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This is important: This fic is a continuation of my previous work BROKEN, it picks up after the previous ended –in fact this fic was meant as a bonus chapter but it evolved into something bigger- this fic will eventually turn into a lemon but you should enjoy the seduction chapters too.

HOWEVER: if you didn't read my previous work, you could still enjoy this fic, here it's a brief resume of my previous fic –if you read Broken you don't need to read this prologue-


After arriving to a wild small island in the New World, an inocent mistake on Luffy's part enrages a local tribe shaman, resulting in the captain almost dying by the effects of the native's Devil Fruit ability, which enables it user to break its target's spirits.
The only means to help their captain would be convincing the native to help them, because nothing seems to work.
Moved by the crew's love and loyalty towards Luffy the Shaman finally accepts to help them get their captain's back on spite of his mixed feelings.
The native explains that the only way possible for saving Luffy is for three crew members to enter the captain's mind, and rescue his scattered personality parts.

Usopp, Zoro and Nami volunteer, and embark on a weird adventure inside his mind in which there are able to meet Shanks, Sabo, Hancock and many people or situations that had affected Luffy's life at some point or another.

Through the whole ordeal, and so close to losing Luffy's life, Nami starts to realize that her feelings may run a little deeper than just nakamaship, and finally, after the crisis's over, she finally confess her feelings, only to find out her captain had had some feelings towards her too.

Now that they know each other's feelings, what comes next? What are they supposed to do with them? Will it affect the crew's dynamics? And although Luffy seems to enjoy Nami's random kisses… does he know there's more to that in an adult relationship?

Enjoy the next road in which Nami intends to teach Luffy how the love between a man and a woman's supposed to be…

Poor, poor Nami… the road ahead is harsh…
Or is it?

Find out : )

By the way remember English is not my mother language so I do apologize for any errors, grammar or spelling I may have. I do proof read but… many mistakes get away I know.

Nami's seduction log
Log I:

By Kaoru likes one Piece

It was the second day after the captain had regained his senses after the terrible crisis that almost ends his life, and the crew had already returned to their normal activities, even if they were still a little sensitive about the events that had occurred in the previous days. There always was an extra piece of meat, or look Luffy this new invention, or here, eat a mikan Luffy, and look I composed a new song captain!

They were spoiling the rubber boy a little, fine… a lot actually, even if he was too slow to recognize everyone was being extra nice with him. The only people lacking on the normalcy returning to the ship were the archeologist and the first mate, they were missing since dawn, and Brook announced he had seen them going of the ship early while he was on watch.

Luffy was growing restless, they were still anchored on the small tropical island and he was onboard the ship, not a good combination for the crew's sanity, add to the fact that the doctor wanted to keep a close eye to his health it meant the little reindeer wouldn't let him play like he used to, resulting in a frustrated bored Luffy.

By mid afternoon the swordsman and archeologist could be seen on shore walking back to the ship, and of course when Sanji noticed he ran towards the railing, screaming at the top of his lungs, rage written all over his features.

"Were did you take my lovely Robin-chwan you shitty Marimo!" he shouted as the green haired man ignored the cook.

Robin smiled "Relax cook-san we were exploring the volcano's cave and found out something very interesting…"

Imagine everyone's surprise when they heard that after Zoro removed most of the debris blocking the volcano's entrance there was a pretty much alive Zalamander alive and kicking inside, sure, the thing had half of its skull broken looking pretty much deformed and bloated and probably a snapped leg, and sure it recoiled as soon as it sensed the threat that Zoro was, in fact it was whimpering as it fled inside the cave. The poor thing would never be the same monster again, but it was alive.

A vein almost popped out of Zoro's forehead, thinking how close they came to losing their captain over such a stupid thing, the Shaman had attacked Luffy with his devil fruit's ability on the assumption that the boy had killed their god, the stupid big ass Fire salamander that lived inside the volcano, which was supposed to protect the tribe living at the foot of mountain of its rage.

Even if Zoro wasn't happy with the idea they had gone to the village to announce the good news to the Shaman and the tribe's elder. Well, that was Robin's idea anyway, since the first mate was too pissed off as to talk politely and carry out any negotiation at all.

So when the whole crew heard that they were offered a big feast in their honor as a form of apology, the Straw Hats really didn't feel like joining in people that almost killed their captain, but sure enough, said captain was exited the second he heard the word banquet, drool falling from his mouth.

