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Nami's Seduction Log
Log IV – Luffy's Log?


Nami felt defeated… yes, she had to admit it… she didn't want to play the game anymore… Why? Because she had used her best cards and now Luffy seemed to be avoiding her… exactly the very opposite effect she desired. Maybe she should just talk to him… sighing the navigator decided to talk to him when the time was right.

She stepped out of her room, smiling at the sunny morning,

Such a magnificent day to set sail! She stretched, happy about the weather changes, and started to think about her duties, smelling the air and listening to the sound of the winds.

"Oi Nami!" Luffy is voice carried that kinda tone he used when he was being capitanish.

The woman scanned the deck looking for him "Called, captain?" She smiled

He had an scowl on his face "Why are you standing there for, it's a wonderful day for sailing and you are up pretty late…" in fact she had overslept a little, but not much by the crew's standards.

-Woah-, she thought he was mad at her but this kind of treatment was unexpected, worst of all, he was telling her the truth!

"You know the next island is very far we can't waste such a wonderful day, plus we are running low on meat…" his gaze was serious and his eyes bore into her. And it was true. Taking a step back she found herself against the wall of the main deck.

"...I'm sorry Luffy I…" she began…

But then she was pushed roughly against the wall, was grabbed by her wrists with strong hands and her mouth was claimed by hard, rough lips, he parted her legs with a knee and she was glad she choose to wear jeans that day, a moan escaped from her mouth but was quickly muffled by his lips.

For his part Luffy was having fun being the one in charge of the situation for once, he wasn't really mad at Nami for being late but hey, it was true he wanted to reach the next island as soon as possible.

Zoro's last advice the night before had been that he should just follow his instincts, since they were usually right, and right now his instincts were telling him to ravish Nami, but he could be patient –a little- if he wanted to, he was going to be the Pirate King, he wouldn't be so easily manipulated…Or so he thought…

Abruptly, he released Nami and spun around as if nothing happened, just in time, because Usopp, Brook and Franky stepped on deck.

"The course Nami…" he said casually.

The red headed woman blushed slightly, but her expression changed to fierce one "…Turn the rudder eleven o'clock, the brigantine sail should be turned westbound for stability… we should be sailing at sixteen knots today with this kind of wind…"

Luffy nodded satisfied and started to bark orders, leaving her alone with her thoughts.

Breakfast was pretty normal and for once the center of attention was the Soul King, playing for the crew a new song he composed. Nothing special but it was a happy song that was enjoyed through the whole meal.

Without asking Nami, Robin placed the beach chairs over the lawn deck, just below the shade of the big beautiful tree with the swing, such a wonderful morning had to be enjoyed after all, and the sun was getting strong.

Zoro appeared on deck with nothing but his black pants, his monstrous dumbbells casually carried over his shoulder.

He started to exercise, while Robin pretended to read a book and Nami scowled at the lies written all over the newspaper.

"Hey Captain" Zoro called when he saw Luffy passing by.

"Since you were bored yesterday I think a little exercise wouldn't be so bad for you, what do you think?"

"Naa Zoro I rather play with Usopp and…"

"What, maybe you can't keep up with my training regime…" Zoro challenged.

Luffy grinned "bring it on!" and he took out his vest off while Zoro passed him a big dumbbell.

The black haired man's form wasn't nearly as polished as the green haired's, but he was keeping up perfectly, as if the weights were light as a feather, Usopp and Chopper watched with mouths agape.

"Yep, they are monsters" Usopp muttered, and Chopper nodded.

Luffy didn't look nearly as bulked as Zoro, but the effort and the weight lifting made his muscles flex beautifully, Nami swallowed.

"…such a wonderful morning" Robin whispered while admiring a certain sweaty swordsman… enjoying the view a lot.

"…I agree…" the other woman nodded, eyes fixated on a black haired sweaty boy.

Nearly an hour had gone by and the two men kept at their silly competition.

"Are you tired yet?" Zoro asked, a big fat bead of sweat running down his forehead, and it wasn't caused by exhaustion, the sun was really strong and it was getting hot.

"of course not" Luffy said, he had started to sweat too "…but this is really boring you know, I don't know how you do this every day".

When Sanji pranced on deck with cool tropical drinks for the ladies, they didn't even turn to acknowledge him, just muttering faints -thank you-.

Poor cook was shocked when he realized why his angels were so distracted. He thought about showing off, but instead accepted defeat like a man… he could beat those two at running or kicking any day, but weight lifting wasn't his thing really, he chose to retreat to his galley, he would get revenge later.

Luffy's skin was getting red, it was true he was used to being outdoors every day but he usually had his back covered.

"Hey Zoro, let's take a break, I want to get a drink"

"Already tired captain?"

