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Characters/Pairings: Ichigo/Rukia, (minor) Orihime/Ulquiorra, and some other character romance.

Warnings: There will be mainly IchiRuki romance and romance between characters of my own; there will be language, gore, violence, and if you don't like romance stuff then you have been warned.

Brief: Ichigo and the others have begun their fights with Aizen and Yoku. Ichigo is currently fighting Aizen in his Final Getsuga Tensho form and Yasuko and Ulquiorra are fighting Yoku currently. Ulquiorra is in his first from of his ressureccion and Yasuko is about to release hers.

"Rest Misericordia" said Yasuko in a whisper with her sword pointed towards Yoku. She began to glow blue and she slowly shifted her hand to the lower end of her swords hilt. She grabbed the bottom of the hilt and bent it with her hand. The hilt was curved and blue energy came from the sword and went up her arm, destroying her robes as it went up her arm and covered her body. Naomi was watching Yasuko, for she had never seen Yasuko's ressureccion.

"Hey, I'm back… what did I miss?" said Yasushi suddenly coming up into the sky with a still bleeding head.

"Yasushi you should still be resting," said Naomi with a bit of worry from her friend.

"My head is fine now… how is Yasuko?" questioned Yasushi when he looked at the blue ball of energy hovering in the sky.

"She seems like she's about to release," said Ulquiorra; Yoku didn't bother to attack, for he wanted to see Yasuko's ressureccion himself.

"I wonder what she'll look like in her ressureccion… Heh, just watch it be something provocative that backfires on-," said Yasushi, but stopped talking when the blue energy ball just broke suddenly revealing a released Yasuko with her new zanpaktou resting on her right shoulder while her right hand gripped the hilt. Yasuko's zanpaktou was now in the shape of large, white, double-barreled shotgun with two blades on opposite sides and an opening at the top for shooting whatever came out of the shotgun, there was a trigger on the hilt of her sword, and the hilt was curved inwards. Her appearance changed too, drastically; she now had a hollow hole replacing her belly button, she had a broken mask that was hard to distinguish any key features in and, was on the back top of her head, she had no footwear on, and wore a bone bikini. Yasushi's eyes were like dinner plates as he stared at Yasuko, Yasuko noticed this and turned to face Yasushi.

"What are you staring at Yasushi?" questioned Yasuko coming closer to him. Naomi just face-palmed herself in the face and laughed a little at Yasuko for teasing Yasushi like that.

"Uh…," said Yasushi, that was all he managed to say, for he was too busy looking at Yasuko. Yasushi then felt his nose began to bleed, but ignored it as he stared at her breasts.

"Yasushi… my eyes are up here," said Yasuko getting Yasushi's attention away from her chest, which was not as flat as Yasushi thought it would have been. Yasushi looked up to Yasuko and saw a vein was popping out of her head and she slapped him across the face twice on both sides of his face.

"Oh… sorry about that," said Yasushi smugly ignoring the stinging pain on his face as he wiped his nose clean from his nosebleed.

"Don't let it happen again," said Yasuko turning to face Yoku with a vein popping out of her head due to her anger towards Yasushi.

"Yes ma'am," said Yasushi with sarcasm, Yasuko smiled at the little joke and both got into an offensive stance with Ulquiorra and Naomi.

"Interesting release you have there, Yasuko, what abilities do you now possess?" questioned Yoku eager to find out what Yasuko's abilities were.

"You'll see soon enough," said Yasuko as she and the others charged towards Yoku.

Ichigo and Aizen's fight

Every stroke that Ichigo blocked or attacked with resulted in a massive amount of power that discharged in the direction of where Ichigo swung his zanpaktou. Ichigo then eventually got a cut on Aizen's shoulder; as soon as that happened, Aizen released a massive amount of spiritual pressure in order to get Ichigo to back off of him. Ichigo jumped back a bit and waited for Aizen to make his move on the ground. Aizen then held his right hand up in front of him.

"Seeping crest of turbidity. Arrogant vessel of lunacy! Boil forth and deny! Grow numb and flicker! Disrupt sleep! Crawling queen of iron! Eternally self-destructing doll of mud! Repulse! Fill with soil and know your own powerlessness! Hado Number 90 Kurohitsugi!" proclaimed Aizen, a huge outline of a purple-black rectangle then surrounded Ichigo, who stood still motionlessly, not fazed as what was about to happen to him. Aizen stood on the outside watching Ichigo get engulfed in the Hado and slowly Ichigo' face was becoming less and less visible, due to the Hado nearly being completed. Soon the Hado had completely engulfed Ichigo and Aizen stood there with smirk on his distorted face. Ichigo suddenly broke the Hado with a simple swing of his zanpaktou; leaving a dumbfounded Aizen.

"What?" said Aizen in shock that Ichigo could easily break a level 90 Hado with the incantation.

"Are you afraid?" asked Ichigo calmly and threateningly. "How does he have so much power, he doesn't have a shred of spiritual pressure on him? Or could it be that he has become so powerful that I cannot sense him… impossible, I am a transcendent being and will not lose to a human!" thought Aizen in his head. He then used his six wings to fire small purple orbs at Ichigo, Ichigo dodged them easily and six mushroom clouds appeared behind him. Ichigo then lunged at Aizen, who was in the sky, and swung at his head. Aizen blocked and began to attack Ichigo at very high speeds. Ichigo was easily keeping up with Aizen's attacks and when he saw an opening, he spin kicked Aizen in the head, sending him flying away towards the ground, creating a large cloud of dust and dirt.

"Very impressive Ichigo," said Aizen climbing out of the large crater he made from his landing. "I need another plan, attacking him head-on won't do any good," thought Aizen as he looked around to see if anything in his vicinity could be used to his advantage. Ichigo then attacked Aizen quickly and powerfully," There has to be something I could use… There!" said Aizen when he saw something that he could use to his advantage. Ichigo did a downward strike on Aizen, but Aizen vanished away in a flash of white light; Ichigo's blade just cut a large straight hole into the ground as Ichigo scanned the area for Aizen.

"Over here Kurosaki," said Aizen, Ichigo heard his voice and inside his gut, he felt something was wrong and was being threatened. He turned around and his eyes went wide slightly, but were back to normal a second or two later. Aizen had Rukia on the ground under his foot and was crushing her in his own strength and in spiritual pressure. Rukia was in too much pain to talk or even voice something from her mouth under Aizen's foot, she tried to fire a Hado, but it was way off target and simply destroyed a building.

"Look who I have here…," said Aizen as two of his wings with heads on it went down to Rukia's level and began to observe her with saliva dripping from their mouths.

"… Surrender Kurosaki or I will-," said Aizen, but was cut short when his leg that held Rukia down and Rukia were gone. As Aizen's leg bled, Ichigo was holding Rukia with one arm bridal style.

"Ichigo, I'm sorry I should've—Don't worry, it'll be over soon Rukia," said Ichigo interrupting Rukia, she sensed something within her that told her that the end of this fight was near, but it didn't say who the victor would be.

"Hold on to me, don't let go no matter what, otherwise you might end up dead Rukia," said Ichigo tightening his grip on Rukia's body; Rukia nodded and did what she was told.

"What are you planning now…," said Aizen to himself while watching Ichigo with interest.

"Let's end this Aizen, I'm getting tired of you and your way of doing things," said Ichigo while pointing his fused zanpaktou that was attached to his arm at Aizen.

"I'll show you… the Final Getsuga Tensho," said Ichigo while holding Rukia with his left arm; he was then engulfed in a large blue cylinder spiritual pressure with black lightening jumping across its aura. Aizen stared at it, waiting to see what Ichigo would turn into. "This is definitely spiritual pressure, but… it is somehow different," said Aizen observing it. He then began to see Ichigo's form faintly through the thick aura.

"What is… that form Kurosaki?" said Aizen confused. The blue column then abruptly became a thick pitch black aura around Ichigo and Rukia. Then it slowly began to separate, revealing Ichigo in his Final Getsuga Tensho form while holding Rukia. Rukia stared at Ichigo as he let out a discharge of power towards Aizen as wind.

"Ichigo… is that you?" questioned Rukia unsure if it was him due to the long black hair and red eyes.

"Yes… it's me Rukia… I'll finish this in one move," said Ichigo with black aura/ spiritual pressure oozing from him.

"What?' said Aizen completely confused as to what Ichigo's new form was.

"The Final Getsuga Tensho is… me… becoming Getsuga himself," said Ichigo calmly staring at Aizen. Aizen wasn't in shock due to Ichigo's new form; he was in shock because he couldn't sense Ichigo's power at all.

"That's absurd, a mere human cannot be more powerful than me!" said Aizen out of frustration and confusion, Ichigo then formed a black spiritual pressure blade in his right hand and raised it above his head without saying a word. Rukia was watching Ichigo as he was doing this with awe in his left arm.