And so it was, and that night they danced over a bone fire with a group of half clothed tribe people as the meat roasted, the drinks –provided by the strawhats- kept pouring and the music filled the night. Everyone that is, but Zoro and Robin that had offered to guard the ship, Nami shook her head, thinking how convenient that arrangement was for the first mate and the archeologist.

Since she didn't have her girl friend next to her, and the rest of the crew was too busy enjoying the party, Nami was left alone sitting on a log, clapping her hands as she laughed and enjoyed the music and the antics of her crew. Chopper was dancing with chopsticks on his nose, of course.

Luffy had eaten half a ton of food -like usual- but his shape had returned to normal since he was already dancing with Usopp, Chopper and Franky, he was laughing and his cheeks were rosy. He didn't seem to get drunk, at least Nami didn't saw him drunk ever, but he did get a little 'happier' after so much booze. Yeah she was bearing holes on him again, because she specially enjoyed the way the flames reflected on his chiseled chest and the happy grin on his face, but she didn't care for her ogling since Sanji was currently on the other side of the bonfire, with a dark skinned beauty on each arm, nostrils flaring and a happy grin, as the girls giggled and decorated him with paint and local flirs.

For a second Nami wondered if they ever were to return to this island would they find little dark skinned swirly browed blond native children? She giggled at the thought.

"Hey Nami! Watcha doing all alone there! Come dance!" Luffy shouted.

"Yeah Nami, come come, dance with chopsticks!" Chopper said offering his.

A vein swelled on her forehead, as she wouldn't be caught dead dancing with chopsticks in such a ridiculous way, she was about to state her point when an stretchy arm coiled around her and pulled her over next to the bon fire.

She landed on the captain's chest and he laughed with his happy grin "Shihihihi, dance Nami" he said simply.

She didn't know if to punch him or lean her head on his chest, as his hands where still secure on her naked waist, the proximity of him was driving her crazy since she had chosen to wear only her bikini top with some shorts. Usopp swallowed a lump, because he didn't saw the kiss shared between Luffy and Nami two days ago in that pretty sunset after the captain recovered, he was unsure about what Nami's reaction would be.

"Luffy I can't dance in such a ridiculous way!" She announced.

He cocked his head to the side and then grinned, "Then I'll make you" and he just lifted her to the air, still with his hands secured on either side of her waist as he started dancing while she was handled like a doll.

For a second Nami was worried about the rage of a certain cook, but was relieved because there was not a blond hair to be seen… he had disappeared along with two girls inside a hut some seconds before.

Usopp's jaw was hanging low, he couldn't believe was he was seeing, Nami, being manhandled by Luffy while the captain laughed, for a second she looked angry but then, the sniper thought hell had frozen over… the navigator was laughing with glee.

Brook Yohohoed when he noticed the pair and changed the tune slightly, the two native drummers that had so far successfully followed his tempo, stopped for a second but picked up the new pace soon enough.

The rhythm of the drums resonated on her belly, the booze she had drunk warmed her cheeks, and the happiness of Luffy's smile warmed her heart. Nami started dancing instinctively on her own accord the moment Luffy put her down, her hips shaking, sweat beads on her naked belly, her hair and her generous chest swaying with each move. Other native women were dancing a sort of tribal dance –one which Nami didn't knew it was a dance invoking fertility – but she should have guessed by the way the other women shook their bellies and behinds. She started to copy some of the moves, and the result would have been alluring for any sane man on the planet.

"Yeah Nami that is the spirit!" Luffy laughed while she shook her hips in a provocative way in front of him, a tribal dance of some sort, provocative for the whole man population except for a rubber boy in front of her. Usopp, couldn't believe his eyes and his breath was caught on his chest when he saw Nami diving down, shaking her behind right in front of Luffy all in perfect tuning with the drums. Even Franky seemed interested, since he had moved his shades up and stared at the navigator in awe "That is the SUPAH sis!" he couldn't help shouting.

As the party went on and the music started to die down, Nami decided it was time to take a break,

"Nami that was so cool!" Luffy said exited by the fact it was the first time he saw Nami dancing like that and having so much fun on a party. She smiled "Yeah yeah but now I'm sweaty and tired" her hair was plastered on her forehead. "I bet I look like a mess"

"You always look pretty" he said in his simple, childish way.

She smiled on spite of herself… she had tried to seduce him with her body and that was all the feedback she was rewarded with… even so, the childish honest way he told her she was pretty warmed her heart.
She took a seat in the nearest log and he was about to follow when Chopper yelled in glee

"Look Luffy! Super Dancing Emperor Robot!"

