Coffin Club Conundrum

Two years ago Billy learned about the secret world of vampires.

And in that two years his friend (boyfriend? lover? partner?) had been at his side walking him through it with grace and style. Holding his hand with his silky long fingers and whispering words of encouragement to him. Still calling him: "William, my dearest, William," over and over and over again.

Valentine was the hopeless romantic out of the two, making Billy the object of his overzealous affection.

Billy remembered meeting Valentine's family for the first time (not his parents, he'd yet to go to Romania to meet them) he'd been scared as hell.

Jagger had laughed, but didn't think anything less of the two boys.

Luna, however, and tackled him and pinched his cheeks, saying he had to be the cutest human she'd ever seen.

He liked Luna, she was pretty and nice, but he couldn't find himself looking at girls the same way he looked at Valentine now.

The whole gang was here tonight.

Luna was with Sebastian and Jagger was trying his luck with Raven while Alexander chatted with his cousin Claude.

Billy was at the bar, eyes scanning the crowd of goths, punks and others. They were on the upper floor, hence the one for humans -the only place Jagger would let him be. Valentine had pouted and argued about that, asking why Raven was still allowed downstairs and Jagger had answered simply that she was held in a special place in his heart.


Why were vampires such dramatics?

Valentine had spent an hour upon arriving here having a spazz attack about what Billy would wear tonight.

It was a battle he'd easily won, dressing Billy in a black tee, black skinny jeans and black boots with tattered laces. Valentine smiled approvingly, snapping a few dozen pictures with his phone, pushing Billy around the apartment and making him pose. He loved Billy in his clothes.

"Hey there." He turned to face two gothic girls seated at the bar next to him.

"Oh, hey." He said politely and turned in his chair, back to the bar, elbows propped up on the dark wood.

The girls continued to strike up a conversation, going on about their college and the club. Throwing topics out for him to pick, Billy favored the college, saying he attended classes there too (though he didn't) and that he was a Science major.

The girl with the dark blue eye shadow smiled. "I'm a Science major too!"

He smiled back, pleasantly shocked and her friend made a few side remarks on her Photography major. The girl and him continued to talk, laughing and joking about good and bad science fiction movies, reciting the lines they remembered and ordering drinks to cool their parched throats.

"William. . ."

He turned at the sound of his name.

Valentine stood at the edge of the dance floor; he had his game face on.

Billy was suddenly very, very afraid.

A silky smile stretched across Valentine's lips and he strolled up to the bar.

Valentine was a vision of nobility in his gray britches (since buying them at Hot Goths he'd vouched that they made his ass look good) and a white button up with the sleeves ripped off and a beaten leather vest that his brother had once owned.

His shapeless body had been toned with modest muscle mass that made him a little stronger than Billy who was too bookish to join him and Jagger in their work out schedule.

Valentine grabbed the swivel chair under Billy and turned him away from the girls, half-leaning over him, Billy had nowhere to go. Valentine brushed his nose against Billy's and smiled, eyes narrowing into venomous slits.

Billy's pulse raced and Valentine heard it.

His mouth melted onto Billy's.

Billy often wondered why people thought kissing with tongue was so 'hot', so to say. It was just swapping spit with everyone else.

Valentine answered that theory for him when he brought it up.

He promised himself never again.

Valentine pulled away and smiled. "My dearest William."

He whispered it breathily.

Billy blushed a shade of apple red and scanned the floor, noting everyone who saw and then looked back to his left where the girls sat.

Their jaws had dropped all the way to hell.

"Oh My God. . ." The Photography major's eyes widened. "C-Can I get a few pictures of you two making out for my school project?"

The Science major's eyes, and Billy's, widened to the size of dish plates.



Valentine put an arm around Billy possessively and smirked. "Sorry girls, but I don't like to share my prey."

He dragged Billy away from the bar, leaving the girls behind, and the dance floor.

They were in a tunnel when Valentine shoved Billy against a stone wall. "Ow. . .Valen, are you. . .?"

He was silenced by another searing kiss, Valentine's hand cradled Billy's neck, his other hand rested on the wall next to Billy's head.

Valentine was searching his thoughts.

"V-mmm-. . .Valen. . ." Billy managed as Valentine's hold became stronger and the kiss deepened. "Ah!"

His bottom lip bled.

Valentine nursed it between his teeth.

Billy pulled his lip back, his head slamming into the wall. "Valentine!"

The teen's eyes narrowed dangerously, a slight snarl on his lips, his fangs gleaming in the dim tunnel lights. The naked bulb was hanging from a twisted curl of wire.

"What's wrong. . .?" Billy's voice was softer now. Peeling Valentine's hand off his neck and letting it drop. Valentine himself put distance between the two of them. Five small steps, his hands were crossed over his chest, black painted nails digging into his forearms.

"Nothing. . ." he grumbled. "Just wanted to make-out with my boyfriend in private. Is it a crime?"

"Really?" Billy drew his bleeding lip into his mouth. "I didn't get that impression when you practically climbed on top of me at the bar."

Valentine's eyes narrowed further.

Poisonous green that delivered a killer look.


Monster green.

Green Monster.


He's jealous. . .?

"Never mind! I'll see you on the floor. . .!" Valentine turned and started to exit the tunnel, but Billy caught his hand. "William?"

Billy wrapped him in a hug.

His heart beating wildly in his chest, the rapid thump hammered into Valentine's back, the rhythm was music to Valentine's ears.

The two stood like that for a while.

Billy looked at his sun tanned skin against Valentine fair one. Billy's dark hair and Valentine's white mop. Billy was even an inch taller.

But Valentine was like a doll, he was so perfect, so beautiful.

All his.


"Don't worry about those girls. I can't look at them the same way anymore. You've corrupted me too for that."

Valentine smiled and turned in their embrace.

"Yo! Could you two stop having a nosebleed worthy yaoi scene in my damn tunnel!" Jagger shouted from the mouth of the cave.

Yes, cute yaoi! (p.s. they are sixteen now)

I have all this planned out, it's another three-shot. Jagger wouldn't be hundred percent supportive of his brother, but still loved him none the less. Explaining in the next chapter.

There are so many Billy x Valentine songs: Don't Stop by Innerpartysystem, Toxic by Local H and Smooth by Santana.

I love Smooth by Santana.