"Mugetsu," said Ichigo calmly, the sky around Ichigo, Rukia, and Aizen became pitch black and a low thud/ rubble was heard as Ichigo's attack cut Aizen straight down the middle and as it did with the landscape that was caught in Ichigo's attack. Rukia was amazed at Ichigo's power as she watched him up close. The attack then began to rise into the sky and a loud explosion was heard, then died away as Aizen's split body came crashing down to the ground. Ichigo stood in the same position for a sometime, but began to move as his form began to disappear. He let Rukia down as his 'chest armor' disintegrated and the tattoos on his chest vanished.

"Are you ok Ichigo?" asked Rukia a bit concerned for Ichigo.

"I'm fine, how about you?" asked Ichigo as his long black hair fell from his head, showing his long orange hair again, and his red eyes went back to its normal amber colour.

"Fine… did you defeat Aizen?" asked Rukia relieved that Ichigo was ok as she looked at Aizen's body that was cut in half.

"Seems like it, let's go and see if—Ngh!" said Ichigo as he collapsed to the ground breathing hard.

"Ichigo, what's wrong?" said Rukia coming to his side, Ichigo stared at his hands on his knees," My powers… they're disappearing. Wait didn't Masumi do a technique that prevented something like this from happening?" thought Ichigo. While Rukia was trying to make sure Ichigo was alright, she felt something form around her neck. She then saw a red watch form on Ichigo's right wrist and a red ribbon extended from it towards Rukia's own red ribbon coming from her neck.

"What the-," said Rukia confused, Ichigo saw that she had a red chock necklace around her neck with a black sun on it and looked down to his new watch to see a white moon inside the casing with the hour, minute, and second hand. The red ribbons connected and disappeared, leaving only the necklace and watch behind. They sat there for a while unsure as to what just happened until Ichigo broke the silence.

"Uh… Rukia… I can't move," said Ichigo stuck in his position, he felt like he was going to faint any time soon, so he wanted to get himself and Rukia out of the way.

"We need to get somewhere safe, so we won't get in the way of every else's fights," said Ichigo still frozen. Rukia rolled her eyes, but smiled as she came over to help Ichigo up.

"Here… put your arm over me," said Rukia, Ichigo let her put his arm over her and let her carry him away. Both of them stopped and turned around when they felt a familiar spiritual pressure come back. Ichigo and Rukia watched in horror as Aizen's body healed itself down the middle. After the healing was done Aizen stood up laughing.

"Is that it Ichigo Kurosaki? I'm not dead, so it looks like I won-," said Aizen, but was interrupted with the Gates of Hell appearing behind him, they opened and chains came out of it and attached itself to Aizen.

"No… I will not be dragged back into Hell!" shouted Aizen, who was trying to remove the chains, but when he removed one, two more took its place.

"Get off of me!" said Aizen still struggling with the chains, Ichigo gathered what strength he had left and walked over to Aizen.

"Aizen… Go to Hell," said Ichigo kicking Aizen into Hell with a front kick. Aizen then fell into Hell yelling during his fall, but was immediately silenced when he was stabbed with a large sword. Aizen was then motionless as the sword went back into Hell with Aizen on it. The Gates of Hell then closed, leaving Ichigo and Rukia standing still.

"Uh… Ichigo?" said Rukia wondering if he was ok due to how weak Ichigo was earlier. Ichigo then collapsed onto the ground, completely exhausted and weak from the lack of energy he possessed. Rukia sighed and walked over to the fainted Ichigo.

"What am I going to do with you Ichigo?" asked Rukia sitting beside his body as she watched the fight against Yoku in the distance.

Yasushi, Yasuko, Naomi, and Ulquiorra's fight with Yoku

"Cero Oscuras," said Ulquiorra firing his black cero towards Yoku; Yoku dodged it and was greeted with a cero from Yasuko from her shotgun-sword zanpaktou weapon. Yoku used his own cero to overpower Yasuko's white cero; Yasuko dodged the cero with a sonido. When Yoku's cero cleared, Yasushi and Naomi came from both sides of Yoku and attacked him. Yoku blocked Yasushi's attack and kicked him away while grabbing Naomi's wrist and throwing her towards the ground. Naomi recovered from the attack and stood on the ground while watching Yasushi, Yasuko, and Ulquiorra fight with Yoku in the sky. "Damn, he's too strong we need Masumi's help if we are going to win this…," thought Naomi as Ulquiorra crashed into the ground next to her.

"Ulquiorra, are you ok?" asked Naomi a bit concerned for him.

"I'm fine, but he is strong," said Ulquiorra climbing out of the crater he made. Ulquiorra and Naomi stood still and looked up into the sky to see Yasushi and Yasuko continue with the fight against Yoku.

"Do you have any suggestions on how to defeat Yoku?" asked Naomi. Yasuko and Yasushi were struggling against Yoku in the sky, but were doing their best.

"I do, but I'm curious to see what Yasuko's ability is first," said Ulquiorra observing Yasuko cutting Yoku with her zanpaktou; the cut then began to heal slowly and Yasuko used sonido to get away from Yoku who tried to kick her in the stomach. Ulquiorra noticed that when Yasuko had cut Yoku, she drained something from Yoku, converted it into a very dense, tightly, packed ball of spiritual pressure, and was placed inside Yoku. Naomi was trying to figure Yasuko's abilities herself, but wasn't having any luck. Yasushi appeared behind Yoku and punched him, sending him flying away. Yasuko intercepted Yoku and slashed him across the chest twice, before Yoku backhanded her towards Yasushi.

"Whoa!" said Yasushi caught off-guard with Yasuko's body flying towards him. He caught her and was pushed back from the force of the backhand and crashed into a building. After the dust cleared, Yasushi appeared with Yasuko in his left arm.

"Thanks," said Yasuko after being let down from Yasushi.

"Uh… no problem," said Yasushi trying to hide a nosebleed, for he accidently touched Yasuko's butt without her knowing.

"If that's not from the impact and it has to do with something else… I'm going to beat you senseless," said Yasuko with a little blush and with an anger mark on her head. Before Yasushi could respond, Yoku attacked the two after appearing from a sonido. Yasushi used his blue smoke to block the attack without being pushed back and Yasuko tried to counter attack. She appeared behind Yoku and fired her enhanced white cero at Yoku by pointing her shotgun-zanpaktou at him. Before she could fire, Yoku appeared very close to her, catching her off-guard. Her eyes went wide as Yoku cut her down in the front from her right shoulder to her left hip and in her back from her left shoulder to her right hip. Yoku then proceeded to stab Yasuko in her heart, but was stopped when some blue smoke intercepted the attack and Yasushi appeared in between the attack. Yasushi blocked the attack, but it slid off his guard and headed for his own heart.

"Shit!" said Yasushi as the sword stabbed him in his heart, Yasuko turned around to see a sword impaling Yasushi all the way through. Yoku then removed his sword and began to attack Yasushi aggressively. Yasushi blocked some of the attacks, but due to his wound, most of Yoku's attacks ended up cutting him. Every time Yasuko tried to help Yasushi, she would be thrown back from an attack from Yoku or when she had to dodge a cero from Yoku. Eventually, Yasushi couldn't take any more from Yoku's relentless assault and was slashed horizontally in the abdomen.

"Yasushi!" said Yasuko in shock as Yasushi staggered back and kneeled down holding onto his stomach as he bleed from his wound on his abdomen and the many wounds on his body. Yoku then slowly began to walk up towards Yasushi, intending to finish of Yasushi with one blow. Before Yoku could deliver the final blow, Yasuko appeared behind Yoku with a yell and attacked him. She was visibly angry at Yoku and the power from the clash of their swords was reflected by bright blue and black flashes of light, spiritual pressure.

"Are we angry?" asked Yoku playfully with a calm expression as Yasuko slashed at Yoku's body, cutting him on his chest. Yoku didn't flinch or shown any signs of pain as he used the moment of himself being cut, to slash Yasuko on her stomach. Yasuko's face showed pain and surprise due to the fact that Yoku wasn't feeling any pain or was ignoring it and that she was stabbed in her stomach. Yoku then grabbed Yasuko, by her head, and threw her towards the now standing Yasushi. Yasushi just recovered from the relentless barrage Yoku had done to him and was greeted with Yasuko's body slamming into his stomach, again.

"Agh—the Hell?" said Yasushi as he caught Yasuko with his body and traveled with the momentum towards a building, crashing into it with a thud and an explosion, causing the building to collapse on them.

"I think we should help them," said Ulquiorra to Naomi nonchalantly.

"Gee, you think so?" yelled Naomi to Ulquiorra as they both intercepted Yoku, who was on the ground slowly walking towards the collapsed building with the intent to annihilate Yasushi and Yasuko under the pile of debris.

"I think we've seen enough, Yoku; your time has come," said Naomi in an offensive stance, Ulquiorra stood still, and Yoku looked at her with a puzzled look. Ulquiorra was observing Yoku, while Naomi began to move closer to Yoku and as she was about to attack, Ulquiorra stopped her by standing in front of her. Ulquiorra and Yoku then began to stare at each other without any noise except for the noises of other fights that were happening around the Seireitei from Grimmjow, Stark, and the other Captains.

