Chapter 27:

1030 Zulu

Wednesday, November 7

Home Hamji Fahad

Aleppo, Syria

When they pulled up to the home of Hamji Fahad Agent Khalili said, " Let me do the talking."

Both Mike, and Mack nodded as Agent Khalili led them inside. Once inside Agent Khalili said in Arabic, " Hello my friend, how are you?"

Hamji Fahad replied, " I am quite well my friend to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit this morning?"

Agent Khalili said, " Mark Woolsey."

Fahad had a very disgusted look on his face as he spat, " That traitous cowardly son if a whore is being helped by General Abdul ibn Adwalli."

Mike asked, Who is General Abdul ibn Adwalli?"

Agent Khalili shot him a dirty look as Fahad replied, He is in charge of the Iranian Royal Guard Quds Forces. He's in Peshawar, Pakistan."

Mike, and Mack exchanged a a worried look as Mike said, " Call thin to Dog Patch Mr. Green."

Mack nodded as he stepped outside, and made the call. Once he had walked outside Mike asked, " Woolsey still with Adwalli?"

Fahad replied, " Yes I will give you the location, kill that son of a whore for me, he raped my daughter."

Agent Khalili said, " We will my friend promise."

Fahad bid them farewell as Agent Khalili, and Mike left. When they got back outside, Mack said, " Dog Patch said, Christians in Action wants us to capture Adwalli so they can see what he knows."

Mike nodded as he said, " We can do that."

Agent Khalili said, " I'm gonna call in a TAC team to assist us."

Mike snapped, " Don't do that, we'll handle it."

Agent Khalili went to protest, but thought better instead he said, " I'll get us a ride."

Mike, and Mack nodded as Agent Khalili pulled out his cell, and called Langley. 15 minutes later he put his phone back in his pocket as he said, Langley is scrambling a CH-53 Pave Low from Qatar. ETA 30 mikes.

Mike nodded as he said, " Good job Ranger."