Of Psychic Powers and Baseball Bats

Arc 5

Going Nowhere Really Fast

Part 2

The Pigmask commander removed Lucas' helmet, snorting as he saw the boy's face.

"This brat tried to sneak into our base," the Pigmask laughed. Lucas was standing in a room surrounded by several Pigmasks, his hands behind his back, handcuffed. Most laughed and jeered. One even threw some popcorn at him.

"It's hard to believe that you would have the guts to do this. I've heard that you were a coward," the Pigmask continued. "Though, maybe your brother would've done it." Under his helmet, the captain grinned as Lucas' eyes widened, knowing that he had pushed one of his buttons.

Lucas didn't say anything at first and looked down on the ground. "D-Don't talk about my brother," he cried, nearly yelling. The Pigmask merely laughed.

"I remember your brother," he went on. "Klaus, right?" Lucas stiffened when he said Claus' name wrong.

"You look just like him," he continued, laughing as he continued to taunt him. "So, what happened to him?"

Lucas felt his eyes sting, he was about to cry. No, he wouldn't cry, not now. Not in front of all of these Pigmask, he wouldn't give them the satisfaction; he was stronger than that.

"He's dead," he whispered. The Pigmask captain laughed, while not as many joined him, feeling a little uncomfortable.

"Well, at least he'll have the honor of having died twice," he said cruelly. "That has to be a record, right?"

Lucas clenched his fists, wanting to throw several Pk Loves at the Pigmask. But he didn't say anything. The Pigmasks, meanwhile, continued to snort and laugh at the boy.

The Dark Dragon could feel incredible rage inside its heart as it traveled to the Nowhere Island. It stopped as its eyes narrowed even more. It roared as a nearby island's volcano suddenly exploded, lava and rocks rained, landing in the ocean. The Dark Dragon tried to regain control, wondering where this rage was coming from. It closed its eyes, half-submerged in the ocean, trying to concentrate.

"Lucas, what's wrong?" It tried to contact, but received no answer.

Kumatora punched the walls several times, screaming in fury with each punch, while her other cell-mates could only stare as nothing was accomplished, flinching with each scream and punch.

"Uh, Kumatora?" Duster began. "Maybe you should take a bre-" he was interrupted by another an even louder shriek from Kumatora. She winced, her knuckles hurting.

"Damn it. PK Lifeup Alpha," she cast, her knuckles healing. She drew her fist back and prepared for another barrage of punches before hearing a whimper from Boney.

"You're wasting your time," Boney thought, whining and barking. "It would be better to think of a plan."

Kumatora gritted her teeth, but knew Boney was right. "I really hate when you and Lucas are right," she muttered. But at the mere mention of Lucas' name, she started to calm down, visibly.

"We need a plan, that's what Boney said," she explained to a confused Duster and Flint.

Duster nodded, heading towards the door, a feature-less, white door that only stood out do to the small, square hole with bars on it. "I think I have one," he said.

A few minutes later, "Help, help!" Kumatora yelled. A Pigmask private walked over.

"What?!" He demanded. "I was taking a nap!"

"I think Boney's sick!" The princess said, holding up Boney who howled weakly. "Please help him!"

Duster knew that no one could resist Boney puppy dog eyes. That brown dog could make people give him each and every single thing they owned with those eyes. "A-All right," the private said, opening the door.

"PK PARALYSIS!" Kumatora yelled, dropping Boney and putting her fingers to her temple as the Pigmask froze and fell over.

"...Did you really have to drop me?" The dog thought dryly. Kumatora smiled sheepishly.

"Sorry about that, but it worked, didn't it?" She insisted.

"Because of me," Duster argued, limping over. "Now, let's go! We won't have much time before they notice we've escaped," Kumatora, Boney, and Flint nodded, following him as they ran through a hallway of cells.

"Hello?!" They heard a young voice, probably belonging to a boy, causing them to stop in the tracks. "Is anyone there?!" He called out again.

"We could use a hand!" Another, older voice, probably belonging to a young man, yelled as well.

