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The Doctor nervously fiddled with his glass. He looked around at Amy and Rory's friends and family, most of whom had, until about half an hour ago, thought that he was just a product of Amy's over-active imagination. And now, here he was, at Amy's request (okay, demand), standing up to give a toast. "Yes, well, what can you say about Rory and Amy?"

He cursed himself internally. He was the man who had turned armies away with a single word. He had talked himself out of more executions than he could count. And he was completely at a loss for words. His eyes darted nervously around the room; obviously, the question he had started with wasn't going to be rhetorical. He had to follow it up somehow. His gaze caught something out the open doors to his left. Just above the horizon, in the darkening sky, he could see a bright star rising.

"Ah!" he said, relieved to have something to talk about at last. "Procyon!" He pointed at the star as he looked to Amy and Rory. The couple looked confused, and maybe a little irritated. Not discouraged, he continued. "Interesting fact about Procyon. Its name means 'before the dog', because it actually rises before the Dog Star." He cleared his throat as Amy shot him a look which indicated she did not care about his astronomy lesson. He adjusted his bow tie. "But," he added quickly, "Probably more to the point, it's interesting because it's not actually one star at all. It's two stars, very close together. A binary star system." He stopped and smiled. "Two distinct and separate entities, but tonight, we look at them and see just one."

He ventured a glance at Amy, who, finally understanding, had traded her glare for an approving grin.

"Today, and always, I suppose," the Doctor finished, "we see Amy and Rory, just like Procyon—as one bright, shining, beautiful star, hurtling through the universe together."