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Ch. 1

How many hours have passed? How many days? Maybe years? Time was a hazy concept when everything stood still. But that was then, and this is now. Time has started to move again, and color has returned. Seconds passed slowly, oiling their way along instead of ticking. Slowly, slowly...

Footsteps upon the sand. That's all he's aware of. Heavy footsteps. His own footsteps. One movement, then another, leaving craters along the white beach that seemed to go on forever. In the background, about a hundred yards off, the ocean beat ceaselessly against the edge of land.

He had forgotten just how big Server was. When he ruled above it, all the forest, desert, lakes, and mountains seemed equally small, worthless, and his to take. Now, as he walked yet another mile toward the direction that's supposedly home, he realized how wrong he was. Server was huge.

And so beautiful.

Stars decorated the black velvet night like jewels on a dark crown. They all seemed to gaze down at him, questioning his peculiar presence. What had Black Wargraymon called him? A foreign object? Yes, that was it. Right now, that's exactly what he felt like, been an unloved creature in this lovely night.

In his once blackened heart he knew it was his fault that he was unloved, though he couldn't remember why exactly. His memories have been a bit incomplete, but they're coming back to him bit by bit. As he leaned against a tall tree to rest, he recovered yet another bit of memory. A name.


That had once been him, right? Hungry for power, fed by darkness but never satisfied. He tilted his head up at the bright moon, a perfect orb against the sky, raining silver rays on his face and cape. Power was so insignificant now. Of course, there was a time when he would have thought different. There was a time when power was everything. But something changed, he knew, although he couldn't quite put his finger on it. In the unclear time he spent in between existence and complete deletion, something had changed inside him. He was sure that with time, when his memory was full restored, he would figure it out. A sigh escaped his lips as he looked at the moon one more time and pressed on.

A small figure followed close behind him, fluttering its leathery wings as quietly as possible, careful not to disturb his master's thoughts. But the journey has been long and weary, and from the way the little creature was feeling, if the silence wasn't broken soon, he'll go mad.

"Uh... boss?" he said gingerly. Unlike his master, the little thing had no problems with his memory, which includes remembering his master's temper when disturbed. "Are you sure this is the right way?"

For a moment he thought his master wasn't going go answer, but then an eerily smooth voice came.

"It should be," his master said. "But if it's not, I guess I'll join you in sleeping in the trees when the sun rises." He chuckled lightly, as if in good humor.

Demidevimon found the change in his master to be rather odd, but he kept quiet for several more miles, until, at long last, when signs of dawn began to show, an enormous shape formed in the distance.

Myotismon took the first look at his castle in year. It was still the same, besides been a little run down. Apparently the wild digimon had left it alone, which was good news. The walk formed by carefully placed pebbles leading up to the door was just how he remembered. Well, whatever little that he did remember. It felt good to be walking on it. It felt like...


A beaten up, horseless carriage sat silently on the grass in front of the building. He remembered taking rides in it through the night, both in this world and another. It was a sign of the terror that he once spread. Now it sat still, looking abandoned and lonely, waiting to fly again.

The giant double doors were rusted but not too badly. With a little effort, the two digimon were inside the old building. The castle itself was dark, melancholy, despite the sunlight that was beginning to squeeze in through the few broken windows. A long, spiral staircase wound its way up like a snake. As Myotismon and Demidevimon climbed it, they noticed it was covered was cobwebs.

On the topmost floor, a single door stood ajar. Myotismon pushed it open gently. Inside was a windowless room with steel-lined walls and a hard stone floor. Nothing occupied the room save for a single black coffin. It was placed in the middle of the floor with its lid closed. Kneeling beside it, Myotismon pushed back the heavy lid with both hands, revealing the soft lining and pillow inside, a bit faded but still clean and untouched. He turned to Demidevimon.

"Get some sleep," he said. "We have a long night ahead of us." After his servant bowed, or imitated such a movement, and left in search for his own quarters, Myotismon removed his cape, laid it aside, and lowered himself into the coffin.