Luffy clenched his teeth, he wasn't, he was about to protest when Zoro said, "Fine fine, go, I need to go take care of some business too, fifteen minutes" he said. And yes! Behold, Zoro's human, he just wanted to go pee. Unlike this silly author, he didn't need to blurt it out.

Luffy ran towards Nami

"Hey Nami gimme a little of your drink!"

Sanji had left a jar full of cold juice on a small table just besides the women; Luffy just took Nami's glass and filled it… without realizing how intimate such an action was. It went unnoticed for the most part since Usopp and Chopper were fishing with their backs to them.

After taking a big gulp of liquid and feeling refreshed the captain spun towards Nami and smiled "Hey Nami can't you pour a little of your stuff on my back? The sun is really strong today" he grinned.

Robin covered her face with the book she was holding.

"Go put on your cardigan so your back won't be exposed to the sun, you idiot" Nami muttered.

"but Nami…" Luffy whined, "…I don't want to get sweaty, it's my favorite, Margared sewed it for me"
That comment, was a hundred percent honest and accidental.

A vein almost popped from Nami's forehead "Margaret WHO"

Luffy smiled innocently "…a woman from Amazon Lily! She was very cool, saved my life and all… too bad she always wanted to grab my kintama"

Robin chuckled loudly, but since her face was hiding behind a book, the only way you could tell was by the slight shaking of her shoulders.

But Nami didn't care about that.

"Ohh she did… didn't she!"

"well… yeah that was scary!" he commented. -I will show you scary you little piece of rubber idiot- Nami muttered on her insides.

"Sit!", she ordered pointing to the foot of her chair.

He complied.

She grabbed her sun tan lotion and poured a little on her hands, and swiftly started to rub the sticky liquid on his back, she half massaged, half rubbed, half pinched, her stroking very rough but he couldn't tell, he was made of rubber after all.

He had a soft smile on his face and his eyes were closed as Nami worked his back like it was clay, her anger started to fade out as she kept on rubbing… her fingers traced every strong muscle, every vertebrae… she couldn't find any knots or pulled muscles of course… and assumed Luffy didn't even knew what that felt like. Nevertheless, he was enjoying her caresses, each time the tip of her fingers traced a path on his back he shuddered a little making him sight out of pure satisfaction.

Nami forgot her anger… eyes unfocused as she abandoned herself on the task

But then Zoro just HAD to return and ruin her fun.

"Thanks Nami" Luffy said casually while going back to his 'training'.

Nami sighed and felt the other woman's gaze on her back, "You just shut up…" the navigator muttered.

"I didn't say anything miss navigator"

Nami growled… Robin didn't need say anything of course, it was enough with the smart ass knowing smirk she was wearing.

By lunch time Luffy told Zoro he didn't want to train any longer as he was really bored and hungry, and when Zoro told him that he won, the captain just shrugged it off and told his fist mate that it was okay if he wanted to think he did.

Poor Luffy, exited as he was with lunch only to find out Sanji had made a wide varieties of salads and some fish… no meat.

"but Sanjiiii…." He whined "…I'm not a rabbit… I can't live with vegetables only!"

A variety of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, gourd, all mixed with rice and soy, it was done masterfully of course and everyone could enjoy the dish, except Luffy that munched his share with a scowl the whole time.

The cook smirked in pride, finding satisfaction on little victories.

Luffy avoided Nami for the rest of the day, whether it was on purpose or not, nobody could tell, but he just enjoyed himself like he usually did, playing tag with Chopper and Usopp and being silly most of the time.

Yeah he had followed Zoro's advice on the morning but he didn't want to play games with Nami anymore, he didn't felt like it and in fact he thought it stupid and boring, he could wait until later… when Zoro had assured him nobody would bother them.

Dinner had been a normal affair again and Luffy had ignored the navigator for the most part during the whole meal, he didn't even ask her when to drop anchor, he just ordered Zoro to when he felt like it.

Nami often complained his crewmembers always butted in on the Navigation room and interrupted her map making… but now she was dying for someone to interrupt her… especially a certain dark haired idiot captain.

Robin passed her by on her way out of the bathroom "… Nami I just switched watch duty with Usopp, since I have this new book I desire to finish tonight,… I won't be joining you in our room later"

"Oh thanks Robin… you should get a blanket though, temperature is going down later tonight"

"Thanks Nami..." the woman paused at the door and gave Nami a last, meaningful look, "Good Night then…" a mysterious smile and then she was gone.

Nami thought it odd; the older woman wouldn't usually care to go so far as to announce her absence in their room, it was usual for Robin to stay up late and… Why would Robin go….

"oh…" and Nami just smiled.

