body. When the assassin pulled out with a sick sound, Yuri felt nauseous. He couldn't describe how he felt. He couldn't believe he had liked being abused by his enemy. What did that make him? Easy; a dirty little slut. Yuri closed his eyes, trying to shut down the voice of his mind. He waited for Zagi to leave again, like the last time.

He was surprised to feel hands on him, turning him around until he faced Zagi's demented face. "That was fun. But let's try something else now, shall we?" He said while taking out a knife and lifting it to Yuri's eyes. Yuri smiled weakly, his resolve weakened by all the abuse. But even so, he still had the need to fight. He wouldn't break down. He had to. "Don't you think you had enough fun for today? I had at least." He joked without any mirth. Zagi took hold of Yuri's face and put the blade against his cheek. "Not yet. We've only just begun." Zagi pushed the blade against his cheek until it sank into his flesh. Fresh blood seeped from the wound. Yuri stayed motionless, too drained to try escaping him now. The assassin leaned in and licked to blood away. Yuri closed his eyes in disgust. He wanted the assassin to leave him alone. But he was there to stay.

Zagi whispered near his face. "If I can't break you by violating you, maybe I can break you by other means." Yuri heard him say and the next thing he knew, plain suddenly flared in his forearm. Zagi trailed the blade slowly down his forearm to his arm. The pain was excruciating. Yuri gritted his teeth and closed his eyes as Zagi tore at his flesh and blood came rolling down his arm. Zagi laughed maniacally. "Does it hurt, Yuri?"

The swordsman forced himself to smile cockily. "This… is nothing."

Despite his words, he couldn't retain the scream from getting past his lips as pain flared inside his shoulder. Zagi kept the blade deep inside his flesh and twisted it. The pain had Yuri roll his eyes in his sockets, gasping for air.

"Yeah, bleed for me, Yuri. Let me taste your pain…" This time, his blade left his shoulder and he viciously stabbed Yuri in the hand, getting turned on by the whimpers that unwillingly passed Yuri's lips. He leaned into Yuri and drank his whimpers, claiming his lips as his other hand parted Yuri's thighs.

The blade left Yuri's hand and this time, he felt pain in the inside of his thigh as Zagi drew the blade along it, drawing blood. He tried to get away, but he had no place to do so.

He just hoped Zagi would kill him soon.

Next was his chest. Zagi drew the blade along his torso, not deep enough to be fatal, but enough to draw blood. Yuri kept his eyes closed, forcing his breathing to a calm pace. He hurt all over. His hand and shoulder felt numb and he was beginning to get dizzy. He didn't have to look to know he had lost a lot of blood. Well, it was a relief. If Zagi didn't attend to his wounds, he would die soon. He wouldn't have to live with the shame and the pain anymore.

He felt movement in front of him and dared to open his eyes, only to see Zagi standing in front of him, still holding the bloodstained blade. He seemed bothered. "It seems I'll have to go fetch something else to torture you with. I'm not getting the reactions I want from you. I'll be back soon." He said with unhidden excitation. He left the room with a quick pace.

Yuri didn't want to be there for round two. He hurriedly lifted his eyes to the sharp stone he had noticed earlier. He couldn't break his bound with that. So what could he do? No matter how much he searched, he couldn't find anything else to help with his escape… And time was running out. His eyes fell once again on the sharp stone.

His mouth twisted in a mirthless smile as he thought of something. He might not be able to break the bond, but with something making his wrists slippery, he might be able to break free… Here goes nothing. Yuri frantically rubbed his wrists against the sharp stone. Slowly at first, but his pace rapidly grew faster. He had no time to lose trying to find another way. He had to get away. He rubbed and rubbed until the skin of his wrists peeled back and blood began to run down his arms. He bit down a scream as he continued to mutilate himself.

Once there was enough blood, he pulled on his arms, trying to get his wrists free. The blood was making them slippery and he felt them slowly slip inside the cloth. Just a little more...

After a sharp tug, he finally had his wrists free and he fell on the ground. He was free. Now he had to get away from here before Zagi would come back. He shakily got to his feet by leaning on the wall. His eyes fell on the floor and he saw his clothes discarded on it not too far from him. He got to them and struggled to put his pants on. Moving hurt him and he almost screamed several times. He grabbed his shirt and pressed it against his chest, trying to stop the blood. Now he just had to find a way out…

He walked through the door, trying to stifle his moans of pain. He doubted he would get very far in his state, but he had to try. He had to get back to his friends. To get back to Flynn…

He couldn't die here, even if he had to try and find his way in this labyrinth.

