Kevin, a five letter word that could send me soaring towards the radiant heavens, but yet purge me to the blazing darkness of hell. He pulled my heartstrings without even knowing it, and whats worse, if he asked, I'd do it for him. I loved him that much. Too much. So much. Lately I've been distancing myself from him, to lessen the pain. The distancing was like an ice pack, it stung, it made you numb, but it worked. But I know, I'd jump at any chance to see him.

Anywho, I'm In my room, watching horrid re-runs of "Will and Grace" and stuffing my face with fat infused off brand cheetoos.

Fuck my Life.

Theres a fire, starting in my heart, reaching the fever pitches, bringing me out the dark.

I picked up my sticker clad phone, and grimaced at the illuminated word-Kevin, that decided plastering itself on the screen of my phone was alright.

I contemplated throwing it across the room.

But then I remembered I loved my phone.

I huffed, and answered the call.


-Yo benji, Gwen is in a mood. On her period or some shit, so she decided that going out and shaking her ass in that new club downtown was the correct way to go about it.-

-Deja Vú? On sterling street?- I asked.

-That's the one. You in?-

I contemplated my options and opportunities. I could go to the club, get a few drinks, meet a nice guy, and forget about Kevin altogether. It hurts to say that, But its a good choice.

Head says yes. Heart says no.

Head seems like the best choice.

-Fine.- I felt his grin on the other side of the phone.

-See ya soon. Oh and another thing,-

-What?- I was a bit preoccupied with some women on the television slapping each other repeatly, screaming variations of the word; Bitch.

-It's a one color outfit gig. Meaning that you can only wear one color and black-

Thank god for green.

-okay- I drawled. Silently wishing I had some barbecue to eat. -Bye-

I strutted to the small bathroom, quickly stripping, and crawling under the hot spray of water. I was relieved, feeling my muscles unwind, as I scrubbed myself raw. After I finally felt satisfied with myself, I toweled myself dry, and slipped on a pair of toxic green boxerbreifs, skinnies, my Oscar the grouch shirt, black knee-high biker boots, toxic green New York hat and shutter glasses, and lastly, the black variation of my normally green jacket, that albedo made me.

Had I been in the Wiz, those guards that stopped Dorothy would have thought that I was the emerald city.

I left my parents a note stating that I went out, ran to the front yard, started my car and roared off inti the night.

End Ben POV

Kevin Leaned against the hood of his emerald Camaro, watching, and hoping to witness the glow of Ben's headlights come down the twisted Bellwood road. He was tired of waiting, and having to hear Gwen chatter about some particular female at school that she wanted to rip to shreds. It was just annoying. He needed Ben, so he could have someone to vent to, he'd always approached the brunette with his issues, and somehow, the boy always found a useful nonviolent solution. His dark orbs darted towards the entrance, were a black and green car pulled in and parked, and The lankly figure of the Tennyson crawled out.

Kevin's eyes widened at the teens appearance, he had his chocolate locks styled differently, so it looked like it had been brushed back. And he had somehow acquired a tool to make it look as if he had small Ginger freckles powdering his cheeks.

"Ben," Kevin's deep voice echoed, "Why do you look like that?" he placed his index finger in the boys hair, feeling it to see If it was real.

He swatted the olders hand away. "Cut it out."

"Ben, why do you look like... The way you do?" Gwen inquired, motioning toward the boy for added affect.

The toxic green eyed boy dig through the the left pocket of his jeans for a few seconds, then he withdrew a counterfeit drivers license. "I have to look like this if I wanna get in." upon closer examination, one would realize that the now modified Ben was identical to the male on the card, in which stated that his name was Remus Ames, and that he's from New Jersey.

Kevin snickered, and Gwen sighed, rolling her eyes, as they entered the establishment, bypassing the bouncer with a few purple slips of paper, much to the growing crowds dismay.

The place was classy to say the least, dark gray tiles coated the shimmering floor, and greatly offset the black and gray color scheme of the wide room. The tables and chairs came in agreement with the color, as well as having a beautifully modern taste. The par was the same, dark granite, and built in coasters. The glasses and cups were metal, to ensure that it would not shatter upon netting the floor. But the dancefloor took the cake. It had ash gray linoleum tiles, covered with a thick sheet of what Ben assumed to be glass. Speakers were posted at all four corners, creating a effect similar to Echo-Echo's wall of sound, just less lethal. Behind the speakers were long metal poles,each cradling a light, whose rays reflected off the glass-like surface, and reflected throughout the place.