After taking a bath she stepped on the main deck her bright eyes seeking Luffy but he was nowhere to be seen, again. She leaned into to the railing and sighed.. the moon was full and shining above the dark navy sea, gentle waves rocked the Sunny just barely so. It was so beautiful, it looked like a mirror, and the stars so clear, so bright… she loved nights like these… and she knew somebody who did too…

After waiting for him more than half an hour she sighed… it was evident he didn't want to expend time with her, disappointment filled her face as she took heavy steps to her quarters. Turning the knob she was about to step into her dark room when she felt a hand grabbing her left wrist.

"Nami…" he whispered. Her heart jumped and she spun around slowly. His eyes were hidden by the brim of his hat.

She was about to say something, wanting to talk things over, maybe apologize for her actions, but the chance never came as she was silenced by a fierce, needy kiss. Her angle was weird and her heel stuck on a wooden plank, making her stumble, but her fall never came as his arms secured her frame, she was melting on his arms as he held her.

When she gathered enough presence of mind she dragged him inside her room, even closing the door with her right foot, and kept kissing the captain with no mercy as he did the best to keep up, but the navigator was hungry, her arms pressed tightly around his neck, grabbing his hair, running her fingertips through his scalp below the beloved hat.

His slow mind soon came to notice the great wave of feelings she was provoking as her nails traced his scalp below his hat a hand found her nape burying fingers on silky soft hair while other hand held the small of her back.

Without leaving his mouth, she slowly spun them over towards her bed, his shins connected on the frame and they fell back heavily on the mattress with Nami on top of him. The navigator took his hat off and tossed it softly over her vanity, where it was forgotten for a while.

Luffy gasped in surprise by the sheer intensity of it all, sure they had kissed and caressed before, but Nami was attacking him fiercly, and he didn't quite know how to keep up or what to do with himself.

One thing was for certain, he was utterly enjoying it all.

Nami didn't really know how far he intended to go, but she was willing to continue as far as he wanted.

Her kisses became hungrier, needier, as her wet mouth abandoned his mouth and started to travel slowly to his chin, nibbling his skin slowly while traveling a wet pat towards his ear, when her tongue lapped from his neck to the back of his sensitive spot behind his lobe, his breath caught and his body jerked a little. The sensations were new and trilling, hot and ticklish and awesome, driving him crazy with need.

A playful hand found his chest, stroking the hard planes of muscle that twitched barely at her touch. She nipped his earlobe, and her senses where overwhelmed by the scent of his hair, it smelled of sea breeze, bright sun and adventure.

He was awestruck, frozen there below her with his hands grasping her thin waist, his mind overwhelmed with new sensations and feelings he quite didn't know how to handle yet. Her smell was captivating, a strong scent of tangerine invaded his senses and let him think nothing but Nami.

Her mouth found his again, and this time her kiss was more patient, almost asking for more, and he somehow understood, because his body started to move on its out and Nami hummed loudly when his tongue dared to caressing her moist lips.

Wherever Nami touched him a wave of electricity would travel down his body and make him tremble, a strange feeling on his spine and a tightness on his hips he just couldn't ignore anymore.

He had been cocky the night before while talking about it with Zoro, but now that he was actually stuck on the situation he had to wonder how far Nami intended to go. He knew somehow, there was no going back at this point. He almost shuddered while his mind went thought the little he knew about sex. When Ace gave him "the talk" he had been utterly disgusted and grossed by his older brother's crude explanations.

But what he was feeling at that moment was neither crude nor gross… a thrilling sensation, a mystery feeling, yes… he was curious.

He was suddenly brought back to reality when Nami nibbled his neck and a low moan came from his mouth, surprising himself even further, he shuddered at the sensation it provoked. Did Nami know what she was doing to him?

"Nami…" he whispered, he needed to ask her, but words wouldn't come to his mouth as she was making sure he couldn't think straight. Clenching his fists tightly, he finally willed himself to ask.

"How far do you want to go Nami?", his honest, innocent onyx eyes piercing her soul with his intense gaze.

Nami was surprised he even knew what they were doing at all, she smiled "As far as you want to",

He kissed her deeply again, his hand grabbing her neck securing her while his tongue explored her mouth… how could she actually taste like tangerines was beyond him.

And now that he knew her intentions he was just a little nervous, sure Ace had told him the basics yes, but he didn't know how to go about it, he was also afraid of making Nami angry by doing something stupid, but never one to be deterred he just ignored those doubts and followed his instincts.

Nami abandoned his mouth again, sitting with her legs at each side of his hips, the navigator was actually enjoying being in charge, but when she noticed his closed eyes and his content, soft smile, her heart went out for him.