Repede led Karol and Flynn to the remains of Tarquaron. He still held the piece of Zagi's clothing inside his mouth, guiding the two to where Zagi was lurking, and hopefully to Yuri. The feeling of dread didn't let go of Flynn. He feared for his friend; he feared he might already be dead or if he wasn't that there wouldn't be much of him left to save. Who knows what that Zagi had the time to do to his friend? He didn't dare think about it.

Suddenly, Repede growled as they approached an open door. This must be it. Flynn entered the room, drawing his sword. Karol and Repede followed him and they all looked towards the center of the room. A man with pink hair was leaning over a table, looking at something Flynn couldn't see from there.

Repede growled menacingly. This caught the man's attention and he turned around, looking surprised at first. But his expression soon turned to madness. "Oh, I wasn't aware I had guests. Here to take back Yuri?" He said, drawing his own weapons out and walking forward. Flynn caught sight of what was on the table; torture devices. He also noticed that a blade was covered in blood. His feeling of dread only grew more. He lifted his sword forward and towards Zagi's chest. "Where is he?" The commandant asked on a demanding tone.

Zagi smirked to him, drawing circles in the air with his weapon. "Oh, he's alive somewhere in here. But I don't feel like giving him back yet. I'm having so much fun playing with him right now."

"I hope you're telling the truth. If you're not…" Flynn growled menacingly. Zagi's smirk only grew wider. "I'm not lying. I just didn't say in which condition you'll find him. It might be better for him if he died, trust me." He said mysteriously. Now Flynn was really worried. He just wanted to find his friend, but he understood he had to get rid of that assassin before he could do anything else. The commandant's eyes darkened with anger. "I see. I'll rip you to pieces and rescue Yuri afterwards. Be prepared." He said dangerously and Zagi settled in his battle position, his eyes reflecting madness. "Bring it on!"

Yuri stumbled upon many empty rooms and hallways, never once finding something that looked like an exit. He was beginning to think he would never get out of this hellhole when his ears caught the sound of metal clashing. It sounded like two persons fighting. It meant someone had come here. And it also meant that Zagi was there.

Yuri wanted to go and see. He knew he could be captured again, but it could also be his only chance to be saved. He couldn't let it slide. With that in mind, He made his way in the direction of the sound, coming from the other side of a closed door. Taking a deep breath, he opened the door and froze when his eyes took in the scene before him.

Flynn was sparing violently with Zagi, their blades clashing as Flynn was slowly pushing Zagi towards the edge of a bottomless pit. Yuri recognized the room. It was the one in which he and his companions had fought Zagi one year ago. But this time, Flynn was fighting the madman, not him. He noticed Karol and Repede standing in the back, ready to jump in if need be. They had come for him. His friends hadn't abandoned him. And Flynn was here too. Yuri was so glad for that. If he was to die here, at least he would have seen him for one last time.

Zagi suddenly turned his eyes on him and Yuri stood rooted into place, fear creeping into him as the mad eyes seemed to burn into his soul. This had Karol turn his head to the side and his eyes widened. "Yuri!" He exclaimed in relief. That was before he saw the wounds covering his friend.

Flynn heard him, but he didn't let his attention stray from his enemy. Taking opportunity in Zagi's lack of attention, he drove his sword right through his chest. Zagi's eyes widened as pain flared through his chest and blood poured into his mouth. Flynn pushed him back even more, growling in his face. "Die, you bastard!" He pulled his sword out and kicked the assassin straight in the chest, pushing him over the edge and Zagi fell into the pit without a sound, too stunned to even scream as he disappeared into the darkness.

Flynn turned towards Yuri and he immediately saw the state he was in.

"Yuri!" Flynn exclaimed and dropped his blade, running to his friend. He caught him in his arms just as Yuri fell, unable to hold himself straight anymore. The commandant closed his arms gently around him, shielding him. Yuri closed his eyes and moaned in pain. "Flynn…" He managed to whisper his name with a hoarse voice. Flynn caressed his ebony hair. "Shh, don't speak. I'll take you to a doctor. It'll be alright." He said in a soothing voice, hiding the fear he was feeling. From what he could see, Yuri had lost a lot of blood. He was covered in wounds. They had to hurry out of there. Flynn put an arm around his friend's shoulders and the other behind his knees. He lifted him carefully and his heart sank when he heard Yuri moan in pain.

Karol and Repede ran to them. Karol was on the verge of tears. "Yuri! He's… Is he going to die?" He sobbed and Repede whined. Flynn shook his head, pulling Yuri closer to his chest. "No. I'll make sure he doesn't. But we have to hurry to Halure. Repede, can you lead the way?" He asked as calmly as he could. He felt panic creep into him as his hands were stained with Yuri's blood. He couldn't let the panic and fear win him over. For Yuri's sake.

Repede barked excitedly and ran towards an open door. Flynn and Karol followed him as quickly as they could.

Flynn prayed that they would get to Halure in time.

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