Of Psychic Powers and Baseball Bats

Chapter 1 REWRITE


This is a rewrite of the chapter I wrote because, let's admit, it sucked. So, here's the rewrite! Hopefully it'll be better and get myself more readers.

Lucas stared at the black figure as it rose into the air against the red and stormy sky. His friends and himsef suddenly found themselves in Tazmillly, looking the same as it did before Lucas set out. However, tremors continue, whirlpools raged, and tornados raged destruction.

"W-What the hell?!" Kumatora cried, trying to maintain her balance. She looked around, seeing all the chaos surrounding them. "What's going on?! Is the Dragon causing this on purpose?!"

"W-Why are we here?! Lucas?!" Duster said, looking at Lucas. He didn't answer, he just looked up, staring at the beast. The dragon roared and a bright light flashed across the sky, temporary blinding everyone. When everyone regained their vision, they saw the sky had turned back into its normal, blue color, and the tremors had stopped.

"Hey, what's going on?" A villager asked, looking around. "WHAT'S THAT?!" he cried, pointing to the massive dragon above them.

"They're back," Kumatora said, looking around. All of the villagers that had chosen to go to New Pork City were suddenly back. "Is that what Lucas wished for?" she looked around, the village looked the same as it did three years ago. "It's the same as it was before..." she said from what she could remember.

"Huh?" Lucas said, clutching his head. "I'm sorry, but what happened?"

"Lucas, are you all right?" Flint asked kneeling in front of his son. Lucas held his head.

"I...the Dark Dragon..." he mumbled. "It's..." he didn't get to finish as a loud roar interrupted him. The Dark Dragon looked down at the Island, its large, reptile, red eyes, staring at the village, never blinking.

Kumatora raised her fists, gritting her teeth, glaring at the large beast. "We're not going to have to fight that thing, are we?" Lucas shook his head.

"It's not going to attack."

"Then what?" Almost as if answering Kumatora's question, the dragon closed its eyes, letting out a soft puff of breath.

"Well done..." the five heard. Lucas smiled. "I wish you all luck. I will re-create the new world, as the one who awakened me wishes for me to..." the dragon 'said'.

All of that had happened three months ago. Life returned to Tazmilly village. Although there were many who questioned what had happened, Pusher for example, the villagers returned to their happy lives, although oblivious to the truth.

Kumatora put her hands in her pockets, walking around the Sunshine Forest, Lucas and Boney right in front of her. The trio stopped at a clearing in the forest and Boney began running around, barking excitedly. Kumatora glanced around. "Why is named the 'Sunshine Forest'? I don't see much Sunshine through these thick trees," she commented.

Lucas thought for a second. "There's more sunshine near the entrance to the forest," he began. "But, other than that...I don't know."

Kumatora chuckled a little. "I bet it was to be ironic-" her head snapped up, sensing something. Lucas' did the same. "Did you feel that?" The blond psychic nodded, looking around frantically. Even Boney looked around, barking in every direction.

"Woof!" he barked to the two of them. 'It doesn't feel good!' were his thoughts.

Kumatora cracked her knuckles. "Well, I've been itching for a good fight for a while," she said, smirking. "Lucas, get ready!" Lucas nodded and raised his arms.

"Pk Shield Omega!" he cast, three blue, bubble-like shields appearing around them. "I think it's coming!" he warned, gulping. The three of them looked around, expecting a big bad wanting to take over the world or something like that. They got something completely different. "Look!" Lucas cried. Kumatora turned around to see him pointing at some kind of portal. "What is that?" Kumatora was about to reply when something came out at amazing speeds, going past the two of them. They heard a scream before a loud thud and a crunching sound.

"Oh crap!" was all Kumatora could say, looking at what had happened. It was a boy, he had crashed head-first right into a tree, and he was bleeding. He wore a red cap, a red scarf, a red, white, and blue shirt with a pair of shorts. "Lucas, Pk Lifeup, hurry!" she said, kneeling down right next to the boy. Lucas nodded.

"Is...is he alive?"

"He's breathing," she answered. "Heal him!"


Boney howled, looking at the boy and sniffing him.

As this occured, none knew about the new roles they would have to play in their new adventure, not knowing about the boy who appeared from nowhere, of the new dangers they would have to play.

And so, the story began in confusion and mystery, not unlike the previous one.