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Brief: Ichigo is about to leave to Karakura town to help the 13 Court Guard Squads when some mysterious strangers show up.

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"So, Ichigo Kurosaki and Captain Unohana, are you ready to be the first test subjects of my experiment with a Garganta?" said Mayuri sadistically with a smile.

"Don't worry, Captain Kurosuchi, I am sure your experiment will be a success. Otherwise, think of what Mr. Urahara will think of you when he has succeeded on his first try," said Unohana with a serious look.

"Tch," Captain Kurosuchi said, "You do realize that I have the ability to close the Garganta and trap you in there forever?" Ichigo looked a bit uneasy from this threat. He was thinking twice about going back with Mayuri since he was the one keeping the Garganta open.

"I understand, Captain Kurosuchi, but I trust you completely," said the Squad 4 Captain with her caring smile.

The Captain of Squad 12 was a bit annoyed at the fact that he could not threaten the Captain of Squad 4, so he decided to get on with the process. He was just about to start when he noticed two figures in the distance. "Oh, what have we here?" Mayuri said with some curiosity in his voice.

The figures were coming closer, and Ichigo was preparing to fight because he sensed some very high spiritual pressure within the group. The Captains just stood and watched the mysterious figures come closer. Ichigo gripped his sword and was preparing to charge until a female's voice shouted, "Wait! It's alright-we're on your side!" said a female voice with a defensive stance and hands in the air.

They got even closer, and Ichigo saw what they looked like. "Hey, what's up?" said a male voice. The owner of the voice was about 6 feet and 2 inches tall with a medium build. His hair was a bit unusually, for it was black in the middle of his head and became more silver until it reached the edge of his hairline where it became completely silver; his hair is wavy and messy. He has deep brown eyes and carries two large zanpaktous on his back that cross in an X-shape. One is sheathed in a white and yellow cloth while the other is sheathed in a black and red cloth. Both hilts have the colour of white.

"Hello," said a small girl next to the silver and black haired man's right; she's about 5 feet tall, violet eyes, her hair is dark blue, and her bangs are pushed towards the left and get longer by each strand and eventually, her left eye is mostly covered in her thick, dark, blue bangs. The bangs are pushed to the left allowing her right eye to be seen. Her hair covers her shoulders and neck and some of her hair is in front of her shoulders. She has a good amount of volume to it, not too much, not too little. Her build is small, and carries one sword on her left hip with the hilt coloured dark blue, purple, brown, and a bit of yellow.

"Who are you guys and what do you want?" said Ichigo with a bit of caution in his voice. He had a right to be cautious; he was sensing some very high spiritual pressure between the two, and he couldn't quite make out who it was emanating from.

(Author's note: The first word is the first name and the last word is the last name)

"My name's Masumi Minoru," said the man with the two large swords on his back, looking bored.

"And I'm Naomi Shinobu," said the girl with the dark blue hair and violet eyes. While donning her caring smile, she elbowed Masumi in the ribs to be more respectful. He just muttered something and she glared at him.

Ichigo just nodded and silently thought, "Which one has that very high spiritual pressure? I gotta be careful or I'll end up in another fight before I get back to Karakura Town and worse shape than I am already in."

"Where did you guys come from?" said Byakuya, while still watching Kenpachi and Yammy (espada number 0) fight.

"Well, we were actually heading to Las Noches, because some friends of ours kind of got separated from us. We sensed some people were fighting inside and thought that it could be them, So, we broke in to Las Noches and went to where the fighting was, which turns out to be you lot and not our two friends," said Masumi, with his eyes closed, leaning next to a destroyed rock nearby. Byakuya just nodded faintly, understanding what he said, but detected a lie somewhere in his statement.

"We've introduced ourselves, so what are your names?" said Naomi with a calm expression.

"I'm Substitute Soul Reaper, Ichigo Kurosaki." said the orange haired teen.

"I'm Rukia Kuchiki of Squad 13," said Rukia coming up alongside Ichigo.

"Captain of Squad 4, Unohana Retsu," said the head of the medical department.

"Captain of Squad 12 and head of Research and Development Bureau, Mayuri Kurotsuchi," said the black and white faced man, standing on the black stand holding the Garganta open.

"Lieutenant of Squad 12, Nemu Kurotsuchi," said the expressionless girl on the opposite black stand.

