I served myself some scrambled eggs and sat down at the table for breakfast. I shoveled the eggs in my mouth and scanned the newspaper for any intriguing stories. I worked for the Department of Magical Law enforcement back…home, if that's what you would call it, and wasn't giving up my career because of these nightmares. When I had told my supervisor about my terrible experiences she sympathized with me and offered me a special assignment. Whilst living amongst the Muggles I was to monitor any crimes that had possible magical being involvement. I had graciously accepted and took great pride in the position. When I found anything that seemed suspicious I would write a report on it and send it to the Ministry.

There was one particular case that caught my eye this morning, and I found myself lost in the article in the paper.

In the last month, three women have been reported missing by their husbands and loved ones, as many of you may know. These women all shared common characteristics such as blonde hair, fair skin, and no children. As of late last night, it is believed the women have been found. Three bodies were discovered buried at Dunster Beach in West Somerset, roughly three and a half hours away from London. The bodies were found fully intact, as if killed yesterday, and were harshly beaten up. Despite the damage, the remains were able to be examined by specialists and measure up to be those of petite Caucasian women who have never bared children. Everything points to these bodies to belong to Elizabeth Dewhurst, Eleanor Trevena and Isla Turpin, but it has not been officially pronounced due to one confusing aspect of this case. All women were beaten badly on the face to the point of making them unrecognizable, were missing their hair (a valuable piece of DNA) and were also lacking fingerprints. Specialists are baffled on how their killer could have managed to rid them of their fingerprints, and are currently trying to find other samples of DNA that could identify the victims. Officers believe that their fingerprints were removed so that their tracks could not be traced, investigation is still in the works. Our hopes and prayers go to the families and friends of the victims. If you have any information on this case please contact your local police.

I stared at the paper and reread some key parts. The ministry would most definitely want to hear about this one, only a wizard could remove fingerprints. I knew I had to get this report written and sent out as soon as I could, if this criminal could kill three people in such a short amount of time, they most definitely needed to be stopped. I spent the next hour writing a very detailed report, giving my personal opinion of the case and adding some information I had found in books. I had quickly run out to the store to grab another copy of the newspaper, that way I had one copy for myself and a second copy to send to the Ministry. I carefully cut out the article on the case and slipped it in a large manila envelope, scribbling the delivery details on the top of the envelope.

About five months ago I had acquired an owl for myself; I was getting awfully tired of borrowing owls from other people. I called for my owl, Flamel, and gave him the letter to send off. He flew out the window and I watched as he swiftly drifted through the sky towards the Ministry. Now that I had gotten work out of the way, I really had nothing else to do today. I decided that reading a book was the perfect pass time, and I got out A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, I figured this should keep me occupied until an owl comes back with a response from the ministry in a few hours.


I tapped my pencil against the desk rhythmically, bored out of my mind. It was actually pointless to come into work today, nothing was happening at all. The most recent case that I had been assigned was completed and currently under processing, and all the paperwork that sat on my desk had already been filled out and was waiting for the interns to deliver it. I glanced over at Harry who was taking turns between ferociously scribbling down in his book and glancing over at the clock. Harry was on a deadline, and things weren't looking good for him. I knew that he had been assigned a difficult case, his name alone gave him more jobs than his skill, but I wasn't complaining. I would rather stick to my simple, yet challenging, cases and have time to relax then have to do half of the cases that Harry does. I was happy with the way things worked for me. I just wish that they would let me go home if there was nothing left to do.

After another hour and a half, I couldn't take it anymore. There must be something in this place that needed to be taken care of. I decided to head to my boss and ask him myself for something to do. I walked down the long corridor and towards the large, multi-window office that belonged to the man I reported to. I knocked on the door and waited for a response.

"Ah! Mr. Weasley! Come in, come in!" he welcomed me.

"Hello, sir" I greeted him, taking a seat in his office across from him.

"Tell me, my boy, what can I do for you?" he said, taking off his glasses and resting them aside.

"Well, sir, I haven't really got anything to do today. I was actually wondering if there were any cases left or anything you needed help with. I don't know how much longer I can just sit at my desk without anything to do…" I explained, hoping for something.

The broad man studied me for what felt like a few minutes, then he finally spoke to me.

"Mr. Weasley, it just so happens I have just been slipped a case that we find to be a top priority at this moment. It's a bit different then the cases we have been assigning you, but it is my belief that you will be able to handle it" he said, smiling at me.

"Sir, if you don't mind my asking, what makes this case different?" I inquired, a bit afraid of what the man was about to tell me. I had a bad feeling about this one. He must have seen the change of expression on my face, because he immediately started speaking again.

"Oh no, Mr. Weasley, it's nothing bad. It just requires great caution, you see, this case is one that takes place in the muggle world." He said, chuckling a bit at my expression. I watched as he took a thick folder out of his desk and pushed it towards me. I grabbed it off the desk and started to open it. "Go on, take a look" he encouraged me as I pulled the stack of papers out.

The first paper in the pile was one that was almost completely blank. It had "Case 6294" written across the top, and below there was a brief description of the crime.