"C'mon Ulquiorra what are you waiting for, let's—patience," said Ulquiorra silencing Naomi. She looked at him confused, but turned her head back towards Yoku when Ulquiorra didn't explain himself.

"What do you plan on doing now Naomi and Ulquiorra?" said Yoku in his deep voice.

"We plan on defeating you!" said Naomi confidently, but was afraid on the inside for she witnessed the onslaught and relentless assault on Yasushi and Yasuko and the quick defeat of Masumi earlier.

"I plan on showing you the true meaning of despair," said Ulquiorra with a threat hinted in his response.

"Do you now; how do you plan on showing me 'the true meaning of despair' Ulquiorra?" taunted Yoku. Ulquiorra's response was dark green spiritual that started at his feet and went up towards the sky in small patches with dust being pushed away near his feet and the dust turned a light green. His clothes then began to disintegrate along with a part of his hollow mask, leaving only the horns that were now longer, and were replaced with black fur on his arms and lower body. He also now had a jet black tail, his hollow hole looked like it was leaking something black, and he had long black fur near his tail; he still had his black wings, but looked longer and more ferocious. His eyes were green with yellow irises with a black slit, which ran vertically, which was his pupil and his eyes also looked like they were leaking something black.

"Ressureccion Segunda Etapa," said Ulquiorra in second ressureccion. Naomi stood behind him and confused to as to why Ulquiorra had another ressureccion.

"How—I am the only espada who has achieved a second release, no one has seen me in this form except Ichigo Kurosaki and Masumi Minoru," said Ulquiorra answering Naomi's question before she could ask it. Yoku seemed to smile as if he was about to enjoy the next few minutes with Ulquiorra.

"Wipe that smile off your face," said Ulquiorra getting into an attack position by crouching down low to the ground with his left hand supporting him from falling onto the ground.

"Here I come," said Ulquiorra looking up, he suddenly dashed off from his spot with incredible speed, when he got close to Yoku, both Ulquiorra and Yoku used sonido and began fighting at speeds that Naomi couldn't register. She could only hear the clashes around her in the air. Every now and then she would hear noises that sounded something like the cutting of flesh and impacts from punches or kicks. There were shockwaves from the fight in the sky and discharges of wind. "I wish I could see what was going on, so I could help Ulquiorra," thought Naomi trying to see Ulquiorra. "Concentrate Naomi and you should be able to see what you couldn't see before and then use that knowledge to strike at the enemy" said a voice in Naomi's head.


"What do you mean?' asked Naomi breathing hard after an attack from Masumi. She was training with Masumi, Ichigo and Rukia were training together, and Yasushi and Yasuko were training together elsewhere in the underground area under Urahara's shop.

"What do you mean 'what I mean'? You need to concentrate Naomi if you can't see your enemy," said Masumi using flash step to speed all around her invisible. Naomi knew Masumi was around her, but couldn't see him. She tried to concentrate with her eyes, but she couldn't see him.

"I'm concentrating, but I still can't—Hey!" said Naomi as Masumi pushed her around during his flash stepping.

"Don't just use your eyes, use all of your senses if you need to; use anything to your advantage in a fight, that includes the environment," said Masumi as he continued to push Naomi around while remaining invisible with his flash stepping. Naomi then did what she was told when Masumi stopped pushing her around. She used all of her senses to try and locate Masumi; she caught wind of his scent around her, felt the air move around her as Masumi was flash stepping around her, and could hear his feet moving on the ground. Masumi then went in for another round of pushing Naomi around and as he touched Naomi, she grabbed his hand and flung him to the ground. This caught Masumi off-guard and grabbed Naomi's collar as he fell to the ground after Naomi threw him. Naomi was caught off-guard from Masumi's grab and fell with him to the ground. Naomi and Masumi then began to roll and tumble all over the ground and down a hill. Eventually they came to a stop and Naomi was on top of Masumi dazed from the rolling.

"Good job Naomi, now could you please get off of me?" asked Masumi who was slightly dazed from the rolling, Naomi quickly got off of Masumi with a little blush.

"Sorry Masumi and Thank you," said Naomi trying to his her blush.

"Don't worry about and your welcome, just remember that when you have trouble finding your enemy," said Masumi getting up off the ground.

"I will, now what are you going to teach me now?" said Naomi getting excited at learning something else from Masumi.

-End Flashback-

Naomi then began to do what Masumi had taught her and began to use her senses to locate Yoku and Ulquiorra and prepared a Hado for her attack when she found them.

"Is that all you've got Ulquiorra?" taunted Yoku as he dodged another series of strikes from Ulquiorra, Yoku counter-attacked and then began to strike at Ulquiorra with many slashes, Ulquiorra either blocked them or narrowly dodged them. A Sokatsui hit Yoku in the face, blinding him temporarily; Naomi then appeared with a flash step and attacked Yoku from behind. She slashed at his back, but her zanpaktou didn't cut into him, it just stopped on his skin. Yoku turned his head and smiled wickedly at Naomi and punched her in her left arm, to the ground. When she hit the ground, she didn't move for a while due to the pain in her left arm, "Damn, I think he either dislocated my left arm at the shoulder or broke it completely," thought Naomi getting up with her left arm limp and close to her side.

"Enough," said Ulquiorra using sonido to get some distance from Yoku. Yoku watched Ulquiorra and observed what he was about to do. Ulquiorra cupped his hands together in front of him and a green light appeared in between them.

"Lanza Del Relámpago," said Ulquiorra outstretching his hands to reveal a green spear with green energy flickering on the ends of the spear.

"Don't move, stay right where you are, I would prefer not to set the off near me," said Ulquiorra to Yoku, Yoku just opened his arms as if he were inviting the attack. "He must be crazy if he thinks he can withstand this attack without sustaining a serious wound," thought Ulquiorra as he threw the spear towards Yoku. The spear hit Yoku on the chest and was engulfed by a massive and powerful column of green spiritual pressure and energy. Ulquiorra had to fly away several meters in order to not get hurt by his own attack. Ulquiorra settled down and watched the column dissipate; Ulquiorra tried to see and sense Yoku, so he could see if he survived the attack or not.

"That was pretty impressive, but not good enough," said Yoku appearing behind Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra was caught completely off-guard and was cut down by Yoku, nearly in half. Ulquiorra got one last look at Yoku's evil expression, before he fell to the ground.

"Humph, that was entertaining for what it was worth," said Yoku, but was interrupted when a collapsed building behind him exploded. Yoku turned around and saw a cut up and bloodied Yasushi and Yasuko. Yasushi appeared behind Yoku, thinking Yoku hadn't sensed him and attack Yoku. Yasushi's sword connected with Yoku, but didn't cut into him; it lay harmlessly on his shoulder with Yasushi breathing hard.

"You are very bothersome and annoying Yasushi," said Yoku and he slashed Yasushi down the middle on his chest, stabbed him twice, and threw him to the ground very quickly.

"Yasushi!" said Yasuko using sonido to catch Yasushi before he hit the ground, when she caught him; her eyes widened for he looked like he was either unconscious or dead. Tears began to form in her eyes as she put him on the ground, believing Yasushi had died.

"YOKU!" shouted Yasuko with anger, resentment, and with tears in her eyes. She then pointed her shotgun-zanpaktou towards Yoku and a white ball charged in the barrels of the gun part of her sword.

"Another cero?" questioned Yoku preparing himself for the cero.

"Implode," said Yasuko, she pulled the trigger that was on her handle and a white ball shot towards Yoku. Yoku smiled, thinking it to be a harmless white ball. When it connected with Yoku, it went into him without causing any wounds.

"What is this?" questioned Yoku looking at his chest from where the ball had entered.

"In a few seconds you will implode on yourself, using your own… spiritual pressure and energy… against you after I had messed with it," said Yasuko in between breaths, she was feeling light headed from the amount of blood she had lost and her ressureccion had begun to seal itself back into a sword.

"When did you 'mess' with my spiritual pressure and energy, I don't recall you ever performing a technique like that," said Yoku confused.

"I did it when you let me cut you," said Yasuko now back to her original self out of her ressureccion. Yoku was about to ask another question, but he began to feel something inside him pull. The pulling inside his chest grew more and more intense and pronounced every second.

"What's happening… what did you do to me!" shouted Yoku with anger towards Yasuko.

"In a few more seconds, you'll implode on yourself from your own power. In other words, you'll be sucked into a black hole of your own power and you'll be the only one who gets sucked in," explained Yasuko. Yoku looked at his hand and saw that it began to shrivel up; he felt his entire body shrivel up as if the life was being sucked out of him from the inside. With a yell towards the sky, Yoku then collapsed in on himself into a black hole. After Yoku was swallowed up by the black hole, the hole disappeared into nothing. Yasuko sighed in relief now that Yoku perished.