Had he actually been loved like this before? Had anyone petted his hair with affection, or kissed him on the forehead goodnight? She had lost Bellemere at a young age, but she had experienced what the loving touch of a mother was. Luffy on the other hand, didn't have any parents that she knew of, and Garp was hardly a model of love and affection.

Her fingers started to pet his hair, her mouth kissed his forehead softly, all the affection she could muster, all her feelings resumed in that simple gesture. He hummed softly. And she marveled… she had Luffy, actually relaxing… his guard down, his crazy energy all but subdued in all simple, intimate moment. Somehow she felt privileged to experience that new facet of him.

Everyone always expected him to be strong, fearless, having him like that, made her feel special in a way.

Nami felt so powerful at that moment, such a strong man lying there at her mercy, her tender moment forgotten when she leaned back on him and glanced at his hard frame. Her mouth found his chin again, but instead of going for his ear this time her lips traced a path towards his chest. She just had to kiss that terrible scar… she knew that she couldn't possibly make it go away or erase the feelings it held… but she could certainly try.

He gasped when her mouth found his strong abdomen, and Nami's body kept going back on the bed as she went down and further down on him.

Her hands found the button of his pants and he gasped when he saw his yellow sash fly by so quickly… she was really skillful with her fingers really.

Sure, of the two, she was the one more versed about sex, but when she actually stood there with her mouth so close to his most intimate area, she chickened out a little and her mouth traveled back to his belly instead,

Nami was no ignorant of sex of how it worked as she was a healthy young woman and as such, she had been curious about her body, she even kept steamy novels hidden under her bed, where most of her knowledge about the subject actually came from. Of course it was only after being freed from Arlong's control that her mind could actually think further than just stealing money and saving her village… It all started with Luffy it seemed.

She decided to take one step at a time, and returned to Luffy's mouth kissing him hungrily, and he was glad she was back to the kissing thing, because it was safe ground for him and by now he was confident he was somewhat good at it, he felt he was doing something useful at least... that is, until he felt her hand undoing his zipper and his eyes widened in surprise when her hand enveloped his manhood, earning a groan out of him, his head falling back on the pillow, his breath ragged.

He chocked a little and he had to bite his lower lip, as he thought whimpering would be kinda unmanly. Never in his wildest dreams had he thought he would feel this wave of satisfying, mysterious feelings run all the way from his manhood, traveling to his spine and rattling his brain in pleasure.

Nami was surprised, he was so soft, yet hard and so very warm, all at the same time, his size felt a little intimidating for her… since she had no baseline to compare him to, but unknowingly for her, he was well endowed but fell within a normal range for a man of his physical completion.

She began a slow, stroking motion with her hand, paying close attention to every gasp he made, every twitch of his eyes as he twisted below her

"…Nami…" he whispered, totally entranced in a spell of pleasure. He couldn't think straight anymore.

"Do you like it?" she asked softly, her soft, warm breath caressing his ear. He nodded and made a sound that she assumed was a yes.

She smiled sexily, and kissed his earlobe again, then his neck, then his chest, confident that he really enjoyed what she was doing, amazed by the fact that for once her fearless captain was being subdued and was patiently waiting for her to make the next move, she took courage on this and went down on him, at first very shyly, stroking his length with her hand and her lips barely brushing his skin.

He gasped loudly "Nami!"

His eyes still on her, he had to wonder what was she going to do with her mouth there… a perverted thought cursed trough his mind, but he dismissed it… how could he expect for Nami to…

A strangled choke escaped his mouth as her hot, wet mouth enveloped as much as she could, wrapping him completely, creating a crazy wave of pleasure that made him fall back on the bed. As she held him inside her mouth, her playful tongue started to play with his tip… this made his legs and arms shake as waves after waves of pleasure cursed all over his body.

Her mouth was driving him crazy, so hot, so wet, so slippery, that little tongue lapping, those lips just…. just sucking at him so hungrily, was Nami trying to eat him? He couldn't care less, he trusted Nami wouldn't hurt him and really, he cared about little beyond her mouth there at that point.

He looked at Nami in the haze of pleasure, and forced himself to really look at her, how the moonlight reflected on her body, how her face glowed with her closed eyes, she looked like she was enjoying herself too, she even hummed while she was doing that stuff to him. Of course he only thought this for a couple of seconds before his head dropped onto the pillow again and his eyes started to roll back.

Soon the tightness at his groin couldn't just be ignored anymore, he felt his body wanted something, was about to do something.

He clenched his teeth and tugged Nami's shoulder with urgency "Nami… stop it…. Please" beads of sweat going down his temples.

Nami had to recognize he had quite a lot of self control, and was grateful for it, but she wouldn't be merciful now that she was in charge of the situation… she climbed back to his side but her hand never stopped the quick purposeful stroking, bent on making him scream her name and shudder in pleasure.

