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Shinichi/Kaito or Kaito/Shinichi

Written because there isn't enough cross-dressing Shinichi and I happily blame this plunny on Kakushigo.

Lyric are my own use 'em as you will.

Shinichi hates these kinds of events, they are like snakes slowly creeping up on you then they strike and you have a 4% chance of living. He did a glance around the room again and growled, wishing his mother had not literally kidnapped him for this event. He noticed his mother and father on the dance floor dancing slowly to a new tune. Apparently this wealthy couple had decided modern music was much better than the classical and had hired musicians to play it at a formal gala. Adding insult to injury his dear mother had decided today was dress up Shinichi day and so instead of being Kudo Shinichi son of Kudo Yuusake and Kudo Yukiko he was Kudo Miroko grand niece of Kudo Yuusake's father.

Yet another guy came up the Shinichi, shy and stuttering, and once again he pretending to be she turned him down. Yukiko suddenly left her husband's arm and casually walked over to her relative and whispered, "Dance with the next guy or I give black-mail pictures to Ran." Shinichi glared at his mother but hid it under his wigs bangs. His mother blatantly ignoring his glares returned to the dance that she had left Yuusake at.

"May I have this dance, Lovely Lady Miroko?" A voice Shinichi did not know well broke his glare and he glanced up at the asker. It was a teen about his age, male. Shinichi would have glared and turned him down if not for three things, his mother, his mother's threat, and the fact this stranger seamed familiar.

"And who are you, Prince Charming?" Shinichi asked in a soft female voice.

The stranger grinned lightly and pulling a rose from his sleeve introduced himself, "Kuroba Kaito, magician and hopefully this lovely lady's dance partner." 'Miroko' accepted the rose and offered Kaito a smile.

"Of course I can dance with you, Kuroba-kun." Shinichi answered with a fact smile while trying to place Kuroba Kaito. Shinichi put the rose, a pure white one, in his hair above his ear. Kaito then took his hand and lead him to the dance floor. As Kaito placed his hand on 'Miroko's' hips and in her hand another song began to play.

This love between you and me

Can't you see?

It transcends all time

So that you will be mine

Shinichi does not notice that the musicians have stopped playing but the song goes on because he is enraptured in his dance partner's eyes. They are a soft violet, and they slightly remind him of Kaitou KID's eyes.

Nothing can stop us

You see

You will be mine

And I will be yours

Forever and ever

Our love knows no bounds

Nothing can stop us

We were destined to be

Kaito cannot help but notice that Miroko who is somehow distantly related to Shinichi has the same eyes as his favorite detective. That is actually may be part why he chose her to prove to Aoko that he can get a dance that is not Aoko herself. He is not quite sure why he chose Miroko though seeing as there where many other pretty girls at this social gala. Maybe it was because she was related to his favorite detective that he certainly would not mind dancing with.

Doesn't matter who you

Or where you are

Just matters that you are mine

And no can take you

They can separate us but

We'll always find our way back

To the other

We are two halves of a whole

Destined to be together.

The song ends too soon for both Miroko and Kaito. Miroko smiles at Kaito and says, "Thank you for that wonderful dance, maybe sometime we can dance again?"

Kaito smiled easily at Miroko and can't help but picture Miroko as Shinichi. Kaito carefully as though Miroko was glass places a kiss on her lip and says softly, "I'd like that. Till we meet again, lovely lady. I would stay longer but Aoko looks like she might kill me with a mop so farewell." Kaito then bowed and disappeared in a puff of pink smoke.

Shinichi stood there shocked, a guy had just kissed him and he was quite sure he had enjoyed it. He thought about the stranger a bit more and realized why he had seemed so familiar, he was Kaitou KID. He also realized this did not shock him as much as it could have, had he known the whole dance and simply ignored it. His hand went up to the flower in his hair and he smiled, he quite like Kaitou KID it seemed. And Kaitou KID at least likes flirting with Miroko. His grin soon resembled KID's grin, what would the famous Kaitou do when faced with a female detective who had a crush on him and was on par with Kudo Shinichi?

Shinichi looked down at his femalified body and smiled he could not wait for KID's next heist and now he a reason to really wanted to see the Kaitou in cuffs. He touched his lips and let another smirk slip, yes, the Kaitou would really enjoy his next heist.

Now just to convince his mother to make his figure like this once moreā€¦