"Yasuko!" shouted a familiar voice; Yasuko turned her head and saw that the owner of the voice was Naomi.

"Naomi; glad to see that you're ok," said Yasuko trying to stand up and force a smile.

"Well, I'm somewhat fine, my left arm is dislocated or completely shattered… you mind fixing it?" asked Naomi to Yasuko.

"Uh, sure… It seems like it's just dislocated; just put this piece of wood on your mouth so you don't bite your tongue," said Yasuko giving Naomi a piece of wood, Naomi put it in her mouth and waited for Yasuko to fix her arm.

"This is going to hurt, are you ready?" asked Yasuko. As Naomi nodded a yes, Yasuko snapped Naomi's arm back into place. Naomi felt a sharp pain for a few seconds, but died away after her arm was back to normal.

"Thanks…," said Naomi dropping the piece of wood out of her mouth and to the ground with teeth marks in it.

"No problem… I think I should go and find Yasushi's body so I can—so you can what bury me? I won't die that easily," said Yasushi interrupting Yasuko. Naomi and Yasuko turned their heads to where his voice originated from and saw Yasushi casually walking towards them covered in sword wounds from his fight.

"Yasushi are you alright?" asked Naomi to Yasushi when he got over to the two girls.

"I'll be fine, I just need to get the wounds checked out before we—mmpfh?" said Yasushi before Yasuko interrupted him with a kiss on his lips suddenly. She broke the kiss and slapped him twice across the face, leaving a very confused Yasushi on the ground.

"What the hell was that for Yasuko?" said Yasushi rubbing his cheeks from Yasuko's slaps.

"That kiss was for being alive, the slaps were for worrying me, and this…," said Yasuko leaning down to Yasushi's face. Naomi kinda got the idea where Yasuko was going with this and gave Yasushi and Yasuko some space by turning her back. Yasuko gave Yasushi a soft yet passionate kiss on his lips. Before Yasushi could return the kiss Yasuko broke it and stood up.

"And that was for?" questioned Yasushi dumbfounded by his recent change in luck with women and especially with Yasuko.

"Figure it out dumbass," said Yasuko extending a hand out to help Yasushi up from the ground. Yasushi smiled at Yasuko knowing that she liked him a lot and took the hand and got up from the ground. Yasushi was about to ask Yasuko another thing when everyone felt a very familiar spiritual pressure come over them.

"What… is this—impossible he couldn't have survived that attack—get ready everyone!" said Naomi first, then Yasuko, and then Yasushi. They all got into defensive stances as they saw dark purple spiritual pressure blanket the area around them.

Somewhere in the Seireitei; Ichigo and Rukia

Rukia felt Yoku's spiritual pressure come back from nothing and looked to the area with dark purple spiritual pressure.

"Rukia… what's going on?" asked Ichigo trying to stay conscious.

"Yoku's back and seems to be more powerful than he was before," said Rukia in disbelief at how much stronger Yoku was now.

"Oh…," said Ichigo thinking of something.

"I have got to go and help them," said Ichigo trying to get up, but failed due to his lack of strength.

"Ichigo, you're in no condition to move, you don't have any spiritual pressure or energy left; you could suddenly black out if you were to go and fight Yoku in the condition you're in," explained Rukia to Ichigo while sitting him back down.

"Then give me some of your spiritual pressure and energy Rukia," said Ichigo looking at Rukia. Rukia just stared back at Ichigo unsure if she should do it or even if she could do it.

"If you black out Ichigo you'll—just come and get me Rukia, now, can you…?" asked Ichigo before closing his eyes from tiredness. Rukia sighed and placed her hands on Ichigo's chest and began to give him some of her spiritual pressure and energy.

The Yoku Fight

Naomi, Yasuko, and Yasushi were thrown back by Yoku's sword attack. Yoku transformed when he had died, he was now standing on top of a large menacing purple dragon with pitch black eyes.

"You think you can stop me now after this power boost? HA! This is my true from and you will all die," said Yoku descending from the dragon's head to the ground to Yasushi, Yasuko, and Naomi; they were struggling to stand up and it was especially hard for Yasushi and Yasuko due to their wounds from their last fight. Yasushi was bent over trying to catch his breath and when he looked up, he saw Yoku standing in front of him.

"Farewell… (Yoku's sword then slashed Yasushi down) Yasushi," said Yoku watching Yasushi's body fall to the ground.

"Dammit Yasushi!" said Yasuko trying to get over to Yasushi with a desperate run. Yoku saw her and used sonido to cut her down with two strikes to her stomach and back. She fell down to the ground with a thud and was motionless. Naomi watched helplessly as her friends were taken out with ease by Yoku. Yoku turned to Naomi and charged a black cero in the palm of his hands and pointed it at Naomi. Before Yoku could fire, Ulquiorra appeared behind Yoku completely healed and managed to slash Yoku on the back before Yoku redirected the cero towards Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra fell to the ground and lay motionless next to Yasuko, burnt to a crisp.

"So many distractions…," said Yoku with a sigh before being 'interrupted' again by Ichigo. Ichigo was in his bankai form and appeared before Yoku and they clashed with their zanpaktous.

"So Ichigo, it seems that you have defeat Aizen," said Yoku while blocking and counter-attacking Ichigo.

"Sorry to rain on your parade, but yes; Aizen, your master, is dead," replied Ichigo with a smirk as he clashed with Yoku. Yoku frowned at that remark and the dragon, above Yoku and Ichigo, lifted its tail and whacked Ichigo away. Ichigo recovered quickly before he hit the ground, but felt weakened with the spiritual pressure and energy that Rukia did give to Ichigo.

"I wasn't informed that Aizen was my master," said Yoku standing on top of the purple dragon's head. Ichigo was surprised at Yoku's response.

"Did you actually think that, THAT, weakling could be my master? Ha, I was using him to unlock my true nature, for when you defeated him and sent him into Hell again; I was able to use my full powers by absorbing the powers that I gave to Aizen when I was still his puppet. No, he was never my master, I was using him to increase my own power and when I got this consciousness that Aizen and Hidoi so foolishly gave me; I took back that power when I went back into Hell. Aizen somehow tricked me in there and I lost half of my power to him, but now that he's back in Hell… I am finally at my true potential!" shouted Yoku releasing massive amounts of spiritual pressure to prove his point.

Rukia and Naomi appeared next to Ichigo with a flash step and said," Ichigo, what's going on?" asked Rukia.

"I'm not quite sure, but I think he's more powerful than he was before," said Ichigo with one eye closed, he then became short of breath and fell to one knee.

"You alright Ichigo?" asked Naomi.

"I'm fine, just short of breath," said Ichigo trying to stand up, but fell back down to one knee.

"You are not fine Ichigo…," said Rukia as she kneeled down and placed her hands over Ichigo to inspect his spirit with Kido.

"…You don't have much spiritual pressure and energy left in you," said Rukia giving her diagnosis to Ichigo.

"I'll be fine for two more attacks," said Ichigo getting up and got into an offensive stance. After Yoku finished exerting his immense spiritual pressure, Ichigo, Rukia, and Naomi attacked Yoku in separate directions; Naomi and Rukia clashed with Yoku and when they were thrown back, Ichigo appeared with his hollow mask on and his Tensa Zangetsu was charging a Getsuga Tensho.

"Getsuga Tensho!" said Ichigo releasing two hollowfied Getsuga Tenshos at Yoku.

"Tch, weak," said Yoku the purple dragon's left mighty wing rose and covered Yoku from the Getsuga Tenshos, when they hit the wing, they were absorbed.

"What?" said Ichigo with his mask breaking and feeling very light headed.

"Your Getsuga Tenshos didn't do anything to it," said Rukia coming to Ichigo's side with Naomi on the other side of Yoku as they surrounded Yoku.

"Yeah… he must've absorbed them and-," said Ichigo trying to stay conscious when Yoku's dragon flapped its wing that absorbed the Getsuga Tenshos and fired the Getsuga Tenshos towards Ichigo and Rukia. Ichigo registered the attack just in time to protect himself and Rukia from his own attack.

"Huh?" questioned Rukia.

"This is going to hurt!" shouted Ichigo to Rukia as the Getsuga Tenshos connected and exploded on him and Rukia. He and Rukia fell out of the sky bleeding badly on their bodies with Ichigo still holding onto Rukia as he fell and landed on the ground.

"Ichigo… Rukia! Hang on I'm-," said Naomi but was stopped when she clashed with Yoku.

"Where do you think you're going…? (Yoku cleared his throat as he clashed with Naomi) I've always wanted to talk freely; do you know what it's like not wanting to talk when you want to and as often as you would like?" asked Yoku leaning in on Naomi so that they were a hair breaths away from each other's face with Naomi leaning her head back.

"No I don't…" said Naomi pushing Yoku away on the word 'don't'. Yoku smiled as he jumped back.