Stars appeared on the captain's eyes when he saw Usopp 'docked' on Franky's shoulders and Chopper 'docked' on said sniper's head. The three dorks making the STAR pose.


"SO COOL!" Luffy almost died of excitement when for added effect smoke came out from Franky's shoulders.

Nami just shook her head… yeah she had been trying to get her captain's attention, a naïve part of her hopping he would swept her on his arms and carry her off somewhere dark to explore each other's bodies. Of course she knew that was too much to ask for someone as innocent as Luffy, but she was determined to fix that, soon enough.

Operation seduce the captain had officially begun.

The next morning Robin was in for a big surprise when she heard the distant shouting coming from inside the palm tree jungle, judging for the tone of the voice, she could assume the rest of the crew had gotten in some mess or another.

"ZORO! ROBIN! Prepare to Set SAIL!" Luffy's screaming echoed from inside the forest.

The swordsman rose from his morning nap and glanced over the railing, with Robin next to him. The dark haired woman laughed and covered her mouth with a hand "Oh my!", she watched the rest of her crew appear on the beach, a mob of angry natives with spears behind them.

Luffy was laughing his ass off while the rest of the crew dodged spears and the cook appeared dressed in nothing but a bush dress, paint all over his body, his shoes on his right hand and his pants and shirt draped over his shoulder.

"What the hell!" Zoro shouted with wide eyes while Robin lowered the rope ladder with her sprouted arms.

"This is your entire fault Sanji!" Usopp yelled when something grazed his ear "Why did you have to bed the chief's twin daughters!"

At the mention of the twins the cook's nostrils flared again, obviously remembering the night before "Was totally worth it! MELLORINES!"

Usopp rolled his eyes and turned around, shooting a smoke star and effectively covering his crew from the natives. Nami yelped when Luffy rocketed them both over to Sunny, and luckily the rubber boy had enough control of his abilities by now to manage a safe landing for him and his navigator.

"LETS SET SAIL MEN!" The captain yelled at the top of his lungs while everybody climbed onboard. Sanji was a funny sight with his skirt made of palm leaves pulling at the lines and helping Zoro unfurl the main sail.

"HAHAHA cook, I didn't knew you liked that shit!" Zoro said on regard of the cook's current clothing arrangement. Poor swordsman didn't know that such comment pulled a knife on some wounds that Sanji didn't manage to heal just yet. Lucky enough the cook didn't let go of his line and resumed his task without so much of a word, inside, rage and hurt feelings boiled at dangerous temperatures.

The anchor was raised and Sunny gained speed as the ship started to leave the island while some spears made the attempt to fly far enough to reach its hull.

Luffy, as happy as someone could be waved back at the islanders, shouting with all his might, "Goodbye guys! Thanks for the food!"

"Sorry about your virgin princesses!" Usopp yelled too.

The twin girls could only shout the only words they learned from their strange visitors "Sanji-kun! We love you!" They waved at him, long dark tresses of hair covering their bare chests, flowers decorating their hairs.

"Goodbye beautiful princesses! The life on the sea is calling me! Such is the life of a pirate, but if I ever shall return, please accept my love and undying devotion!"

Nami rolled her eyes "Sanji-kun it's your fault we couldn't pick up the provisions they had arranged for our departure!" she scolded.

Sanji looked at her with his love-love eye "Are you jealous my angel? Oh I love when Nami-swan is jealous of me! But do not fret my love, there's always some Sanji left for you!" he floated her way.

She rolled her eyes, "No thank you" she simply said raising a hand and walking away.

Luffy started to laugh like crazy "HAHAHA Sanji you got us into a big mess!"

The blonde cook got flames around him as his face turned diabolic "As if YOU are the one to talk!" but the captain was just amused and kept laughing until the chef got sick of it and walked away, probably to take a bath and change into civilized clothing.

Later, Nami was on the library room, working on her desk, planning the ship's course when her thoughts wandered to the night before, her dance with Luffy and the way they had fun, his happy grin never leaving her mind, she had a smile when she sketched the route on a parchment meant to be a draft. She was glad they were sailing away from that horrible island, because as much as Luffy didn't hold grudges she was the one who had to endure that horrible week with her love sick and on the verge of dying, all for supposedly causing doom on the island, which at the end wasn't even really true.