It's good to be home, he thought. As the sun rose beyond the dark walls, he fell into the first restful sleep in a very long time.


Kari Yagami sat under the starry night of the digital world. The wind was weaving its way through her smooth hair and around the tall pine she against which she was leaning. The lush grass felt like a soft carpet to her legs. Moonlight glowed all around her. Although she dearly loved her friends, every now and then, she felt she needed a little time to herself, away from everyone, including Gatomon. Peace. Peace was what she liked.

Kari closed her eyes and felt the night kiss her cheek gently. Good feelings rushed over her like a gentle flood. Yes, things were good now. There's nothing to worry about. Not anymore.

A lot had changed in the year since the defeat of MeloMyotismon. Genni had worked day and night, erasing all traces of the digital world from all the computers around the world. After a few month, people finally dropped the discussions and left the digital world in peace. Ken Ichijouji has moved down to Odieba and finally became one of the gang. And although he didn't know it, Kari has developed a liking to the boy that's... a little more than friendship. She smiled at the thought of how Davis would react if he found out. Of course, no matter how many times she told him she's not his girl, he'll never get it. After the battle, the digidestined from around the world met once more in the digital world, where Yolei caught up with Micheal, Mimi's friend from America. The two are now practically inseparable. At the same meeting, T.K. found a girl he had met in France name Catharine. Although her accent was so heavy that Kari hardly understood a word she said, she must admit that Catharine was very nice and a perfect match for T.K. The Poi brothers from China had asked her out repeatedly, just like when she was on the trip to Hong Kong with Izzy. But then her eyes drifted off to Ken, who was trying to untangle himself form a seven-year-old named Rosa, she turned them down gently. Everything was good. Everything was perfect. Happiness had finally settled among both worlds.

Kari drew a deep, comforting breath, drove all chaotic thoughts out of her head, and dozed with a smile on her face.


Moonrise and moonset and moonrise again. For the past week, Myotismon drifted in and out of sleep during the day, recovering his energy and memory bit by bit. But instead of avoiding every bit of light the way he used to, he now rises early in the evening and watches the moon rise and set on the balcony of the highest tower on his castle. Although he still felt best in darkness, light no longer seemed to bother him this time around. He's also been doing a lot of thinking, mostly of what he could remember about his past life. As each day passed, there was more to think about. But that's not the most important thing, because what's important is what he needed to do about it. About what he's done before.

And about that thing he remembered, from so long ago...

When the moon rose to its full height in the sky, Myotismon turned and headed inside his castle. He went down a long hall to a small room at the end. Inside were several simple furnishings he hardly used, such as a chair, a half-empty bookshelf, and a small cabinet. The cabinet, however, was the only thing of value to him. He placed one trembling hand on its top drawer and paused, a bit afraid of what he might find, but pulled it open after a moment of indecision.

A sigh of relief escaped him. Myotismon closed the drawer gently and secured it, then he walked out of the room and closed its door, feeling better than he had since his return.

Demidevimon was reading an archive in the library when his master came in. Been a rookie with less energy and power, he recovered much faster and have spent the past few days cleaning up the castle while Myotismon rested. He was quite surprised to see his master here, seeing how whenever Myotismon wasn't sleeping, he was eerily quiet or off by himself, staring into space, unaware of anything around him. For a while Demidevimon feared he would return to his old cruel self, but he began to relax when he noted that his master was indeed different. Just now, when he entered the room, there was an aura of pleasantness around him.

"You look better, boss," he said, setting down his archive. All the formal greetings of the past had gone out of the routines. Personally, Demidevimon wasn't very used to this, having been a slave for so long, but he wasn't about to complain.

"I feel better, Demidevimon," his master replied. That was another thing. Before, he had never called his slaves by name. It was one demeaning nickname after another. Now, all that was gone, too.