"Your… going to pay for… hurting my friends," said Naomi in between breaths while trying to keep a good stance. Yoku smirked and used sonido to get close to Naomi.

"And how do you plan on doing that if you can't even catch your breath after a simple sword clash," said Yoku with his back to Naomi's back. Naomi swung at Yoku who was behind her, but Yoku caught her sword with a finger.

"Your strength is faltering," taunted Yoku turning around to see a wide eyed Naomi. "How is he blocking my zanpaktou with only a finger?" thought Naomi confused and afraid of how overpowered she currently is in this fight alone. Without hesitation, Yoku began to punch Naomi rapidly on her stomach, arms, legs, chest, and face. Naomi couldn't counter him for every time Yoku hit her, another blow would instantly hit her.

"What's wrong Naomi; am I going too fast for you or am I too strong for you?" questioned Yoku with a sinister smile, after he asked his question he kicked her into the air at high speeds. Naomi let out a sharp exhale as he kicked her, "My body… it feels… broken; with only one kick, he managed to disable me-," thought Naomi but was interrupted when the dragon's purple tail hit her in the back and flung her high into the sky. Yoku met her flying body in the sky and kicked her back to the ground; he appeared before Naomi could hit the ground and began to hit her around like she was a volleyball; with the blunt end of his zanpaktou, leaving cuts, not deep cuts, on her. "Is this how it's going to end for me…," thought Naomi with several cuts, bruises, and broken bones in her body as she flew towards Yoku who was laughing while charging a full powered black cero ,"… being tossed around like a ball?" thought Naomi as the cero fired towards her. She watched it get closer to her, but before it could connect with her, something grabbed her and the cero seemingly went around her.

"What?" questioned Naomi confused to what saved her.

"Sorry about the timing Naomi, you alright?" asked Masumi, he had saved her and was holding her protectively to his chest.

"I am now…," said Naomi with a smile to Masumi's face, Masumi returned the smile and waited for Yoku's cero to finish.

"What's protecting us from—don't question it, just be glad that what I did worked," explained Masumi cutting Naomi off; he didn't want to explain to Naomi how they were protected from Yoku's cero. On the outside of the cero Yoku suddenly sensed something new inside his attack,

"Huh?" said Yoku curious to see what transpired inside his cero. After he let it disappear, he saw Masumi standing there in his Special Forces Captain's robes and Hikari and Yami were dangling from his body by their chains. Masumi's zanpaktou's then fell to the ground, impaling it.

"Oh, it's just you Masumi; do you plan on defeating me?" said Yoku on top of his dragon's head , which was letting black fire escape it's mouth through its teeth.

"Do you want to rest or watch me?" asked Masumi to Naomi ignoring Yoku.

"It doesn't really matter, he's too strong," said Naomi to Masumi with no hope in her voice.

"Don't lose hope, there's always a way to win something you just need the right mind set to achieve it," said Masumi trying to give Naomi some hope, but it didn't seem to work for she could barely hear him for she was concentrating on not passing out from her injuries that Yoku had inflicted on her.

"Are you listening to me, I said—I heard what you said, I'll deal with you later," said Masumi interrupting Yoku, Yoku got angry at being treated as if he were Masumi's subordinate. Masumi looked around him and saw the bodies of Yasushi, Yasuko, Ichigo, Rukia, and Ulquiorra on the ground.

"They must've fought hard otherwise-," said Masumi observing his fallen friends when suddenly Naomi was ripped form his grasp. Masumi turned around abruptly to face Yoku who held Naomi by the neck suspended in the air.

"Give her back," said Masumi getting angry.

"You'll have to take her," said Yoku tightening his grip on Naomi's neck chocking her. Masumi could see that she was struggling to breathe and felt her soul weaken. He dashed towards Yoku, but was confronted with the black fire from Yoku's dragon, Masumi couldn't dodge it time, and so he put his hollow mask on in order to survive the attack. Naomi looked weakly to where Masumi had been engulfed in black flames.

"He's dead, no one can survive that-," said Yoku before his arm that held Naomi was severed. Yoku found his assailant behind him some distance away and saw that Masumi, burned on his legs, was standing with Naomi and dropped his severed arm.

"Impressive, Masumi…," said Yoku growing his arm back.

"… I wonder if I killed her; would you fight me all out?" taunted Yoku with his arm back. Masumi's spiritual pressure rose sharply and Yoku smiled at this, but went away when Masumi said something as he descended to the ground, with Naomi in his arms, and landed in between his zanpaktous.

"Bankai," said Masumi solemnly and softly. Hikari began to glow yellow and turn into yellow particles that ascended into the sky and Yami began to glow red and the ground shook underneath it. A crack in the ground appeared and Yami fell into the ground with the crack closing as soon as the zanpaktou entered the crack. Hikari just dispersed into the sky leaving a white light in the sky after it completely disappeared. Everything went dead silent even with the fighting going on all around the Soul Society; it was if someone had hit the mute button.

"Well?" asked Yoku confused for nothing was happening except Masumi's zanpaktous had disappeared and everything had gone dead silent. Masumi laid Naomi against a crumbled wall and ascended into the sky.

"Is this your Bankai…Nothing? What a waste off my-," said Yoku but stopped when he heard a trumpet sound.

"Patience; my bankai takes a while to activate," replied Masumi who's soul reaper robes were now white robes, his hair was completely black like it was in his shikai, and he had regular sandals on with no socks. Suddenly, a large yellow crucifix on top of a white pole, with a chain attached to it came from the sky and descended near Masumi. Another trumpet sounded and a crack in the ground opened and a dark purple/black/red scythe came out from the ground with skulls, flesh, and blood on it, except for the blade part of it, it was a solid jet black. The crucifix's and the scythe's chain shot towards each other near Masumi and connected. It drew the scythe and crucifix towards each other and combined with the crucifix on top and the scythe on the bottom and the chains were gone, revealing a crucifix/scythe type weapon connected by a pole that was white near the crucifix and red near the scythe. Masumi grabbed it a twirled it in the air and stood watching Yoku with the scythe/crucifix weapon in his right hand and was holding it like it was a staff.

"Interesting weapon you have there, can it cut?" asked Yoku.

"Yes, both sides can cut you easily, however I'm not done yet," said Masumi as a third trumpet was heard. Three male angelic beings, with elegant red, white, and yellow armor on their bodies and each with their own broadswords and shields, descended from the sky and stood behind Masumi. A fourth trumpet went off and four horsemen rode down from the sky and stopped next to Masumi. One of the horsemen rode a white horse with bow and arrows as its weapon and had a crown on its head wearing robes resembling royalty. Another one of the horsemen rode a fiery red horse with a large flaming red sword and had heavy red and black armor on. Another horseman rode a black horse and wielded a long black whip wearing only a brown cloth. The last of the horsemen rode a pale green horse; he was cloaked in all black and had a regular scythe as his weapon.

"That's a pretty powerful bankai you have there, what does it do?" questioned Yoku on top of his purple dragon's head.

"When the seventh trumpet sounds, you will die no matter what," stated Masumi as a threat. Yoku was curious to what Masumi's bankai was, so he let him continue. A fifth trumpet was heard and the ground began to shake violently, forcing the purple dragon into the sky in order to get stability. The ground cracked wide open and Yoku could see yellow eyes inside the crack peering at him. A red hand extended out of the pit and grabbed hold of the ground and began to lift itself up. As it climbed out of the pit Yoku saw a huge, red, beast; it had horns on the side of his head that curled into a loop and stopped when it passed itself. It had no lips, its teeth were slanted (left side slanted right, right side slanted left); it had no nose, but had a nasal cavity where a nose should be. It was bald, had no eyebrows, and its eyes were dark red with its light yellow irises blending into the dark red and its pupil was at the center of the light yellow. It only wore a garb around its waist and its hands and feet looked normal. It was very muscular and his body seemed to be filled with fire.

"What the in Hell is that thing?" questioned Yoku as the beast towered over him in the sky.

"Well for one thing, it's tall; about 666 meters tall I think. There is one thing about my bankai that is Key for you to know," explained Masumi twirling his scythe-crucifix weapon around.

"What would that be?" questioned Yoku with his dragon preparing a black fire breathe.

"Your death will come at the seventh trumpet and so far, you've heard five trumpets, only two more to go and you're finished," explained Masumi as he got into an offensive stance.

"I'll believe it when I see it, no one can possess that kind of power and—you done?" asked Masumi interrupting Yoku, making Yoku very angry.

"You should learn some manners and not interrupt people when they are talking!" shouted Yoku as he pointed his sword forward, the purple dragon opened its mouth and began to unleash its black fire breathe. Its mouth was then violently slammed shut by the huge demonic demon by hammer-fisting it into the ground. Arrows were then shot by the horseman with the bow and arrows. The arrows grew in size in flight and impaled the dragon's mouth shut, while the tall demon held it down. After its mouth was sealed with the arrows, the demon lifted its fist off the dragon's head and stood normally as the dragon rose, clawing away the arrows that held its mouth shut, freeing its mouth. The dragon, horsemen, angels, and the demon began to fight one another.