She scowled, this was supposed to be a mini-vacation and they ended up in a mess… Well she had to plan the course to Karbados, a Marine free pirate paradise, and it was three weeks away from their current position, a very popular spot in the new world. She couldn't wait to be there and do some shopping, hopefully before her crew got into some mess that ended up with them being chased off the island.

Her thoughts wandered again to her captain, and smiled when she recalled waking up next to him as the unfamiliar language of the screaming native chief jerked them awake. She recalled her failed attempt at seduction the night before, and started to scheme an attack plan. By the time they reached Karbados, Nami was sure that no matter how innocent Luffy was, he was doomed to fall over her charms.

By dinner time, her plans had set into motion.

She stepped out on the deck and stretched after a hard day of work, checking her log pose, she smiled; proud that the course was still perfect and took a deep breath, delicious smells came from the galley's chimney and the golden sun rays were already basking the Sunny.

"Luffy!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. The boy was somewhere on deck, probably with Usopp and Chopper.

Sure enough he rocketed next to her after a moment of waiting". What is it Nami?" he asked.

"We should drop anchor, dinner is about to be ready and the sun will go down in about twenty minutes"

He nodded smiling, "thanks" he said and gave her a little peck on the lips; turning around he was about to yell an order when she grabbed his collar.

"Huh?" his wide questioning eyes glanced at her as his brain wondered if he did something wrong "Don't hit me!", he covered his head with his arms, - maybe she was mad at the kiss?-

"Luffy! That was a nice kiss and all, but this", she crushed her mouth on his, quickly working her lips on his, deepening the kiss and caressing his tongue with no mercy at all with a little roughness added for effect as her hands kept grabbing his vest. She released him with a satisfied smirk, his lips wet from her ministrations …"…this was a kiss…" she smirked proudly.

Luffy nodded dumbly.

"The anchor Luffy", she reminded, without mercy, without giving him time to think.

He nodded again, turned around and yelled for the crew to drop the anchor. One thing that you couldn't complain about Luffy was that around the ship he worked shoulder with shoulder with the rest of the crew. Him being captain didn't mean he wouldn't climb the mast and help furl the sails, even if the crew was big enough now, and so he found solace in the task, trying not to think about the wet, deep kiss his navigator had shared with him some moments ago.

Soon the anchor was dropped and everyone was going to dinner. Nami had an especially satisfied smirk during the whole meal, especially when she noticed the weird looks Luffy gave her from time to time –between bites of his food, obviously -.

Step two of her plan was set in motion after dinner, while she moved as silently as a cat on deck, her objective set as she passed the library and climbed the stair leading to her ultimate goal. The bathroom.

Before stepping inside she got totally naked, grabbed a towel but didn't wrap herself on it and with a smirk she stepped inside the bathroom without knocking, knowing full well who was inside.

Her intrusion was so smooth that the object of her affection didn't even notice she was standing right behind him. He was totally naked, his back to her looking wider than usual, muscles very apparent as he was drying his hair with a towel. Her timing was a little off; it seemed he was finished with his bath. She licked her lips when she noticed that were his back ended a tight perfect butt resided, her cheeks got warm, and it wasn't caused by shame.

His brain seemed to suddenly remember he had haki trained senses and his head snapped around, finding Nami there, behind him.

"NAMI!" he screeched covering his eyes quickly when he noticed her nakedness, and it wasn't because he particularly cared about nude people… he just didn't want to be killed that night.

"Imsorrynamididn'tmeantolook!" his words slurred together as he tried to grab his clothes and run off the bathroom as soon as possible.

But Nami was frozen, realizing he had remembered to cover his eyes, but not a very particular part of his anatomy. Yep, definitely a male, her smile told volumes about her liking what she saw right there, she even had the nerve of licking her lips!

"Don't worry Luffy I didn't knew you were bathing" she said with a smile, trying to make her voice calm and soft… which caused more panic on her captain, since she had used sarcasm against him before, making it seem nothing was wrong only to pummel him afterwards.

So before she could jump his bones, he ran away without turning back and disappeared butt naked trough the door, his clothes on his hands and adjusting his precious hat on his head in the process.

Nami was angry… her … -boyfriend?- or whatever he was supposed to be hadn't even turned to look at her at all! She was right there offering her naked body whom any NORMAL male would fawn over only to have him running away like a scared rabbit!.

"That STUPID IDIOT RUBBER IMBECILE!" she roared, her complains rumbling on the vaulted ceiling.

As soon as she got into the tub she relaxed… the warm water soothing her body…

…and she started scheme the next course of action…

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