Three muggle women killed over one month, bodies discovered on September 16, 2000. Women shared characteristics with each other. All bodies perfectly preserved with no signs of decay. Unrecognizable to families and friends due to bruising. All persons were found with no hair on their bodies and fingerprints completely vanished. Missing fingerprints confusing muggle authorities and specialists, believed to be wizard involvement.

I was strangely intrigued by this case, it sounded like this guy had just wanted to make things harder for the families and friends of the victims so they didn't even know if the bodies were theirs or not! Bloody git.

"Sir," I said, "you would allow me to take on this case?" I asked, thoroughly excited.

"Of course, Weasley! There's two others involved in this case, both having their place of input, but you're the head for this one, Weasley. It's all yours." He said, picking his glasses back up and resting them on the tip of his nose. "So, shall I officially take you down for this one, then?"

"Yes, sir" I answered, eager to begin work. He waved me out of his office and I headed back down to my section of the floor. When I got back to my desk I was happy to be able to share the good news with Harry. I took my seat and was just about to tell Harry what happened when I glanced over at him and noticed he was still busy with his own case that was now due in…two hours. I decided it best not to bother him; I would have plenty of time to tell him 'bout it once the work day was over and we were back at home.

Once situated at my desk, I read through the description once more before moving onto the next page. I came across an article next in the pile and began to read with great interest. The muggles were completely clueless on how the fingerprints could have disappeared, and I felt pity for them and imagined how many people were running around officers in their world trying to figure it all out. Once I finished the article, I saw a note taped to the back of the page. It was a reminder, it read: Write back to the witch who gave report.

I suppose that was my job now, wasn't it? First I better read the report, though. I read the report and marveled at how detailed this whole thing was, it was bloody brilliant! This witch really seemed to have an idea about what was going on, and I knew this report was going to be of great help. I looked for a name on the report, but found none. I knew I had to write to whoever it was that gave this in, but how was I to know who that was? I decided to go back to my boss' office and ask him if he knew the identity of the witch.

I took the same route to the officer once more, this time with much more pride in my walk, and knocked on the door. I was welcomed in again, but told him I only needed to ask him a quick question.

"Sir, I found a note on the back of one of the pages reminding me to write back to the witch who handed in the report…you wouldn't happen to know who that witch was, would you?"

"Oh, right!" he exclaimed, "How could I have forgotten to include that? Silly me! The witch goes by the name of…" he ruffled through some papers and found the one he was looking for after a few moments, "ah! Yes, there you are." He said, handing me a contact slip.

I let out a gasp and my eyes widened. Did he really just say what I thought he did?

"Is everything okay, Weasley?" he asked with a concerned tone.

"H-Hermione Granger?" I asked, sure that this must be a mistake.

"Yes, such a bright witch, I hear. Are you a friend of hers?"

I stood there silently, without any movement. What was I to say? What was Hermione to me? My girlfriend whom I love and left me because of her horrible nightmares and trauma from my presence? Was she even considered my girlfriend anymore? Or were we back to that friend status that I had fought so hard for many years to rid myself of? I hated not knowing the answer to any of my questions.

"Yeah…" I said, out of lack of anything else to say.

"Ah! Lovely!" he grinned, "Then this should be no problem for you!"

"Not at all…"

"Well, this is working out quite nicely, isn't it? Now, I'm afraid I must insist I get back to work…" he walked me out of his officer, once more, and I was back to where I started.

This time, I didn't care. I was going to tell Harry everything, now, no matter how much work he had to do. I told Harry everything that happened and watched him react to all of my words. "Well? "What do I do?" I asked, begging for help.

"Ron, don't you see? You've got a golden ticket there!" he said, beckoning to the paper in my hand. "You've got her address there, you can go find her and bring her home!" he announced, waiting for my excited reaction.

I just looked at him. What was it he didn't get? "Harry, are you mad?" I asked, honestly confused by what he had just said. "I can't go 'bring her home'! I've only got two more weeks until we're back together, and I can't ruin all her progress and go to her doorstep to beg for her return!" I explained, trying to keep calm.

"Oh," said Harry, "I thought the only reason you never went to get here back is because you didn't have a clue where she was…"

I shook my head. "I don't want to upset her and ruin her progress to the point where she won't be able to come back for another few months, mate. I've got to stick to her rules. We don't see each other, at all."

Harry nodded his head and we both went back to our work. I knew what I had to do. I had to write to her, but that didn't mean I had to declare my love for her in the letter, I could just keep in professional. Yeah, that'll do! I took out a fresh piece of parchment and began to write to her,

Dear Ms. Hermione Granger,

Thank you for your report on the murders of the three muggle women of London. Your report was very well thought out and has already helped with the start of what is now Case 6294. If you have any further information on the case or have any suggestions for how to solve it, please contact me immediately. Your help is greatly appreciated, and I am working hard to get to the bottom of this situation. Have a good day.


Ronald Weasley

Head of Case 6294

I finished up the letter and sent it away with an owl. I wondered how long it would take for that owl to reach Hermione's flat, which I now knew to be located in the city of London. For a moment, I worried about Hermione living in the city where these murder victims had come from, and hoped that she would not fall in the path of this dark wizard. If it had not been that all of these women were muggles, I would have most definitely been out of the Ministry door and on ringing Hermione's doorbell.