Title: Never separated

Chapter 1 Birth

Authors note: Okay I had this idea of how Zatch could keep all of his memories right from the beginning. There are a few Authors that do this but they usually end up using Baou to save Zatch, (which I don't think is even remotely possible since Zatch can't even use the first spell at that time in the forest).And since it's night time I'm not going to spend much time on this chapter. I've read the manga, and I basically know what happened at the time of their birth…or what appears to be near it. But I still want to do it my way

Disclaimer: I do not own Zatch Bell, or Zeno Bell. I don't own Mrs. Bell, or Mr. Bell…I do however own the child version of Mr. Bell, who is called Zain Bell.

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In the Mamodo world as a birth was occurring. Mr. Bell and Mrs. Bell were in the hospital. The year was 1999.

The hospital room was the size of a master's bedroom of a 5 star hotel. High tech and expensive equipment was neatly organized around the patient. It was clear that this was no ordinary room, it was suited for the king's and queen's needs specifically.

"Mrs. Bell you have twins" the nurse said in a soothing voice. "Keep pushing, keep pushing" the nurse was able to see the first baby come out, it was pale but healthy, she then handed it to the doctor.

"Now for the second one" the doctor said, as Mrs. Bell kept on pushing. "We now have the second new born" the doctor said as he picked the baby up. The baby and a tanned color skin and was healthy, he then cleaned him then gave the twins to the mother.

Mr. Bell then stepped into the room to look at his sons.

The adult male mamodo was large, looked like he was 15 tall. He had two large horns growing out of his head, which looped to the back of his head and covered his neck. The horns were sort of covered up by his long white hair. He had 3 lines running down each eye, down to the chin, his eyes were light orange. He was wearing a long red cloak and a crown worthy of only a King, the crown had a mamodo symbol etched into it, the symbol looked like a hourglass with 5 circles going around each angle.

"Let's call this one Zatch and the other one Zeno" the mother said with a gentle voice.

The Mother of the twin boys was small in comparison. She was 6 feet tall, with a slim build. Her hair was naturally white. Her eyes were bluish in color, with no lines running down her face.

Mr. Bell looked at the boys "those are great names dear". "Zeno though I can sense hatred in his heart" Mr. Bell stated.

"He must've gotten it from you" the mother said still cradling the infants in a gentle manner.

"We should begin the process of transferring power, the sooner the better" Mr. Bell stated then put his hands on top of the twins heads, the nurse and doctor then left at that point. "I will give Baou to Zatch since he holds no hatred in his heart, other than that I will split my power between the both of them" Mr. Bell stated and the twins glowed with power from their father.

Zatch gained the mysterious power of Baou and 50% of his father's lightning powers. Zeno had gained the other half of his father's lightning powers.

"The power they gained her hence forth, they can now mold it to whatever they please…hopefully Zeno will be able to create a great power of his own, in his own making" Mr. Bell stated while having high hopes for his sons.

"Now let us go home with our children" Mrs. Bell said wanting to take care of both kids.

"Unfortunately we can't do that, they must be separated" Mr. Bell said coldly.

"Why in the Mamodo world would we do that?" the mother said holding the twins close to her.

"Zeno holds hatred in his heart and therefore he can be threatened by Zatch" Mr. Bell stated cold logic to the mother. Mr. Bell was referring to Baou's ability to sense and devour hatred.

"We should at least give this some thought, since you can't keep them away from each other forever" the Mother shouted

"I can and I will" Mr. Bell Said not backing down

Mrs. Bell wrapped the twins in a special cloth and then set them down. "I don't think you understand dear, this is no longer a compromise" the mother said in a soft voice.

"What do" Mr. Bell was interrupted when she hit him with a spell that made fire swirl around her arm. The spell smashed him into the next room over where the doctors were having an operation. She poked her head into the hole that she made, "you pretty damn weak without your powers aren't you" the mother teased.

Mr. Bell quickly jumped off of the ground and faced his wife.

"Zakerga!" Mr. Bell shouted and pointed his hand but nothing happened.

"You see this isn't a compromise" the mother stated then picked up the twins and headed back to the castle not afraid of Mr. Bell in his current condition. "Zatch, Zeno…how will you like to see your new home?" The mother asked the infants.

The babies didn't respond since both of them were sleeping.