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So drum roll please. *drums play * this is Book 4: The Samikutso! DUN DUN DUN DAH!

Chapter 1- Stolen

The cool night breeze felt good after a hot day on Rodawa; though at three in the morning it felt like winter time on Naboo. Getting awakened by an alarm at this time was not what Hale wanted. He's a lot like some teenagers, sleeping in till noon. Though this rude awakening wasn't his servants or guards fault, someone had broken in.

His men told him to remain in his room until they gave the all clear. He was never a very patient man, but something about this break in almost had him biting his nails. He prayed the intruder didn't steal his most prize treasure, the Samikutso.

The Samikutso is a very powerful sword, so powerful it's the most powerful in the universe. It is told that the sword was made a few years after the fall of the old republic by a priestess and a demon. After the made it, they were both so weak and were dying that they found a young man to protect the sword and find the one that would be the chosen one of the sword. This chosen one must have a pure heart and soul in order to wield it, but someone with unfinished business, or with a darkness that exists deep in their hearts, was unable to wield it. Now someone who is purely dark or evil is able to wield it because the pure powers of the sword vanish and are replaced by the demon powers. This can drive the user to their grave.

The only way to rid of it is to find the new chosen one. They would bring the powers of the priestess back and the sword will no longer be demonic. But if the chosen one is not found for a while it will curse every protector it has.

But the sword is very strange about choosing. Sometimes the person chosen become evil and turn the sword into its demonic state and it will only turn back to normal when the user dies then it becomes pure once again. So if a pure soul wields the sword then it will remain pure and will be used for the good of others. If a dark soul uses it, it becomes demonic and the sword turns black and can only be turned back by the chosen one. This sword comes with some serious rules and responsibility and it should only ever be used by the chosen one.

Hale, however, has tried to wield it and has failed in becoming the chosen one. So he was told to protect it by the last guy when he was dying. He has yet to find the chosen one and he was already getting tired of it too. He wishes he could be the chosen one and be the one to wield the ultimate power of the Samikutso, but no he was its kriffing protector.

His holoprojecter beeped, breaking his train of thoughts. He turned from his place on the balcony and faced the projector, activating it. A hologram of a man with black hair, mustache, and green eyes in his robe and hair kind of ruffled from slumber.

"Ah good morning Lincoln," Hale said pulling his robe closer around him.

"Lord Hale you better have a good reason for calling me at one in the morning," said Lincoln, the senator of Rodawa. (It's like two hours ahead of Coresaunt)

"I do," Hale said. "Someone has broken into my palace."

"Who?" Lincoln asked.

"I don't know yet," he said. "My men are searching the place top to bottom trying to find a clue."

"Do you know if they stole anything?"

"I don't know."

"Could they have stolen the Samikutso?"

Hale sighed. "I fear they might've."

Then the door opened revealing Hale's head guard, Ciris.

"My lord, we've found something," said Ciris removing his helmet revealing his short blonde hair and pale blue eyes.

"Good," Hale said. "What is it?"

"We found a blue crystal and piece torn from a tan tunic," he said. "We also caught the thief on camera."

"Show me," he said.

The guard pulled out a holoprojecter and played back the footage.

A man entered the camera view wearing a dark cloak covering every part of him and the hood pulled up. The man broken into the safe, grabbed the sword accidentally dropping the crystal from his belt, made a run for the exit, his tunic sleeve getting caught on the door hedge then tearing, and then he was gone.

However, the Lord caught something the man did before he was gone. He rewinds the footage and stopped it right on the image of the man looking at the camera. Only a beard could be seen.

Hale cursed under his breath. There was only one person Hale could think of that match all of these clues and be that sneaky.

"Lord Hale, do know you this man?" Lincoln asked.

Hale nodded. "I know who stole my sword. Obi-wan Kenobi."

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