"Please, are you escaping too?!" A girl's voice called out this time. All four them glanced at each other.

"Can we really trust them?" Kumatora whispered to Duster, putting her hands on her hips and tapping her foot. "Pick quickly Duster, we don't have much time."

Duster suddenly felt himself stuck between a rock and a hard place. "Let's get the keys, I think the Pigmask still has them," he finally decided after a few moments time to think.

"Oh, thank you!" The boy said, relief in his voice.

"I'll go," Flint volunteered, running towards their old cell.

"Are you sure about this?"

Duster shook his head. "But we need as much help as we can to get out of here, don't we?"

Kumatora begrudgingly agreed, mumbling under her breath. Flint came back, dangling a ring of keys in his hands.

"Here," he said simply, handing them to Duster. Duster nodded, fumbling with the keys and trying not to spontaneously combust from Kumatora's glare.

"Kumatora, stop," Flint commanded, crossing his arms and looking at her sternly.

Kumatora turned her glare to him. Duster continued to try to open the door as the two continued their stare-down feeling as though the world would explode if he didn't hurry.

"Got it!" He said, opened the cell door. Inside, there was a boy, about Lucas' age, with gray hair, which made Duster's eyebrow raise. The other two were a young girl wearing a pink dress and a hat. The other was a much bigger young made with a red muscle-shirt and triangle shades, his arms crossed.

"Thank you!" The girl said, a large, relieved smile on her face. "My name is Ana, there are Teddy and Lloyd," she introduced themselves. "Who are you?"

"And why were you captured and thrown in a cell?" Lloyd asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, my name is Du-"

"Duster!" Kumatora hissed. "Don't tell them until we can trust them."

"They're regular people, Kumatora, and they told us their names," he argued, getting irritated with the stubborn princess.

"They could be lying!"

"We're not lying," Lloyd said, trying to interject into the conversation before getting glared at by the princess with a look that said 'shut up'.

"Hey, we didn't give you a reason to not trust us!" Teddy argued. Kumatora gritted her teeth. She was about to resort before the ship began to shake, nearly knocking everyone off balance.

"What was that?!" She yelled out, she looked around.


Kumatora's eyes widened and smirked. "This is our chance! Let's get out of here!" She lead the way, running down the hallway, everyone else following several steps behind. "PK Fire Gamma!" she cast, a jet of fire knocking several Pigmasks out of her way. As she entered another chamber, a starmen stood in her way. It raised its 'arm' and swung. Kumatora stepped back quickly, barely dodging its sharp limb.

"PK Thunder Omega!" Four bolts of lightning struck the starmen, throwing it against the wall. The princess quickly took her chances, rushing at the starman and delivering a strong, barrage of punches, or at least she intended to. She rubbed her knuckles. "If I had my gloves..." she muttered darkly.

"Kumatora, you could have waited for us!" Duster said, limping over to her.

"Oh hey, you finally caught up with me," she said coolly, giving a small wave.

"How do you have so much energy?" Duster asked, panting a little.

"Years of chasing ghosts in an abandoned, unstable castle," she said, a proud grin on her face, her wrists on her hips, mirroring the the starmen's pose. "That, and someone I love is in serious trouble," she added, referring to Lucas.

"I'm sorry, but you can use PSI powers as well?" Lloyd asked, catching up to them while panting a little. He silently thanked all those times Ninten expected him to dodge enemies' attacks.

"Yeah, you can too?" Lloyd shook his head.

"Not me. Ana, on the other hand..." he said, glancing at the psychic girl.

Ana nodded. "I can use PSI." She smiled, raising her hands up, a small flame appearing on her palm, beginning to dance around her hand.

"That's great and all, but we gotta get out of here!" Teddy reminded them.

Duster nodded. "He's right. We can talk later. Right now we-"

"Stop," a voice said, echoing in their minds, causing Kumatora to freeze.

"It's that thing..." she said, clenching her fists and gritting her teeth. "Damn it, I don't think we'll be able to get out of this one, not without any of our equipment. It's on its way..."