He made some sounds of protests but ultimately all he could do was hold Nami between his arms and grunt while hiding his face on the crook of the woman's neck, she smirked in satisfaction, feeling him shudder with pleasure and grunting her name.

When she was sure he was done, when his breathing had easing down and the shuddering stopped, she releasing him and started to stroke his hair, glancing at his closed eyes, he was still panting and a thin sheen of sweat glistened on his body.

"Did you like that?" she asked after a while

"Of course I did", he sounded a little offended, couldn't she tell? He felt kind of ashamed of being that powerless at her touch, lying there without doing anything while she controlled the situation…. But.. he couldn't deny he felt amazing… relaxed… happy… tingling feelings still tickling his senses.

Was that it? Because he sure kind of suspected sex was more than what Nami had done to him… he started to wonder off but Nami would have none of it.
She started to tug at his red cardigan to get finally rid of it. He complied numbly at first.

But he hated feeling helpless and something changed on his eyes when he glanced at her, so if taking clothes off was allowed he could just take hers too.. right?

He leaned into Nami and his hands found her white shirt, that he all but pulled it over he head in a swift motion, surprisingly enough, her bra went flying along it it, he had probably broke the clasp with his ungodly strength without even knowing it.

When they were both bare-chested, Luffy stared at her for a few seconds,

"You are not charging me for this, are you?" Luffy asked, eyes wide.

Nami laughed "Of course not silly, love is free".

They embraced while they sat on the bed, Nami's legs wrapped around his waist, when their bare chests found each other, overwhelming feelings of need started to course through the couple. Luffy could feel her soft, delicate breasts pressing on him while they kissed hungrily. As his hands found her back and rested on her waist, he had the sudden realization of how small she really was… all soft and round and thin bones, so unlike his…

Nami was thrilled as the feeling of his strong chest, his arms around her, his rough but at the same time soft lips on her where so new, so hot to her… his hands went up and down her back, just exploring her frame but so far… his touch was so gentle, so careful she thought she could weep right there. She hadn't realized up until that point… how much she craved to feel loved too.

As his hands kept on wondering, she took matters into her own hands (literally) and grasped his and led it to her bosom… he gasped and his eyes searched her face… as if asking if she really was allowing him to touch her there.

He had never felt much interest in breast before, they looked like useless… bouncing thingies and he didn't think they had much use… that was until the first squeeze and all hell broke loose because the feeling that gentle fondling had just awoken in his chest was amazing, new, and as her back arched in satisfaction he just grinned playfully…

So…. She enjoyed being touched there…

With his left hand holding her back in place, his right one started to fondle and caress that soft area of her anatomy, and he just felt the impulse to lower his head and just taste her skin there. Because why not?

She moaned loudly and he wasn't that stupid as to think something he had done had hurt, quite the contrary actually. This just emboldened him further, and his tongue found a nipple that he found, amazingly enough, delicious.

He suddenly felt the need to push her back on the bed, his hands going to her kaki shorts that he took off in a swift motion, and she had the nerve to blush under his silent gaze.

He was serious, unreadable, moonlight kissed their skin and he glanced at her wordlessly… he couldn't, just couldn't sum up in words what he felt for her at that moment while looking at her naked glory. Of course a helpless romantic (and pervert) man like Sanji would be wiping by now, but as for her captain… he wasn't a man of words…

"Nami" it was deep whisper, but it held so much feeling behind it, so much weight in the way he just had said her name, and if his tone of voice wasn't enough or if the way his eyes just glistened while looking at her was any indication… then the kiss he gave her when he lowered his head to her spoke volumes about the feelings that seemed to catch his breath and tighten his chest.

She smiled barely in the kiss and then relaxed; allowing his weight to rest half on top of her, he used his right elbow for support while his left hand cupped her neck with his thumb caressing her cheek.

Her hips twisted back and forth, her legs flexed in silent plea, whimpers coming out her mouth, she thought she was going crazy with need and want.

His hand started to go down, stopping briefly at her chest, but he wanted to explore her further, wanted to get her back on what she did to him earlier somehow. He groaned on her mouth when his hand found the small, soft curls of her womanhood, and careful, curious fingers traveled further down, searching… for what? He couldn't possibly know, but… when was he ever deterred by the unknown before?

When he found her core so wet and hot he was surprised, it felt soft and slippery and somehow that thought made him crazy. He started to fumble exploring there but groaned in frustration.

He knew women didn't have manhoods or kintama, he had seen many a woman naked before, and he also knew females had holes for men to fill (yeah Ace explained it like that to him…).

"Nami, please, tell me how" he finally demanded with all seriousness, because when he was actually interested in something he usually paid attention.