Myotismon approached the large window of the library and gazed outside. "It's such a pleasant evening," he said tranquilly. "And I have not seen Server for so long. What do you say we take the carriage for a ride? It's been a while."

"Sure thing, boss," Demidevimon said, already rushing to get the carriage ready.

"Oh, and Demidevimon?"

He stopped midair. "Yeah, boss?"

"You really should stop calling me that." Myotismon turned around to face his companion. "We're equals and there are better ways of addressing each other."

"Ok, Myo-sama," Demidevimon turned and left. Myotismon followed.

"Um... not that either."


At first it was just a light rumble like distant thunder. Kari hardly stirred. But then the ground began to shake as if the earth was quaking. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she sensed danger and her eyes flew open. Sitting up quickly, she scanned the area and realized that she'd been asleep longer than planned. What seemed like a large moving cloud of dust seemed to be heading toward her at and incredible speed. Kari squinted to make out the shapes it concealed.

By the time she saw that it was an enormous herd of stampeding Monochromon, it was too late. The large, dinosaur-like creatures charged at her, making the ground shake as they did so, raising clouds of dust and fallen leaves.

Panic ceased her. Instead of getting out of the way, which was too late to do, Kari turned and ran, hoping to stay one step ahead of the herd until she finds a place to hide. But the plain led to a narrow plateau and before she knew it, she was stuck running for her life.

The herd didn't slow. Instead, it appeared to be picking up speed. The distance between it and Kari grew smaller and smaller. Finally, she took a chance and changed direction, stepping onto a patch of vines that appeared to lead off into a ditch.

The second her foot touched the vines, they sank. Kari tumbled headfirst down the steep side of the plateau, sliding painfully over the sharp rocks and large dirt clumps. She desperately tried to reach out and grab something, anything, but failed miserably. Her cloth tore, causing the hard ground to scrape her tender skin. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, she reached bottom, landing hard on her head and one shoulder. The herd of Monochromon passed by on the plateau above, not giving her a second look.

I'm alive... was her last thought before darkness took over.


The horseless carriage glided silently across the sky. Myotismon gazed out the window, feeling the night wind blow by. Demidevimon was perched on top of the cabinet, catching air in his wings.

Even though the night was quiet, Myotismon's thoughts were jumbled and confused. Memories popped in and out of his mind, driving him up the wall trying to put them in order. He had no idea what he should do next what even what to try. Also, he was thirsty and needed blood, though not as badly as the way he used to, but been a vampire meant he had cravings, but somehow it felt wrong to satisfy them.

Confusion, loneliness, and sadness seemed to overwhelm him at once. He looked down at the lovely forest and sooth himself. And saw the moving forms beneath.

Plus something else.

"Demidevimon! Land!" Myotismon called out. "Near the hill over the north side."

"Aye, aye, boss," Demidevimon called back. Myotismon sighed. Apparently whatever they went through wasn't enough to curb Demidevimon's lame sense of humor.

The carriage dropped down just in time for Myotismon to see the large group of Monochromon rush past a narrow path. It was really no big deal. Monochromon stampedes happen all the time, but that wasn't what had captured his interest.

A shape was lying at the food of the hill they had landed at. Demidevimon flew from his perch and hovered above the strange objects. His master stepped out of the carriage a moment later and joined him.

A girl, covered with soot and leaves, was lying limping on her side. Her top was torn, exposing scratches on her skin underneath. A bloody cut was drying slowly on her cheek. One of her shoes had fallen off and rested a few feet away from her. A mess of brown hair covered part of her face, but the two digimon could still see her delicate features. Her chest was rising and lowering slowly with labored breathing. Tucked into her belt was an odd device.

Myotismon bent down and turned the girl onto her back. Then, carefully, he slid his arms under her and lifted her off the ground. Deep in his mind, he knew this girl, but he couldn't quite grasp how. Perhaps it would come to him later. He carried the girl into his carriage and sat down, keeping her head elevated on his lap.