"I'll try to find them," Lloyd volunteered. "I'm useless without my guns."

"Then go!" Lloyd nodded, and ran back the hallway they came from.

"Kumatora, what is this thing?" Duster looked around, not seeing anything.

"Can't you feel it?" Kumatora remembered fighting Porky, feeling the disgusting pig's immature and megalomaniacal thoughts as much as she tried not to. It was disgusting and distracted her during the battle. This thing though, she felt it began to invade her thoughts, almost as if it was trying to engulf her.

Ana began to feel dizzy. "Yo, Ana, are you all right?" Teddy asked. Ana shook her head.

"I can feel it too," she said, walking over to Kumatora. "What is this thing?" Duster was confused, looking all over.

"What are you talking about?" he asked Kumatora.

"It beat me," she said, punching a wall. "It beat me even when I used PK Ground." She looked at him. "It's coming, and we might not stand a chance."

"Of course we will!" Teddy yelled, cracking his knuckles. "Are you going to give up?" Kumatora glared at him before smirking at his challenge.

"Of course not," she felt the being closer than ever before. "It's here, get ready for a battle."

Flint, Ana, and Duster nodded.

"I'm always ready," Teddy said, pointing at himself with his thumb. "Leave it to me!"

"PK THUNDER GAMMA/OMEGA!" Poo and Paula yelled, several starmen coming out of the Mothership were blown back from the bolts of the electricity.

"PK Rockin' Omega!" Ness cast, blowing an entire hole in the Mothership. "Let's move!" Jeff grinned, grabbing multiple bottle rockets from his bag.

"Let me set this up, you guys go on ahead." The four, Ness, Poo, Paula, and Ninten, nodded, running towards the Mothership.

"My evil plan is working!" Ninten jokingly yelled. "PK Techno Gamma!" Another hole was put on the Mothership. Ninten grinned, grabbing his baseball bat and swinging at the air. "Line up for a beating!"

Lucas fell to the ground, not being able to cover his face with his hands. "Ow..." he said, groaning finding it surprisingly that he didn't get a bloody nose.

"Everyone, grab your lasers and guns!" The commander yelled, grabbing Lucas. "Go!" He dragged him towards another room as the lower ranked soldiers running towards the attacks and explosions. "All right kid, you're getting thrown into a nice cell," he said, glee evident in his voice, snorting and laughing. Lucas looked down, and saw a key in the Pigmask's belt. Maybe...he closed his eyes and began to concentrated. Maybe he could move the key.

The key suddenly began to move. "Stop!" His eyes snapped open, feeling the being once more. "No..." he mumbled, closing his eyes, shaking his head.

"What's wrong with you, kid?" The Pigmask demanded. "Knock it off!" They continued walking, reaching a large, white door, sticking out only because of a painting of a lock on it. He punched several buttons of a key pad next to it as it opened.

"KUMATORA!" Lucas screamed as the princess ducked as a bolt of lightning narrowly missed her, striking the wall, turning it into a nice shade of charcoal. The attacker appeared to be a silhouette of a young man, surrounded by a black aura and completely gray eyes

"Lucas!" She yelled. "Look out!" Lucas turned and saw a giant fireball heading his way. The Pigmask squealed in panic, running out of the room and ducking out of the way. Lucas closed his eyes. He then felt something tackle him out of the way. They tumbled out of the room. Lucas still felt the heat of the fireball.

"Lucas, are you all right?" Lucas opened his eyes, seeing Flint standing up, tipping his hat.

Lucas nodded. "T-Thanks dad," he smiled. "I need the key to get out of these handcuffs," he glanced at the cowering captain. "He has them in his belt."

Flint nodded, grabbing the Pigmask by the scruff of his uniform and grabbing the key. "Get out of here," he growled.

The Pigmask squealed in horror as it ran away.

Lucas felt the handcuffs slip off. "Thanks dad," he said gratefully.

Flint just nodded. The father and son duo ran into the room, both ready for anything.

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