"Captain of Squad 6, Byakuya Kuchiki, and over there on the ground is my lieutenant, Renji Abarai," said the head of the Kuchiki Clan with his back still turned to them, He looked at Renji with his eyes and looked away with a bit of disappointment at his lieutenant for his embarrassing position. Renji's legs were over his head and he was lying against a rock with his head on the ground upside down, with his butt close to his head. Masumi and Naomi just nodded at the introductions and tried to memorize the names of so many new faces.

"Where is everyone going with that Garganta?" asked Naomi, looking at the Garganta with curiosity.

"Ichigo Kurosaki and I will be heading to the world of the living, specifically Karakura town, and Ichigo Kurosaki will confront Sosuke Aizen and defeat him," said Unohana.

"Good luck," said Masumi in a sarcastic tone with a slight smile.

"What's that supposed to mean?" said Ichigo with a small anger mark on his head.

"Well, judging by the way you look and how your spiritual pressure is right now, you won't even get near him," said Masumi standing upright and looking into Ichigo's eyes.

Ichigo felt offended and responded back, "Well I could do better if my spiritual pressure was restored, dammit!"

"What are you talking about?" said Unohana, interrupting their conversation.

"Well, I have noticed that every time I go bankai my kimono changes, and when Orihime was healing me up top and restoring my spiritual pressure, my right sleeve came back," said the orange haired teen.

"I see—well, when we go through the Garganta I'll heal you while we run back to Karakura town, so you'll be ready to fight Aizen," said the motherly-like woman to Ichigo. Ichigo nodded his understanding and approval towards the Squad 4 Captain.

"What brings you two here?" asked Ichigo to Masumi and Naomi suspiciously even though they had already said why they were there.

"Besides what we've said before, we thought that we could catch up with Aizen and give him a little pay back for something. It appears we're too late though," said Masumi noticing that Aizen's spiritual pressure wasn't in Hueco Mundo.

"If you mind me asking, why do you want to fight Sosuke Aizen?" asked Byakuya from over his shoulder.

"That's none of your business," said Naomi looking at Byakuya with a glare. Byakuya just looked at the girl over his shoulder and then turned his attention back towards Kenpachi's fight.

"Well, I'm going to Karakura Town and to defeat Aizen once and for all," said Ichigo turning around and away from the newcomers towards the Garganta.

"You'll die if you fight him, even if you got your spiritual pressure back," said Masumi watching Ichigo.

"What do you suggest then, that you come?" asked Ichigo getting irritated at Masumi's comments.

"I could care less if you went and fought and get killed by Aizen; I'm just telling you what will happen if you do go and-Ow!" said Masumi holding his jaw. Naomi gave him an uppercut to his jaw while he was talking.

"What the hell was that for Naomi?" asked Masumi cracking his jaw.

"You don't go and start insulting people you just meet Masumi and besides; if Yasushi were here, he would probably help Ichigo. Plus Yasuko would help him to because she's kind of like Yasushi in some ways," said Naomi poking Masumi in the chest, she was referring to her two friends that were lost.

"Well I wouldn't," said Masumi removing Naomi's finger from his chest with his hand.

"And why is that?" asked Ichigo feeling insulted.

"I just don't trust you, that's all...," said Masumi looking at Ichigo.

Before Naomi could speak, Masumi continued his sentance, "... and I''m pretty sure you don't trust him either, Naomi," said Masumi lowering himself down to her level by crouching. Naomi clenched her fist, but relaxed it after processing Masumi's words.

"He's right; we just don't trust you enough to help you out," said Naomi to Ichigo with a sigh.

"I don't see what the problem is. I do remember a human saying that went along like this: 'An enemy of my enemy, is my friend'. So why don't you three work together until you defeat your common enemy, which is Aizen in this case" said Unohana with a smile. Masumi and Naomi just looked at her and thought about her words.

"I'm sorry, but- Will you please assist Ichigo Kurosaki in his quest to defeat Aizen, Masumi and Naomi?" said Masumi before Unohana interrupted him with a threatening, yet kind voice. Masumi and Naomi looked at her with fear when she said her kind, yet threatening plea.

"Uh... sure," said Masumi unsure how to respond to Captain Unohana's question.

"Um... we'll be glad to help?" said Naomi, also unsure how to respond to Unohana without incurring her wrath.

"Excellent, I'm so glad that you two found the kindness in your hearts to assist Ichigo," said Unohana with a cheerful tone and smile.

"Is this for real?" asked Naomi completely baffled with Unohana's quick change in tone.

"I think we just got duped," said Masumi face-palming himself for letting Unohana change his mind so easily.