Ben sashayed over to the bar, quickly flashing his I.D., then ordering a Black and Tan. (1 part Bass pale Ale,1 part Guinness stout) The bartender, a tall woman with blonde and brown hair cropped into a bob, slid him his drink, (They have passes. Drinks are free) he smiled at the woman, and sipped his beverage casually, watching the iron Adonis otherwise known as Kevin Levin, sway his large form to the beat if some rap,and pop mash-up. He chucked, at the memory of Kevin concurring to him that he couldn't dance, or how he put it "I have two fucking left feet Tennyson, and ones broken." he must have been lying, cuz he moved and swayed like he'd been doing it since his mother fired him out of her baby cannon.

Not wanting to miss any of the action, he downed his drink, and hopped off into the ever-increasing crowd.


Kevin didn't even know who he was anymore. He was so hammered, it was a definite challenge for him to stand up straight. But neverthe less, he continues to down shot after shot, and grind on whoever he fancied.

Gwen left a few hours ago, complaining about a headache, taking the dark haired mans Camaro with her. Which left he, and Ben.

Ben was hardly tipsy, because unlike some people he could hold his liquor, and because he had to drive home. He glanced at Kevin, who donned a goofy look, and was flirting with an equally drunk girl, who appeared to be married, due to the cheap diamond ring around her ring finger. Ben sighed, and crossed his lanky legs, ruffling his brunette locks, and checking the time.

"2:42" he mumbled under his breath. He got up, and went to fetch Kevin, declaring that is was time to go. He grabbed the males upper arm, and assisted him in walking to the car. He got in, and cranked it over, glaring at the 'Low fuel' light that blipped on as he pulled out.

He turned to Kevin. "You okay with crashing in the guest room?" He asked as he stopped for a red light.

The coal haired male shook hid head frantically, then burped, and laughed like a madman.

Ben rolled his eyes, and roared down the street, around fifty miles over the speed limit, reaching the Tennyson abode soon after.

He helped him out of the car, and up the stairs.

"You smell purty!" he explained, "Good enuff to eat!" Ben blushed, reminding himself that his crush was shit faced drunk.

He set Kevin on the couch, and went to his room to change his clothes.

Unbeknownst to him, Kevin had followed him into the room. He creeped up behind him, and bit the boys ear, while reaching around and pulling him close.

"I want you." he said, sliding his tongue across the lobe, making Ben moan.

"Kevin, sto- Ahh!" he echoed as he slid a hand up his shirt, rubbing the flat stomach and grazing his fingers across his navel. He moved from his ear to his neck, suckling on the peach flesh, leaving a small hickey.

"You're three sheets to the AH,! Wind!" he managed to gasp out, as he tweaked his nipple, licking his neck.

"I don't fucking care." he stripped the boy of his shirt, and pushed him onto his bed, then removing his own. "I want you."

By now, Ben was putty in his hands, his love was going to make all his dreams come true, and hopefully more. He gasped as the clasps on his jeans were undone, and Kevin plunged his hands into his underwear, and fondled him, squeezing and pinching the underside of his member. Lips met lips, and the two met in a heated dance of tongues. Ben was easily subdued, and he what he wanted. Kevin shucked Ben's pants and underwear off, leaving him as exposed as the day he was born, and grinned as Kevin, unzipped his black jeans, and removed that, as well as the boxers.

He sat on the bed and motioned at his crotch, "Suck." Kevin demanded.

Ben nervously took the flesh stick in hand , and stroked it, before beginning to lick at the mushroomed crown, before taking the entire thing in his mouth.

Kevin moaned as he felt his cock reach the back of the boys throat, and was surprised that he could accommodate the size without so much as a gag.

"That's right, suck my cock."

He licked the crown, and used his nimble to engross his sack into the process. For Ben, it all was a hazy dream, and he was enjoying each and every pleasure filled second of it. It was like each and every movement was a everlasting cycle of pleasure, it was becoming his high. He felt the coal-haired male begin to thrust in his mouth. He began to use his tongue, in counteracting to the thrusting, and soon enough, Kevin expelled a low growl, and came into his mouth, Ben swallowing it all.