She smiled; grateful he was showing interest in pleasuring her, and took his fingers to the spot she craved the most. "You feel that? Is like a magic button for women, it feels great for us…. When guys touch us there" she explained with a crimson blush on her cheeks.

He followed her instructions and his attention was focused on her, on her soft gasps, on the way her body twitched at his touch, he started to get the hang on it, and when a finger inadvertently slipped inside her, he was surprised at the way she arched her back and moaned loudly… so… not only the magic button worked… if he just…

"LUFFY!" she screamed when his finger probed her body again…. He groaned.. so wet… slippery… hot…. His manhood throbbed painfully in anticipation.

But… he was bent on making her scream his name like that again… oh the way she said it… with so much need, and want… he smirked as his thumb found her button again and he allowed his index finger to slip inside of her again.

She arched her back and her mouth gasped on a silent scream… he did it again, it seemed he was getting the hang of it…. And he kept like that, rubbing and going in and out, slipping wetly back and forth, she felt heat buildup on her face, on her chest on her very core and she shuddered and screamed his name when a white flash blinded her and overwhelmed every sense on her body. His fingers there, his captain was the only thought barely left as she shook.

When her senses started to return, she was dimly aware of the lips nibbling her neck… of the hand still caressing her groin and belly… was she even aware the moment he took charge?

She took his shoulders and pushed him softly away.

"What is it Nami? " he asked, voice filled with concern and innocence.

She smiled sofly, a loving gaze changing her features, he looked so cute right there, the room was dark but she could see his puzzled face

"Luffy… that was amazing… but… now I want to…. I want.."

Without explaining any further she kissed him again and tumbled him on his back, stranding his legs. She re positioned herself and could feel him so very close it made her shudder.

His eyes widened when the realization of what was coming next was made painfully obvious as her hand guided his manhood to her hot, warm entrance… he shuddered in anticipation.

Her eyes met his, a silent promise of love, and she pushed downward bravely, because again, being the most informed of the two… she didn't dare telling Luffy what a virgin woman was… or that she could be in pain. Needles information, she was a pirate, she could take this much.

But instead of pain she felt a burning pressure as his body slipped inside hers… she clenched her teeth, not actually in pain, but trying to control every second of that welcomed invasion,

But… Luffy had a knack of being perceptive when he wanted to… or cared enough, "Nami! Did I hurt you?!" He gasped worriedly. Any other male would be grunting and pushing her hips by now, no… not him, he was frozen still and concerned, and still hard as rock half way inside of her. An oxymoron, his whole persona was.

"Luffy…" she held him for dear life, burying her head on the crook of his neck without losing the intimate connection they had. "I just… nothing"

"Don't you dare lying to me" he whispered to her ear. "Nami"

"Its… my first time… so for women it hurts a little, but… don't worry I'm fine" she smiled, it really didn't hurt that much if at all, but the intensity of the situation, his concerned face… she was on the verge of tears and she hated herself for it.

He smiled softly and his arms came around her body, "If you wanna stop… tell me" he mumbled, and then he looked all annoyed and bothered, "but do it quickly I'm dying here Nami!" He complained petulantly.

And she actually laughed, because even half buried inside her, he was the same idiot he always was. Encouraged, she stood back a little, burying him further on her.. all the way down. He almost chocked on the feeling, his eyes open wide, concerns for Nami momentarily forgotten as he experienced a woman's body for the first time… so tight, so wet, so hot.

"Luffy" she moaned in pleasure, and at that momment he was damn sure she would't be calling his name like that if she was hurting.

Her voice made him remember his senses "I… damn.. so tight… Nami… " he mumbled, feeling helpless, he didn't like to feel so out of control, so powerless. The feeling of her, the feeling of him inside her was driving him crazy.

She was still on top of him and more relaxed now that all she could feel was pleasure, she leaned back on him and started to lead the rhythm as his hands found her hips instinctively, pushing her down each time her body pretended to go up.

They both gasped and moaned together, she even started to tease him with kisses that she would leave half-finished as she arched her back and practically started to mount him. It was very exciting for him, and pleasurable without a doubt, she was driving him crazy and he liked every second of it… but he had to draw a line when she actually smirked at him playfully like the cat that is about to eat a mouse.

And suddenly, he just felt dumb lying there doing nothing. He grinned and with a swift movement he had her up in the air while she screamed his name in shock, and unceremoniously tossed on her back, she plopped on the bed, legs spread open, her head on the pillow while he had the nerve to smirk back at her.

"What are you…" she started to complain, but then he reached for his hat, secured it on his head and grinned evilly at her.

Her eyes widened…

He took her legs positioning her hips and on a swift, raw motion he buried himself into her, making her scream in sheer pleasure while he clenched his teeth in concentration.