"Well, that was a bit unexpected; very well we shall fight one on one," said Yoku appearing before Masumi with a sonido getting into an offensive stance

"Do you remember what I told you about my abilities?" asked Yoku with a smile.

"No, what of it?" asked Masumi not caring.

"I have the abilities of everything that I have touched; meaning all of the espada, Tosen, and Aizen's powers are mine to use at will!" proclaimed Yoku, Masumi sighed and stood upright.

"If that's true then use them," said Masumi holding up his weapon up in front of him with the crucifix held out in front of Masumi's face.

"Don't tell me what to do," exclaimed Yoku as he pointed his zanpaktou towards Masumi, it began to glow black and give off a purple aura. Yoku then shot ten Lanza Del Relámpagos towards Masumi. Masumi sighed and the crucifix part of his weapon began to glow, the Lanza Del Relámpagos disintegrated in the blinding yellow light. After the light subsided Masumi attacked Yoku with his scythe.

"What?" exclaimed Yoku caught off-guard at how much faster and stronger Masumi had gotten.

"I'm not going to bother and explain my abilities to you," said Masumi swinging his scythe around quickly and powerfully at Yoku while moving around Yoku in a circle, trying to get an opening. Yoku tried to use Cascada and Metralleta, but nothing was happening, "So, he effectively sealed away my zanpaktou's abilities eh? No matter I can kill him without them," thought Yoku. Yoku and Masumi began to clash and Masumi separated his weapon and grabbed the crucifix with his right hand while his left hand held the scythe. He stabbed Yoku with the crucifix and released his grip on the crucifix as it re-combined with the scythe and at the same time removing it from Yoku. Yoku backed away holding his chest to stop the bleeding.

"Why can't I regenerate?" questioned Yoku observing his bloodied hand.

"This is a fight to the death; you get injured, then it will stay like that for the duration of this fight," explained Masumi. Yoku appeared behind him and slashed at Masumi's chest while Masumi slashed Yoku's chest with his scythe twice. Yoku's eyes went blank, but he snapped out of it and backed away. Yoku clutched his head and shook it while Masumi held his chest, which was bleeding profusely.

"That's one nasty ability your scythe's has…," said Yoku, Masumi readied himself for another attack. "Did he figure it out after just two hits from my scythe?" thought Masumi a bit worried.

"… the more you hit me with that scythe of yours, the more I begin to feel like I want to die. If I'm correct in saying so, then it's going to take a lot more of those hits in order for me to want to die!" shouted Yoku flying towards an unprepared Masumi. Yoku and Masumi began to clash and both broke off the clash and began to use either flash step or sonido to fight at high speeds.

On the ground

Naomi was lying on the ground with Ichigo, Rukia, Yasushi, Yasuko, and Ulquiorra, back to his original from after getting knocked out, and opened up her eyes when she started to hear a voice.

"Naomi?" asked the distant voice, she focused her ears and eyes towards the voice and saw Shunsui and Ukitake standing over her, both cut up but relatively unscathed.

"Shunsui… Ukitake, what's wrong?" asked Naomi trying to sit up, but couldn't due to her wounds.

"Relax, everything is alright you need to rest. Everyone has finished fighting and we are now waiting for Masumi to finish his," explained Ukitake while looking at the fight in the sky, shockwaves were sent out every time Masumi and Yoku clashed.

"What are those things?" questioned Soi Fon observing Masumi's horsemen and angels, but somehow missed the demon behind the group that were fighting the giant purple dragon.

"It must be a part of his bankai," explained Toshiro.

"Oh… this'll make and excellent experiment if I could just get my hands on Masumi," stated Mayuri intrigued while thinking up various experiments.

"Now, now Captain Kurotsuchi; you were forbidden to experiment on any more soul reapers and especially Captains after one of you experiments went wrong," said Urahara to the group of Captains, Mayuri just snickered as he still thought up various experiments, ignoring Unohana. In the sky Masumi was just kicked towards the ground by Yoku, but got up immediately and began his fight with Yoku.

"He needs help," stated Ukitake.

"Ha, I'll be glad to take this fight from Masumi!" said Kenpachi running towards the fight, but was immediately stopped when the large purple dragon came crashing down onto the ground with a thud as it was being strangled by the demon while the horseman and angels began to attack the dragon's belly.

"I don't think it's safe here while those things are fighting," said Shunsui trying to heal Naomi while Unohana worked on Yasushi. Suddenly, the demon threw its hand into the ground while keeping the dragon pinned down with its other hand. When its hand came out, it wielded a dagger and used it to sever the head of the dragon as the angels and horsemen opened the dragon's abdomen, spilling its guts out; the dragon was killed instantly and turned into purple spiritual pressure and merged with Yoku, who had just cut Masumi on his left arm.

"That's just nasty" stated Shunsui waving his hand in front of his nose to get rid of the smell of the dragon's guts, but was cut short when he and all of the other Captains, except Yamamoto who was elsewhere, were caught off-guard by the Demon's sudden sweeping attack with its arm. The Captains flew in the air, but recovered quickly before the Demon could inflict anymore damage. Ichigo and Rukia were quickly gathered by Urahara, Yasuko and Ulquiorra were quickly gathered by Ukitake.

"Do we have everyone?" asked Toshiro bleeding from the head due to the Demon's sudden attack, the Captains holding someone nodded in acknowledgement.

"That's a pretty ferocious bankai Masumi has," stated Yoruichi observing the demon, horsemen, and angels with curiosity, suddenly they began to move towards the Captains.

"I think we should run..." said Urahara as he was looking at the demon standing over him, overshadowing him.

"Agreed," said all of the Captains as they began to run away carrying away their 'cargo' as they took one last look at the demon's face, especially its eye's.

"… Why is that thing staring at us?" questioned Soi Fon, the Captains stared harder into the Demon's piercing yellow eyes and froze in their spots. "What is this sudden feeling of terror coming over me; I feel as if I should move, this beast would kill me," thought Komamura frozen in place along with the other Captains who were thinking almost the same thing. The Demon let out a laugh and turned back to help Masumi's fight with Yoku along with the angels and horsemen; releasing the Captains from its trance.

"What the—We should leave, we don't what to get in the way," said Yoruichi interrupting Soi Fon, the Captains agreed and left in order to help the Head Captain and those that were carry injured, headed to a makeshift Squad 4 headquarters.

In the Sky

Masumi was breathing hard and was badly beaten up like Yoku was, but he wasn't breathing hard. "Damn does the guy breathe?" thought Masumi.

"Your scythe's ability is working on me, you just have to hit me more than you normally would in order for it to work normally," taunted Yoku covered in cuts and was bleeding from the cuts. "That's another thing, usually this ability works when I cut my opponent once, but I'm sure I've slashed him more than 50 times; this is ridiculous," thought Masumi as he watched Yoku disappear and appear behind him. Masumi spun around and attack Yoku with his crucifix, but Yoku used sonido and got behind Masumi who used the scythe's end to attack. Yoku used sonido again and appeared in Masumi's face with an evil looking smile.

"Shit!" said Masumi as he felt a fist enter his body, he coughed up blood with Yoku fist still in his body.

"Don't die on me yet," taunted Yoku and he charged a cero in Masumi's body; Masumi felt the cero being charge in his body and got his scythe around Yoku's neck when Yoku fired the cero. After the black cero dissipated, Masumi had a hole in the left side of his abdomen and was losing a lot of blood.

"Dammit," said Masumi as he clutched his left side trying to stop the bleeding, Yoku appeared several feet away from him with a large slash mark going down his body.

"I must commend you on making it this far Masumi," taunted Yoku as he tried to fight off the thought of wanting to die by Masumi and end his suffering; there was something in his body that made him feel like he was burning alive on the inside and it was getting more intense.

"I think I should finish this fight before I do end up dead," said Yoku, he used sonido to get behind Masumi and back-fisted him to the ground. Masumi got up using his weapon for support and blocked an attack from Yoku, however, Masumi's muscles gave out and Yoku slashed his left arm's tendons, rendering it useless. Masumi flash stepped away in order to get some distance from Yoku. Masumi saw Yasushi on the ground and Yasushi looked like he was looking at him; Masumi knew what he was trying to say without Yasushi saying a word.

"Well Yoku, it looks like this fight will be over soon," proclaimed Masumi.

"And why is that so?" questioned Yoku, not certain of Masumi's intentions. A sixth trumpet sounded and Masumi then rammed the scythe into the ground and the crucifix began to glow.

"Here I come," stated Masumi as his minions came up behind him and looked like they were about to attack. Yoku's instinct told him that if didn't kill Masumi immediately, he would be the one to die.