"Shut up, or she'll hear you," said Naomi nudging Masumi while watching Unohana as if the murderous aura was about to come back.

"I have a question for the both of you...," said the Unohana Retsu suddenly. Masumi and Naomi stiffened and awaited the Squad 4 Captain's question.

"...Have you seen Sosuke Aizen's shikai?" asked Unohana with a caring tone. Ichigo was in awe at how Unohana could make those two allies so easily and without a single direct threat.

"No, Masumi and I haven't, but one of our other friends has," stated Naomi to Unohana respectfully.

"Good, then you and Masumi will have a huge advantage over Aizen. Your friend or friends, however, won't and will be at a disadvantage like the rest of the 13 Court Guard Squads are right now," said Unohana with seriousness and then with a smile, catching Masumi and Naomi by surprise.

"How in the hell can she be so cheerful about something like that?" whispered Masumi to no one in particular.

"I dunno, but its kinda creepy, don't ya think?" whispered Naomi back to Masumi.

"Yeah... creepy," whispered back Masumi to Naomi.

"It is very important that you do not see his shikai while fighting him; otherwise, you will lose your advantage and will surely lose," the Captain of Squad 4 said with a serious voice and look. Masumi and Naomi nodded at the explanation quickly, so as to not anger Unohana anymore.

"I'll try not to," said Ichigo nonchalantly towards the Captain.

"Can you please hurry up, I am not going to stand here all day waiting for you idiots to get moving!" said the mad scientist, Mayuri, with an angry tone.

"Please be patient Captain Kurotsuchi, we are nearly ready to leave," said Unohana with a smile towards Mayuri. Mayuri looked at Unohana's persuading gaze for a bit and finally gave in.

"Tch, you have 10 minutes, that seems pretty generous if you ask me," said Mayuri trying to retain some dignity from being ordered by Unohana to wait.

"Ichigo, Masumi, Naomi, and I will go through the Garganta and enter Karakura Town to battle with Aizen. While you three fight him, I will attend to the wounded in Karakura Town," explained Unohana.

"Sounds like a plan, but I have one alteration to the plan," said the man with large duel-wielding zanpaktous regaining some confidence to speak after Unohana's dreadful way of making him help Ichigo with his fight against Aizen.

"And what would that be?" said the dark blue haired girl, Naomi.

"You stay here, Naomi, and try to see if Yasushi and Yasuko are still here or if they already went back to the World of the living," said Masumi turning to look at her in her eyes.

"What!" replied Naomi offended, "But I wanna help you fight Aizen too!"

"I know you do, but Ichigo and I will be enough to defeat him...," said Masumi calmly and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Ha! I knew you were just trying to act tough with me," said Ichigo trying to start an argument with Masumi, knowing full well that their alliance was not very stable.

"...and besides, I won't let you. You might get hurt, and I might not be there to protect you from Aizen," said the black and silver haired boy with a caring tone ignoring Ichigo's attempt at getting under his skin.

Naomi heard what he said and blushed a little at this and replied, "Ok, but you better come back alive... you promise?" she said while looking away from Masumi's face in order to hide her blush, not noticing that someone else had heard her.

Masumi smiled and put his hand on her shoulder and said, "I Promise, Naomi." and turned away to face the black hole in the sky; he also didn't notice someone else had heard his and Naomi's conversation. That person was Rukia; she had heard what Masumi said to Naomi and felt a little jealous for the girl for she had someone that cared for her, but brushed away those thoughts when she saw Ichigo. She sighed and thought," I wonder if Ichigo will do the same?"

"Ichigo!" said Rukia coming up to Ichigo while trying to summon up some courage to say what she was about to say.

Ichigo turned and saw that it was Rukia calling him, "What is it Rukia?"

She felt her face starting to become red and heat up. She turned her face away from his and said, "Will you do the same?"

"Huh?" The substitute soul reaper said confused to what Rukia meant.

"I mean, will you promise to come back alive?" said Rukia still blushing, forgetting that he didn't hear Masumi's and Naomi's conversation.

"Yeah, I promise, Rukia." said Ichigo with the smile he gives to her and her only. Rukia saw this and felt relived. "It's better than nothing," thought Rukia with some joy inside her.

"Are you done yet?" said Mayuri from his high perch. Masumi, Ichigo, and Unohana nodded and jumped through the Garganta, leaving Rukia watching Ichigo, and Naomi watching Masumi until the hole in the sky closed shut.

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