She looked at him with incredulous eyes, did hejust had to take EVERYTHING like a battle?

"you forget…" he whispered in her ear as he leaned down on her, panting "that I'm the captain… so I …." He took a breath trying to finish "get to lead…" he smirked, sweat in his brow as he started to move very slowly inside her.

The way he took over made her go crazy and her only response was a deep moan "…you forget I'm the navigator… "…she rasped between moans "and I have to tell you how to get there" she smirked, pressing her legs tightly around his waist, trying to make him lose control.

With the last bit of coherence left in his brain he whispered "is…fine with me"

And then all hell broke loose when the kissing, the hugging and the trusting went crazy, and all pretense of control was forgotten, as his instinct born motion made him push in an out of her as he held his weight with his forearms, as she clung to him with her arms and legs, sensations too much, too strong, too fast, too new. And then she was crying up his name, and holding him in such a way it made him forget if he was even one person or if they meant to be like that forever.

Unshed tears glistened in her eyes as the pleasure overtook her every sense, as he grunted hard and long and wildly into her hair, shuddering for a moment that seemed eternal and perfect and yet very short at the same time.

He fell limply on top of her, and she wasn't even bothered by his weight, since all she could feel was a glow of perfectness, she felt weightless and in peace with everything… He soon realized that he was crushing her and moved so they could be side by side, in the afterglow of something amazing, something very private and deep and beautiful. He buried his face in the crook of her neck, silent, unnoticed tears slowly falling from his eyes.

"That was… Nami… that was…" he whispered… but he had no words to really describe what he felt.

Nami started to laugh "Yeah.. it was…"

They stayed silent for several minutes until Nami noticed his change of breathing, thinking he had fallen asleep she raised her head and gazed at his serene, peaceful sleeping face, eyes closed and a faint smile on his lips.

"You look so cute" she whispered on his ear.

Immediately he rose and sitting on the bed looked at her with an outraged face.

"Nami that is so off-putting!" he was clenching his teeth.

Needless to say, she was confused with his reaction "huh?"

He groaned as if she was the dumb one that couldn't understand "Pirates are NOT cute… the pirate King CAN'T be cute"

She started to laugh, understanding his dilemma "…alright alright then…I'm a pirate too… am I not cute?"

Apparently that was too much of a contradiction to his brain to handle since he started to think deeply, his brows furrowed in concentration "…. It's different…" he finally concluded.

"Why? I'm pirate after all" she said teasingly… searching for his ear again now that his guard was down.

"yeah but… you are a girl… men are not supposed to be cute, but girls are, so… I guess it's ok that you are a pirate and cute… "

She had to smile to that, and soon she started to kiss him once more, but he pulled away, apparently not ready to be so forgiving for her comment.

"…You didn't took it back" he said defiant, almost annoyed. If she didn't know him better she would be surprised he was so tick headed… she wasn't.

"Alright alright… you are NOT cute… BUT" and she pressed her index finger on his lips "…I think the future Pirate King is kinda handsome… I hope you can live with that…"

He nodded and she kissed his nose.

They kept holding each other, and for once, Luffy didn't ruin the mood blurting he was hungry -and yes, he was- but he was also enjoying the moment.. he was also afraid of the wrath of the cook. Not that he thought Sanji would actually hurt him… but being left with no food was a scaring concept.

Nami found a nice position leaning over his chest with her head on his shoulder and her arm draped over him, she smiled in utter happiness and contentment and he couldn't help kissing her nose teasingly. Snuggling naked with someone was something they had never experienced before… but the feeling sure was welcomed… and as Nami pondered a little about the future she was lulled by his soft, even breathing… he had fallen asleep.

And no matter what he claimed… he looked cute. Smiling, sleep claimed her…

He had woken up Nami a couple of times during that night, and the Navigator had to wonder if she had just opened Pandora's Box. Would she be able to keep up with him? At the moment she didn't care, besides, he was getting better at it, who was she to complain?

When Robin's shift ended after sunrise, she was not all that surprised when she stepped into the room and found the pair covered by a thin blanket, obviously naked underneath, all their clothes sprawled messily about the room. Luffy was snoring loudly and Nami had her head on his chest, he had his right arm around her and she had her arm draped over his torso.

Robin rose an eyebrow when she noticed the hat on top of the navigator's head,

-Kinky captain- she thought.

Robin thought they looked positively cute, and was happy for the both of them. Wanting to prevent a catastrophe -namely Sanji finding out about it in the most dangerous of the scenarios- Robin shook Nami awake softly.

The navigator gasped, startled, and had to blush a deep crimson when she met Robin's silent gaze.