But Kevin was still hard as the lovechild of a brick wall, and stainless steel.

He rotated the brunette onto his hands and knees, and shoved two sparsely lubricated fingers into Ben, then scissoring around. The green eyed boy moaned as he withdrew one finger, then went back to two, three, slice of pizza. Kevin decided that he was ready, his eight and a half inches (no wonder Gwen puts up with him.) throbbing, begging for release. He aligned himself, then plunged in, making Ben scream in pain.

"Kevin!" he cried, feeling a pained pleasure as he hit his prostate, not knowing wether to scream in pain, or to grovel with pleasure. It was like the delicious mix of twizzlers and Dr. Pepper, except the twizzler was nearly nine inches, and the Dr. Pepper was hardly opened.

He fathomed deeper, tears of pleasure-like pain spouting from Bens eyes, as his moans begged for more.

"That's right baby, say my name!" Kevin bellowed



"KEVIN!" Ben squealed like his voice was going hoarse, he came right then, coating the sheets with his seed, then allowing his body to relax.

Kevin, still pumping, pulled out of him, flipped him over so he could see his face, then impaled him again.

"You don't get to rest, until I'm done breeding you." he growled through clenched teeth.

Everything was feral and animalistic. The eldest completely understood the concept of the mating frenzy now, he just wanted to fuck Ben until he ran out of cum. He was the best fuck he'd ever had. Feeling his primal instincts come over him, he hunched over, and sunk his teeth into his pearly shoulder, breaking the skin, marking his territory.

Kevin was close now, on he edge of glory. He was gonna flood the boy. He began to thrust. He felt like the heat and friction was going to set his cock ablaze. He felt a white hit liquid clim inside his cock until.


He came inside him, Ben screaming "yes," as he coated his insides. He just kept on cumming, it oozing out onto the sheets.

He collapsed onto him, falling asleep.


Kevin POV

My head was pounding. Fucking pounding. Like I was in a goddam club. I just wanted to fall back asleep but noo, the bitch ass universe has other plans. Pussy ass. I coulda stayed there, just laying atop whatever this warm thing was, and fallen back asleep, but I'm a dumbass. I stupid fucking dumbass

I opened my eyes.

And nearly shit myself.

I was naked, on top of him. That green eyed, conniving little bastard. My soft cock still inside him. I wanted to fucking kill him for seducing me. Hand his skinny ass out to dry.

And then i remember that I was the drunk one, and I probally seduced him.

Oh fuck me.

I pulled out of him, getting a sick feeling as some of my cold cum, poured out.

I need to get out of here.

I find my pants, and underwear, in a coiled mess by the foot of the bed, and slide those on, trying not to look at the red teeth marks on his left shoulder. I blanch. I feel sullied, dirty, and satisfied.

The three sighs it was really good sex.

I have my shoes in hand and I creep towards the door, feeling a sense that I'm home free, until his mutherfucking alarm clock goes off.


"Kevin," I see his toxic green eyes appear in a catlike manner. "Last night was great." I could hear the lust in his voice, and I wanted to shoot myself for being such a douche. I looked at him, his lanky figure exposed to the lower waist, and that sickening feeling comes over me again.

"Glad you fucking enjoyed it." I spat harshly. "That was a one time only deal."


"You heard me." my eyes narrowed at him. "Last night was a mistake." "It never happened." I turned away. "We can be friends still, but Ben if you tell anyone this happened, I will fucking kill you."

I could hear him crying. And I saw his broken figure.

"B-ut Kevin, I love you!"

Aaaw SHIT.

Of course something like this would happen. Karma's just having a fucking field day with me, isn't she? I could tell by the tone in his voice that he really did. And I just wanted to blow my brains out right there. I don't love him. And he knows I don't.

"Ben I don't love you." "I'm sorry this ever happened." I slipped on my shoes, and walked towards the door. He wrapped the sheet around himself, asking me to please stay.

I couldn't.

"Listen, don't go and do anything stupid." I spoke, staring to walk. I heard him fall to the ground, in the middle of the foyer.

I didn't turn back.


A/N- I have had this in my head since, like December. Im so happy that I finally got it down. Sorry if it feels like PWP the plot will grow, in the next few chapters. Yes there will be more.