"Demidevimon, let's go back," he said. As the carriage rose off the ground, he brushed the girl's hair back from her face and wiped away the dirt and dried blood. "It's can't be..." he whispered.

For a moment, it was like looking at two faces at once.


Dark. It was dark. Kari forced her eyes open. For a moment she thought she had failed to do so, but then saw that wherever she was, there was no light. Was she still outside? ...no. There were no stars above her, and no grass beneath her. She was in a room, and the material under her felt like soft sheets. She lifted her hand to her face and felt a scar from her fall, proving that it was all real. As she adjusted to the darkness, she made out a shape not far from that resembled a lamp. She reached over, felt the switch, and turned it on.

The room was large and richly furnished. A wood dresser was against the wall, as well as a large vanity mirror and several white leather chairs. The wall was done with marble and decorated with paintings that were so colorful they contrasted starkly with the black and white theme of the room. Kari was in a canopy bed with silky black sheets. A heavy blanket covered her body. Feeling rather warm, Kari flung the blanket aside and stepped off the bed. The black carpet was so thick that she nearly sank to her ankles in it. Her shoes were laid next to the bed. She bent to slip them on and winced at the bits of pain that came to her body. She examined herself and saw that her cloth was battered. The wounds under it, however, have been cleaned and applied a clean ointment. There were several scratches on her legs. Those too have been washed and treated.

A door stood open opposite from the bed. Kari went to it, turned on the light inside and found a clean washroom, also done in black and white. Her gloves lay near the white marble sink. She turned on the water and splashed some on her face, then dried off with a towel before putting on her gloves.

What now? She thought.

As if on cue, a sound came from outside the room. It stopped at the doorway, paused, then came in. Kari moved carefully out of the washroom to see it. A small shape that looked like a basketball with eagle claws and bat wings was circling the room, apparently looking for her. Kari's throat tightened.


As quietly as possible, Kari attempted to slip past the little digimon, but it turned around and spotted her when she was half way to the door. Alarmed, she pressed her back against the wall, as far away as possible from the creature.

"Hey! You're up!" Demidevimon said, flapping his wings to approach her. "Lemme check those scratches."

Kari swung her arms wildly between her and the digimon. "Get away!" she shrieked, then hugged herself, shaking and saying to herself, "It's not possible, it's not possible."

Demidevimon stopped and looked at her. "What's wrong?" he asked, an expression of confusion on his face.

Kari forced herself to meet his eyes. "You're dead," she said, her voice not much more than a whisper. "I saw you die."

"Oh! That!" The digimon said lightly, as if making conversation. "Well, I'd explain it to ya but it takes too long."

"Are you holding me here?"

"What? No! You can leave if you think you're well enough. Come on, the boss is gonna wanna know you're better." He began to fly out of the room.

"Wait!" Kari called, still standing against the wall. "Where's my digivice?"

"Why? You're not gonna leave already are you?" Demidevimon seemed genuinely disappointed. "You just got up. Don't you wanna eat something?"

"Where's my digivice?!" Kari cried in a slightly out of control voice that was rather out of her character, but at this moment she couldn't care less.

Demidevimon did a double take. "Geez," he said. "Cool it, will ya? The boss's got your little thinemajig."

"Boss?" Kari asked. Somehow, she knew who this "boss" was, but was too afraid to ask.

"Yeah, come on, I'll take you to him." Demidevimon turned and flew out of the room before she could protest. After a moment, Kari followed, keeping a safe distance so that the digimon was just in the line of sight in front of her down the dark hall way. She braced herself, ready to run from any suspicious movement.


Myotismon sat in a large armchair in the den of the castle. There was no light in the room save for a lit fireplace that blazed and crackled occasionally. On the small table beside him, a glass of red wine sat untouched. He had thought he wanted it when it was poured, but now he'd found something more interesting than wine.