"I won't let you!" announced Yoku as he began to charge a massive black cero. "Shit… I gotta finish preparing for this technique, but I can't move for a while," thought Masumi worried that he wouldn't finish preparing. Yoku was about to fire his cero, but was immediately stopped when a pair of arms held him in place.

"What the-," said Yoku confused to who was grabbing him.

"Masumi, do it now; I can't hold him for very long!" shouted Yasushi over Masumi's growing spiritual pressure.

"Why you… get off me!" shouted a pissed of Yoku, he elbowed Yasushi in the stomach, but Yasushi's grip didn't loosen. Yoku the elbowed Yasushi more, getting faster and stronger with every attack; Yasushi's grip didn't loosen, "Just a little longer Yasushi," thought Masumi.

"You wanna die or something, let go!" shouted Yoku as he elbowed Yasushi in the face, knocking him out. Yoku turned his attention to Masumi whose crucifix was glowing bright yellow, "Finally!" thought Masumi.

"Incipiunt pati dignus sit, ut recte (rough translation: Let's begin the suffering that you so rightly deserve)," stated Masumi. Yoku charged, but was caught by Masumi's demon's hand. Yoku struggled in the grip of the demon and he began to yell in anger. He was silenced when the demon grabbed his head and began to pull. Yoku screamed a blood curling scream as his body was forcibly stretched by the demon.

"This technique forces you to stay alive and endure the suffering that I think is fit for you and until the scythe becomes covered in a dark red colour," stated Masumi as the scythe began to get covered in the dark red colour, which was really blood Yoku's blood. After the demon had stretched Yoku to as long as its arms could stretch out, he began to twist Yoku's body really fast. Yoku then began to yell/ scream in pain as the demon did so and Masumi's scythe got bloodier. The demon then crushed Yoku into a ball and molded him back, painfully, into what he looked like before he was stretched. The demon then began to squeeze Yoku with its gigantic muscles. Yoku's body looked like it was going to exploded, but was forced to stay intact while he endured the pain. After the demon finished his squeezing, he held a beaten Yoku in the air by his collar. The three angelic beings and the horsemen came up to Masumi and were waiting for Masumi to give the order to either inflict more suffering or finish Yoku off.

"I'm going to inflict the same pain you have put my friends through Yoku," said Masumi remembering Yasushi, Yasuko, Ulquiorra, Ichigo, Rukia, and Naomi. The angelic beings and horsemen understood what Masumi meant and attacked Yoku and began to inflict the same wounds Yoku had inflicted on everyone.

"Why are you doing this, just kill me already I can't take any more?" screamed Yoku who was being torn apart by Masumi's bankai, Masumi's scythe was now nearly covered in blood.

"My bankai represents, in some aspects, the apocalypse; you are the world and my bankai is the force that obliterates it," said Masumi explaining something symbolic about his bankai.

"Just finish me!" screamed Yoku after receiving several attacks from Masumi's bankai and was now bleeding like a river, but was kept alive by Masumi's bankai to endure the suffering. Masumi didn't reply and stared at Yoku with cold eyes as the horseman with bow and arrows fired an arrow at Yoku with the equivalent amount of power Yoku's ceros had possessed when he had fired them. Masumi then halted his minion's attacks and stood before Yoku with a scythe drenched in blood.

"Just so you know; I'm not at full power…," said Masumi.

"What?" questioned Yoku in disbelief with the burning passion in his hear to die in order to escape the torture he was enduring.

"…If I was at full power, then Naomi wouldn't be able to handle it, nor would Rukia for that matter and frankly I don't want Ichigo to kill me for that," said Masumi rubbing his head sheepishly while Yoku continued to bleed profusely and his guts started to fall out and dangle out of his abdomen, while Yoku was forcibly kept alive.

"I think you have suffered enough," said Masumi putting the tip of the scythe on Yoku's head as the three angelic beings held him in place. Yoku stared at the scythe with anticipation and wanting. "Kill me already… Kill me…Kill Me… KILL ME!" thought Yoku as he heard the seventh trumpet; the scythe went into his head and sliced him in half cleanly. The angelic beings then released Yoku's body and let it fall. Before it touched the ground, however, the demon grabbed Yoku's body harshly and ate him mercilessly.

"Thanks for your help," said Masumi to his minions, the angelic beings and horsemen bowed to Masumi as Masumi bowed back and went back into the sky, disappearing. The demon and Masumi looked at each other in the eyes, exchanging their thanks with looks. Without saying a word; the demon created a crack in the ground and stepped down into it and went back to where it came from. As the crack closed and the bright light in the sky vanished, Masumi went back to his normal form; the top of his head that was black; slowly turned back into its black and silver colour and hairstyle. His zanpaktous returned to their large size and were wrapped in their cloth; Masumi put them on his back and smiled as the sky turned back to normal. He looked around and saw his friend, Yasushi, on the ground giving him a grin and a thumbs-up as he passed out, Masumi took one step towards him before passing out due to the amount of blood he lost earlier.

-Epilogue- Several days later

"Go, go, go, go go…!" chanted Lilinette and the lieutenants of all of the Squads except Rukia and Naomi; the captains (except Mayuri), Rangiku, Yoruichi, Ulquiorra, Stark, and Grimmjow were having a drinking contest at a party thrown by Urahara at the Kuchiki Mansion in order to celebrate the defeat of Aizen and Yoku. They were at round 15 and some of the captains began to feel a little tipsy due to the very strong sake.

"I think I'm going to stop," said Ichigo feeling sick in his stomach, he got up and left the room to find Rukia.

"Yeah, me too; all of this alcohol isn't doing me any good in my current condition," stated Masumi getting up from the table holding his stomach, which was still in pain due to the hole Yoku gave him.

"Aw c'mon Masumi you use to be good at this," said Shunsui holding up a cup of sake and gulping it down.

"Well I'm not in my best condition now am I?" said Masumi going outside away from the loud music that was playing inside the mansion. Grimmjow and Yasushi's heads then slammed on the table, both were out from the alcohol or at least pretending to be.

"Looks like we have our first casualties," said Stark seemingly not fazed from the sake along with Ulquiorra and Shunsui.

"I'll get them," said Yasuko grabbing Grimmjow and throwing him to a couch, leaving him there, while she carried Yasushi over to another couch and laid him there.

"It's your turn Kenpachi… never mind," said Toshiro looking at Kenpachi who had fallen asleep as he gulped down some sake. Masumi eventually reached the door leading outside and began to look at the stars; his bandages began to feel like they were loosening, so he opened up his kimono and began to tighten the bandages, hoping to fix the problem. It was hard to do since his left arm was still not fully healed and had to tighten it with his teeth and right arm.

"Here, let me help you with that," said a voice coming behind him.

"Huh, oh it's you Rukia; I'm fine I can do this by myself," said Masumi turning away from Rukia and began to struggle with his bandages; he wasn't actually tightening them; he was loosening them on accident.

"Doesn't look like it," said Rukia eyeing his miserable attempt at trying to bandage himself with his right arm and mouth.

"…Fine, can you help me?" asked Masumi giving up after nearly all of the bandages came undone. Rukia just smirked and sat him down; Masumi lifted his arm up in order for it to be easier for Rukia to fix his bandages.

"What is it that you want anyway?" asked Masumi to Rukia.

"Nothing I just saw that you needed help and I wanted to help you," said Rukia finishing her work on his bandages. Masumi moved around a bit and felt it was tight enough so he began to put his kimono back on with difficulty for the pain in his wound and arm was severe.

"Here let me—No, I can do this by myself," said Masumi slapping away Rukia's hand as she tried to help him put his kimono on. Eventually he got it on a stood up.

"I know you didn't simply come over here to help me, so what is it that you want?" asked Masumi looking at the stars. Rukia sighed and stood up and walked next to Masumi.

"I just wanted to thank you," said Rukia, catching Masumi off-guard.

"Huh? What did I do?" asked Masumi confused, Rukia just smiled a bit.

"I dunno, for helping Ichigo so that he wouldn't have to lose his powers and making him stronger; he really appreciates it even though he may never show it or tell you," explained Rukia.

"And how do you know he appreciates it?" asked Masumi curious.

"I just do, so here I am saying thank you for him and myself," said Rukia.

"Uh… your welcome?" said Masumi to Rukia. Rukia just nodded and began to play with something invisible on her neck. Something red faintly appeared to Masumi and caught his attention.

"What are you doing?" asked Masumi, Rukia stopped what she was doing and looked at him.

"Doing what?" asked Rukia oblivious to what she was doing, or at least acting like it.

"What you were just doing," said Masumi pointing to her neck.

"Oh… just remember something that happened after Ichigo nearly lost his powers," said Rukia.

"Like?" asked Masumi urging her to continue.

"Well… Ichigo suddenly got a red watch with a white moon in its casing with the hour, minute, and second hand and I suddenly got a choke necklace on my neck with a black sun on it and a—red ribbon extended from those two objects and connected, yeah I know," said Masumi finishing Rukia's sentence, surprising Rukia that he actually knew something about what it was.