The dark haired woman just smiled "I think he should go back to his quarters" she whispered. Then she stepped out the room allowing them the time to figure out what to do next.

Robin heard some scrambling noises inside the room, a few curses, and then off he went darting out the room with an impossible big smile on his face "Morning Robin!" he said cheerfully, totally shameless about the whole thing.

It was still too early for Sanji to start breakfast so Luffy decided to go to his favorite place in Sunny's head, all the time wearing the biggest smile ever. "Ahh what a great morning!" he shouted to no one in particular, energetic as ever.

"My my, isn't he happy today" Robin said when she stepped inside the room, closing the door behind her.

Nami was already dressed, combing her wild, I had sex last night hair, in front of the mirror, "Well… I suppose he should be"

Robin just smiled and started to fumble on her personal drawers "…and you?" she asked while searching for something.

"Couldn't be happier" she said sitting on her bed lazily after she was finished with her hairdo, her legs felt like jelly.

Robin found a small flask and looked at it over the light, examining the label she passed it over the navigator "Have a couple of those… I can only assume you didn't protect yourselves" She said with a matter of fact voice however she wasn't intending to scold Nami.

"…that is… unless you want little captains running around deck?" The dark haired woman said teasingly.

Nami blushed at her carelessness "mm not a chance! Thanks Robin" she said examining the pills.

Then she looked pensive "Whatever are you doing with these?" shaking the flask in front of her face as she accused Robin, trying to get revenge for the older woman's teasing.

Robin laughed "Well… let's just say I do get my fun now and then" Nami gasped

"WHO" she demanded

Robin smiled an enigmatic smile.

"Sanji-kun?" Nami asked

"Oh my… not a chance…the poor thing… I wouldn't be able to get him out of my hair!" Robin confessed. Nami smiled evilly "OMY GOD! Don't tell me… ZORO?"

"fu fu fu" Robin smiled "I'm not telling"

Nami started to laugh, since she had just discovered her friend's dirty little secret "The crow's nest!" Nami said slapping her face, as if suddenly a lot of stuff started to make sense.

Robin wouldn't let on more information on the matter, but Nami didn't care either way, she had her own conclusion.-
That morning Sanji had woken up early as usual to start breakfast. He didn't expect the captain to be up and about by then, but there he was, waiving at him from his spot in the ship's figurine.

"Hey Sanji, please make a ton of meat, I'm sooo hungry!" He demanded.

Sanji rolled his eyes "You always are" he disappeared into the galley, but could hear his captain's shouting "…I mean it Sanji! I'm starved! I will make it up to you somehow!"

Well, the cook thought, if he went as far as saying he was making up for it, then he was REALLY hungry. He shrugged, they still had plenty of frozen meat, he decided to humor the captain just this once since he seemed so happy from some reason…. Meat sandwiches for breakfast for the captain then.

If only the poor ingenuous cook knew…

By the time Nami dared to join her crew the galley was in the middle of a breakfast party. Luffy had asked Brook to play a song and he was laughing away, with the happiest grin anyone had seen in the last few weeks and he was pigging out of course.

The navigator was the last to enter the galley and their eyes met for a brief second, she blushed crimson and took a seat besides Robin, he recovered quickly, ignoring her and kept at eating like usual. A normal woman would have taken offense, Nami didn't.

"Nami you are late" Chopper said, he scanned her quickly with his inquisitive, concerned gaze "Are you sick? You look a little flushed" he started to fume about her.

"Nami-swan! Is my morning angel sick? May I prepare you something special to make your beautiful face happy?" he pranced about her.

"its Okay, I'm alright Sanji-kun" She smiled, growing ashamed by the second.

Brook stopped playing his song and looked her way "Perhaps, our beautiful navigator would feel better if only she could show me her panties! Yohohoho!"

Luffy frowned "Hey Brook, I don't get it, what is the big deal about panties anyway".

Everyone was surprised at the question; Nami stared at him with murderous eyes.

"Well… a woman's panties are the very symbol of her femininity and sensuality Yohohoho!"

Luffy still didn't get it, he recalled Nami's femininity quite well actually… feelings of hot, wet, slick, soft…. Slippery.. hot.. wet… he swallowed hard… and shook those thoughts away.

"Na, I don't think so, that is stupid, but if you really need to know Brook, Nami's panties are red today Shihihihihi!"

"YOU MORON!" Nami roared throwing a shoe his way which landed with total accuracy in his forehead, knocking him back.

"What Nami!" he screeched offended, nursing the bump on his forehead "I didn't say anything about us having sex!"

All the rest of the crew stood with their jaws dropped –except for Robin's and Zoro's that is –

"WHOA! Nami and Luffy mated?"

Let's just say it was an interesting day for the Straw Hat crew.


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