In his hand he held the strange device Demidevimon had retrieved from the girl in the forest. It was pink and about fit in one's palm. Several buttons and a digital screen was all it had besides the short antenna. A simple little thing, really, but Myotismon was strangely drawn to it. He studied it closely, flipping it over one side then the other, trying to remember what it was and where he had seen it before.

As he gazed into the screen on its surface, the device began to glow. A pane of pink light shot out of it, hovering like a rainbow spectrum. Myotismon was dimly aware that everything around him seemed to vanish as he stared into the pink light. Images, sounds, memories rushed out at him...

"Would this cute little face tell a fib Boss? After all you're Myotismon and I would be out of my mind to make you mad."

"I'll give you one more chance. I will not be so benevolent the next time, do you understand?!"


"You foolish digidestined. The seven of you are no match for my power. Prepare for your ultimate destruction."


"Ah, darkness. The perfect cloak for my evil. Idea conditions for producing fear. Human blood always tastes better with a dash of fear in it."


"Those eyes, from the first time you looked at me with those eyes I knew you would turn against me and that is why I had to teach you by punishing you. I would have hurt you more but you became a good servant. I promise you that I will not be so easy on you this time."


"Before I crush you, I will give you the pleasure of watching me destroy your wizard friend first."


"Soon now not in fire or ice but in fog. This world will soon be mine."


"I still hear that voice in my nightmares! Myotismon!"

"No, master, please! I'm your faithful servant!"

Gatomon...Wizardmon...Digidestined...Yukio Oikawa...Arukenimon...Mummymon

Dark Ocean.


Kari walked lightly, taking great precaution not to make any sound. Even though she didn't know what good this would do her, she still did so. Demidevimon flew before her, bantering none stop, as if not noticing that she didn't answer back, or even heard him. Fear tore at her heartstrings and she had to fight to keep from running out of the castle screaming. The place felt like her worst dream come true, as if she was walking down a dark, windowless tunnel to what was surely her doom. But there was no other choice. She needed her digivice back, even if it meant facing...him...again.

So far she had not convinced herself to speak or even think his name. She was afraid that if she did she would go insane. How could he be alive? It's not possible. It's can't be.

But Demidevimon was here, wasn't he? And he was serving his "boss" just like the old days. Who else would employ a bat digimon save for him? Who else would use this old, creepy castle but a vampire? Kari silently wished that she had Gatomon with her, or Tai, or Yolei. Anyone was fine, anyone who can hold her hand before terror drove her mad.

After what felt like hours, some light appeared toward the end of the hall. From the shadows that danced on the wall, Kari guessed the light was from a fireplace. Dread ceased her and again she had to suppress her urge to run. Demidevimon flapped to the doorway of the lit room and peeked in.

"Hey boss," he said. "She's up and I brought her down here. You wanna talk to her or just let her go?"

A sparkle of hope lit Kari's face up a bit. Maybe, just maybe, she would be able to leave without having to face whoever sat at the fire. Perhaps her digivice will be returned to her and she can walk out and never return.

But the hope quickly faded when a thick, smooth voice came. "Let her come in," it said. "I need to speak to her."

That voice... Oh god, that voice...


Myostismon snapped out of his trance when he heard Demidevimon's voice. He didn't catch all the words, but it ran somewhere along the line of whether or not to dismiss the girl. He shook his head to clear if, feeling as if he'd been in a deep coma. The digivice in his hand was dormant once again. He looked at the little digimon at the door, who was waiting for his answer.

"Let her come in," Myotismon said. "I need to speak to her."

Demidevimon turned away and out of sight for a moment, then reappeared, followed by the slim figure of the girl. She stepped in front of the door, then stopped and drew a sharp breath as she caught sight of him. For a moment he thought she was going to turn and run out of the place screaming, but she seemed to calm herself and took a single step into the room, as if walking on a mine field. Demidevimon nudged her from behind and she shrunk away from his touch. Myotismon stood up, the digivice still in his hand. The girl's eyes were fixed on him, her gaze a mixture of loath and fear.