"Shunsui and Ukitake said you knew of something like this; something called 'The Red Ribbon of Fate' or something like that," inquired Rukia wanting answers from Masumi.

"Odd… never told them anything like that… But yeah, it is called 'The Red Ribbon of Fate' or its actually name which is in Latin and is something else entirely. Basically, it ties two souls towards each other and they are both eternally bound to one another, even through death. Two people usually request this when those two people… well… have a certain 'feeling' towards each other…," explained Masumi to Rukia trying not to scare Rukia in case she didn't feel the same way towards Ichigo.

"What is this feeling?" asked Rukia, she already knew what it might be, but wanted to confirm it.

"Well it's—Love," said Ichigo finishing it for Masumi, he came out from the party after -requesting a song by the D.J., which was Urahara after quitting the drinking contest after realizing he couldn't win against Stark and Shunsui; Ulquiorra tied with Yoruichi and Rangiku in second place and Stark and Shunsui both went out at the same time.

"Ichigo," said Rukia a bit surprised at his

"Excellent timing Ichigo, I think I'm going to leave now and leave you two alone," said Masumi wanting to get out of their way and back to the party.

"Do you mean that—want to dance Rukia?" asked Ichigo cutting Rukia short of what she was about to ask as he extended a hand out to her.

"Sure Ichigo," replied Rukia taking his hand with a smile as they made their way onto the dance floor and began to dance. Just when they got on to the dance floor, it changed into a slow song.

"Well it looks like there's going to be a few slow songs for the next few minutes, so find a partner if you're not drunk or if the other person isn't!" stated Urahara as he reclined in his D.J. chair that he had a began to watch the loving couples form on the dancing floor. Yasuko walked over to the couch in which Yasushi was sleeping on and appeared to be asleep or at least pretending to be.

"Hey, wake up!" said Yasuko kicking him up, he flew to the ceiling, slammed into it, and landed back on the couch with a thud.

"I'm up, I'm up… (Yawn) Geez Yasuko you didn't have to kick me awake and if you had to do so, try not to do it so hard in the future," said Yasushi rubbing his stomach due to the pain he was feeling from Yasuko's kick.

"I'll try to remember that in the future," said Yasuko smiling a bit as she sat down next to Yasushi. Yasushi yawned and stretched his arms and put them on the couch's back.

"Smooth move hot shot," said Yasuko noticing his arm was behind her.

"Huh?" asked Yasushi completely clueless to what he was doing.

"Never mind," said Yasuko unsure if he was being his idiotic self or if he really didn't know. Yasushi then registered that there was slow music playing and saw Ichigo and Rukia dancing together slowly with Rukia's arms around his neck and Ichigo's arms around Rukia's waist and their bodies were close to one another's. They looked happy to Yasushi and he got an idea.

"Want to dance—no—ok," said Yasushi after receiving a very blunt and direct answer from Yasuko.

"Do you know how to dance?" asked Yasushi, Yasuko didn't answer and just kept quiet for a bit.

"Not really," said Yasuko a little embarrassed.

"Well we would have to fix that… shall we?" asked Yasushi jumping up from the couch and holding his hand out for Yasuko.

"I'm not very good I'll just—just follow my lead and you won't have to worry about anything," said Yasushi confident in himself. Yasuko bit her lower lip, "Aw, what the hell, sure," thought Yasuko as she grabbed his hand and they both ran to the dance floor. Masumi was observing Yasushi and smiled to himself as he tried to show Yasuko where to put her arms and received a slap from her when he place his arms around her, but she let him do it again after he explained it to her that, that was how it was done. Eventually Yasuko got used to dancing and got more comfortable with herself and began to rest her head on Yasushi as Rukia was doing to Ichigo, except Yasuko's head was rested near Yasushi's cheek and Rukia's head was under Ichigo's chin. Yasushi saw Masumi and gave him a goofy smile along with two thumbs up and Masumi did the same, going along with his best friend.

"What's with that face" asked Naomi coming over to Masumi laughing at the ridiculous face and pose he did.

"Oh… nothing just conversing with Yasushi," said Masumi a bit embarrassed from doing that in front of Naomi.

"I like to be in the room when you two 'converse' towards each other," said Naomi laughing at a mental image of Masumi and Yasushi acting like idiots.

"Shut up, I wouldn't be talking seeing as how you 'converse' with Yasuko," said Masumi blushing from embarrassment.

"Well at least we don't make fools of ourselves," retorted Naomi with a smirk and her hands on her hips.

"Whatever you say," said Masumi. They both began to watch the couples dance before them and Naomi began to sway back and forth on her heels and toes and was looking at Masumi, but when he looked at her, she looked away. She began whistling and saw that, that wasn't telling Masumi that she wanted to dance, so she decided to do something that he hated. She began smacking with her mouth making noises that visibly irritated Masumi.

"WILL YOU CUT THAT OUT!" shouted Masumi annoyed at Naomi for her smacking, which he knew she knew he hated.

"hehe… sorry," said Naomi sheepishly. Masumi sat back down and folded his arms across his chest and lifted one foot up onto his knee. Naomi sighed and tried to think of something that would get Masumi to dance. She thought of something and decided to go with it.

She sat down next to him and sighed and just as she was about to begin her plan, Masumi said," Want to dance?"

"I'd love to Masumi," said Naomi grabbing his hand and pulling him to the dance floor. They got into their respective positions and began dancing.

"Seems like Masumi has finally decided to dance," said Ichigo looking over to see Masumi dancing with Naomi.

"Yeah… it looks like Naomi is happy," said Rukia seeing Naomi's smile on her face as she rested her head under Masumi's chin and Masumi's expression was an expression of either uncertainty or utter confusion.

"Not sure Masumi knows what he is doing though," said Ichigo noticing Masumi's expression, as his expression changed to happiness as he rested his chin on her head, Rukia giggled a bit, making Ichigo smile a bit.

"Hehe, yeah; and Yasuko looks like she's enjoying herself," said Rukia looking at Yasuko and Yasushi past Ichigo, Yasuko still had her head on Yasushi's shoulder with a smile and Yasushi had his head on the side of her head with a smile on his face.

"So does Yasushi… apparently I was under the impression she didn't like him," said Ichigo observing them.

"I guess some things must've changed during all of this chaos," said Rukia looking up at Ichigo.

"Yeah…," said Ichigo looking at Rukia while brushing away some hair on her face. He leaned in closer to her face and Rukia leaned in closer to him and just was they were about to kiss he looked around him to find Masumi and spotted him far away from him.

"What are you doing Ichigo?" asked Rukia wondering why he was looking at Masumi.

"Just making sure there's enough distance from him so that he doesn't interrupt us," said Ichigo still watching Masumi. Rukia laughed softly to herself at the times Masumi had indeed prevented them from kissing or doing anything else.

"Come here you," said Rukia as Ichigo turned his head around, she pulled him by his Captain's robe and kissed him on the lips. Ichigo returned the kiss and Rukia melted into the kiss as Ichigo deepened it. When they broke for air, they looked at each other lovingly and continued dancing.

"Hey Rukia," said Ichigo holding her to him lovingly.

"Mhm?" responded Rukia feeling very happy that Ichigo kissed her.

"You want to be my girlfriend?" asked Ichigo grinning while he said it.

"I thought I already was idiot," said Rukia still keeping her head close to Ichigo, he just grinned and kept slow dancing with her. Outside two ominous figures were watching the whole party and were using a device to scan the crowd.

"Is that him?" asked a female observing the party from a rooftop. The man was scanning Ichigo and the scanner gave off a low noise and it steadily got higher, then it stopped making the noise.

"No, it isn't him," said a male voice as he moved the scanner over to Yasushi.

"What about him?" asked the female watching the male doing his job over his shoulder. The scanner gave off a low noise and slowly got up to them same high noise and stopped.

"Nope, last guy and don't ask me if it is him or not, I'll tell you if it is or not," said the male obviously irritated with the female's questions.

"Sorry, geez I'm just curious is all," defended the female. The male rolled his eyes and scanned Masumi, the scanner was being to the noise but, it broke immediately.

"That's him alright this scanner was meant to break if we found the correct guy with the correct spiritual pressure, energy, and composition," said the male destroying the scanner with fire he made from his hands.

"So what's his name?" asked the girl peeping over the man's shoulder near his face.

"It didn't tell me, it broke before I could get a solid read on him… just remember what he looks like, we've got to go and report back," said the male getting up and leaving.

"Hey, wait up!" said the female following him. Ichigo looked outside and thought he saw two figures on the rooftop in the distance and suddenly saw a bright light and felt no spiritual pressure coming from that area anymore.

"What's wrong Ichigo?" asked Rukia.

"Nothing, just seeing things," said Ichigo knowing that the peace the Soul Society was currently in right now, wouldn't last much longer.

End of Chapter 13 and Bleach: Hogyoku Lives!

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