"Kari Kamiya, I presume," he said, and gave a polite half bow. The girl's expression didn't change.

"Myotismon," she whispered, barely audible.

"That would be me," he said, and gestured to a chair near the wall. "Would you like to sit down, Kari?"

"No," she said, a little too quickly. He could feel her studying every inch of him. Her eys stopped wondering for a moment, focused on the digivice in his hand.

"Demidevimon, if you would," he said. "Leave us alone for a moment." His minion nodded and left. Myotismon turned back to Kari and extended the hand holding the digivice. "You want this back," he said. "I'm sorry I didn't return it sooner."

Kari took a step forward, her eyes never leaving Myotismon. Then, quickly, she snatched the digivice out of his hand then drew back as if he might bite.

"How?" she asked. "How can you be alive? You're dead. We destroyed you... too many times..." she trailed off.

Myotismon smiled. Oddly, no matter how hard she tried, Kari could find no malevolence in it. "I suppose I got lucky," he said. "I was revived, although I'm not sure how. But now that I'm back, I truly wish to set things right."

A cold laugh escaped Kari. Suddenly, her whole demeanor changed. Anger welled up in her as the wounds of the past reopened. "You?" she said coolly. "You want to set things right? How can you possible set things right? Things were wrong in the first place because of you, innocent lives were lost because of you. Do you want to set things right? Go crawl back into the coffin you came from!"

Myotismon took the harsh words without a shudder, knowing well that he deserved everything the girl lashed out at him. She was hurt, by him, and nothing he can be would make up for that. "I know what you must think of me," he said calmly. "But please understand that times have changed and I apologize sincerely for everything that happened in the past, although I know that's no where near enough, I still wish you would graciously accept it."

Kari paused for a moment, apparently not expecting this. But looking into the eyes of her enemy, she remember too much of the past to sooth her anger. "This isn't fair," she said. "It's not fair! What kind of world allows villains like you to be revived while kind digimon like Wizardmon are still dead? How come you're here and he's not!? You destroyed him and you tried to destroy me and Gatomon, and now you're back? I don't think an apology's big enough to justify that. No apology in the world can justify that!"

Myotismon thought at the mention of the name. "Wizardmon..." he mumbled, thinking to himself.

"Shut up!" Kari shouted. "You're not worthy of speaking his name! You're not supposed to be alive in the first place." She turned and marched toward the door. "Do yourself a favor, Myotismon," she called back. "Leave this world alone, or you'll have me to answer to!"

Myotismon watched the girl storm out of the castle, then returned to his chair and sat in the silence. Her words had hurt him, but he was not surprised by her actions. He now remembered, even though he didn't know how, everything he had done before. And he knew he owed a lot of people and digimon great debts. He had hoped she would at least accept his apology, but wasn't disappointed that she didn't. Yes, he thought, I have a lot to answer for, and I think I know just where to start. He lifted the glass of wine to his lips and sipped. "Demidevimon," he called. The little digimon peered in.

"Yeah, boss?" he said. "Man, what'd you do to make that girl so mad?"

"Nothing that you don't already know," Myotismon said. He gazed out the window. Dawn was approaching. "Now, I'm going to bed. But I need you to do something for me during the day..."


Kari slowed her step about half a mile away from the castle. She turned and looked at the looming shape of the building. The sun was rising and in the light, it no longer looked as spooky as she had thought it would. Instead, it looked lonely, abandoned, like a once ferocious and proud beast past its prime. She sighed.

The D-3 was still in her hand, clutched tightly. Kari raised it to her face to make sure there was no damage and saw that it was set on "discover".

Did Myotismon do something with it? She wondered. It didn't matter now. Kari tucked the D-3 into her belt and headed for home.

To be continued...

For Wizardmon fans: yes, Wizardmon is gonna have a pretty big part in this, but not for at least two or three more chapters